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August 12, 2017 18:06

Swing for garden with his own hands : wood, metal , and from tires .detailed instructions

How to make a garden swing with your hands?

Today there are a huge number of accessories designed for the garden.One of them are garden swings, which not only will be an attractive element of landscape design, but also very useful design.Swinging on a swing love both children and adults, because it calms the activity, improves mood and positive effect on human health.

swing What better to give?

For the construction of the swing only use 3 kinds of materials - is wood, metal and plastic.Everyone decides which one to use in the production of swing for your own garden.To do this study the advantages and disadvantages of different models.

Swing - 01

main features of a swing from a tree:

  • practicality and versatility .Wood - a material from which to build not only the usual single swing but cozy sofas with a few seats;
  • environmental cleanliness .Wood has a natural natural origin, so the material is absolutely safe for human health;
  • harmonious combination with landscape.Swing made of wood fit perfectly in any garden design.This advantage distinguishes the design of metal counterparts, which require an appropriate design the entire site;
  • safety .Wood is a fairly soft material, which greatly reduces the number of injured.This is particularly important if children swing on the swings;
  • ease of installation.Swing made of wood with their hands can do absolutely anyone who is even slightly acquainted with the construction works;
  • economy .Cash costs will not be large, because the material itself is inexpensive.

We should also note a slight drawback, which is peculiar to the swings, and any wood products. designs need special care and placement, because they lose their original form under the influence of negative environmental factors (snow, rain, sunshine, etc.).To avoid this, set sufficiently above the garden swing from a tree canopy or some simple canopy that will protect the product from atmospheric precipitation and from the scorching sun.Processing of special structures and antiseptics will prolong the life of wooden structures, protect it from rot, parasites and from moisture.

Swing - 12

Features swing from metal:

  • durability - this is probably the main advantage of suchproducts.Metal - is the eternal material that does not rot and will not break;
  • reliability such swings is undeniable.The material is characterized by hardness and resistance;
  • practicality .Metal is not afraid of the impact of negative environmental factors, it is not afraid of no rain, no snow storms, no ultraviolet light;
  • low cash costs .Compared with high-quality wood, the metal will be cheaper;
  • variety of models.Swing made of metal, can be disassembled, welded or forged.Each user will always be able to find a suitable option is for your site;
  • metal swing can decorate your original view of any area or garden , however, require an appropriate design stylistic, otherwise they will not look very harmonious;
  • garden swing of metal can be made with your own hands , but this will require appropriate skills.

Metal swing has many positive characteristics, but they are also some disadvantages.For example, dense structure and hardness of the material - is good, but on one side only, the other - the possibility of obtaining different strokes and injuries increases significantly.In order for the metal does not rust, it is necessary periodically to cover its layer of special paint.In addition, many people believe that the metal inferior wooden swing for its aesthetic features.

Pros and cons of plastic swing

As for the plastic see-saw, the experts find they have more disadvantages than advantages.Such swings for children to testify are low cost and a variety of colors.Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • plastic construction makes all design registration of a garden site cheaper;
  • fit such swings only kids, but teenagers and adults can enjoy them not;
  • harmful fumes - this is perhaps the most significant negative material.In hot weather, the plastic is heated and releases into the air of toxic substances that can have a negative impact on children's health.For this reason, the best on plastic constructions opt.

Swing - 23

Forms designs garden swing

Besides classifying the material garden swing can be divided according to the method of fastening the movable portion of the article:

  1. horizontal swing - such models are probably familiar to every person from childhood.Designs are long beams, which have a foothold in the middle.In order to swing on a swing like you need two kids with similar weight;
  1. swing with a vertical suspension designed for individual use.Among these constructions there are many different types, from simple "tarzanok" to reputable original sofas and benches.

swing and differ by location, and they can be placed either in the whole game complex for children, either standing or suspended separately.

show imagination, you can arbitrarily combine these two features, the result obtained by the amazing design.For example, a particularly popular today are sofas, suspended on chains, as well as a circular swing, resembling a gazebo.

Swing - 39

No less important is the classification by size:

  • product for the whole family .As a rule, they have a kind of bench with comfortable high back.In such a swing at the same time be able to swing a few people;
  • children product with mandatory fixing belt.Such swings can be different: include suspension seat and have the seat or in the form of chairs, etc .;
  • portable models are convenient and mobile, they can be optionally placed where it is needed.

How to make a wooden swing with your hands?

Optionally wooden swing can do with their hands.Beforehand it is necessary to determine the material, design and purpose.In order to decide which look will have a product, you can see on the Internet a photo of a tree swing.

To work required:

  • wooden boards 100x100 or 50x100 mm.It does not matter if you get a massive structure, but its strength will not have doubts;
  • boards needed for the construction of the seat.Footage of wooden parts is calculated in accordance with the drawing of the swing from a tree;
  • chain or sturdy rope and carabiner;
  • solution of concrete;
  • nails and screws;
  • metal corners.

Swing - 40

Scheme design wooden swing

From tools require a hacksaw, hammer, drill, screwdriver and tape measure.Once everything is ready, you can proceed to the main process of the work, which consists of the following stages:

  1. carrier support Manufacturing

Originally constructed lower frame on which are fixed vertical bars.Dimensions of the boards are set according to the size of the seat of the future construction.All of these measurements are recorded in a drawing of a tree swing.The most optimal are the following dimensions: depth - 60 cm, length - 180 cm frame is mandatory should be slightly wider seats, about 50 cm This condition is necessary for better stability and reliability of the entire structure...

Once all materials are measured and prepared you can start bonding bars metal corners.In the manufacture and installation of garden swing from a tree with their hands need to be considered and the type of surface on which the structure will be.If the swing mounted on the open soil without asphalt and concrete, the boards of which made the lower frame must be covered with bitumen.This structure will reliably protect the wood from rotting.

Swing - 41

'L' - shaped design of the swing

Once the frame is ready for itmounted vertical bars, which will play the role of supporting pillars.Installation is carried out using screws and metal parts.Eventually get a pair of triangles, their tops should be fixed horizontal bar.

  1. Manufacturers seats

First, you need to assemble the frame of the bars.In total, you will need two of these frames - one for the seat, the second - for the back.These frameworks or attached plywood slats - it all depends on which option suits you the most.The seat is connected with the back and corners.

Experts recommend to leave between the seat and the backrest angle of 120 degrees - such inclination would be the best and most comfortable seating.Another element for added comfort become armrests, but they are not mandatory.

  1. Mount

to the upper crossbar mounted hooks or brackets.Through threaded holes in them or a chain cable.Their length is calculated so that a person sitting on a swing socks could get to the ground.

After that fastens is complemented by a tent if desired.To do this, build the frame of the boards, and then pull on it any waterproof fabric.

wooden seat will be tough, so it is recommended for comfort put on ita pair of pads.For long life of the best accessories to make covers that at any time you can update or remove in order to clean it.

If you are concerned with the question how to make their own hands a reliable swing from a tree, then you already know the answer.

Video instruction

How to make a metal swing?

garden metal swing can be made with their own hands, without resorting to the help of experts.To do this you will need the following materials:

  • 9 metal pipes with a diameter;
  • 8 parts;
  • two metal arc with a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 25 cm;
  • 2 wooden elements;
  • couple pieces of furniture foam and 2 "zipper" zipper;
  • cable.

Of the tools you will need welding machine, as well as paint for metal.

manufacturing stage swing:

  1. preparatory work. This step is very important because that's when all the calculations are carried out, and then creates a drawing of a swing made of metal.
  2. Production support. On the basis of calculations of the drawing is created, which will help to make metal garden swing with your hands.The pipes are prepared for welding: with them scraped the rust, the desired length is measured, and on both sides of the joints at an angle of 45 degrees chamfered.

Based on the intended swing circuit, it is necessary to weld the tube.When the support is ready to fasten the top of the arc, which will then swing mounted.The design is covered with a special paint for metal.

must not forget that the professionalism of the welder will depend on practical and aesthetic appearance of the future product.For this reason, do not get to work, if you are not confident in their abilities, leave this matter experts.

  1. Creating seats. segments metal bracket welded on the previously planned scheme Swing.Liners are cut for the seat of a wooden canvas, and then they are inserted into the ready-made metal boxes.For seating, you can sew a soft mattresses that will be a comfortable addition to the entire structure.
  1. Mounting on swing support. for reliability should be used or special fasteners, or a solid rope.It is important to secure the quality rope, so she stayed in one place, this is done by means of fasteners.