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August 12, 2017 18:06

Master picnic table with his hands : step by step instructions .How to make a round or rectangular table made ​​of wood

table for the rest of the city

If you want to have a good time on your plot, you just need a large table, at which the company will be able to accommodate your friends and family.And you can do it with their own hands, spending a little time.In some cases, you may need an assistant, and sometimes an extra pair of hands can not hurt.

This article is a detailed step by step instructions in the manufacture of wooden table for the garden.

Table - 01

to have a choice, we offer you the right four choices holiday table projects - two ordinary picnic table, a table with benches, which represent a single structural unit, andfinally, a round table.You have to think in advance all the details, and choose the type and size of the table, which would meet your needs and match the style of your infield.

Folding picnic tables - mobility above all else

Folding tables - it is very convenient, and most importantly practical and simple.They do not take up much space.At any moment a table

can fit neatly folded in the garage, and in the case of re-move on the street.Mobility of furniture is especially appreciated on small plots.

Table - 07

How to make a garden wooden table with his hands

Villa - is a place where a man wakes up in the master cabinetmaker, carpenter, gardener, in general - the owner.Buy furniture for suburban area - is simple enough, but to make a wooden table to give their own hands can not all.You just have to be ready to do that picnic table with his hands will be a few days.But The following tips will help to make your own Mighty table.

Today we will construct a fairly simple holiday table with their hands in the Provencal style.Such tables not only look great, but have a fairly robust design.It is worth paying attention to the board.They must be smooth, because the view of our holiday table will depend on this.

Table - 08

designing the table to give, you need to prepare timber in three dimensions:

  • Bearing frame - cross-section of 38 x 90 mm.
  • Table top - cross-section of 38 x 140 mm.
  • Supporting straps - cross-section of 19 x 64 mm.
  1. drawing

Before you begin, the most important thing to find on the Internet or on their own to make drawings of the table to give their own hands.The exact schematic symbol will pick up lumber that will be most suited to the cross section shown in the diagram size.It does not matter if the size is not quite coincide with each other, because you can always make the adjustment using elektrorubanka.

Table - 09

  1. Preparation Material

deciding how to make the garden a wooden table, go to the question of liability, as this will depend on the life of the furniture:

  • buying blanks.Professionals advise to buy lumber from coniferous trees, which had been previously well dried.Its main advantages are:

    • price;
    • simplicity and ease of manual processing;
    • beautiful structure;
  • glue for furniture;
  • 4 x 65 mm screws;
  • 3 mm drill;
  • drill;
  • tape measure, pencil, sandpaper grinding.
  1. Further actions

Step 1. Then proceed to the preparation of blanks, pre-polishing every detail, even surface and removing burrs.

We need:

  • two upper cross beams, dimensions 38 x 90 x 978 mm;
  • four legs for the holiday table with their hands, size 38 x 90 x 695 mm;
  • two string - 38 x 90 x 921 mm;
  • one longitudinal lower and one upper bar - 38 x 90 x 1575 mm and 38 x 90 x 1473 mm, respectively;
  • two pieces braces 38 x 90 x 772 mm;
  • blanks for countertops - seven pieces the size of 38 x 90 x 2337 mm;
  • six supporting bars - 19 x 64 x 432 mm.

Step 2. Feet of our holiday table should be added to the cross beams and the whole structure to fasten with screws.For each compound two shurupika.

Table - 10

Diagonally fasten the string to the leg on the inside, in the same way with two screws fastening construction.

lower beam must be connected to each other both bowstring.As mentioned above, by means of screws.

Table - 11

Next at the top of the longitudinal and transverse beams first made hole under the fastener, called dowels, then again diagonally connect existing screws workpiece our holiday wooden table.

Table - 12

Planting braces on the screws.

13 table

Blanks for countertop table with his hands fastened with screws to the cross beams.

Table - 14 Table - 15

How to make a rectangular table to give

Following the development of the work plan and approval of drawings table to give purchase all the materials needed for this project.Choose wood intended for outdoor use - pine, cedar, redwood or pressure-treated wood.When buying, check each board: they must be completely smooth and without any visible defects.Do not skimp on the quality of lumber, because your design will withstand all weather adversity.

Table - 16

There are a few important points that you must take into account if you want the result to meet the high professional level.Do not forget about the accuracy of the measurement and the use of professional tools when cutting boards and bars, and drilling holes.To improve the reliability of the design, you can additionally use a waterproof glue for binding details.Round out the open edge with a router or sandpaper.

tools needed for the project:

  • handsaw, jigsaw;
  • router;
  • drill and drill bits;
  • chalk line, tape measure, spirit level, pencil;
  • goggles and gloves.


  • From one day to a week depending on the selected project.If your power tools are available, you can finish the job faster - in just a few hours.

Table - 23


  • Smooth edges of wooden beams and planks will help router.
  • Before screwing in screws and screws drilled into the wooden elements of the design guide holes.
  • heads screwed screws should not protrude above the surface of the wood, and this input of the holes you need to countersink.
  • Do not use cracked or deformed timber.
  • Do not use excessive force when tightening the screws, otherwise the timber may burst.

Picnic table with his hands.Step by step instructions

Table - 24

Fig.1. Picnic Table


  • A - Feet bars 5 × 10 cm long, 106 cm (2 pcs.), Length 43 cm (2 pcs.) And a length of 56cm (2 pcs.);
  • B - Frame: bars 5 × 10 cm long, 87 cm (2 pcs.);
  • C - Table top: board 5 × 15 cm long, 180 cm (6 pcs.);
  • D - Base countertops: board 5 × 15 cm long, 87 cm (2 pcs.), The bars 5 × 10 cm long, 62 cm (2 pcs.).

Table - 25

Fig.2. Making the feet

first phase of the project - the production of table legs.Cut the bars of the required size.To expedite the process, you can use a circular saw.Smooth the edges of the bars and drank line sandpaper.

26 - table

Fig.3. Assembling the X-shaped legs

Connect the bars so as to obtain an X-shaped design, and bind them together using 60mm screws, do not forget to pre-drill pilot holes.Places lubricate joints glue.Make sure that no more cracks and gaps.

Table - 27

Fig.4. Install the upper bearings

Fasten each pair of legs horizontal bar, using for this purpose 60 mm screws.Cut the ends of the bars, as shown in the figure.

Table - 28

Fig.5. Mount countertops

Lay boards intended for the manufacture of countertops, on a flat surface.We recommend that you put between the two pieces of 6mm plywood, it will form a uniform gap.Place on the table collected bokovinki table and fix them screwing at an angle of 90 mm screws.Before fixing, make sure the legs perpendicular to the table top and, using a spirit level.

Table - 29

Fig.6. Installation of the base countertops

Place the underside of the countertop sawn pieces of 5 × 15 cm board and secure them with screws 60 mm.

Table - 30

Fig.7. Installation of the inclined props

Cut the ends of the bars, which will act as a reinforcing structure supports, at an angle of 45º.Set backups to their place and fix using 90mm screws, screwed at an angle.

Table - 31

Fig.8. Ready picnic table

And finally, last but not least, check to see if the cap screws protrude above the surface of the wood, and all the cracks and holes fill with putty for wood.

table with benches.Instructions with drawings

Table - 32

Fig.9. Picnic Table with benches


  • A - Feet bars 5 × 10 cm long, 95 cm (4 pcs.);
  • B - rungs: bars 5 × 10 cm long, 160 cm (2 pcs.);
  • C - Mount countertops: bars 5 × 10 cm long, 75 cm (5 pcs.);
  • D - Slanted props: bars 5 × 10 cm long, 84 cm (2 pcs.);
  • E - Table top: board 5 × 10 cm long, 180 cm (14 pcs.).

Table - 33

Fig.10. Table legs

Post job is to manufacture the legs.Because of the legs of the table will be placed at an angle, the ends of bars 100 cm in length should be cut at an angle of 30º.Connect elements of 90 mm bolts.

Make sure that the surface on which you are working, quite smooth.Mounted bokovinki table must be identical, only then we can hope for a good outcome.

Table - 34

Fig.11. Fixing countertops

When bokovinki table is ready, you can begin to manufacture wooden worktops.We recommend that you put together it to the ground (the floor), and then fastened to the legs by means of screws.

Table - 35

Fig.12. Installation of inclined struts

rigidly fix the entire structure using oblique props.Their ends must first be cut down at an angle of 26º.

36 - table

Fig.13. Installation of benches

now remains only to build a bench.Cut the desired size of the board, place them on either side of the table and a few pre-drilled pilot holes at a distance of not less than 1 cm from the edge, secure with screws.

Table - 37

Fig.14. Ready picnic table with benches

At the end of the note into small but important touches.Fill putty for wood all cracks and holes.After drying putty sand the wooden surface with sandpaper medium grain.

Roundtable.Making the country on their own

Table - 37

Fig.15. Round table


  • A - Ground: bar 5 × 10 cm in length 102.5 cm (1 pc.) And a length of 47 cm (2 pcs.), Bars 2.5 ×10 cm long, 9 cm (4 pcs.);
  • B - Racks: bars of 10 × 10 cm long, 60 cm (4 pcs.);
  • C - Base countertops: bars 5 × 10 cm long, 82.5 cm (1 pc.) And 52.5 cm (2 pcs.), Bars 2.5 × 10 cm long, 47.5 cm (4 pcs.) And a length of 60cm (2 pcs.);
  • D - Table top: board 2.5 × 15 cm long, 195 cm (9 pcs.).

Table - 38

Fig.16. The base table

first phase of the project is to create a base table.For the articulation of its elements, use waterproof glue and screws.Make sure that the angles formed by the joined bars, straight.To protect the base of the table assembled from rotting under the influence of rain water, place it on a small pedestal from scraps of 2.5 × 10 cm boards.

Table - 39

Fig.17. Installation of wooden legs

Now you need to attach to the base of the four racks made from square bars.Before fixing, make sure their verticality with a spirit level.The height of the legs can be different from the one proposed by us, in this case, you should primarily focus on their own needs.

Table - 40

Fig.18. Production of round tabletops

most difficult phase of the project - making countertops.Place the board on a flat surface and mark the center of the square.Attach to this point one end of the rack 60 cm.Rotate the other end of the rack, mark the outline of the circle.Jigsaw with a sharp blade will allow you to make a circular propyl professionally.

Table - 41

Fig.19. Bonding boards countertops

After cutting boards next countertop we suggest you fasten them together with waterproof adhesive and additionally fixed with a few clamps.Pin bars serving base worktop, as shown in (yellow elements must be made of 5 × 10 cm bars, green - from 2.5 cm × 10 bars).

42 - table

Fig.20. Fixing legs

Once the glue is dry, you need to attach the legs to the table top base with 90 mm screws, drilled pilot holes previously.Control by a spirit level perpendicular legs and tabletops.

Table - 43


Ready To roundtable result of your work meet the highest professional level, make sure that the cap screws are recessed deep enough.