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August 12, 2017 18:06

Councils for the production of kitchen furniture with their hands

Councils for the production of kitchen furniture with their hands

new furniture for the kitchen in the country with their own hands can be made from scratch using wood.

If the old kitchen set is comfortable and functional, which is why it is a pity to throw, then it is better to upgrade its facades.

order to translate into reality any of these ideas, consider the options that exist for the manufacture of new and restoration of the old kitchen furniture for the garden.

begin with viewing a photo, which will allow to understand what results can be expected from the work done.

diagrams, drawings and videos of the article will also be the first assistant for inexperienced artists.

They help to solve the problem of the right size furniture, thereby convenient to equip the kitchen garden.


  • What furniture is suitable f
    or the kitchen at the cottage?
  • How to build your own hands shelf based on DSP?
  • Remaking of kitchen furniture to give
  • Update and decoration kitchen furniture
  • Features staining kitchen furniture

What furniture is suitable for the kitchen at the cottage?

the villa kitchen often equip a rustic style, which is created by an old wooden furniture - chest of drawers, chairs, cabinets and niches.

Not to mention the wooden table where the whole family for dinner.Installing a kitchen garden furniture will allow to arrange in the general style, giving it a flavor and personality.


Rate proposed interior design will allow the photo idea.

If each photo to consider carefully, you can see how the original look in the kitchen garden open shelves and cabinets with decorative ceramic crafts.

collect similar design to not be difficult to make the furniture, you can use your own drawings or factory.

But in the latter case it is recommended to choose the simple drawings, so as not to complicate their work due to the lack of special equipment for processing wood.

To emphasize originality rustic kitchen will allow the production of furniture with natural decorative inserts.Their decor can be made of natural stone.

The basic material from which to make the facades for kitchen furniture garden, often used wooden base.

This can be a solid natural wood and its waste in the form of pressed sheets of plywood or chipboard.

How to build your own hands shelf based on DSP?

Kitchen furniture with his own hands can be collected with the use of chipboard.In our case, we consider in detail how to make shelves for kitchen garden.

As you can see in the photo, the installation of such furniture can be performed in various embodiments, the shelves are fixed on a wall or set on a table.


It is best to consider the plans and assemble a versatile option that combines both possibilities.

Assembling kitchen shelves to give require the use of such materials and tools:

  • chipboard plate;
  • mounting brackets or console;
  • set DIY;
  • emery cloth;
  • paint, stain;
  • decorating tape.

Calculate the amount of material for the manufacture of the shelf, it is necessary in advance.In the calculation based on the drawings, which are given the desired dimensions of the future structure.

As to the form of manufactured furniture, in this case it is better to make shelves by using chipboard - a triangular or rectangular type.

What makes them easy to place or hang in a corner, in contrast to the furniture round or oval.

you do not forget about the strength of the structure, which is the key to the duration of use of the product on the basis of DSP.

For this purpose it is necessary to acquire reliable fasteners, as well as wear-resistant formulations, which will be painted wood.

Build shelves of chipboard passes on the following schedule:

  • Select the location where the installation will be carried out or hanging shelves;
  • Compulsory created or selected designs ready drawings.If the finished scheme does not meet all your requirements, we can add to it in any of its elements;For example, to avoid possible falling objects with his own made of chipboard shelves, added ahead of the construction of a border of wood, which will look like the decor;
  • customized DSP under the desired size using the jigsaw, the ends of the parts are polished with sandpaper.Then paste skirting tape or strips of veneer;
  • Next make marks on the wall under the holes for mounting brackets or mounting console under the shelf.The height of the fixing elements should be selected taking into account the distance of vertical shelves;
  • In the end, the shelf elements securely fixed.

Remaking of kitchen furniture to give

Remaking of kitchen furniture - a great way out, when a small-sized kitchen is not too much space for any household appliance.

Either you decide to make a new set of old furniture with the original design and send it to the country.

In any case, the repair of kitchen furniture with his own hands, its alteration or restoration will require the use of additional materials and resources consumption.

As an example, this happens if you want to completely change the facades of the headset.

embodiment of such re-registration can be attributed to drastic measures.

The result will completely change the usual decor and space, without changing the basic design of furniture, get a piece of furniture with a new look, as in the photo.

Usually for this purpose, the facades are buying ready-made or bought in special workshops.

But if you have the experience and desire, as well as the necessary material for the facades of old furniture can be made with your own hands.

main thing is not to forget that the facades must have the decor, color and texture which will be consistent with the overall interior.

handwritten installation of facades require the use of such tools:

  • fasteners;
  • drill with drill bits;
  • gon,
  • roulette;
  • screwdriver.

Stepwise conversion of kitchen furniture - changing facades:

  • Installation of new pieces of furniture will require removal of measures to remove this old facades and measured.As new facades will be ready and picked up all the hardware, you can proceed to their assembly;
  • assembly involves making holes for mounting in the new furniture elements.Then facades connected to the ends of the structure and fixed with screws;
  • remains attached to the facades of furniture accessories.

main alteration of kitchen furniture is completed, in order to improve its decor can make decoupage with pictures, most suitable for the garden.

Update and decoration kitchen furniture

Update the look of kitchen furniture in several ways.The main thing is that the selected option of renewal of its surface corresponds to the overall interior style.

Otherwise update will not benefit and the best decorations will seem tasteless.In this case, we consider how to make the right decoupage furniture made of wood.

Decoupage - one of the most effective options for interior renewal, with the help of grown old wooden furniture gets its new decor.


Even grandma's old cupboard can be updated in a similar wayand harmoniously fit into the modern kitchen design.

Make a decoupage is not difficult, having at hand the images and a minimal set of supporting tools.

decor can be made with the use of fabrics with beautiful patterns, colored paper, wallpaper and even photographic material.

Restoration of furniture, in which decoupage will be applied at the initial stage requires to conduct training surfaces.

If wood furniture, it means that from time to time on it cracks.If they are not removed, they become an obstacle to renewal of facades.

surface under decoupage trimmed sandpaper.Using the putty mixture overwritten all chipped and cracked.After it dries again used grinding.

Update headset
This initial update provides a perfectly flat surface for subsequent painting and decoupage.

After the painting is made and the surface is completely dry out, you can inlay pieces of furniture, using decoupage.

advance prepare decorations - it can be carved patterns of wallpaper residue, various photo subjects even a map of the world and, as an option for travel lovers.

those people who do not suffer from monotony, and assembly of miniature elements will seem fun, you can try to put a mosaic or create a fabulous oriental ornaments.

In the manufacture of components for such a decoupage will take a decent amount of time, but the result will please.

After all the decorative elements are glued to the furniture using a PVA adhesive, and the surface has had time to dry, it is coated with several layers of clear acrylic lacquer.

Features staining kitchen furniture

Restoration of old wooden furniture by painting allow to return its original appearance, or then get a brand new one.

But to painting was done with high quality and will last for many years, in addition to the paint itself should have on hand:

  • impregnation antiseptic;
  • plaster on wood;
  • abrasives;
  • masking broad brush.

Furniture restoration may take several days, however, and painting, because each application layer needs time to dry thoroughly.

with kitchen furniture remove the handle, make it convenient to operate.If the hardware you do not like, it can be replaced by a new one.Therefore, remaining after the hole, sealed putty mixture.

After the plaster dries, it applied another layer to over time in this place are not cracks.

color filler is selected in accordance with a touch of stain if still plastered bright, painting processed hole should be carried out several times.

Such furniture restoration should take place on the surface of fat-free, otherwise the adhesion of the material will decrease.


So before painting, clean the surface with soapy water and grind it fine sandpaper.Then you can go to the application of antiseptic impregnation layer.

Stain is applied several times, with each layer gives it to dry thoroughly, resulting in a tree covered with a layer of brilliant.Some types of impregnation after drying darken.

When you finish painting the surface is required to follow the simple rules:

  1. The paint must be applied thin layer, otherwise it will drain down and leave stains;Dye
  2. recommended in one direction along the wood fibers.If there are visible traces of the brush, clean them with long strokes;
  3. If the shade after the first dye is not satisfied, the procedure is repeated until the desired tone;
  4. Abrasive fine felt dried out gently pass through the first and second layer of paint to the subsequent layer went better.