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August 12, 2017 18:06

Chatter in the country .Photos of all possible arbors for cottages and country houses

Pergolas Garden

What a pleasure to be the owner of the suburban area.After all, this is the "paradise", which allows you to escape from the city, both morally and physically.And so on a hot summer day was not hot to relax in nature, can be built on the site of his summer house.

gazebo - for - garden - 01

to garden gazebo has become a real helper, you should think in advance, what variant of construction will be the best for you.Looking at photos of pavilions for the cottages, you will notice that the concept of garden furniture includes a large number of species and the construction options, external design and internal arrangement.If it was decided to build a gazebo on your site, our article will help you understand the types of gazebos and opt for the most suitable form of construction.

Gazebo for the garden, photo examples of which can be found on the site will help to choose a suitable variant.

Pergolas Garden in oriental style photo

Photo gazebos for garden produce can see u

nusual shapes oriental pavilions that stand out with intricate ornaments and decorWe are increasingly began to appear among the fans of rest in the country.And this is not surprising, because the lightness and fabulousness a gazebo immersed in the world of oriental fairy tales, childhood acquaintances.Interesting forms the eastern pergola can be recreated using materials such as wood, stone, brick and glass.Often this is a polygonal structure, reminiscent of oriental temple, with a domed roof.Decorate the walls of bamboo plates or hand-painted.

gazebo - for - garden - 07

Difference gazebo, made in oriental style, it is a division between internal and external recreation area that can be equipped with benches and even a sofa.

for emphasis on oriental style, near the gazebo can be planted a rose bush or flowers.Near the gazebo would look harmonious forged products.

Pavilions garden in classical style

If the basis of the gazebo for the garden was chosen classic style, then for its construction must adhere to the strict lines and restrained design.The base may be formed in circular, rectangular, and other polygonal shape.The design of the gazebo should be proportional, straight, strict forms and basic dome.It is necessary to refuse from unnecessary decorative elements and pretentiousness.

gazebo - for - garden - 13

property can be made of wood, which is used more often, stone, brick and concrete.Additionally, the glass can be used.

Garden pergola photo

Gazebo for the garden, photos of which is presented below, is called a pergola (in the lane. "Overhang").Not so long ago such a small architectural form did not attach special significance.Now, such a construction is popular because of the ease of construction.The basis is a pergola pergola arch grille, United beams.It is often built around a planted twine plant, which are intertwined and create a shadow inside the gazebo.

  • How to make a pergola with their own hands.Step by step instructions

gazebo - for - garden - 19

These simple buildings differ in their appearance and purpose.For example: pergola, canopy can be a place of rest, play place for children or carport;pergola-screen can serve as an element of separation hozchasti from the court;pergola tunnel consists of several arcs.Forms such arbors are distinguished by their variety: linear, circular, fan-shaped, multi-faceted.

material for the construction of pergola of any kind may be wood, stone, metal or plastic.Very nice look combined pergolas.

gazebo - for - garden - 20

Gazebo with barbecue or barbecue brick

When equipping suburban or garden plot is always possible to allocate a small area for a meeting withrelaxing with friends or family.So nice area can be a gazebo with a barbecue on a summer residence, a photo of which are below.In addition to barbecue gazebo can arrange a place for the reception of guests.

gazebo - for - garden - 26

Photo pavilions with barbecue set.Looking at them, you will notice that a lot of species of arbors.And the reasons for choosing this design a lot.The benefits of a barbecue or barbecue made of bricks include:

  • durability and reliability;
  • comfortable position;
  • flavoring qualities of dishes cooked on the grill;
  • opportunity to choose the appearance of the cooking tools;
  • heat capacity;
  • relatively low cost.

Outs can be named:

  • fixed structure;
  • massiveness;
  • thinking through complex design.

gazebo - for - garden - 32

Square gazebo with barbecue photo

Square gazebo to the cottage with barbecue, a photo of which are located below - the most economical type of gazebo.By default, for the construction of such a structure is used wooden poles, the number of which depends on the structure of the area.Inside the house is placed grill or barbecue.Square gazebo design usually blends harmoniously into the overall design of the site.It features efficient use of materials.

Octagonal gazebo with barbecue made of bricks Photo

change and beautify garden plot can non-standard octagonal gazebo with barbecue.For its erection, you can use different materials.The main thing to understand the general design structure.This option would be built in the most convenient place to relax or cooking.Photo pavilions with barbecue, you can see this type on our site.

gazebo - for - garden - 38

Corner gazebo with barbecue made of bricks Photo

Corner garden furniture to the cottage with barbecue, a photo of which are quite diverse, refers to the practical options for buildings of this type.Place it possible to find even the smallest area.External design can be quite varied.And, if you put in a bower made of brick grill, you will be able to szyvat friends on picnics or to use the gazebo as a summer kitchen.

gazebo - for - garden - 39

Arbour wooden photo

truly beautify the country site and give it a highlight may be a gazebo made of wood.When you create a pergola, you can realize all your fantasies regarding the undertaking and the design and decoration.Garden furniture to the cottage of the tree, photos of which are fascinating in its diversity and beauty, can be done as with his own hands and ordered from a specialized firm.

wooden gazebo in the country has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

gazebo - for - garden - 40

On the positive side are the following:

  • wood - a natural environmentally friendly material;
  • structure erection of speed;
  • inexpensive building material;
  • build an arbor can not even an experienced person in this matter;
  • gazebo made of wood blends with the surrounding nature.

disadvantage of this construction is perhaps one - the fragility of wood as the primary construction material.

Pavilions of timber photo

furniture, made of timber, looks very beautiful and at the same time is strong and durable construction.These gazebos can have a different layout and do not require additional external design.Depending on the location, a gazebo can be the foundation and can stand directly on the plot surface.Look beautiful gazebo with a gabled roof.

Open wooden gazebo photo

wooden gazebo in the country can be open or closed.Construction of pavilions is quite simple, but at the same time refined.To use the facilities of wooden slats.Inside gazebos usually have an easy portable wooden furniture, which is a continuation of the very design of the arbor.

outdoor gazebo suitable for use in warm weather.This structure can hide from the scorching rays of the sun or shelter from the warm summer rain.Open to the cottage garden furniture made of wood, a photo of which impress with their personality and simplicity, can be taken as a basis for building your gazebo.

Closed arbor made of wood Photo

Closed type of wood gazebos can be used both in winter and in summer.The walls of the gazebo may be a lattice or solid, that makes it a small-sized room comfortable to stay in the coolest time of the year.From glass gated arbor can be semi-open, if pre-consider option with removable glasses.

Closed arbor can be additionally equipped with a portable stove or barbecue, which will use it as a summer kitchen.

Pergolas metal

Looking at photos of beautiful pavilions for the cottages, we can say that along with the widespread wooden pergolas are metal and gazebo.They are quite easy to use.Arbour made of metal can be easily removed or rearranged.For its erection method used cold forging or taken as a basis of high quality shaped tubes.

Metal gazebos are a lot of advantages.The main ones are:

  • can be installed on any surface;
  • can easily change the color of the gazebo, just repainted it;
  • fit into any design of a garden plot;
  • possibility of producing their own hands;
  • long service life, with proper surface treatment;
  • resistance to the effects of environmental conditions.

gazebo - for - garden - 61

There are drawbacks, but not much:

  • metal can rust and (this can be avoided by treating the surface means against corrosion and periodicallyrepaint);
  • in hot weather and hot metal inside the gazebo can be hot.

Pergolas metal photo

Metal gazebos are fairly common type arbors.And very often the owners of the garden or the suburban areas opt for this option because of the reliability of the design and the large number of options available to the designer.After the gazebo made of metal, which make a photo stop your eyes on them favorably in this regard.

Beautiful garden gazebo for a photo

concept beautiful gazebo contains not a definite construction.After all, the beauty - a broad concept.Below, you can see photos of beautiful pavilions for the cottages, which are made of different materials with different exterior and interior design.But most importantly, they all perform a common function - to delight their owners.

gazebo - for - garden - 72