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August 12, 2017 18:06

Do garage doors with their hands

Do garage doors with their hands

Make garage doors with their hands, so guarantee your safety and security.

Today, different types of gates, it is conventional, consisting of metal doors with wood paneling, roller, wooden, overhead, doors made of profile pipes, automatic or combines manual and motorized.

Constipation and visor Garage also varied.

Make a garage door with your hands, you can, based both on their preferences and the structure of the garage.


  • What are the gates?
  • Manufacturing, installation, insulation - Milestones
    • first stage - do the measurements, draw drawings
    • second stage - making frame structure
    • third stage - form the frame flaps
    • fourth stage - installation of the gate leaves
    • fifth stage- installation of gates in the garage
    • sixth stage - set the locks and bolts on the gate
    • seventh stage - warming of garage doors and garage
    • eighth stage - drawing

What are the gates?

Swing - the most common.They are used not only for garage construction.There are metal, wood, lockable on the

outer bolts, with a shell made of corrugated board and other.

If you make it to the drive, you can turn them into a circuit.

Sliding gates are located on the entrance side of the garage, and require fairly large space as a door, opening the front wall parallel to the garage, drive off to the side.

Required element sliding gate - lock, which prevents the loss of leaf garage construction, otherwise you will need to repair.

In the photo below - sliding doors.

Sliding gates

They are mostly automatic, some models use a manual actuator for opening metal doors.

tilt-up door - the design of the shaped tube, rises.Upon reaching the ceiling, door status changes, set parallel to the floor.

The basis of the mechanism of joint-arm drive, guide and retainer.

Unfortunately, in cold climates this kind, it is desirable to use only in the garage, in which insulation is made.Often it is in need of repair in the winter for this design.

insulate the garage, you can use the same sheet of corrugated board, wood paneling, garages, adjoined to the house, used to heat the central heating pipes.

The video below - homemade automatic gates of the profile pipe and sheeting.


Lifting sectional - the door is composed of sections, when you open it is refracted and is placed under the ceiling due to the special guides.

work carries a spring mechanism and chain drive, which runs the electric drive.They are made of corrugated or wood, do not forget about insulation.

Photography.Automatic roll-up gate

Sectional garage doors

Roller doors - resemble shutters consist of aluminum plates, which, when opened, are collected in a special box.

As protection rolling doors are rarely used, since it is not very reliable in terms of security.Locks on the gates of the lock doors resemble the situation.

Use roller door if garage is inside the protected area or the door between the garage and the house, if the building is aligned.

In the video below, automatic roll-up doors, instead of using the drive key.


All presented species can be opened manually or can be automated.For the latter need to electric drive.

Manufacturing, installation, insulation - Milestones

Choosing the type of door, remember, they must be practical and durable, open regardless of weather conditions.

So, drive in lifting-sectional and up-and-over doors in sub-zero temperatures can simply freeze and require repair.

Traditional swing gates are the most reliable in any weather, and make them not so difficult.

In any case, insulation of doors and the room itself is mandatory.Do not forget about it, since the production of the garage door.

first stage - do the measurements, draw drawings

Making any construction begins with the drawing work.Drawings garage door right thing to do at the design stage all the garage.Draw the project, determine the size.

height and width of the structure depends on the size of the machine.The distance between the body and door frame which will be not less than 30 centimeters.

maximum width can be 5 meters, the standard, often used in the construction - 2.5-3 meters.The height of 2-2.5 meters.


Swing doors are made up of three components: frame, sash hinges.The frame are made from steel angle, 65 mm thick.

for wing frame take corners or profile of steel, 50 millimeters thick, is sheathed with sheet iron (paneling of wood used later).For fixing doors using hinges.

After drawing figures and identify with the material, calculate how much it will need.

second stage - making frame structure

installation of garage doors should be carried out during the construction of the garage.

Rama (inner and outer parts) must be installed during the formation of the front wall, and only after it is installed, you can continue to build.

steel corner 65 mm must be cut (better use for this "grinders") into 4 pieces, length equal to the width of the door opening, and into 4 parts, the length of which is equal to the height of the opening.

necessary to expand the prepared portion, cook them, paying attention to the corners, which should be exactly 90 degrees.

welding method to make better lap.Always make sure that the angle is not "led".Outside, the frame must be sanded, smooth surface provides a perfect fit to the sash frame.

In the photo you can see how the installation frame for garage doors.

garage opening

third stage - form the frame flaps

frame flaps should be slightly smaller than the gate itself, so they will be provided with a snug fit to the outer side of the frame.Take the steel corner or rectangular profile.

Cut the 4 pieces, length of 10-15 mm less than the height of the frame, and 4 parts whose length is equal to half the width of the doorway, net 30 - 35 millimeters.

to cook flat cage, spread on a flat part of the surface, better in the final frame.Corners must be exactly 90 degrees.

In order to prevent changes in the valves, to strengthen them in the middle of the inside of the structure is necessary to weld another piece of angle steel.

fourth stage - installation of the gate leaves

of sheet steel (not less than 2 millimeters thick), cut out the two paintings.Height of doors must be longer than 3 - 4 cm, than the height of the opening of the garage, but the widths of the webs will be different.

width of one sheet to be 1 - 2 cm less than the frame width and the other sheet, on the contrary, 2 centimeters wide.

Brew design should be as follows.Above and below the fabric will come out on the basis of 1 - 2 centimeters.

smaller width Sheet (opens second) welds so that the edges of the frame to remain 1 centimeter, while the second sheet on the contrary, will extend beyond the frame structure at the 2 - 4 centimeters.Such a method would allow the flaps fit snugly.


Under the rules of welding sheets are welded at first in the corners and in the middle to avoid their deformation, and only then after every 10 to 15 cm is welded all the canvas.

Installing shutters finishing, sheathing of sheet metal welded hinges.Bottom loop is welded to the frame, and the top of a leaf.

fifth stage - installation of gates in the garage

Installation of door frames must be made at the stage of building a garage.We connect them with each other, are welded at a distance of 60 centimeters from each other 4-centimeter strips of metal.

After you have formed the frame, finishing the construction of the front wall of the garage.No space should not be.

With reinforcing rods 20-30 cm long (can be used iron pipes) vmontiruem frame on the wall.We have our rods in places of joints.Top

do overlap.Advantageously, a metal or concrete beam.Check the progress of the garage shutters.

sixth stage - set the locks and bolts on the gate

Constipation and bars complete the installation of our designs.

One of the doors will be closed at the locks inside the garage, fixing on the ceiling and in the floor, for the purpose of drilling holes to a depth of 5 centimeters.


second door will be closed on constipation, belonging to the first flap in specially prepared holes under them.Outside the garage design can be more secure with a padlock.

seventh stage - warming of garage doors and garage

If you make a garage door with your hands, do not forget to make insulation.The most common material to make insulation - a foam.

It is positioned on the inner side of the flaps, the top sheathe clapboard wood.In addition to expanded polystyrene foam is used, roll heaters, decking.

Profiled quite versatile material, it can be put under any insulation, it can be like to sheathe the walls and collect at major garage, make a visor.

advantage profile design - is its easy disassembly and repair.From the profile of the pipe can be done and do the gates, and hooking them drive will receive an automatic gate.

eighth stage - drawing

After installation of insulation and doors made garage doors need to bring in aesthetic appearance.

painting garage doors made both from the outside and the inside.

In the photo you can see vintage visor above the garage door.

garage visor

Do it should be carefully, to prevent the occurrence of corrosion.

Another protection of garage doors from moisture will visor.Making his installation, do not forget to calculate its load-bearing capacity, as peak load can withstand.

The visor can be made from the remnants of metal sheets, corrugated, reinforce pipes or steel plates.

Visor do not recommend wood.