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August 12, 2017 18:06

Master hammock with his hands : a photo - instructions ( step by step)

construction Features of the hammock with his hands

today is difficult to imagine a full and comfortable summer vacation on a suburban area without hammock.Hammocks in the country is very convenient and practical, they can sunbathe, read a book or just take a nap in the open center.Besides the original hammock can be made with your own hands, you just put in a little effort.

Hammock with his own hands - Photo 01

Hammock with his own hands - Photo 01

Species hammocks

several varieties of products can be distinguished among modern hammocks, which differ in quality and technical characteristics.

  1. Hammocks with the frame. Such constructions are very popular, so they can be seen in many areas.The main advantage of the hammocks with the frame is considered to be the ability to place them almost anywhere: at home, in the garden, on the bank of the river, etc.

Hammocks with frame - Photo 02

Hammocks with frame

Frame construction can be prefabricated and fixed.The latter option is more reliable and stable, but the tr

ansport of this product may cause problems.National hammocks not have a high level of reliability, since made of a brittle material, but such hammocks can be easily disassembled and transported from place to place.Hammocks to the frame can have different shapes and colors.

  1. Hanging hammocks. These models can be considered a classic, since man first began to use them exactly.The positive characteristics include flexibility, the presence of synthetic bases, which does not transmit moisture.The use of mosquito nets will be particularly relevant in the warm evening hours when mosquitoes emerge to hunt.

Hanging hammocks - Photo 08

Hanging hammocks

Hanging Hammock to give you can build with their own hands.To do this, it suffices to find two standing next to the tree and secure basis on their trunks.The tensioning elements or carbine used as fasteners.If suitable trees are not near, then used the pillars to create a hammock.

  1. Hammock-chair. This product is in high demand, as it has the practicality and versatility.The presence of the hammock-chair brings additional convenience, the simple exposure to fresh air.

Hammock - chair - Photo 14


This model of the hammock can have a large size, which is particularly pleasant for people who are on holiday with a group of friends.On the basis of convenient can accommodate multiple people.Here you can chat, swaying, or drink a glass of lemonade.Cost hammocks-chair will be a little higher than other varieties, especially if a hammock is equipped with additional devices and accessories.Manufacturing of chairs, a hammock with his hands.

  1. Hammocks swing. These hammocks have a rather unusual design, which makes them the original decoration of any suburban area.The point of support for the hammock-chairs may be all the same trees, and the rest, the main condition is the ability to wiggle free.Current models of these hammocks can take the most bizarre forms and have a variety of design registration.

Hammocks swing - Photo 20

Hammocks swing

Operating Rules hammock

As can be seen, modifications and variations hammocks there is great variety.However, all of them require adherence to certain operating rules, which are able to protect you from a variety of negative situations and make a vacation truly enjoyable.

Proper installation of the hammock - Photo 26

Proper installation of the hammock - Photo 26

consider these rules:

  • First after installing any hammock, check its stability and reliability of anchorages.Trees or pillars on which rests the whole structure must have a diameter of 20 cm poles dig in the ground for about 1 m is not necessary to use a product that is much slack as it will only damage the foundation of the hammock..;
  • As for the distances between the supports of the hammock it is 3 m, and fixing the ground - 1 - 1.5 m;
  • reliable fastening must be checked in advance.The cables, which account for the entire load should have a minimum diameter of 8 mm.

  • Base hammock should consist of a strong dense tissue - or camouflage tarpaulins.On the fabric is not worth saving because it can protect you from injuries in the fall.The matter needs to be replaced every 2 - 3 years;
  • To make a hammock from the grid with their own hands is best to use the thread c / b, which do not fray, non-slip and drag on pretty tight.

Decorating hammock

After hammock was purchased and installed or built yourself, you can take care of its decoration.The design itself is considered to be a good decoration of suburban area, but no limit to perfection.Most hammocks are decorated using a canopy of transparent or heavy fabrics which perform not only aesthetic but also practical function - to protect against bright sunlight and wind.

Decorating hammock - Photo 27

Decor hammock

To achieve comfortable conditions hammock is equipped with extra soft cushions, painted in bright colors.Ribbons will also be a great decoration that will make the design of the hammock elegant, light and airy.

How to make a hammock with his own hands?

method №1

To make hanging a hammock with his hands enough to get a strong rope, secure the right color cloth and a sewing machine.Special skills for such work are not required.

  1. Substrate Preparation

dimensions the basis for a hammock is calculated in accordance with the growth of the person, and should be added to these indicators even 60 cm.

for allowance on both sidesRough edges are trimmed matter, and on both sides of the narrow space are scheduled for installation kuliske.To do this, make the cut at 30 cm at a distance from each other by 18 cm.

further edge of the fabric folded to 10 cm and are filed using a conventional sewing machine.In places additional incisions are made in the form of zigzag stitches.

  1. Manufacturing kuliske

kuliske are located on the edges of the matter at its narrower sides.Here there is a pulling rope.The incisions in the layer 2 podgibayutsya and double stitched seams.The ends of the seams securely fastened.

Making hammock fixing - Photo 41

Making mounting hammock

  1. Creating loops and installation of rope

consider how to weave a hammock with his hands.The rope must be threaded through the ready kuliske, leaving a margin of about 180 cm, he pulled through the incisions to 1 m. For the manufacture of the hammock will need about 40 meters rope.

Combining loops and winding - Photo 42

Combining loops and winding

Creating loops - Photo 43

Creating loops

rope ends are fastened two on one side and in the middle of the stretch of four loops that need to wrap the rope and put together.To conduct a good coil will take about 10 m rope.Before the loop connection to straighten and contact the top of the bend.With regard to the transverse coil, it should be carried out only after all be stacked longitudinal loop and rope - secured.Longitudinal hinges are made from a thin rope, the length of which is slightly less than half a meter.

longitudinal loop is needed to secure the ends of the winding.The remaining work on the end of the thread windings overlap each other and are pressed tightly.Further, through the loops pulled the rope, and then made longitudinal winding parts.When working with carrier loop are completed, you should connect the two remaining ends of the rope together and wrap them.After creating the two coils should be tightly bind the remaining ends of the rope.

  1. Installation

As mentioned earlier, the easiest way is to mount a hammock suspended its anchorage near two trees.The main condition - fastening must be durable and reliable.In addition, the excellent support are dug into the ground poles, as well as a hammock stand, made with his own hands.

Installation of the hammock - Photo 44

Installation hammock

  1. Making

for comfortable rest in a hammock must use soft comfortable cushions that you can sew on their own, using as holofayber filler, fluff orsintepon.It is better if the cushion is painted in a color contrasting the color of the hammock.

Making a hammock - Photo 45

Making hammock

method number 2

If you are still tormented by the question of how to make a hammock with his hands, then you can use the second at leastaffordable way.To do this, you need the following materials:

  • Approximately 2, 5 m durable canvas or other matter;
  • 20 eyelets, as well as tools for their installation;
  • 35 m rope with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • pair of large metal rings;
  • drill and drill bit to 12 mm;
  • Couple boards of hardwood with a size of 30x50.The length of these products should correspond to the width of the future of the hammock;
  • sewing machine.

Hammock with his own hands - Photo 46

Hammock with his hands

  1. Substrate Preparation

need to measure and cut a piece of 2.7 m in length After selecting the appropriate fabric. In that case, if the design islocated under a canopy, you can not take into account the material resistance to wetting.If the hammock will be without a roof, then this factor should be considered mandatory.

edges of the web need to bend and sew using a sewing machine.Tuck matter about 6 cm. For a more convenient sewing wrapped ironed iron tip, and then is re-tucking and again proglazhivanie.

Stitching the edges of the fabric - Photo 47

stitching the edges of the web

In the process, we will need to see to it that appeared to bend stitched the bottom side of the hammock, where he will be quite noticeable.Filing side edges sometimes does not require dense fabric and is usually applied to reduce the width of the future product.

  1. Mounting eyelets

Designated eyelet previously marked with chalk or marker on the surface of the matter.Each narrow side must be mounted on the 11 elements.Eyelets should be positioned at an equal distance from each other.

Next in designated places cut the hole is not necessarily to have a perfectly flat shape,it is important not to lose to the size.

  1. Creating struts of wood

as spacers for the hammock bars are used to make a hole through which you need to reach the ropes.Spacers will keep the hammock from folding under the influence of human body weight.

Set sling hammock - Photo 55

Set sling hammock

We fix the spacer to the frame - Photo 56

fix a brace on the frame

length of the boards is measured depending on the width of the hammock.Through holes in the bars must match exactly with the location of eyelets.The thickness of the product must not be less than 25 mm, the width can be selected either (50 to 120 mm).Ready oshkurivayutsya spacers and covered with a varnish composition.

  1. Installation hammock

originally mounted sling a hammock, to simplify the process is often made a special frame, but without it, too, can do.For this purpose a hook fixed ring of metal and the blade splits the floor and secured in place with something heavy.

The frame mounted strut.Each sling must pass through a certain eyelet, then through the hole made in the spacer, and the ring, and then the rope comes back.Upon completion of binding rope ends are connected.If desired, you can braid a metal ring ends Strom to give the finished product a more attractive appearance.

Exactly the same manipulations necessary to carry out the other end of the hammock.To hang a hammock on any appropriate support for these purposes.

Photo hammocks

on submitted photos can be viewed, what constitutes hammocks, belonging to different species.It can be noted significant differences in the design of products, as well as their design and decoration processes.All these photos can be used for the construction of the hammock with his hands.

Hammock in the country - 62 Photos

How to make a hammock with his hands - video

To make a hammock with his own hands is not necessarilybe a specialist in the construction industry, as in the video workflow is shown and described in great detail.Now, in order to enjoy a good rest just a little effort should be made in the country.Follow the advice and instructions - and all must succeed!