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August 12, 2017 18:06

Master BBQ with your hands : instructions , drawings and photos .Barbecue and bricks made ​​of metal

Barbecue own hands

This picnic is most often associated with gatherings around the campfire and barbecue.It is the process of cooking meat on charcoal gives the rest of cordiality with friends and solemnity of the moment.The most common action involving men who claim that "barbecue female hands can not stand."Let us not dispute their right to the preparation of meat, which came from the most ancient times.

Barbecue your own hands - Photo 01

Barbecue own hands - Photo 01

Birth smoke fragrant pieces is a certain mystery that can melt the heart of any unapproachable beauty, and if more and barbecue made with their own hands, the barbecue becomes a realculinary masterpiece.

delicious kebab.Success factors

success prepared with his own hands on the grill barbecue depends on several factors:

  1. properly marinated meat.Do not get carried away trendy recipes with mayonnaise, sour-milk products, and sauces.Classic kebab - a wine or vinegar, onion, parsley and spices.And other pickles are good except f
    or the most gentle and soft pieces.

organic acids, which are found in vinegar and parsley is best suited for successful denaturation of meat.In this case, under the denaturation of the protein molecules is meant splitting up the state, the most suitable for our body to digest.In addition, the acidic environment does not create a fire eating harmful carcinogenic compound.

Marinade for barbecue - Photo 02

Marinade for barbecue - Photo 02

Pieces of meat for barbecue, which is planned to cook on the grill with your hands should be a dice with sides not less than 4-5 cm This will allow them not.dry up, be juicy and tender.

  1. «Right BBQ", made with his own hands. size of the device should allow to lay the skewers with sufficient clearance.

As a rule, the length of taking barbecue skewers equal length minus 10-15 cm. The width can also be calculated from the condition that on one skewer must be at least 80 mm of space.Distance from coal should be less than 100 mm, and Ohnište depth - 200-250 mm, with slots under the skewers on its long side.

Right BBQ - Photo 03

Right BBQ - Photo 03

wall thickness - the more, the better.You do not have to clean off the soot from the inner surface, it - the source of infrared rays, the absence of which you get a baked meat on the fire.To barbecue it represents not only tasty, but also healthy dish, air inlets for barbecue, made with his own hands, it must be at the bottom as at numerous photo devices, which are full of specialized sites.

With the passage of air through the coals from the bottom up it will burn all the oxygen and able to avoid harmful oxidation enzymes food.At the side of the blower arrangement holes oxygen in the effluent stream will remain so, and barbecue will not be as healthy.

  1. «Fragrant» embers. Analyze archive home videos with eating shish kebab, cooked on the grill with your hands.Observes that widest smile was present there during the tasting of dishes cooked on the wood of fruit trees?The validity of the joke can not be overestimated - cherry wood, apricot, apple, pear, etc.will give the dish a unique taste and aroma.

Fragrant embers - Photo 04

Fragrant embers - Photo 04

start making barbecue. The network can be found drawings and photos needed to make their own hands any type of grill - from simple metal to brick or stone.Consider all the design, gradually moving from the simple - from sheet metal to the more complex, such as a barbecue smoker, created with their own hands or stone grill oven.

Making barbecue - Photo 05

Making barbecue - Photo 05

advantages of metal structures

most important advantage of barbecues made of metal, is their cheapness .Even if you buy a metal sheet, angles, bars and tubing required to work, the cost of materials will be significantly lower than the finished product from the store.And if you take into account that such a structure will fit unnecessary trash metal in the form of barrels, cylinders, pieces of sheet metal and scrap parts, the price of the finished product approaches zero.

Barbecue metal - Photo 06

Grill Metal - Photo 06

second indisputable advantage - ease of manufacture.Any person who owns or less welding, can repeat the most complex design.Third, these grills can be easily installed in a new location or to take with you on a picnic.Fourth - a sufficient thickness of the sheet metal brazier allow to serve a long time.And the fifth - the pleasure from the result.Having created a real masterpiece of metal, you can proudly look back on this at every opportunity.

Barbecue sheet metal with their hands

Brazier made of metal with his own hands, will serve you faithfully for many years, only in the case, if the sheet thickness is sufficient, and the metal canwithstand high temperatures without the risk of burning.In addition, the product thickness of 4-5 mm will never lead than often suffer from design, welded from sheet roofing.The most common device with a wall thickness of 1-2 mm is needed for outings.It weighs much less, and made by hand BBQ collapsible design, drawings, which is in the network, more and more convenient to carry.

Drawing a brazier of sheet metal - Photo 11

barbecue drawing of sheet metal - Photo 11

Before starting work it is necessary to stock a sufficient amount of sheet metal thickness of 2-4 mm, the width of the corner shelves by 40 mm, welding machine and angle grinder,electric drill with drill bits, rulers, markers and construction gon.For the manufacture of the legs is necessary to prepare the tube or a square cross-section of 400 mm2.Work on the production of stationary barbecue with his own hands made of sheet metal is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Transfer drawing of the metal sheet and using grinders cut blanks.In the case of material of 2 mm thickness is applied as a development, and then bent at right angles through the preform abutting the sidewalls to the bottom.

Take a sheet of metal - Photo 12

Take a sheet of metal

  • With gon sidewalls grab welded perpendicularlythe bottom, and then boiled seams across the line of contiguity.

You need to remove the gaps - Photo 18

necessary to remove the gaps

  • drill diameter of 12 mm drilled holes for air intakethe bottom of the side walls or bottom, depending on what you are using drawings by making barbecue hands.If the air flow will be carried out through the bottom, we must provide additional bottom ash box.

The body portion to be cut - Photo 24

Some boxes must be cut

  • In the longthe walls of the slots should be done under the skewers.It is best to turn to cut grooves 3-5 cm long and 6-8 cm. This will install the required height skewers over the coals.

We get the final version - Photo 30

obtain the final version

  • next step will require you to study a photo barbecuesnetwork or construct your own frame, which will be installed BBQ, collected his own hands.This frame is mounted in a metal bracket and profile by using welding or bolting.Its design should provide a shelf for glassware, wood and tools.
  • If you intend to manufacture the barbecue with their hands from a small metal thickness for outings, frame drawings can be put aside.It you do not need.Better weld at the corners of the bottom of the short (8 cm) diameter metal pipe pieces to 25 mm, which will be inserted pipe or bar segments smaller (20 mm) diameter as the legs.Their length is selected, based on their needs.
  • to the top of the short walls of the barbecue should be to weld the handle of a metal rod for easy carrying.
  • roof installed over the barbecue, will be able to protect the center from snow and rain.Produce it not hard enough to provide a couple of side plates and slabs, which are placed roofing iron required size.
  • Do not forget to decorate your work different wrought-iron decorative elements, which are available in commerce.Further product and cleaned frame brushed metal and painted with heat-resistant paint.After it dries manufacture of metal barbecue with his hands was considered complete and proceed to trial roasting shish kebab.

In the process, you can adjust the figures and make their own hands BBQ, most suits your technological and aesthetic requirements.

Collapsible metal grill

If you do not want to carry all-metal bounding box, then keep an eye collapsible kontruktsiyu or barbecue scheme for the production of their own hands.Such articles are compact, easy to repeat and quite durable.In addition, you can assemble a portable device in a matter of minutes.You can appreciate the drawings and detailed diagrams to help collect BBQ with their hands.Step by step instructions and a photo of the assembly process will help you to understand the minute details.

Collapsible brazier, diagram - Photo 34

Collapsible brazier, the scheme

Collapsible brazier, diagram - Photo 35

Collapsible brazier, the scheme

For work you need the same materials tools, as well as for the manufacture of a welded one-piece construction.In addition, it is necessary to stock up on jigsaw and reinforced scissors for metal, as well as a set of plates and fasteners.Ready to make a folding grill with your hands?Step by step guide will help you not to miss anything out of sight.Determine the required size of the product, taking into account the size of your car's trunk.We offer the best option that is suitable in most cases:

  • width - 300 mm;
  • length - 600 mm (calculated on 6 portions, if necessary, to increase the rate of 100 mm per skewer);
  • wall height - 150 mm, taking into account the distance of 20 mm below the grate;
  • Height adjustable feet - 600 mm (better if the leg length will be the same as the width of the barbecue, because we need a compact design).

As a rule, any folding BBQ, created with his own hands, which manufacture the video can be found on the network, it has the following members:

  • Frame of metal corner;
  • bottom;
  • longitudinal and lateral side;
  • grate;
  • fasteners.

Collapsible brazier for a shish kebab - Photo 36

Collapsible brazier for a shish kebab

  1. For manufacturing frames over cook rectangle required size (if we take as a basis for our size barbecueshould boil their hands frame 230 mm wide and 570 mm long).In the corners of the construction weld 50-mm lengths of water pipe with an outer size of 17 mm.In the future, they will be inserted in the support legs.
  2. to need four legs of the pipe inner diameter of 18-20 mm.The length of the poles we have already discussed.On the other side of the pipes that will be stuck into the ground, it is possible to install the plug.
  3. of sheet metal cut out the bottom and side design elements, cut them in the slots and drill the necessary holes.
  4. In accordance with the scheme of the brazier, intended for the manufacture of their own hands, attach the screws to the bottom of the frame.To do this, drill through holes in them, putting it on the base of the barbecue frame corners.
  5. as grates can use grill, cooked from the bar, or rebar 8-10mm in diameter.Along the edges of the grate weld legs 15-20 mm of the same material.
  6. bumpers are mounted on the four bars (the spokes).For this purpose at their ends by threaded wing nut bars and welds the upper and lower short side walls.If the weld is not possible, Screw the spokes to the sidewalls horseshoe bolts.
  7. Tip: all bolts are set by the hearth.This will help to preserve the threads of the sintering.
  8. To build a BBQ with your hands, step by step guide is not necessary - the process itself is very simple.It is enough to fix the bottom on the legs, and then there peering ends of the spokes into the slots on the long sidewalls and tighten wing nuts.After joining the sidewalls assembled to the base and install inside the grill grate can be considered collected by hand.Photos near this grand buildings serve as proof of your masterovitosti in social networks.

Folding BBQ - Photo 47

Folding BBQ - Photo 47

BBQ out of the barrel or gas cylinder with your hands

drums or propane tank are excellent facilities for the manufacture of stationary barbecue.Variants of manufacturing such a structure may be somewhat - a flip-top, and without it.If you choose to build with his own hands from the grill cylinder or barrel, then we advise you to start with a detailed drawing.To help you, we will provide a detailed diagram of the device, which can make the necessary adjustments.

Driving barbecue of metal barrels - Photo 48

scheme barbecue of metal barrels - Photo 48

the tools necessary for the work will not write - you already know what it is necessary to stock up.From the materials needed are the same pipes, rods and angles in the number that determines the size of the barrel or container and your selected design.

begin work on manufacturing barbecue from the bottle with your hands will help Bulgarian.With it the capacity cut in half the height, length, or the cut section with its sidewall.In the future, it will cover the future of the barbecue.

Cutting drums tall half - Photo 49

Cutting drums tall half - Photo 49

Cut a window in the wall of the barrel - Photo 50

Cut a window in the wall of the barrel - Photo 50

Further work is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Make a stand, arched semicircle pipe and welded to her feet.If it is impossible to bend the pipe, welded at the two corner angles to each other, and their edges are welded to the supports.