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August 12, 2017 18:06

Treehouse own hands .How to make children's lodge

Article Contents:

  • 1 choice of location and the circuit house
  • 2 Step by step instructions for the construction of a house on
  • tree
  • 3 Installing basic pillars
  • 4 Installation crossbeams and diagonal supports
  • 5 rope mechanism
  • 6 Installation floor, walls and railings
  • 7 Installing roof and stairs
  • 8 Possible house scheme

Choosing a place and house circuit

despite the name, structure, still does not stay on the tree and on stilts , located next to it.However, to tree selection should be approached responsibly.It is better if the tree will be developed root system, strong at the base of the trunk and branching double or triple up.Well suited oak , maple or ash .Birch, willow or poplar - not the best choice.Before making a house on a tree should be cut all the old and diseased branches.

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next step - the creation of a drawing or diagram future house.The optimum height of the building above the ground - 2 meters.


House on blueprints tree.Photo

step instructions for building the tree house

Before you make a tree house with your own hands, you should take care of the necessary materials and tools.Depending on the house design, will be required:

  • board (new or used / y);
  • washers and screws (galvanized);
  • nails, screws;
  • tarp;
  • roofing material;
  • hammer, drill, saw, jig saw, wrench;
  • roulette;..
  • stepladder or ladder regular, etc.

Installing basic pillars

Make a treehouse sustainable - a task main pillars .To install them, you need to attach one end of the board to the trunk of the first tree, and the second - to the trunk of the second tree.In this case, the height of the board placement must be 30 cm below the floor level of the future house.The second board is fixed likewise on the other side of the tree trunks.


Treehouse own hands.Photo instruction

Installation crossbeams and diagonal supports

transverse beams of the appropriate size are attached to the main pillars of the same pitch.Thus, tree trunks are placed between them.Treehouse will be more stable and secure if reinforce it with additional diagonal support, with fixing to the trunks of trees.


Treehouse own hands.Photo instruction

rope mechanism

Kanat for delivery to the house and lowering baskets with food, household and other essential items, is mounted on the stage of commencement of construction the house.In operation, with the help of the rope can be lifted tool and building materials.

Tae obligators bullet - Handa (IDA background ) Dühring Tkhe build



Treehouse own hands.Photo instruction

Installation floor, walls and railings

boards are fastened to the cross beams by a screwdriver.It is important to calculate the size and position the hole barrels.It should be noted further growth of the tree and the movement of its branches.


Treehouse own hands.Photo instruction

Construct walls and railings can be both of the boards and plywood or other materials.Optimally, if the walls are solid, with a small gap between the boards.The whole structure should be as strong, so that the child could not get stuck or fall through any openings.

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Installing roof and stairs

By building a tree house with his own hands for the children, you can use different materials for roof.In this case, used a camouflage tarp, which is quite easy to attach to the beams, and a reliable shelter from wind and precipitation.


The completion should be set ladder. design it is not important, the main thing that it was stable and practical.


Treehouse own hands.Video instruction

Treehouse.Step by step video

Possible circuit house

  • house-box with one bathroom and a window.The mainstay is the tree trunk and the economic structure, already present on the site.Security is provided by a wooden railing and ladder-resistant;
  • house with the support of two trees and two piles.Steady steps instead of the ladder, lean-to roof and two windows;
  • house with a tree in the center of a small terrace.Prop - four piles and tree trunk.Wooden railings decorated with a rope mesh.Joints in corners, roof and window frames are painted in bright blue;
  • tree house with a small terrace and a handrail.Pedestal are two trees and their own, with an emphasis on the trunk of a tree.Gable roof and two windows are painted with paint bright colors.Climb to the house can be a rope ladder;
  • open house, a gazebo in the form of a tent with a wooden banister and stairs steadily.This home can be placed on the tree with lots of branches;
  • square house with a pent roof terrace with railing.Prop - tree with a thick trunk, passing through the house.To lift - a rope or wooden stairs.