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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garden furniture made ​​of wood with their hands in the country : the construction of detailed instructions and drawings

Gazebo in the country with their own hands

Pavilion, built in the country, creates a special atmosphere of cordiality, comfort and warmth.It is there that you can sit and drink tea with the family or spend time with friends, driving leisurely conversations "for life".Of particular importance is the structure gets in the summer, when it's time kebabs and barbecue.However, a gazebo and site decoration, emphasizing the profitable side of the landscape.Of course, you can buy ready-made construction, but we are not looking for easy ways?Given that the production of the house is quite on the shoulder masterovityh owner, we will discuss how to build a gazebo with your hands.

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Types of country pavilions

Pavilions in the country can be a variety of shapes and sizes, with one and mnogoskatnoy roof open or closed.It is unlikely that anyone will classify these buildings in appearance, with all the diversity that created the hands of skilled craftsmen.And the choice of the materials

of which can be built gazebo is very wide.Combining traditional wood and fashioned plastic, concrete, glass, metal and stone sometimes you can get a real masterpiece of landscape design.So what can be a gazebo for the garden.

Gazebo Wood

of wood construction is easily built in a relatively short time.At the same time it can be installed on any foundation, as a capital, and created out of scrap materials.That is why the wooden gazebo received such distribution.And because they can be both capital , and portable , with a collapsible design.Such structures can be set each season in a new place, in addition, the wooden structure is no need to stand in the rain or snow - it can be easy to remove the shed.Arbour of wood with their hands, you can build, not only of wooden slats and bars.Excellent durable structures are obtained from laminated veneer lumber or logs, are easy to work with and fun.

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The disadvantages of such buildings can be attributed, firstly, the high fire danger.It is because of this factor in the wooden gazebo is not recommended to install grills, barbecues and other open flame broiler.Second, often a wooden garden furniture with his own hands, which the video can be found on the network, is a pitiful sight because of rotting wood and insect damage.In principle, both the lack can negate the impregnated structure by special trains.

brick gazebo

If you are thinking about how to build a gazebo with their hands from a brick, do not miss the sight of the need for everything good foundation.For such a capital construction needed tape or solid foundation, so before the start of construction it is necessary to study the properties of the soil in your yard, and only then to decide what type of foundation chosen.

of a brick gazebo to give is used not only as shelter from the rain and sun, but also as an outhouse or outdoor kitchen.In this case, it is possible to arrange grill, barbecue or fireplace, and if more and install windows and doors, then a gazebo is quite possible to be turned into a guest house, if necessary.The structure of brick has almost no weaknesses, except that the complexity of manufacturing the highest among similar buildings.

Arbour polycarbonate

This innovative material, such as polycarbonate, is able to combine in one design any materials - metal, wood, brick or stone.The advantage of polycarbonate is absolutely undemanding to frame type, so this arbor can be done practically from scrap materials, while not quite lost in the spectacular.This structure looks very modern, besides, inside will always be enough light.It would be unfair not to talk about the disadvantages of plastic panels.

First , if you decide to make an arbor with his own hands made of polycarbonate, note that the cost of an inexpensive frame compensated fairly high price of polycarbonate sheets (their thickness should be not less than8mm). Second , in the rain would be difficult to hear each other, because the plastic canopy nice amplifies the sound of falling drops.

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Third , polycarbonate - excellent material for the construction of greenhouses.You do not want to be instead of welcoming shade in the sauna?And the fourth.Strong hail often damages the panel, punching holes in them, so if you live in a place subject to precipitation of this type, then how to build a gazebo made of polycarbonate can be no question.

Drawings and pavilions schemes, built with his own hands

most popular materials for the construction of pavilions is wood and metal.This simple arbor is fairly easy if instead of wooden floor to arrange a concrete screed .Before construction, it is necessary to compile a detailed diagram or drawing, on which to settle the required amount of material.

Consider a few simple designs that can be built from a variety of materials.

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If you are interested in a simple garden furniture made of wood, with their hands to put it quite simply.This design will be based on four pillars that support the roof.To prevent concrete contact with the wood, at the beginning of concrete work in the corners of the structure of the soil is necessary to dig meter lengths of metal or asbestos cement pipes appropriate section.At the same time above the ground must be at least 20 cm pipe.These supports will continue to be installed wooden poles, which are the basis of the arbor.

Further to the posts fastened longitudinal bars of the installation of siding, or polycarbonate.So how are we going to build a light summer design, the 90 cm fence will be sufficient for effective protection against wind and rain.

suitable for the construction of the roof beams of square section 50x50 mm , from which you want to assemble the frame.To do this, set on the rail around the perimeter of the roof and attached thereto rafters.Then stuffed lath and the roof is covered with any roofing material.

For example, if you plan to use the slate, the length of the arbor take a multiple of 1 m, and the slope of a roof -. 1.75 m It should be taken into accountadjacent sheets overlap at 100-150 mm.

Make arbor with their hands in the shortest time possible and polycarbonate.To do this you will need a steel corner shelf with 50 mm and 25 mm, a metal strip and polycarbonate 2100h6000 mm sheet.

The design consists of four corner posts, scalded 25mm area.The roof is made as arches, setting U-shaped parts of the support and the metal strip.

Arbour of wood with their hands, and can be covered with shingles, it is sufficient to establish a foundation of OSB.This flooring has a high rigidity, so there is no need of the base plate.Quite a few bars to secure the ends of tree-oriented plates.

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The roof can be covered with shingles

As you can see, the construction of pavilions is really very simple, given the concrete floor as a floor.If the planned operation of buildings in the winter, it is necessary to build the foundations of columnar type, which is mounted on the joists of timber 50h100mm, and then lay the floor.

Building a wooden gazebo.Detailed instructions

Though gazebo made of wood and is easy to build, so that the design was strong and durable, requires compliance with certain requirements of the construction.We will talk about how to build a gazebo made of wood, and give step by step instructions, following which you will be able not only to build it quickly, but also get a beautiful, sturdy structure.

The very first thing you need to do - clean place for future construction of garbage and rubbish, to cut unwanted trees and remove shrubs.Further, all of the work conduct in stages:

  • We make project.To do this, we define the capacity of the structure.Then we draw up construction drawings.You can take a ready-made schemes or adapt the drawings to fit your needs.
  • Mark up space for future construction gazebo in the country with their own hands.To this end, the corners at the required distance, trying to drive the pegs, pull a cord and check the diagonal.To maintain squareness design they must be equal.
  • pulls out a shallow pit under the foundation fill and using a spirit level set timbering.It is best suited for this purpose Edged board not less than 20mm thick.Recall that for the construction of the gazebo in the country with their hands from a tree a good reason is not required, rather monolithic plate thickness up to 20cm.
  • Fill the foundation with concrete.In order to obtain a flat base, using a broad rule, and at a large scale foundation additionally install beacons.
  • On concrete base laid ceramic tile .Remember that it will be operated year-round, so you need to buy floor tile and anti-frost performance.
  • We intentionally did not dig in the ground in the corner posts.Chatter in the country with their hands from a tree stand for much longer, if you set the reference beam directly to the foundation.Stored For this U-shaped bracket with the internal dimension of 100mm.His with dowels or anchors fasten the corners of the buildings and in the middle of the long sides.
  • Installing the vertical supports and fasten them with screws to the U-shaped fasteners.It is best to use 4-5 mm screws at least 30mm long.If the gazebo in the country with their own hands will have a pent roof, the pillars, located on the rear side, should be lower than the front legs at least 40-50cm, to create the desired slope of the roof.
  • At a height of 100 mm and 900-1000 mm from the floor install rails 50x50 mm.They are designed for fastening the side elements, so it is necessary to further strengthen their vertical spacing or cross bars.The same timber with the appropriate jointing fastened in front of the gazebo at the height of the rear legs.You may want to gazebo in the country, created by their own hands made of wood, he had a ceiling.It can be attached to the item structure.
  • At the top of the uprights (on the inside) make gashes length 120 mm to a depth of 30mm.With the bolts set M8h120 rafters.To do this, it is quite suitable board 30h120mm required length.
  • Strengthens skeleton under the roof cross members , which attach to the support pillars and rafters, and then strengthen their corner bars.
  • stuffed obreshetochnye boards on the rafters with a frequency corresponding to the type of roofing material.For slate and Ondulina is only three boards crates under the sheet.In the case of ceramic tiles crate packed so that each tile was based on the frame in two places.If the arbor made of wood with their hands will be covered with shingles, the obereshetochnye board must be installed vsploshnuyu, and better use for this purpose plywood or OSB boards.
  • Do not forget to install wind board .Without it, the roof will not look complete.

Do not forget to treat the wood protective agent and covered with paint or lacquer.This will protect the wood from weathering and permanently retain its beautiful appearance .

gazebo - 53

wooden gazebo.Option Two

Arbour with their hands, drawings and schemes which are presented below, has a more complex design, with a curved perimeter and roof-tent.However, we note that such a structure and looks much more impressive.For its construction will need:

  • wooden bar 100x100 mm;
  • Reiki 25x30 mm;
  • Cutting board thickness of 25 mm roof battens and 40 mm for flooring;
  • Fasteners;
  • roofing sheets.

And, of course, how to build a gazebo with your hands without tools ?!Therefore Stored circular saw and Luchkova, electroplane, screwdriver and fastening materials and instrumentation.

In order not to run away to the brazier and barbecue, we decided to make an arbor with a cavern, where they can be installed.

place chosen for the construction at some distance from the house.Firstly, some of the guests or hosts may want to take a break from the noisy company, and secondly, in this case, the smoke from the barbecue will not fall into the open windows.Yes, and not purely aesthetic worth venturing under construction by the windows.

gazebo - 56

So, garden furniture with his own hands, drawings and dimensions plus detailed instructions for its construction:

  • With the construction of the drill choose soil under stands of columnar foundation.The pit should be laid reinforcing piping, install batten boxes and pour concrete pillar.These columns took 11 pieces on the number of corners in the center of the structure.
  • Putting frame .For this laid 100mm beams, fastening its corners, and apply for extra durability mount "on the floor of the tree."Under the pergola next floor joists set (set at the end of the board).
  • Handle frame antiseptic and sexual plank boards.Do not forget to leave a free space at the location where the stove is installed a barbecue.To learn how to build a gazebo made of wood written a lot, but that this should be used only finishing wood, leaving the process "for later" - a word.Note that the "then" is unlikely to occur, because to do so would be immeasurably more difficult.
  • Getting roof construction.Believe me, having spread its elements on the floor contour, make the gazebo will be much easier than in the case at the height of the roof assembly.Therefore, the floor should be laid on the perimeter of the base of the roof, set in the center of support for the rafters and fastened to it U-shaped fasteners under these elements.
  • Set rafters , making them gashes in the place of contact with the frame, and we catch them with screws.