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August 12, 2017 18:06

Creating hand tube bender with his own hands

Creating hand tube bender with his own hands

handyman often face the need to change the shape of the pipe, in other words, bend it on the set sizes and in this case, many recall that there is a tool such as hand-bender, which can be bought, and you can collect your own hands.

bender manual type must be located in a closet in each master, as the need to make a round shape metal strand can occur at any time.

This tool has its own specific design features that allow it to easily produce bending metal pipes to any desired angular radii with minimum physical effort.

Today for profile and round pipes used hydraulic, manual, spring, arbor kinds of benders that can be seen in the photo below.


In addition, there are also crossbow device segment and electromechanical types.

Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, but in any case, to make a metal pipe with the help of his round shape can be simply and quickly.

Any of these types of devices can be purchased in a specialty store, and you can collect the

ir own hands, thus saving considerable amount of money.

To assemble a homemade tube bender with your hands, you need to have on hand the relevant drawings, material as well as a specific tool.


  • The main purpose of the device
  • Structural features
  • Species benders
  • device Principle Assembly Procedure

The main purpose of the device

Recently, various profiled metal blanks are often used formanufacturing all kinds of fences, various types of networks, the original garden furniture.

addition, shaped tubes can be found in the construction of car sheds, garages, greenhouses and gazebos in the country.

All these products are composed of different elements, however, their composition must include curved pipe.

order to give the required shape profile and a circular tube, and use a tool called bender.


These versatile devices allow you to make the bend profile and round pipes under a variety of angles, and with a minimum of physical effort.

This device can be either hydraulic or electromechanical actuators, however, the most common device with a manual mode of operation.

With this unit, you can take the necessary steps with pipes of small and large diameters, regardless of their destination.

bending machine for profile, metal, as well as the composition pipe can be found in a variety of industries.

It is widely used in boilers at gas stations, in various industries, at construction sites, as well as in everyday life.With it you can make a huge list of a variety of works.

should be noted that on an industrial scale, as a rule, apply professional benders, which are either hydraulic or electromechanical actuators.

In the household for domestic purposes in most cases using a homemade machine, assembled from scrap materials with their own hands.

Of course, the easiest to buy a tube bender at any specialty store, but if you make it with your own hands, you can save a considerable amount of money.

In the photo below you can see the homemade arbor bender, assembled from scrap materials.

Homemade arbor bender

Structural features

design bending tool mainly depends on the species and the main destination.

In any case, regardless of its design features, an indispensable element is a rigid frame and cylinder, metal straps and strong stops.

Homemade unit must also be composed of these elements.In turn, the frame can be closed and open types.The entire power load in the device rests on the cylinder.

In benders, which is assembled with your hands, be sure to provide a delivery device that is to be mounted on the distal portion of the housing.

In addition, it is necessary to think about the device and bypass valve, as well as easy to operate handle.

For ease of maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder should think about the device plugs, through which you can fill with oil necessary.

should also provide a secure fit and the working surface profile or a round tube.

Main bending effort should provide a sliding type of stock, which must have the property back to its original position.This can be achieved by installing a strong spring.

upper and lower metal strips should be mandatory welded construction.

great importance in this device plays a guard, which must have a strong and robust construction, capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Typically, each type of benders has certain design features that should reflect the relevant drawing.

In order to make such a device with your hands, you need to have on hand, not only competently composed drawing, but also to buy all the necessary design elements.

The video, which is available below, provides greater detail on how to collect reliable tube bender with his own hands from materials that can be freely bought in any hardware store.


Species benders

most often found bender manual type, which is able to successfully cope with tasks such as bending pipes in arcs and rings.

This machine has a relatively compact size and light weight, which makes it possible if necessary to move from place to place.

It is indispensable when working with light metal, for example, in the manufacture of skeletons of greenhouses, gates or various shelters.

If, in addition to use in the manual device type various mandrel, the range of its actions can be expanded and already work with profile pipes, transforming it into profilegib.

Schematic diagram of the bending tool

These units can be bought in almost all professional stores, and if necessary to make their own hands.

In commercial scale machines commonly used with electrical actuators, which have high efficiency and broad spectrum of activity.

Such devices can perform a variety of operations, but to do it yourself is difficult.

to work with steel pipes, which have a large diameter, enterprises using benders, equipped with a hydraulic drive.

These devices have the ability to provide high power stress and can easily withstand high loads.

Machines with hydraulic drive, usually used for laying gas and water when you want to do a lot of work.

Due to the fact that this machine has a special hydraulic installation, the operator when working virtually making no any physical effort.

Make this device's own from scrap materials is practically impossible.


should be noted that tube benders can be divided into stationary and hand-held devices, depending on their operating conditions.

At home to tend to use manual machines.

, in turn, to the manual type of machine can be attributed, arbor, spring, segmented, and the crossbow type devices.

The principle of

Device At its core, the process of bending the metal pipe is complex.

if performed incorrectly, the material may have a variety of defects, until the appearance of cracks in the bend areas directly.

If bending the pipe bender to use, you can perform a variety of operations on the data blanks and give them the desired shape with a minimum of physical effort.

arbor, spring and another type benders operate on the same basis.First, it creates a work pattern that represents the desired configuration for the workpiece.

Next stop is fixed by means of a pipe, which must be deformed and the contours of the template makes the specified bend smooth movements.In

if the workpiece size significantly smaller in size pattern, then making capacity with a small piece of tubing.

Homemade arbor bender, collected his own hands, works on exactly the same principle as a professional.

domestic purposes it is best to use a hand-bender roller, which can be bought, but you can do it yourself.

Buy bender can be in any specialty store, and how to make it with their own hands, narrated in the video below.


Assembly Procedure

order to self-assemble bender, you must, first of all, to buy all the necessary material and prepare the tool.

also on hand should have a detailed drawing of the device with the description of its every element.

to start from scrap materials going to the base of the machine, and the wall of the pipe used must be rectangular and have a sufficient thickness.

This tube caves under the main pulley, and then cut off the excess part of the grinder.

next step is to assemble the lever, which should take the hairpin and welded on one of its ends a nut and the other lock.

After this is done the handle, which is required for the assembly of metal plate and a piece of rubber.Finished pen should be permanently attached to the pulley.

Then proceed to the general assembly of the entire bending tool design.To do this, at the base of the device put on a plate on the machine handle, and then lock the main pulley.

Then screwed by stud fastener.The main pulley must be secured by means of a protracted bolt.

After bender is fully assembled, it must be tested, which should take the tube blank and try to bend it.


If surgery went well, the machine can be used for its intended purpose.

Of course, the easiest to buy a ready-made product, however, to collect their own reliable tube bender is not so difficult, and how to do it correctly, told in the video, which is available above.