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August 12, 2017 18:06

Why is better to do a greenhouse polycarbonate ?The main advantages of this material

There are many different kinds and types of greenhouses.They differ among themselves not only functionality, but also the production of the material.Previously cladding greenhouses used only dense polyethylene.

He missed a great sun and sheltering plants from rain and wind.But for all their positive qualities in this film there is one drawback - it is necessary to change almost every year since PE is not resistant to the influence of negative external influences.


Today, greenhouses occupy huge areas, so the use of the film was not only uneconomical but also impractical.Therefore, to replace the old material has come an entirely new - polycarbonate.It is inexpensive and has excellent characteristics of the operation.

Basic properties of polycarbonate.Why is better to do a greenhouse polycarbonate?

teplitsa_is_polikarbonata4 To the main properties of polycarbonate include:

  • excellent ability to transmit light;
  • ultraviolet delay;
  • not conduct heat;
  • withstand considerable loads.

If we compare the cellular plastic with plastic wrap, you can highlight the advantages of the material:

  1. Resistance to strong gusts of wind .
  2. resistant to damage mechanical nature.
  3. Easy mater .Thanks to this measure, reduced installation cost structure.For delivery and installation of greenhouses there is no need to order a special heavy equipment.
  4. economic benefits .The material is strong enough, and there is no need for itself in the annual repairs.
  5. Easy maintenance .Polycarbonate consrtuctions you only need to be cleaned of fallen leaves on the outside to provide a sufficient amount of penetrating light.
  6. absolute fire safety .This type of plastic, even when exposed to an open flame does not emit toxic substances.This, in turn, does not adversely affect the environment and human health.
  7. resistance to high temperatures .Polycarbonate melts only at temperatures over 500 degrees, and if the heat source is located in close proximity.
  8. No need to install additional radiators .The material has low conductivity of heat, which makes it possible not to install devices for heating the space, even in winter.A lot of information about the arrangement hothouses I find here author tries to write without background information and any nonsense.

Therefore, operation of the greenhouse does not bring any unpleasant surprises.Buying greenhouse polycarbonate, a man profitable investing and provides optimal conditions for a good harvest.


Greenhouse polycarbonate.Photo

should pay attention to the fact that polycarbonate is not subject to pests, rot and mold.That is, the percentage of plant protection is significantly increased.This, of course, is another huge advantage of greenhouses of this material