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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pergola at the dacha : advice on the construction and design of buildings with their own hands .

Pergola at the cottage.For what it is used

no better way to decorate your garden plot, than building a pergola.It does not matter whether it will serve as a pergola, shaded canopy framing or garden paths.In any case, during the hot summer days you can enjoy the shade and coolness that will create for you an amazing facility - pergola.

What pergola

Simple garden arches or pergolas that support climbing vines, known since ancient times.Even Roman emperors rested in their shadow.Such design is very practical, easy to install, give a general picture of the garden of nobility and elegance.

Currently garden pergolas are widely used in landscape and garden design.Usually, pergola to support the grape is a jumper arch with a width of about 1 m.The height of the structures depends on how much is planted beneath the plant is able to braid the arch completely.For strong-pergola plant height up to 4m - a common phenomenon.By setting a series of arches, connected by a transve

rse bars, get a corridor of climbing vines or vines.This is the classical pergola.

Pergola in the country with their own hands .A photo

Pergola in the country with their own hands.Photo

to build a cozy garden gazebos, pergolas creating several supporting arches, making the gaps between them with the purpose of the device several inputs.Especially cozy in this case will be the arch of wooden slats, because a combination of wood structures with green leaves give a special feeling of warmth and comfort.

No less attractive and braided vine canopies, which, like pergolas gazebos, suburban area turn the space into a cozy courtyard Roman times.

If you think that pergolas are designed to perform only a decorative role, then you are deeply mistaken.With pergolas can be divided into the entire territory of the site into different areas - economic, recreational area, the main entrance, and others.In addition, installed a metal pergola Grape creates additional convenience in the cultivation of this beloved dacha culture, by the autumn to please you a great picture of aromatic grapes on a background of a dense carpet of green vines.

If you want to plant ornamental grapes, even in winter will enjoy the densely braided pergola of the amazing red leaves.

Species pergolas

wondering how to make a pergola with his own hands, it is necessary, first of all, decide what meaning is to bear itsinstallation:

  • decorative (dressing area).
  • Practical (use as a trellis for growing grapes).
  • utility (hidden from the eyes of farm buildings).
  • As an arrangement recreation area.

pergola - 17

Different form arches help to emphasize the overall style or create the necessary contrast to carve out a zone if necessary.

Arches rounded be able to create a unique atmosphere of Oriental courtyards.Supplement picture will be placed tubs with vigorous plants.

Rectangular arches with wide columns complement the classic style.It looks good, and such a pergola in country style.

Openwork lattice at any time be able to set up a romantic mood.In addition, it looks great on any patch of space.

brick or stone arches appropriate in large estates.There they further accentuate the width and spaciousness.

fan-shaped arches very beautiful even without any additional elements.

If you - the owner of a large area, set several pergolas, scattered throughout the territory.Whimsical black and white patterns will hit any imagination.Of course, you can buy ready-made pergola, but much more interesting and honorable to set design.

Building a wooden pergola with their hands

To build a wooden pergola with his own hands, it is best to opt for a design with a flat roof.Wooden arches much more difficult to establish.


In order to ease of installation is also to choose inexpensive pine beams and boards.Moreover, and not need any complex tools.That's all that should be reserved for the project:

  • Hand saw circular.
  • Drill with a set of drill bits for wood.
  • roulette, ruler, pencil.
  • hammer, chisel.
  • Control and measuring tools (level, plumb, cord).
  • Wood protection.
  • Paints, brushes.
  • 4-5 bags of Portland cement M-400.
  • Bolts, washers, screws for fastening.

From the materials needed:

  • four beams 50h100mm length of at least 4m.
  • nine beams 50h100mm 3m.
  • four three-meter lengths of timber 100x100 (if the height of 2.5 meters will pergolas. If you want above, take the boards of greater length).

So do pergola with their own hands.Step by step instructions includes a total of 10 stages.

  1. should be cut diagonally edge three-meter beams 50h100mm.To do this, measure 120mm in length and 50mm beams across its width.
  2. Likewise, trim the edges of four-meter beam.Then the pergola in the country will be stronger.
  3. The ends of the beams do 100h100h3000mm spike 50mm thick and 90mm in height.To do this, connect all four beam clamp and cut depth of 25mm with two opposite sides of the boards over their entire width.Sawing should be at a distance of 90 mm from the edge.Cut down the excess with a chisel and hammer. scheme pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami3 pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami4 pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami5
  4. Treat prepared items with protective agents for wood, cover them with a primer.Then you can cover the timber with paint or varnish.Then pergola made with their own hands will stand for a long time.
  5. Mark up the desired location 2600h3000mm rectangle.Hammer the corners of the wooden pegs.Check the correctness of the construction by measuring the length of the diagonal.They should be equal to each other.Otherwise, insert the pegs to match the condition of equality. pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami6
  6. In places marked pegs drilled ground holes for the installation of the boards.If you want to pergola, built in the country with their own hands to be stable, the depth of wells should be about 50 cm . pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami7
  7. Set in the pit boards.Orient them so that the spike length was parallel to the long sides of the rectangle.With the cord level and set the rack at the same height. pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami8 pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami9
  8. Stir the mortar, pour them dug wells.The spirit level and plumb vertical racks Get location.
  9. After a full grasp of the solution, set the four-meter beam on the shelves of thorns, placing them on either side of the racks.At the same time the edge beams will be performing for the boards at a distance of about 400 mm .After drilling through holes, fix the connection bar / rack / bar with screws and nuts. pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami10
  10. Razmerte upper part pergolas so as to evenly install the remaining nine three-meter beams as girders.Fasten the crossbar to help long screws screwed at an angle. pergola_na_dache_svoimi_rukami11

Video.The second way to make a pergola for the grapes with their hands

As you can see, for building simple pergolas with your hands in the country, the drawings are not needed.

Inside built pergolas can set a table with benches, put a cozy sofa or garden swing.By putting on the corners a vigorous vines pergolas, you can achieve a good shading of the whole structure.

Photo pergolas, established in the country

huge number of designs in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a simple pergola for vines, built with his own hands, and ending with complex gazebo with wooden floor andestablished a platform for barbecue amaze and excite the imagination.Taking the individual elements of several favorite pergolas, you can create your own based on your own circumstances and preferences.

pergola - 34

Photos large pergolas

Installation Tips pergolas Garden

think about how to build a pergola with your hands, be sure to follow a few rules.Then set design will not look out of place bulky structure.

  1. Observe the proportions between the size of your site and pergolas , you are going to install.It should not be lost in the large space.On a small section of the large pergola is inappropriate bulky design.
  2. By building a pergola as a resting place, do not overload it with plenty of bars .It must be air and at the same time sufficiently strong and reliable.
  3. consider the factors of weight gain over time plants. especially true strong-grape varieties.In addition, installing a pergola for grapes, count its strength in view of sail design.This factor further limiting the height of pergolas at around 2.5m.
  4. Perform work accurately , do not rely on the fact that the greens will cover all of your flaws.Remember that in the period from late autumn to mid-spring you will have to blush in front of family and friends for unsympathetic design flaws.
  5. wooden buildings necessarily cover the antiseptic and preservative.Metal treat any rust converter and color.

pergola - 50

well thought-out and carefully constructed pergola will delight you for years to come, enabling proud of their work in front of family and friends.

Species pergolas.Video

Top best plants for arranging pergolas

As already noted, often pergolas are created for the purpose of cultivating grapes .It does not matter what you plant grapes - cultural or decorative (maiden).Both look great on the pergola.

Excellent design and braids hops , but this plant requires constant care as quickly zapolonyayut are all available space.

planted near the pergolas Actinidia, clematis, vines, wisteria and nasturtium especially beautiful during the flowering period, however, and the rest of the time to create a pretty dense curtain of leaves and vines.

Remembering vines, it should be noted such a plant as celastrus .Perhaps there is no more beautiful vines, only handle drevogubtsem must be even more cautious than with hops, because its tip, to climb on any tree in speed for a tight tighten tent leaves and vines.Entwined tree dies with 100% probability.

Chinese magnolia , planted near the pergolas, can not only please the eye, but will also deliver to your table fragrant fruit for infusion of therapeutic and prophylactic tea has a number of medicinal properties.Besides bright red berries on a background of yellow-green leaves serve as an additional charming decor of your garden design, whether it's a gazebo, a shed or arcade.It looks beautiful and numerous hop cones and fruits of Actinidia, only to land in the latter case will have male and female plants.

Near the wall of a house plant Euonymus Fortune «Silver Queen» or ivy «Gold Heart» .As soon as possible they will fill all the space, hiding the wall, and make haste to move on the surface of the roof at the slightest opportunity.The special value of these vines is that they can be planted in pots.The walls of buildings surrounded by concrete paths, so they feature turns into an advantage.

Go to the installation of garden pergolas creatively, choosing the design in accordance with the peculiarities of a particular area.Listen to the advice of experts designers.Strive to not only fill a part of the garden fancy design, but to create a true masterpiece, able to hit most sophisticated imagination.