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August 12, 2017 18:06

The kitchen , living room with - a photo project

idea to combine the kitchen and living like an energetic business people.Style room - high-tech.The main advantages of the interior - strict laconic lines and the lack of small accessories.Colours restrained, dominated by white, gray and dark brown in color.

The kitchen , living room with .a photo

Kitchen interior, combined with a living room.Photo 1

The kitchen, living room with it's hard not to fall in love at first sight.

Design living room with kitchen .Photo 2

living room design, combined with a kitchen.Photo 2

Design of curtains in the living room - kitchen .Picture 3

Design curtains in the living room-kitchen.Photo 3

The kitchen , integrated with the living room .Picture 4

Kitchen interior, combined with a living room.Photo 4

room rectangular, oblong, allowing convenient to divide it into two zones using a translucent screen.Violates the strict geometry of the window, which cuts off the living room corner.The curtains in the living room-kitchen, a noble shade of gray.The walls are plastered and covered with a light beige color.On the floor, laminate light shades, just on the perimeter of the kitchen dark brown tiles.

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wall design for the living room, combined with kitchen.Photo 5

The kitchen, living room with have many well-known personalities.

One of the walls of the living room, open plan kitchen decorated with panels with a flower light purple hue.Bags of the same color lying on the sofas.Two comfortable sofas are at right angles to each other, a light beige color, the other gray.Between them, in the center - square table tatami.

Combined kitchen and living area with a partition .Picture 6

Combined kitchen and living area with a partition.Photo 6

This interior kitchen, living room with furniture supposed lokanichnuyu.Along one wall are arranged rectangular modules and shelves dark brown with white facades.Their geometry is perfectly blended plasma TV.It illuminates the living room with two rows of spotlights and lamps four-highlights on the panel.

The second part of the room - the kitchen.Ergonomic and functional design of furniture made in the same style as in the living room.White cabinets, countertops and chairs give the room lightness.Metal and glass parts for kitchen appliances are allocated on a light background of the rest of the environment.Working apron also made of glass.

Calm and practical interior kitchen, combined with living in high-tech style is decorated with large ivy in a chrome vase.Due to the lack of fine detail room comfortable and spacious.