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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a garden path with his own hands : the track made ​​of concrete , stone and wood

garden path (step by step instructions)

Garden paths, winding gracefully among the trees, add the site grooming and completeness.And it is not necessary to buy for their arrangement paving tiles, hire a designer and can elevate yourself and paths in the garden, putting the soul in their creation, and in return receive a strong, well-groomed coat that can entertain you for many years.For information on how to make garden path from a variety of materials with their hands, tell you more.

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Types of garden paths

Garden paths can be classified in a variety of symptoms, ranging from the production of material, size and arrangement of the method and ending with the design and meets the definition of style.Consider what garden paths can build on the site with a low cost of their production.

garden path, made with the help of plastic mold

Refining garden paths using plastic molds - a relatively new method, which, thanks to its simplicity, has found many

fans among owners of summer cottages.

Proof of this are the numerous photos with the specialized forums, where you can see these are the garden paths.

The advantages of this method is not only simple, but also low cost and speed of production, for the production of garden paths using forms - in fact, the usual concreting.

cheapness of this method is due to the use of one form of which is sufficient for the smooth operation.Of course, the strength of the tiles made in a manner inferior products manufactured vibratory casting factory, however, for the track in the country, they are the best one.

garden path of paving slabs

for garden paths used the same tiles that are laid on the sidewalks.The undeniable advantage of this material is strength .Tiles, laid in a track in the country, will serve you for many years without losing the appearance, and if some elements of the track being damaged by external factors, they can be easily replaced.The disadvantages of tiling write labor intensity and high cost .What do you want?Durability is not for nothing.

garden paths of stone

Very often elevation trails are a stone left over from the construction of the house.In this case, we can assume that the price of a garden path is equal to the value of their own labor.On the durability of stone will not speak, the track of this type are known from ancient times.The disadvantages, as in the case of tiles, define complexity.

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correctly put the stone - not for wimps, but it will be compensated with the result.Paths made of stone, made with his own hands, will give appearance of your garden this kind of generosity and steadfast resistance, moreover, they will remain your descendants intact.

garden path of chocks and wood

If a country house built of logs, it's your choice - the track, made with his own hands made of wood.This is one of the cheapest options, very simple to repeat, but, nevertheless, one of the most effective against a background of trees in the garden.Unfortunately, the life of these paths is limited due to the fragility of the material, so the need to use only the most solid wood.

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garden path of bulk materials

If you want to build a garden path with his hands at low cost, this method - what you need.It is enough to dig a trench the desired width and fill it with suitable material, ranging from pebbles and drop-out and finishing marble chips or gravel.You can even put in a chaotic manner pieces of marble or concrete slab, the main thing to put them top of the plane level and fill the gap between them.Such garden paths are not suitable for heavy load, but it will provide the necessary clarity and excellent appearance of your garden.

instructions creating garden paths in photographs

garden path with the help of the form by hand.Step by step instructions

To begin to equip the garden paths with a plastic form with your hands, see photos of stencils and pick the one that liked the most.

about how their own hands to make a track in the country, says a lot.We propose to use the following instructions.

Choose a place in the garden path and hold it with your hands counting.To do this, hammering pegs on all the bends of the path, and then their skin-tight cord around the perimeter.Cord immediately put out on the level, taking into account the desired height above the ground track.The water level can greatly facilitate this task.

lane 30 Track - 31

If the soil in your yard is soft, it is necessary to dig a trench depth of 10-12 cm , fill it halfway with sand, and then have to throw all the water and compacted.If sufficient strength of the soil, can do without the trench, but to make a sand podsypku followed rammer it is necessary.

lane 32 , Track - 38

Prepare solution.To this mix 400 brand cement, sand and gravel in proportions of 1: 3: 4.If you plan to use coloring and plasticizer, then add them at the rate of 1-3% of dye and plasticizer.Sand can be taken, and 4 parts, but make sure that the cement was fresh as possible, and its brand was not lower than 400.

Manufacturing garden paths begin to mix all the ingredients in a dry form, and then add water (ifmixer is used, it is first filled with half the volume of water, and the remaining part of it) is added during mixing.

For ease stencil Fasten him handle using special technological holes in the hull.For those who are planning to make garden paths with low cost, prompt, that form can be lubricated with automotive "working off".

Of course, this is not the ideal solution, because oily surface of the tiles will be able to paint only after some time.At least the budget is the use of a soap solution, but even this eco-friendly way also has the disadvantage described above.

If you rammed the soil has had time to dry , then it is necessary to shed some of its water.Then, guided by the previously stretched the cord, as well as controlling the level, set the form to fill the garden paths, which need a little push in the sand.

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Before installing forms the top layer of sand on the basis of the need to shed water spray.Install forms for garden paths to the base, slightly press them.

Fill the stencil prepared solution , avoiding voids in its corners.Using a small rammer, which work as vibratory plates, do our best to seal the concrete, and then align the surface with a spatula.After 30-50 minutes required for pre-setting concrete, carefully remove the form and set the next, repeating the process until the finish line.

To avoid footprints animals, made with his own hands sidewalks covered with plastic wrap and wait at least 3-4 days before becoming the new path and make a souvenir photo.A full load on the concrete product may be given no earlier than 20 days.

Track - 46 Track - 47

The final step in the construction of garden paths own hands at low cost is a painting and filling tile joints river sand.

Paint a new path in several ways.

  • The first is to add the dye to the final stage of preparation concrete.It can then be gently mixed concrete, achieving a non-uniform coloring or thoroughly mix the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous staining.
  • second method requires seeding the wet concrete stain dry each time after removing the mold , but in this case will turn only the top layer, which is erased with time.Garden paths with is wiped after a color stains can often be seen in the photo on the network.

Track - 48

tracks with his hands video guide

very interesting to look sidewalks, painted by hand, using dye dissolved in the soil deep penetration, whichIt allows a low-cost to achieve the similarity with natural stone.The tiles under the stone, painted in various colors, are particularly impressive look to your garden.One last tip: do not forget after the painting process the surface of the path hydrophobizator - he will not let moisture penetrate the pores of the concrete, destroying it from within.

poured concrete track with their hands

easy to manufacture, durable and visually attractive are monolithic concrete paths laid on the dacha.Then read how to make garden paths of concrete.

Mark up a future path , scoring on its edges pegs and pulling the cord between them at the desired height.We take into account that the optimum thickness of the filling is from 7 to 10 cm.

Track - 49

Prepare sandy base .To do this, dig a trench depth of 20 cm, was equal to its bottom, install beacons and laid geotextiles, covering this material and also the slopes of the trench.Then fall asleep a hole 2-3 with an intermediate layer of sand and pouring some rammer each layer.It can be between two adjacent layers of sand to pour a layer of fine gravel.This will increase the drainage properties of the cushion.

precast concrete .You can use the recipe from the instructions for filling forms.If you need a sidewalk path of increased strength, for example, for travel or car parking at the cottage, take 1 part cement (grade 400), 1.5 parts sand and 2.5-3 parts of crushed stone or gravel.It considered ideal volume ratio 1 part water to 3 parts of cement, to improve the ductility but is added a little more liquid.Do not forget that the less water will be in the solution, the stronger will turn the concrete cover.

Track - 53

for garden paths used formwork of wooden boards at least 20 mm thick.It is better if the width of the boards will be equal to the thickness of the fill, otherwise they will have to dig in the ground.Boards need to nail down the inside of the pegs.

Track - 54

Through equal intervals set spacers to create expansion joints.In the manufacture of a track in the country separators can be used from the material at hand.For this purpose, suitable straight, narrow strip of drywall, glass, thin boards, laminate scraps, siding etc.To remove the spacers after setting the concrete, they must be lubricated by any suitable lubricant.

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carry out reinforcement structure to increase its strength.The grid is used as a reinforcing netting mesh trim valves, pipes, etc.Of course, it is best to use welded reinforcing belt of rods with a diameter of 8 mm, with 100x100 mm cell.Valves put up half the height of the track, using the rubble of bricks or latches of the same bars.

Track - 57

Fill garden paths is performed to the upper edge formwork.Next, using the tamping of the sealing surface before the cement milk on the surface of the path, and then align it using the rule.Next track cover with plastic wrap and wait at least 5 days before removing the formwork.A full load on the concrete may be given no earlier than 3 weeks.

Decorate path in several ways.

  • Firstly, the surface can be painted or oblitsevat ceramic tiles or marble.
  • Secondly, it can be applied to drawing a figure using a spatula, a screwdriver or a coarse brush.
  • Third, you can paint the concrete itself still at the preparation stage.
  • Fourth, even in the wet layer can push the gravel or pebbles, laying out intricate patterns.

short garden path made of concrete can be original and attractive, as many videos of popular Internet resources.

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garden paths paving slabs from his hands

If you are planning to build their own hands garden paths with low cost, this method you will not do.Sidewalk tile material can not be called cheap.On the other hand, these tracks have many advantages and virtually no disadvantages.Watch a video in which this garden path laid by hand.Not too difficult, is not it?At first glance, the way it is.In fact, in order to laid in the country paving path pleasing to the eye for a long time, requires thorough training grounds and maximum accuracy and precision in the work.So, how to make a path of paving slabs with their hands:

  1. Choosing tile .Thus not only focus on the design, but also on its operational characteristics.For example, the tile on which you plan to drive a car, it is important the ability to withstand high loads.
  2. Stored tool.For work, we need: a trowel, rubber hammer, tamping, level, string, stakes, I-beams or pipe, sand and cement.

Track - 61

  1. Mark up future paths .To do this, hammering pegs and stretch the cord at the desired height.

Track - 62

  1. Prepare base .From this work will depend on the successful operation of the track over the entire life cycle, so that the approach to the implementation of this phase, the most responsible.To do this as accurately align the base, removing the part of the ground at higher elevations and in the lowlands podsypaya.In the process of constantly compacted soil, wetting the surface of the water.
  1. After leveling the base laid geotextile .He will not let weeds germinate in the tile grout.
  1. pour sand pillow , shed its water and ramming.Thereafter we flatten the surface profile of the pipe resting on the beam or set at a desired distance from each other.

Track - 72

  1. Prepare a mixture of 1 part cement and 3 parts sand, which lay at the base and carry out the screed using an I-beam or a channel.
  2. Laying of tiles starting from the curb in the direction "from itself» .The initial number of lay out clearly on the cord, established on the chamfer.