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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lobelia.Growing from seed

Article Contents:

  • 1 Differences packing of seeds and sowing methods
  • 2 collect seeds Lubell own
  • 3 tanks and soil for planting
  • 4 When and how to sow seeds Lubell?
  • 5 Terms germination
  • 6 As doraschivat seedlings?
  • 7 Dive seedlings Lubell and care
  • 8 quenched seedlings
  • 9 planted Lubell in open ground
  • 10 Other methods of reproduction
  • 11 Photos Lubell

Lobelia - 03-520h337

Differences packing of seeds and sowing methods

Different manufacturers lobelia seeds packaged in containers made of different materials.Features planting is largely dependent on the type of packaging.

  1. Planting material in package of paper.To seed Pour the fine sand and mix everything thoroughly.After that, pour the sand with seeds on heavy paper.Lightly tapping his fingers on the edge of the sheet, scatter sand mixture on the ground surface.
  2. seeds are packed in plastic bag with a lock.In this case, cut the lock.Seeds convenient seeded directly from the bag if it gently fingering.
  3. used paper bag with a plastic seal.This variant is suitable for storing seeds, as stored in stable conditions.However seed of such a package is difficult because of the small seeds Lobelia static electricity adhere to the walls of the package.His cut is required so that it can be deployed in a single plane.Seeds from the package surface of the paper strip to remove the sheet of paper.They can be sown directly or pre-mixed with sand.
  4. pelleted seeds, which are sold in plastic vials .Several seeds covered with a special coating.Bean planting is easier and more convenient.Of these, there is more than one young plants, which are then dive.

collect the seeds yourself Lubell

Active bloom almost any plant ends with the formation of fruits and seeds of aging.It is no exception and lobelia.In a temperate climate plant seeds ripen and can be collected for planting next year.

Collect seeds when lobelia shrubs wither , and boxes will turn yellow .The fruit is cut carefully into the container and shake out the seeds already in the home.That they did not crumble accidentally, you can advance to tie the fruit of thin cloth.

Lobelia - 02-520h35ya

store received planting material in a dry place in paper bags .

If the seeds are purchased, we can choose the form of plants and the conditions of its growth.There are varieties of bushy, and hang-downing, as well as light-loving and more shade-tolerant.

tanks and soil for planting

to sow lobelia seedlings, you need to choose the right containers. They should be with little depth, but spacious.Well suited containers out of sweets and capacity, the height of which no more than five centimeters.If you use granulated seeds and discard the dive, you can use seedlings cassette.

primer selected nutritious, but most loose, breathable.You can buy ready-mix, intended for flowers, or cook it yourself.In the second case take river sand, vermiculite and garden soil.In this land there should be no humus.It is not suitable for this plant.Earth taken from the garden, it is required to disinfect .This can be done using a solution of potassium permanganate or boiling water.

When and how to sow seeds Lubell?

To Lubell seed time to grow and gain strength before planting in open ground, it is sown in March or early April , but no later than mid-April.Flowering plant begins about two months after sowing is completed.

seeds are very small, so the landing Lubell in two ways.You can mix the plant material with fine sand and after thorough mixing sown.Another option is to place two or three seeds with a toothpick.The tip of the toothpick moistened with water and small seeds stick to it easily.This method requires more time and effort.

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Growing Lubell

If seeds granular , the landing Lubell is greatly simplified.Granules easily placed in separate cups ground.

When sowing seeds with sand or not, on top of their land do not fall asleep.Moisten the soil surface spray.

Terms germination

to the cultivation of the lobelia seeds was successful, you need to create optimum conditions.Seeds of different sensitivity to light, so it is necessary to provide bright lighting.Temperatures sufficient room: from eighteen to twenty-two degrees Celsius.While plants grow capacity to keep on film or glass.Shelter removed to air landing.Moisten ground spraying.

Shoots lobelia in about two weeks.If containers are located in poorly lit places, dates emergence increases.

As doraschivat seedlings?

has lobelia growing from seeds and its difficulties.The most difficult to ensure temperature conditions during rearing.Plants should be in the cool during rearing.Immediately after germination harboring materials must be removed.Containers transferred to a place where the temperature is ten to fifteen degrees .Only in this case the production of seedlings lobelia will help.

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Lubell: the care and cultivation of

If as cool places there, it is necessary to monitor soil moisture.The surface must be kept moist at all times.Woo this constant spraying.At the same time excessive moisture can not be tolerated.

Under such conditions, the plant doraschivat until the second pair of true (nesemyadolnyh) leaves.In general, from emergence to dive it takes about a month.

Dive seedlings Lubell and care

For dive the soil in the container thoroughly moisten it to become soft.Plants bundles of five or six pieces separated by means of a small spatula or spoon.In separate containers, they are placed exactly as "nests" rather than one by one.

To plant successfully grown stronger and become decorative look, you want to care for seedlings Lubell.They are afraid to soil drying and strong waterlogging.From strong moisture can develop blackleg disease, which destroys the seedlings as soon as possible.

Fertilize lobelia two weeks after the pick.Plants can pinch.They will become more dense.

can grow lobelia and no picks.She is not afraid to direct, so the seedlings can be planted to a permanent place of total capacity.However, it plants densely interwoven roots that are injured in the separation.

Lobelia - 01-520h694

How to Grow Lubell

quenched seedlings

Almost immediately after the pick plants can be tempered.To do this in warm weather they bring to the balcony or in the garden.Prolonged exposure to the natural conditions make lobelia resistant to slight frost.

Lubell planted in open ground

lobelia be planted directly on the permanent place can be in late May , when severe frosts have passed.

When landing observe a distance of fifteen centimeters between the individual bushes.If you are planting ampelnye capacity, the plants are placed closer to more decorative.

Planting lobelia should be remembered that it is light-requiring.Little shade not only afraid of modern hybrids.The plant requires abundant watering, and does not tolerate drought.When drying of his stops flowering.

fertilizing takes very little: one or two.Potted options fed weekly, but the minimum doses.

To lobelia bloomed for a long time and actively withered shoots are cut.

Other breeding methods

In some cases, lobelia is cultivated as a perennial .In this embodiment, it can be propagated by vegetative methods.Plant cuttings or divide the bush.This method of reproduction is only suitable for hybrid forms.When seed reproduction they give signs of splitting.

Photos Lubell

This floriferous Letnik distinguished beauty, grace and variety of forms.In the photos you can see how it looks interesting.It is not only roses, but also ampelnye form.