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August 12, 2017 18:06

Methods of protection against corrosion of metals

Methods of protection against corrosion of metals

Application protection against corrosion of metals - a topical issue for many.

Corrosion, in fact, is a spontaneous process of metal destruction, caused by the adverse impact of the environment, so that there are chemical, physical and chemical processes that lead to tragic consequences.

corrosion, affecting the metal can destroy it completely.It is therefore necessary to deal with emerging rust.

And not just at the time of its occurrence.Also important prevention work for the prevention of corrosion of metals.

According to its type, the following types of corrosion:

  • spot;
  • solid;
  • pass-through;
  • spots or sores;
  • layered;
  • subsurface and others.

corrosion arises not only under the influence of water, but also soil, technical oil.As we can see, the types of corrosion are widely represented, but protection methods are not so numerous.


  • main ways to protect
  • Sacrificial corrosion protection of metals
  • inhibitory agent
  • Paint metal
  • Sharing anticorrosion methods of prote
  • protection in production determines the SNP

main ways to protect

Anti methods can be grouped on the basis of the following methods:

  1. electrochemical method - to reduce destructive process based on electroplating of law;
  2. decrease aggressive reaction environment;
  3. chemical resistance of metal;
  4. from the adverse effects of the protection of the metal surface of the medium.

surface protection and electrochemical method is used at the moment of operation of metal structures and parts.

These include the following methods of protection: cathodic, sacrificial, and inhibitory.

Electrochemical protection is based on the action of an electric current, under its constant influence of corrosion ceases.

inhibitors Implementation of an aggressive environment, which is in contact with the metal, thus reducing the rate of corrosion processes.


chemical resistance and surface protection film are methods of conservation.They can be used both at the manufacturing stage of hardware and the time of operation.

are the following ways: tinning, galvanizing, painting and so on.Painting as a protective coating of rust - and the most common method used.

Sacrificial corrosion protection of metals

basic principle that defines the sacrificial protection - is the transfer of corrosion on the metal with the main substitute.

That is to protect the metal is attached another with a negative electric potential.Protector, being in working condition, is destroyed and replaced by another.

Relevant protector protection for designs for a long time being in neutral environments: water, land, soil.

use as tread zinc, magnesium, iron, aluminum.A striking example, which uses sacrificial protection - it ships, which are constantly in the water.

inhibitory agent

By this means reduced exposure to aggressive oils, acids and other chemical liquids.Used in pipelines, metal tanks.

inhibitor has worked well for the protection of ferrous metals, as a coating for long-term conservation of metals.

presents a means which is composed of boric acid with diethanolamine and vegetable oil.Included in the diesel fuel, aviation kerosene.


With metal inhibitor are well protected against corrosion in environments such as transformer oil, oil and hydrogen sulfide-containing mass.However

basis of this active agent is not soluble in mineral oil medium, thereby protecting the metal from atmospheric corrosion.

Paint metal

Painting by far the most affordable and most widely used anti-corrosion material.

Paint creates a mechanical layer that creates a barrier to the impact of aggressive environment on the metal structure or article.

paint can be used to rust and corrosion step.

In the second case, before coated, treated surface to prepare: clear corrosive damage incurred, to make sealing cracks, only after the paint is applied to form a protective layer.

With the help of this tool to protect water pipes, metal parts of residential buildings - railings, partitions.

Another advantage of this protection - paint can be different in color, hence, the coating will also serve as a decoration.

Sharing anti-corrosion protection methods

Various metal corrosion protection methods can be used together.The most commonly used paint and protector.

Dye, by itself, sufficiently impractical anticorrosive material as mechanical, water, air exposure can damage the layer.

Protector provides extra protection if the paint is broken.


modern paint can simultaneously be a protector or inhibitor.Sacrificial protection occurs when the paint is its composition comprises powdered metals: aluminum, zinc, magnesium.

inhibitor effect is achieved if the paint contains phosphoric acid.

protection in production determines the SNP

On the production of corrosion protection - an important point, because the rust can not only lead to failure, but also to disaster.SNIP 03.02.11 - 85 - is the norm, which should guide the enterprises to prevent adverse effects.

laboratory work has allowed to describe in SNIP types of corrosive damage, sources of corrosion, as well as recommendations to ensure the normal operation of steel structures.

In accordance with SNIP use the following methods of protection:

  • impregnation (seal type) with high chemical resistance materials;
  • pasting film materials;
  • using a variety of paint, mastic, oxide, metallic coatings.

Thus, the SNP allows you to use all methods.

However, depending on where the design of the environment in which (silnoagressivnyh, medium, weak or non-aggressive) SNIP specifies the use of protective equipment, and specifies its composition.

This SNP allocates for solid, liquid, gaseous, chemical and biologically active yet another division of the media.

essentially snip for each construction material: aluminum, metal, steel, concrete and others, its demands.

SNIP also provides recommendations for the use of a material and construction, depending on the location -. In water, soil, etc.

At home to metals, unfortunately, does not apply all methods of protection.The main method used is coated with paint products.

The rest of the methods used in the production.