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August 12, 2017 18:06

Creating a machine for bending sheet metal

Creating a machine for bending sheet metal

sheet metal used in construction of individual homes is widespread, so for these purposes requires machine tools for bending sheet metal by hand.

use of this material due to the high processability, relatively low cost and high reliability designs from metal.

At arrangement of the roof has to be made for the outflow of water from the metal sheet.

products such profile are available from third-party performers, but is cheaper and faster to produce their own hands.Used for this purpose bending machine.

Structurally, this unit can be simple.All necessary materials and accessories are easy to find in the stores of household goods.


  • technology sheet metal bending
  • Equipment for bending
  • Listogib own hands
    • Basis for machine
    • Pressing device
    • Crimp device
    • Roller knife
  • Serviceand safety

Technology bending sheet metal

According to the physical characteristics of metals and alloys, can only bend the plastic materials.

Articles of iron or hardened steel for bending

quite suitable, because they have low ductility and high friability.

drawing listogiba

1 - base;2 - a nut-hand wheel;3 - clamp;4 - a flexible sheet;5 - clamp;6 - crimping punch.

operation for folding a certain area does not require cutting or heat treatment.

bending of sheet metal - this action, in which the metal sheet takes a certain three-dimensional shape.

must know that by bending the sheet metal outer layers are stretched and the inner compressed.If you fill in the machine is too thick sheet, then on the bend on the outside may be formed crack.

To avoid this from happening, you need to prepare the original item.For these purposes, it is subjected to a particular heat treatment mean - tempered or annealed.Such operations are performed rarely.Basically

bending chosen such products which can be produced using this technology.

Flexion has several advantages over welding connection or another way of manufacturing parts.

Among them, it should be noted:

  • performance;
  • product has no seam and is solid;
  • on the fold is not formed rust.

Among deficiencies should be noted that manual bending process requires considerable effort.

If you perform a manual bending sheet metal, then this will need locksmith vise, hammer and mallet.High quality with this set of tools difficult to achieve.

For the regular production of parts such a method does not fit without cutting and welding.

As for domestic needs require high-quality products, the best solution is to make a bending machine with their own hands.

Today, equipment for personal use and for small businesses produced on an industrial scale.

machine for bending sheets or cutting them can be purchased in the store.With a limited budget easier to manufacture homemade.

Equipment for bending

metal bending procedure is the final step in the process of manufacturing parts.If it is made of low quality, the item will be defective.

All previous technological conversion from cutting to cutting will be in vain.As a result, the production company will incur a loss.


In order to make such an unacceptable situation, it is necessary to produce a reliable and productive units.

Such a machine is called listogibov or listogibnym press.

Today the market offers the following types listogiby:

  • hydraulic;
  • mechanical;
  • pneumatic;
  • hand.

Manual machine is used for single and small batch production.

set multifunctional units that are configured to a specific operation on the production lines of large companies.

blanks used for cutting shears.In order to impart the desired shape preform apply listogibnye press with pneumatic punches.

parison is placed between the die and the punch, which is driven by a pneumatic actuator.In this manner, parts are formed from sheet metal up to 5 mm thick.

machine with a rotary press is designed to handle small parts with difficult terrain.

Bending equipment is divided into stationary and mobile.Stationary machines are used in large enterprises for the production of high-volume products.

Mobile units are designed for the manufacture of individual parts on a construction site or in the repair facility.Mobile machine for sheet metal bending can be made with your own hands.

Many years of practice shows that the home-made machine made according to the rules of engineering approach is not inferior to the factory units.

To build such a machine requires a specific set of materials and tools.

Listogib own hands

Unlike factory-built units, which are designed for processing large metal thickness, homemade listogib used in the manufacture of piece parts and small series.

products often bent from sheet aluminum, copper and sheet steel.The optimum thickness of the sheets varies from 0.5-0.8 hard with sheets of greater thickness.

1 - base 2 - rear cheek, 3 - a flexible sheet, 4 - clamp, 5 - clamping bolt 6 - crimp punch 7 - lever handle, 8 - axis, 9 - channel for mounting in a vise

This is because it uses manual transmission, the muscular strength of a man.

To give the product increased durability, with the help of the machine, you can generate additional rib.And thus avoid cutting strips for this edge.

mechanism listogibnogo machine is based on a simple principle.The workpiece is fixed on the basis of the pressing frame.Harvesting - is a piece of metal.

projecting part of the sheet you want to bend a certain angle, lies on a rotating beam.It is only necessary to turn the beam and metal "bent".

Swivel bar is raised and lowered by hand.In machines prefabricated this function is performed by an electric motor or a hydraulic press.

maximum bending angle can be 180 degrees.This is done in two steps.For one operating cycle can bend the sheet to 120 degrees.

Depending on the design of a self-made machine, clamp the workpiece is carried out in different ways.In the simplest mechanism is used steel corner.

Recommended use area with shelves thickness not less than 5 mm.

In the manufacture of the pressure welding machine frame required for cutting parts to size and drill to drill holes for the mounting bolts.

Make all the operations with their own hands is not too difficult.Provided that there is some skill to work with metal.

You only need to properly prepare for the assembly listogibnogo machine.

Basis for machine

main element of the machine for bending metal is ground.As a basis we can take the channel, the length of which is chosen at the discretion of the master.

In order to ensure the necessary conditions for this channel is attached to the frame.Or legs are welded to it.It is important that this construction has a high resistance.

Pressing device

In the manufacture of the pressure device with your hands is recommended to use two corners - №5 and №3.They must

interconnect by welding so as to form a rigid triangle shape in cross section.

This configuration provides the rigidity and clamping reliability.


Crimp device

crimp punch often made from №5 corner.Its length should be less than the compression unit 10 mm.

reinforcing lever can be made from a round bar or reinforcement.It has the shape of the bracket and is welded to the punch.This compound

need to perform with high strength, since the maximum load on it.

Roller knife

In some situations, when working with metal roll, there is a need to cut the finished products.

for cutting metals after treatment at the bending machine installed roller blade.

This complicates the design of the node as a whole, and therefore it is rarely used.

maintenance and safety

bending machine, collected his own hands, must have the following characteristics:

  • stability;
  • operability;
  • safety.

By design, metal bending machine is a mechanism of increased danger.


necessary to comply with the relevant rules of operation and safety when working on the machine.Especially when the cutting blanks.

Before you begin, you need to check the serviceability of the main components.

access of unauthorized persons to the machine should be strictly limited.