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August 12, 2017 18:06

Woodcraft to give their own hands

Woodcraft to give their own hands

make furniture for the cottages with their own hands - so sparingly furnish your garden plot with necessary furniture, and if you put a little effort, you can make it no worse than purchase.

Another plus in favor of home-made furniture for the garden: you can make it from any of the materials at hand, which is on every cottage: logs, boards, pallets and other odds, at first glance, objects.

Do not worry, that garden furniture may not be able - to do to help you will be given blueprints, as well as supporting video and photos, based on which to make furniture for the garden is not difficult.

most popular and functional objects for the garden are a table, benches and chairs - without them the country will be empty and uncomfortable, and it is about them, as well as other objects made of wood, we will discuss in this article.


  • Materials for furniture
  • Types of furniture and design
  • Construction of pallets

Materials for furniture

Depending on how often you spend time on the

site, you can choose whichgarden furniture is better to make: a portable or stationary.

Fixed a more stable and durable, but it will not be able to move, but you can not make it to the street, and for example, for a house, a kitchen or a gazebo.

What is garden furniture in a rustic style, you can see in the photo.


then you can not worry about that izfor weather events it quickly will become worthless.

A portable can be assembled from scrap materials just for a season, for example, to make a hammock from a dense material, or a table in a hurry from the raw logs.

can diversify country furniture and fully bought-design: chairs, plastic chairs, and canopies.

Homemade garden furniture is most often made of wood, after all of this material in the country the most.

of boards can be made benches, and can assemble a holiday table for the kitchen of the remaining logs.Suit as stumps and block of wood that might have on your site.

Just do not forget that before the production of furniture wood should be well dried, otherwise you may have a crack.

can be used to purchase cottages and wood - are best suited for the manufacture of furniture basswood, pine, maple, beech, larch, birch, walnut or cherry.

Some of these kinds of trees can be found directly on the site or in the nearby woods.If you plan to use the items in cold weather, choose a tick, it is the most cold-resistant.

When collecting wooden objects, although it is quite simple, using videos and drawings - it is necessary that all the details get the right size and items were stable.


very popular as furniture from pallets,which is not surprising, given that make it a place to sit and a coffee table a snap - just the minimum wood processing, so that it does not leave splinters.

After that you can cover the pan with a cloth or impose pillows.

Designs for Metal garden - more slozhnovypolnimy option, becauseto create it you need to have at least minimal skills to work with this material.

In addition, this furniture is completely immobile due to its heavy weight, though it looks quite attractive.

better to use metal elements to create wood furniture - so you can complement its appearance and thus ease the job of assembling structures.

Wicker furniture for the garden, too, requires some skill if you want to do it yourself.

Its main advantage is an attractive appearance, ease and environmental friendliness of the material.Fit can be almost any interior: it is suitable for the kitchen, gazebos or open area.

wicker sofa

Make wicker objects can be made of twigs, often braided manner made chairs and tables, asIt is the easiest way.

Alternatively, you can make the country wicker fence - to collect it is not so difficult, this will help you a video - it's small and will be a good decorative element and complement for your furniture.

Types of furniture and design

designs for the kitchen in the country - the most appropriate option furniture.

kitchen furniture To serve you as long as possible, in addition to the assembly, do not forget about the processing of timber preservative against vermin and decay processes, especially important for furniture that will stand in nature.

Wooden garden furniture itself is quite attractive, so an additional design is not always necessary.

However, there are some elements that always decorate items: among them figured carving, painting and varnishing - all this greatly improves the appearance of wood and makes furniture is almost indistinguishable from the purchase.

There is another option when the garden furniture with their hands closely welded deliberately rough, rustic.

It will be enough to clean, to avoid splinters, it will look very stylish, but very simple.

Construction of pallets

Design furniture from pallets to a garden is complete without colorful pillows and soft tissue - is not just a decoration, but also the necessary functional element, because its surface is quite hard.

For the kitchen can be built from pallets sofas: it connect several pallets together, and then put on top of a pillow or cover with cloth - this design can be placed, for example, in the gazebo - then all the guests will fit, but you can leave the kitchen.


From pallets (pallets) can be obtained not only garden furniture, but lovely beds - it is better to put the pallets in two rows and cover with top mattress - as a result of the construction will not be worse than real wood.

From pallet can also do the bar or chair - it will take a few pallets to be connected to each other (you can see in the photo how to do this).

be completed items from the pallet accessories - for example, to fasten to the coffee table leg, then move it to be comfortable, and it is suitable for a country house, and for the open space.

Do not give up the use of scrap materials, which are in the country: the old coils of cables, valves, wheels from furniture, etc., because if you put a little imagination, you can fully use all of these items as decor and additions to the garden furniture.

very popular in the country enjoys such a thing as a hammock.

Of course, you can buy a ready-made, but if you have a cottage there are dense fabric and several adjacent trees, then you may well be able to equip the place for a hammock with his hands.

Nearby you can put a table and a few chairs made of wood or pallets, and get a beautiful recreation area.

Kitchen made of logs or pallets can build a work area, where you will cook - it's convenient and cost-effectively, and if such furniture quickly will become worthless, it is not a pity to throw, because to create it spent not so much time andforces.

However, it is better to garden furniture made of timber and pallet was soundly that it was enough for a few seasons - to do this, select the objects you want to do on the photos, and then watch the video how to make furniture for the garden.


Then design, collected according to the rules, will serve you for a long time.

If in your area there are stones or slabs, then they can be used as a table or a bench - it looks simple and stylish.

benches of stone is best to cover pillows or blankets, becausethey are cold even on the hottest day.It is better to pre-select a location for such an arrangement, asmove it will not be easy.

addition to functionality, garden furniture and also performs a decorative function, and in this case is not so important that it will not be used.

For example, many give a second life to old pots, make them into decorations for the fence.

Do not forget that the garden furniture, as well as any other, needs care: it should be treated and varnished, as well as protect from the weather.


If the furniture is designed for the street, then use the shelter from the rain, or at least cover it with a tarpaulin.

A portable furniture at the end of the season is better to clean the house or barn, otherwise it can not survive until the next season.