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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath in the country with their own hands photo projects .Step-by-step instruction

Article Contents:

  • 1 baths Designing
  • 2 Projects large baths
  • 3 simplest baths 4 Project 5
  • 4 bath project with Terrace 4 of 5
  • 5 bath with a waiting room 4 of 5
  • 6 Dimensions steam bath
  • 7 Choose a convenient place in the bath
  • 8 errors in the construction of baths
  • 9 choice of material
  • 10 Construction bath ongiving involves the following steps:
  • 11 Foundation for a bath at the cottage
  • 12 Walling villa baths
  • 13 device bathhouse roof
    • 13.1 design bathhouse roof
    • 13.2 Two ramp or one?
  • 14 Door and window openings
  • 15 floors in the villa bath
  • 16 Internal and external finishing
  • 17 Construction of the villa baths
  • 18 Photos baths on
  • 19 cottage baths example of silicate blocks.Personal experience with their own hands.
    • 19.1 Walling
    • 19.2 finishing in the steam room
    • 19.3 Finishing shower room and attic


baths Designing

Installation works bath starts with the design.At this stage, all parameters are taken into accoun

t: the size, placement and choice of materials.Even performing a bath building in the country with their own hands, you can order the project specialists.

greatest demand on the buildings the following options:

  • construction project 3 * 3 m , with steam room and washing are located in an area of ​​4 square meters.meters, and recreation room - 3,5 square meters.meter.
  • plan 3 * 5 m requires a separate arrangement of the washing and steam room.There is also a lounge and terrace.
  • project 4 * 4 m consists of washing and steam room, which have the same area.In the recreation room is given an area of ​​6.46 square meters.meters.
  • plan 5 * 4 includes a steam room and washing, rest room area of ​​6.62 square meters.meters and a terrace.

Selection of the project depends on where it will be located on a plot of room at the cottage.

Location is planned taking into account the safety rules.This object must not be adjacent to an apartment building or nearby neighbors baths.The original solution is the construction of a bath villa on the shore of a pond or river.

After selecting the place of accommodation and baths create a project should proceed to the selection of construction materials.For economical options include the construction of brick or block.

It is worth considering the most successful variants of bath area 4 * 5.

Projects large baths

simplest baths 4 Project 5

Simple bath project in the country is made up of a minimum set of components.The construction consists of one floor.In this project, there is no vestibule, the purpose of which in the separation of cold air from the street and from the hot room.If the waiting room is not present, use the bath in the cold season is impossible.Since hot air will contribute to the formation of condensation on the door.


project assumes the following premises:

  • Lounge with dimensions of 2.85 * 4 meters.It arranged the furniture and appliances.
  • In washing, size 1.8 * 2, is a toilet, sink and shower.
  • steam size 2 * 2, there is an oven.

bath project with Terrace 4 of 5

This option is similar to the simple design, but complemented by a terrace.If desired, it can be glazed or to arrange a comfortable place to relax.


Design includes the following premises:

  • Terrace size 1.5 x 4 meters.
  • Lounge 2 * 3.5 meters.
  • Shower 1.5 x 2 m.
  • Steam Room 2 * 2 m.

bath with a waiting room 4 of 5

project involves placement of a waiting room the size of 1.1 * 1.7 m. This space allows you to usebath villa in the cold.It is possible to store firewood.


From the waiting room, you can go into a small corridor and a relaxation room.From there, a door leads into the washing and steam room.

Dimensions steam bath

With the construction of steam is necessary to consider fire safety and sanitation standards.You can not have shelves next to the stove.

The project premises should take into account the number of people who will use the steam room.

in this room must be maintained fever .To achieve the maximum effect it is recommended to ensure a close warm from the oven.The best option is considered steam room for two seats.Depending on the position of sitting or lying places dimensions premises are planned.For one person the size and seating position is selected 0.84 * 1.15 m. Comfortable conditions of the room for two people with the ability to stretch out on the bench, is 1.8 * 2.4 meters.

Dimensions - steam

If the oven is selected, the size of the room will help to calculate the following rule: the more a man sits on the furnace, the weaker heat source.If the stay at a distance of 3 meters from the heat source, the heat will be 4 times less than when placed at a distance of half a meter.

Steam should not be huge or too small.Build Optimal steam bath height of 2.2-2.4 meters.You can not do ceilings lower than 2 m.

In this room the 3 canopy.They all have a height of 35 cm. The upper canopy is the widest.

Choose a convenient place in the bath

Before building a bath, you need to choose a convenient location on the territory.Make it right to help the following rules:

  1. not recommended to build a bathhouse near any bodies of water.
  2. From the well spacing should be at least 10 meters.
  3. Good option of building in the backyard.
  4. When designing the construction is to determine the thermal insulation and a vapor barrier.
  5. Do not plan the building next to the field or road.
  6. Construction bath villa in the south side is considered to be a good option.
  7. necessary to consider fire safety.It is worth venturing away from the construction site of a residential house.
  8. better positioning the object away from the site of neighbors.


errors in the construction of baths

Even with high-quality projects and to give serious errors occur in the building or finishing work.In order to minimize defects in the construction of baths in the country with their own hands

should pay special attention to the following points:

  1. It is important to correctly plan the interior dimensions.For the structure of two or three people should not be less than 10 sq.m.
  2. construction height should be 2-2.3 meters.If the ceiling below it uncomfortable.With higher ceilings, there is waste of coolant.
  3. Windows better positioning on the south or west side.At the same time the doors are located to the south.
  4. To reduce heat loss makes a small window.Doors should be no larger than 75 * 180 cm.
  5. bath in the country must be built of lightweight materials that have energy-saving properties.


also should pay attention to the selection of high-quality and safe equipment.When selecting materials for the cladding is not recommended to treat resinous kinds of wood.

choice of material

After drafting baths in the country should decide on building materials. economical option is considered the construction of the blocks and bricks.These materials are easy to care and long service life.

Banja his - hands - of - bricks

Frame room is being built in a short time.The wall of the building consists of lining, layers of insulation, roofing and cladding material.

believed that the best material for a bath is wood .It is a natural and environmentally friendly material, which creates a special atmosphere in the room.

Russian sauna

wood as a building material has the following advantages:

  • Wood warms quickly and does not create condensation.
  • humidity and the heat generated in the construction of wood, good for health.
  • walls absorb moisture and air.
  • No damp feeling.
  • Wood has low thermal conductivity.

Construction bath in the country involves the following steps:

  1. building foundation;
  2. wall installation;
  3. installation of the roof;
  4. floor and wall insulation;
  5. exterior decoration;
  6. installation of the furnace and the chimney;
  7. facing work;
  8. installing a shower and toilet;
  9. furniture arrangement.

Foundation for a bath at the cottage

foundation bath villa is pile, ribbon and columnar.At the same time the construction of different technology.


Foundations columnar type differs simple installation and a small financial investment.

is used for buildings of timber.A feature of this framework is the erection of towers only in places the greatest loads.It corners structure and the intersection of the load-bearing structures and partitions.


The construction of this foundation has the following features:

  • poles are constructed of brick or stone.
  • Span is filled with gravel.
  • trenches are filled with a solution then.
  • main burden falls on the construction of the columns.


The most common bath in the country with their own hands and other countryside buildings erected on the tape foundations.Such a framework can lay even under the massive walls.

foundation belt type extends around the perimeter of the structure.When its construction does not require special machinery.


Construction consists of the following stages:

  1. Creating trenches.
  2. installation of reinforcing cords.
  3. Pouring concrete mix.

If the foundation you need to be raised slightly above the ground, then made formwork .


Pile supports used for the villa baths from a bar and the buildings, which are located on the ground moving .


Piles are reinforced concrete, metal and concrete.They are driven or screwed into the ground to solid soil.On top of piles stacked plate or strip foundation.


on difficult terrain used slab foundation, which is a solid slab under the entire building surface.


This robust type of foundation, construction which is characterized by labor-intensive.

Walling bath villa

to build a sauna is necessary to choose a quality solution, which depends on the species and masonry material.The walls are built with cinder blocks, bricks or aerated concrete.

performing masonry, should not hurry to avoid deformations.When construction work is used a plumb and level.

advance is to determine the placement of windows and doors.

Finish sauna facilities is performed by lining .External works are made of any material.

device roof bath

At the end of the construction work is being built roof.This element has a protective function of the weather conditions.

During the construction of baths used the simplest versions of roofs, without unnecessary frills.

Building a solid roof requires some experience and knowledge of the construction technology.


bathhouse roof design

roof structure for the bath involves the following items:

  • carrier system from the rafters.
  • flooring, waterproofing materials and equipped with a crate.
  • attic floors.

flat roof is being built without overlapping.Roofs for the bath can be gabled or uni-directional.

Two ramp or one?

In order to budget cuts bath design is adjacent to a residential home.In this case, a single-pitch roof.It is a flat roof, which is characterized by simple construction and low cost.

for baths often used roof with two slopes .If the roof is high, in the space under the eaves, you can arrange the room.

On bevel roof and its height is influenced by parameters such as climatic features and practical use of space.

Door and window openings

Installation of door and window openings are not complicated.From the correctness of the windows and doors installation of energy savings depends on the quality.

During the construction of the bath is necessary not only to pick up high-quality material, but also to perform the installation, taking into account all the rules and technologies.

Windows and doors can be both wooden and metal and plastic.In certain cases, set the door glass.


floors in the bath villa

During the construction of floors for a bath in the country requires a quality insulation.To not syrel floor and had good energy-saving properties is necessary to insulate the base from within.

Installation floor has the following features:

  1. As laid the foundation waterproofing and insulation using mineral wool.
  2. Sex in the shower poured considering laying sewer and water systems.
  3. In other premises used expanded clay.
  4. Stacked layers of the vapor barrier and insulation.
  5. spreading board.

Internal and external finishing

to build a sauna is necessary to think in advance finishing work inside the building and outside.

Warming is considered an important step in any finishing work.The external finishing works are made up of insulation foam and decorative facing.

Interior finish is accompanied by a warming mineral wool.


Warming indoors as follows:

  1. surface of the walls is covered with waterproofing materials.
  2. Mounted wooden crate.
  3. mounted insulation and mineral wool.
  4. used as a vapor barrier foil, for running the finish.
  5. Held ceiling insulation.Between the beams laid fiberglass.Above you can put mineral wool.Produced steam, and finish on the blister.
  6. Interior finish performed by lining.Outside, applied painting, siding, face brick or stucco.
  7. then mounted stove and chimney.At this stage it is necessary to perform a quality seal, so that the smoke does not get into the room.

Construction of the villa baths

To properly arrange the bath room should be provided with all necessary bath accessories, furniture and decor.

Construction indoors includes conducting electricity, water, sewer and installation of furnaces.

performing electrical wiring, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the installation in wet areas.

Photos bath cottage

Before construction work necessary to make the project a competent and select the style of the building.

Interesting options can be seen in numerous photographs.Also, the process of the construction of baths special show video tutorials.

baths example of silicate blocks.Personal experience with their own hands.

on his summer cottage, we decided to build a small bath.Composed project proposed the following dimensions: 5 * 5.3.