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August 12, 2017 18:06

Production of metal profile fence with his hands

Production of metal profile fence with his hands

Of the many options for fencing - fence of metal sheets the most attractive option for those who are going to do it yourself.

Metalloprofil inexpensive material, at the same time it is strong, durable, and easy and convenient installation will not cause difficulties in the work.


  • What types metalloprofilnogo sheet?
  • What do you need?
  • Preparation of sites for future sampling
  • Mounting of support pillars
  • lag Mount
  • Installation metalloprofilnyh sheets prepared by the frame

What types metalloprofilnogo sheet?

There are several varieties of this material.If you plan to make a fence of metal sheets with his hands, then pay attention to the labeling of products.

The pages should be marked "C" - the wall.

To protect fit the following dimensions:

  • metal profile width of 1 m 15 cm, is labeled "C8";
  • sheets - width 1 m 10 cm, marking the "C20";
  • ¬ęC21." - Sheet width 1 m

The latter option is preferable, since the sheets are stronger, their size allows use in many proje


pictured below are examples metalloprofilnogo sheet.


When selecting sheet note on the type of polymer coating and the thickness of the zinc layer.

better to take the metal profile, the thickness of the sheet is not less than 0.5 mm, and the rib height of 20 mm.This will reduce the risk of deformation of the product, making its installation and during further operation.

rich color palette allows you to choose the material for any design.Therefore, the choice of color metalloprofilnogo sheet depends on your preferences.

What do you need?

before a fence of metal sheets, you need to prepare materials and tools that you will use.



  • Metalloprofilnye sheets - their number is determined by a simple mathematical calculation: the total length of the fence is divided by the width of a single sheet;
  • Connection supports or pillars - are wood, brick, metal, depending on what kind of design you implement.Most often, in order to simplify the work, the installation of the fence do on the profile tubes of square or round section - 60x60 mm, wall thickness - not less than 2 mm.Their number depends on the distance between them to be.Also, additional support for the wicket gate;
  • metal sheets used for fixing crossbars (lag), usually it is also shaped tubes, only smaller section - 40h20 mm.Lugs located on the entire length in two parallel rows.Their number is: the length of the fence multiplied by two.For more accurate measurements, you can calculate yourself how much is the width of the span between the pillars, but it is better if the material will be procured from the reserve;
  • Krepjat metal profile sheets to the frame of lag using roofing screws that come with caps of different colors and washers made of rubber;
  • support connecting fixed by concrete mix, so prepare cement, gravel, sand.

Finally, the required tools for different types of work:

  1. rope;
  2. pegs;
  3. roulette - to mark the future of the fence;
  4. drill;
  5. sledgehammer to set poles.

fence installation will require the presence of:

  • level;
  • drills;
  • grinders;
  • welder.

Examples of some of the tools presented in the photo.

Required tools

Preparation of sites for future sampling

first, how to begin building the fence - this is the definition of its location.

Traditionally fence installed around the perimeter of the site, but there are exceptions but this is not always the space that is necessary to isolate, is a flat rectangle.

Before you build a fence, it will draw a design on paper.Examples are shown in the photo.


pegs driven into the ground for future columns, using strings form a line of future fencing.The distance between the pegs shall not exceed the width of two sheets of metal sheets.

Mounting of support pillars

frame walls next sampling begins with the installation of supports.In place of the set of pegs, with the help of a drill hole depth makes 1,5 m.

metal pipes clog with a sledgehammer by about 1/3 of its height, level setting and checking concreted support.The upper part of the casing of the wells do roofing material and sand.

If your fence design provides lighting along it, then at the same time dig a trench and lay the power cable.


lag Mount

Before you begin to mount transverse tubes, concrete foundation must be dry.The main frame is formed logs, so their installation is the guarantor of the future strength of the fence.

Fixing lag on the supporting columns made by welding.And bolts can be used, but this is less preferred embodiment, the fence frame is not reliable.Pipes arranged in two rows parallel to each other.

Options mounting lag to a post shown in the photo below.

Bottom row at a distance of 30-35 cm from the ground, the second - 20-25 cm below the upper edge of the support.The connections for corrosion protection and paint carefully progruntovyvayut in two layers.

color selected as appropriate for the coloring metal sheets.

Fixing lag

Installation metalloprofilnyh sheets prepared by the frame

Completes construction assembling metal sheets on the joists.Attach sheets is better to start from the gate edges while moving in both directions.

With Drill sheets are thrown on the roof screws, be sure to check the level and the upper edge of the tape.It should be smooth, without any distortions.

Metal profiles can be easily cut with scissors or a grinder on metal, that allows you to remove the remnants of the material to adjust its size.

most recent step is assembling the gate and the gate.

Examples of construction of the fence from metal sheets, his views are presented below in the video.