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August 12, 2017 18:06

Master bending machine profile pipes

Master bending machine profile pipes

Sectional tubes are used to produce a variety of designs and items: greenhouses, sheds, gazebos, furniture sets, and all this can be done using the machine for bending profiled pipes by hand.

In acute need any pipe can be bent with the help of available funds.However, the quality of such products will be a priori low.

Produce detail with precise geometrical parameters can only be machined.


  • Technology bending profile pipes
  • machine design
  • machine with their own hands
    • assembly frame
    • Assembly and fixing belt
    • assembly clamping
    • mechanism
  • Machine Operation and Maintenance

Technology bending profile pipes

Any metal products have a hardness and strength.

For bending a metal rod or a shaped tube is necessary to make efforts that are capable of changing the geometric shape of the initial blank.

Run this operation is possible only by using a special mechanism called a pipe bending machine.

main function of the machine is to ensure to ensure gentle deformation of t

he workpiece.This deformation is performed by the efforts being made by an employee or an electric motor.Along

power applied pneumatic or hydraulic press in the machine design.

Today, enterprises use two types of tube bending machines:

  • with manual transmission;
  • power.

The drawing of the simplest devices for bending shaped tubes is presented below.Such a machine can be made with certain skills with their hands.The performance of such a device will be low.

Hand tube bender

simplest benders used in the structures of housing and communal services.

companies that are engaged in mass production of products, equipped with trubogibnymi units to electric drive.

where the final products meet the stringent requirements of standards and technical regulations.

started to produce another product, you need to re-configure the equipment.In this case - the machine for bending profiled pipes.It must be done in the following manner.

Initially, the machine is set a pattern that corresponds to the geometric shapes of the future product.Then, the adjustment of all the elements of the machine.

After setting necessary to "bend" multiple instances of the product and compared with the template.

In the process of manufacturing a large batch of products should periodically sampling the abovementioned criteria.

If significant deviations from the pattern of the machine configuration is performed again.

machine design

The video shows how the trubogibny unit with electric drive.Kinematic mechanism used in machines of different designs, the same.


Being accepted for the production of the machine with his own hands, we must remember this.The drawing machine preferable to make independently.

When using a homemade machine pipes are often subjected to flattening.At the site of the bend formed creases.For further use such products unsuitable.

To prevent similar results in the future, it is necessary initially to work on the core technology of bending tubes of different cross sections.

Daily experience shows that the service on the buckling of profile pipes are in demand among certain categories of the population.In particular, the truckers, who are building a greenhouse with their hands.

to provide such services businesses prefer to purchase a machine for bending pipes.

When you select should pay attention to the following features of the machine:

  • portable or stationary;
  • with automatic or manual;
  • manually operated or electrically.

cost of a specific model is determined by the options that are installed on the machine.If high precision products is not required, you can purchase a simple design or make bender himself.

machine with their own hands

deciding to make bender with your hands, you need to study in detail the device drawing.

unit consists of the following components:

  1. frame;
  2. conveyor;
  3. bracket with guide corners;
  4. upper roller;
  5. clamp.

Each node is going to separate, and then the assembly of the machine itself.

Before you begin construction, you need to prepare all materials, components and devices of which comes with the machine.

need to work welding machine and tool kit.The first step in preparing for all the basic elements and then assembling them in a certain sequence.

assembly frame

The frame shape is a standard table or workbench.Raw materials and components listed in the BOM.

as legs can take the channel or use pieces of pipes of 100 mm diameter.

During assembly, which is performed by welding, must be strictly sustain the dimensions specified in the drawing.

Once the frame is assembled and fixed, it is necessary to install the conveyor.

Assembly and fixing belt

conveyor consists of two rollers, which are mounted on opposite sides of the frame.Drawing conveyor comprises all the necessary data to perform the installation.

Homemade machine

is important to accurately and securely chain wheels on shafts.The next step is fixed tensioning mechanism, which also has the same star.

It is designed to adjust the tension of the drive chain.

assembly clamping mechanism

In ordinary clamp is used as a clamping mechanism.And at this stage should be guided by the data indicated in the drawing.It is important to maintain all the mounting dimensions.

If there are any deviations, the degree of pressing will not provide adequate precision in the manufacture of products.Similarly, the required accuracy must be installed and the rolling rollers.

After the assembly is necessary to test the device in acceptable conditions.

To do this, take the pipe of various diameters, which should be subjected to bending at a pre-set parameters.

It is important that the specified geometric dimensions conform strictly to the results.

In this context it should be noted that the assembled tube bender can be operated as a conventional round tube, and a profile production.

The video shows the machine for bending profiles, which is assembled by hand.


If the machine is planned to organize regular execution of orders, it is necessary to develop instructions on the rules of his service.

Machine Operation and Maintenance Manual

bending machine profile pipes is simple and fail-safe operation.At the same time it must be kept in order and protect against aggressive environmental influences.

First of all, from the rain and snow.It is not allowed the formation of rust on rolling casters.This can be done with the help of a canvas cover.Portable bender should be stored in a dry place.

After using the machine is cleaned of dust, dirt and sand.Stationary machines for bending of profile pipes power require regular maintenance and prevention.

electric motor must be at least once a year to inspect.


maintenance needs and manual and electric machine.When you move the machine from one object to another should protect it from possible damage during loading and unloading.

After installing a new place need to check the quality of the fastening of all units and make a lubricant for all the axes of rollers.Worn parts must be replaced in a timely manner to the new.

For prolonged storage tube bender all unpainted surfaces should be covered with conservation grease.

in strict compliance with the rules of operation, maintenance, and storage unit for bending of profile pipes will be long and reliably.