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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making Manual Benders

Making Manual Benders

practice of recent years shows that a manual machine for bending rebar is very often used in the construction of various facilities.

Construction technology of the modern type are designed for the use of quality materials and pre-assembled structures.

This approach allows you to work in a short time and with high quality.At the same time, almost every building site requires special equipment for the preparation of non-standard products.

Most often such a need appears in the manufacture of non-standard reinforced concrete structures at the construction site.


  • Types of valves
  • Benders
  • Assembly Procedure manual machine
    • Options
    • Assembly
  • Terms of maintenance and operation of the machine

Types of valves

Toto build quickly and efficiently, two conditions must be maintained.The first - to use a new generation of building materials.

second - apply effective assembly and installation technology.

precast concrete used in the construction of multi-storey residential b

uildings, industrial buildings and structures for decades.


strength concrete elements come metal fittings, which are placed inside the unit at the factory.

metal in combination with concrete provides adequate strength and durability.

In the manufacture of many building components required for molding tools rebar.

Measuring metal reinforcement rods are used only in the construction of large-scale objects.

Individual housing construction, construction of outbuildings, such as a garage or sauna, require cutting, bending, and other changes in the original form of bar.

Given the high strength of the reinforcement, without tools and special devices in such cases can not do.The photo is presented machine designed for bending rod.

machine factory production.Such a device has a large value for small objects and its use is not profitable.

Typically, these machines are installed in precast plants.

Today, the market appeared reinforcement of composite materials.Its specifications are no worse than those of the metal.


However, it has one major drawback - it can not be deformed and give it different from a rectilinear shape.

For this reason, its use is limited to the construction of apartment blocks.While the metal reinforcement can be counted on the hands.

This need arises in the regeneration of the massive and complex foundations, as well as the erection of walls.

much easier and more productive to accomplish this by using a special machine, which is designed for bending rebar.


Currently, the market offers a wide range of machines for bending rebar of different diameters.

By the principle of action machines are divided into the following types:

  • hydraulic;
  • pneumatic;
  • hand;
  • electromechanical;
  • electromagnetic.

order to perform operations on bend fittings in full compliance with the technical requirements, it is necessary to use a specific type of equipment.

Machines equipped with hydraulic drive, do not require that the worker bent reinforcing rod with his hands.This operation is performed automatically.

considered the most perfect type of electromechanical assemblies.

The principal mechanism of action of all the machines is the same.Reinforcement bars fixed between the stop and the central shaft.A brake shaft extends from the outside of the valve.

Under the influence of the bending of the shaft reinforcing rod is bent around the central shaft, the diameter of which can be changed depending on the profile of the workpiece.

This thrust shaft does not allow to turn the rest of the blanks.The larger the diameter of the valve, the more energy you need to make bending.

drawing device simple machine shown in the picture.

Many individual developers and construction companies prefer to use a medium-sized homemade Benders.

depending on their weight and scope, all Benders can be divided into two main types:

  1. mobile;
  2. stationary.

to work at remote sites, building roads and facilities more convenient to use a mobile unit.Apparatus up to 100 kg considered portable.

Stationary machines are installed in shops and on conveyor lines.Industry produces automatic-control devices.

on a large scale requires the same type of blank forms."Folded" them more profitable and faster on stationary machines.

Assembly Procedure manual machine

Homemade machine for armatures can be assembled from readily available materials.First of all, you need to carefully examine the drawing of the device.

very important to be clear about the principle and purpose of all the elements - the central, reference and bending the shaft.

For greater accuracy and confidence, you can collect the machine layout, on a wooden board using nails as the basic elements.

After that, you can proceed to the next step - the selection of component elements and materials.


In the manufacture of the machine for bending need:

  • segment sill;
  • metal corner;
  • bolts and nuts to be used when mounting the constituent elements.

Details should be selected, guided drawing.Of them need to make base and lever mounted on a central basis and bending the shaft.


The photo shows a machine for bending of reinforcement, which is assembled by hand.The strength of the assembled structure should be higher than the reinforcement.

Bending machine

for reliability testing must "bend" rod of different diameters.As a result of testing is necessary to determine the limiting diameter valves, which may be bent in the manufacture of the machine.

Terms of maintenance and operation of the machine

Manual machine, made with his own hands for bending rod on the design and functionality is the same as factory production model.

Based on this, to deal with this equipment should be in accordance with the operating rules.

Before starting work, check the reliability of the fastening components.Movable elements must have backlash.

Since valves have to form their own hands, with the need to use special clothing and personal protective equipment.

person who will perform the operation to bend metal, you must teach methods of work on the machine.

workplace should be equipped in such a way that the original workpiece fed on the one hand, and the finished part was packed with another.

not allowed cluttering the machine adjacent to the site.