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August 12, 2017 18:06

roof device technology for metal roofing

roof device technology for metal roofing

growing interest is the device under the metal roof in recent years and this is due primarily to the fact that such a versatile material such as metal, allows to make the roof of the house is not only durable, but also robust.

This roof is one of the basic elements of any structure and ensures its protection against various atmospheric precipitation, wind and cold.

roof device of metal involves the construction of the frame and batten according to certain rules, which have some of its subtleties and nuances.

Despite some differences, the principle works for pent roofs or mnogoskatnoy of metal is almost the same.

In any case, such a roof ridge implies a certain device, eaves, valleys, as well as the mandatory implementation of strong batten, including a cold roof.

for pent or any other of the roof of metal there is a certain statement of work, according to which should be carried out and its construction.

more information about arrangement of their own hands crates, valley, ridge, eaves a

nd other mandatory elements of the roof of metal described in the video posted below.


  • basic rules
  • device technology
  • installation features work performance technology

basic rules

In most cases, choosing the material for the roof, trying as much as possible to fulfill certain requirements,which can be presented to the roof structure.

Typically, incorrect material or poor performance of the valley, ridge, eaves, crates and many other structural elements of the roof causes it to leak and deformation.


Anyway roofing mothers should effectively resist all kinds of precipitation and temperature extremes, in addition, be resistant to the effects of sunlight and the various mechanical stresses.

This versatile material like metal, to the greatest extent meets all of these requirements, in addition, has an affordable price and aesthetic appearance.

The advantages of this type of roof can also include the correct form of each individual sheet.

Due to certain elements that are part of this material, metal has the highest corrosion resistance.

This roof is optimized not only for pent roof, but for mnogoskatnyh structures, as shown in the photo below.


Prerequisite installation of metal, both cold and to warm the design is the use of special anti-condensation films and insulation.

It can effectively protect the entire interior of the roof and ensure the safety of the frame elements.

At arrangement of metal roofs is necessary to use additional components that allow you to enhance the protection of its weak points, such as going outside design chimney.

In addition, during the construction of a roof using special accessories, such as a skate strap, snow stop, valleys, eaves and other elements.

Fastening sheets themselves mater produced by means of special strips and pieces.

Despite the rather complicated process of metal roofing arrangement, if desired, you can perform all the work with his own hands.

For more information about how to do this, narrated in the video below.


device technology course, to build on all the rules of the metal roof with their hands is difficult, however, by following the process technology to make it everyone can.

begin work for pent and for mnogoskatnoy roof should be a measure of skates, and their squareness is taken from the eaves to the ridge.

as lathing board material taken certain size.

However, as lean-to, and for mnogoskatnoy roof there are certain rules that you must follow exactly to get a strong and durable construction.

Those boards which run on the ribbed trim, as well as at the edge of the eaves, must be fixed above the other.All the edges of the roof should be closed only continuous plating.

Metal tile should be started to strengthen since the end portions.If necessary, perform overlapping sheets, this should be done at the cross-border.

special additional materials are used to make the seal ridge.

also sewing up the roof of sheet metal for the inner surface should be to create conditions for proper ventilation.

In addition, after the crates directly to the roofing sheets should be placed special web material, which is able to prevent the formation of condensation.

If necessary arrangement valley, it should perform using razzhelobochnogo element.

Immediately prior to its installation should be strengthened to trim special intermediate design.

All gaps in the area of ​​the ridge it is mandatory to be sealed with sealing tape or silicone.

the roof device

Construction crates should include fixing sheet roofing material using bolts and screws.

to carry out all stages of the work must be designed instruction, according to which will be subsequently carried out the necessary work.

How to make the roof of metal with their hands, explained in detail in the video posted below.

mounting Features

Some elements of the roof of metal have their own individual characteristics of the installation.

So, fixing eaves boards made to the board at batten overlapping, the amount of which shall not be less than ten centimeters.

when mounting end brackets should be borne in mind that they should completely cover all the metal edge of the end.

The final version of the metal roof should consist of several different layers.

main face layer of the roof of the pie itself is metal, which is attached to the crate.

Next have to be carried out counter-battens, waterproofing with a vapor barrier and insulation.All

is attached directly to the rafters, to which structure in turn is carried connecting tape assembly.

should also be mandatory to equip special spillway chute and wind head-board bar.

Do not forget about the device the necessary ventilation of the roof, as it affects its durability.Roof unit principle is the same for both cold and warm to.

should be noted that for cold roof roofing pie has some insignificant differences.

themselves directly under the sheets of material must be counter-lathing and a layer of waterproofing film.

film mount, when the cold roof is performed by means of staples, but it is necessary to further strengthen the self-tapping screws.

It should be noted that cold roof has some significant drawbacks.Firstly, it does not provide sufficient air flow permeability.

Secondly, there are certain difficulties in securing waterproofing film, as well as rising costs for performance of crates.


All this leads to the fact that in most cases when the roof of metal are trying to make a warm roof option.

In this case, an important role is played by a heater to which the purchase should be approached responsibly.

It should be noted that the cold and warm roof embodiment may be made by the hands, for pent, and for mnogoskatnoy structure.

work performance technology

Immediately prior to laying sheet metal with their hands, should be duly perform roof battens.

for pent roof this stage of the work is done on the same principle as for mnogoskatnoy.

It should take into account that pent structures must be provided reinforced frame elements.

Despite the fact that there is a pent roof ridge, and there are no valleys, its design has some of its features.

In any case, any of the battens should be approached responsibly, exactly observing the work technology.After the crates should make installation of eaves strips.

fastened it to the sheathing with screws in increments of thirty centimeters.If the roof structure has joints rays negative angles values, the further it will be necessary to establish the valley.

valley Installation is carried out on a continuous crate type, while the board should be put on both sides.On the thus obtained trough and carried out installation of the valley on the screws.

Note that the cornice board in the end should be under the edge of the bottom of the valley.


Installation sheets themselves with their own hands begins with the end of the roof, and the direction, you can choose both the right and left.Each subsequent sheet must go to the extreme of the previous wave.

when working you must make sure that the capillary groove of one sheet of the roof has been closed following carefully.evenness of the installation is also checked regularly.

entire roof construction must be level with respect to the line of the cornice in the horizontal direction.

If necessary, metal sheets are neatly trimmed and sealed with additional elements.Particular attention should be given to mounting ridge.

mount ridge is carried out on the screws using a sealant.Understand the metal mounting rules will help video, which is available below.

If the work carried out correctly and in accordance with standard technology, the roof of the metal will have an attractive and aesthetic appearance, as shown in the photo below.

Finished roof