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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of large and small corner kitchen with built-in oven

It's no secret that the kitchen, the person apartments and houses.Therefore, modern kitchen design should be flawless.I want you to show two design ideas modern kitchen from ZH-Design.These interiors are suitable for the kitchen 8, 10, 12 sq.M.

Large white kitchen with integrated appliances - Interior photos

This kitchen is, of course, the dream of any housewife.The whole kitchen is decorated in white and beige shades, which expands the space visually.Only corner kitchen suitable for such a large room.Instead of a window sill in the kitchen worktop use of artificial stone.Large window blinds cover beige.

Design bright kitchen.Ceiling hanging backlit - Photo 1

Roman blinds in the kitchen.Sill - worktop made of artificial kamnya- Photo 2

Excellent fit in the interior of a built-in display cases.Suspended ceiling allowed to perform a two-level kitchen lighting.White color in the interior of the kitchen - a very common phenomenon.The combination of white and gray is perfect

for the modern kitchen.On the floor laid a large white tiles, perfectly completing the interior.

Built-in oven in the kitchen - Photo 3

design modern light cuisine of 10-12 square meters.m. with a sofa

This interior is very interesting for its details.In the eye catches kitchen apron made of mirror and white tiles.To make the walls used beige wallpaper.From furniture used white corner kitchen with stone countertops, as in the previous version.

Kitchen Design 10 -12 square meters.M. The glass dining table - Photo 4

Corner kitchen.Mirrored apron in the kitchen - Photo 5

Bright sofa in the kitchen.Combining wallpaper - Photo 6

Excellent fit into the design of the sofa in the kitchen dining area.Purple color makes the kitchen more interesting on the upholstery of chairs.On the floor, use a combination the work area is laid a small white tiles, and in the dining - white parquet.Design of curtains in the kitchen completes the picture.

Here and roller blinds and blinds and the usual beige curtains.

Kitchen Design 9 sq.m.Ceiling layered with light - Photo 7