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August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembling a computer table with his hands

Assembling a computer table with his hands

Make a computer desk with your own hands is not too difficult, and as a result you will get an irreplaceable furniture, because the computers today is in every house, and much more convenient to use specially designed for that instead of the usual furniture.

In today's market you can find a wide variety of computer desks - especially popular table-transformer and a corner table, becausethey are not only comfortable, but also look original.

But, best of all, almost any model you liked the table, you can make your own, pre-selecting it from the photo.

In this article you will learn how to make a computer table, which tools are needed for this and how to mount the parts to furniture lasts you a long time.

Before you start working, it is recommended to watch the video - it will be given below, and will help you make a homemade quality table without too much trouble.


drawings - the first thing you will need to create a computer table.You can take a ready-made drawings, or create

your own, appropriate to the size of your room.

drawings need not only to see how the design will look like, but also to calculate the amount of materials and the price, which you will manage the construction of a computer table.

First of all, decide the appearance and functional elements of a computer table: Do you boxes, racks, stands for things and so need


the more additional elements, the more difficult it will be to make a table, but also the more functional it will be eventually.

also need to relate the size of the design to the size of the chair or stool, which will be used for seating.

It is necessary that the table has not turned too low, or, conversely, high or just uncomfortable.

a basis you can take any standard size office chair, becausethey differ little from each other.

form of computer table - one more important detail.

It may be a conventional rectangular, angular, or you can make a table-transformer (see photo), which can change shape depending on the need.

The last option is the most difficult to make, but if you wish, you can collect it as well.

Optimum table height - 700 mm for an adult, and 600-650 mm - if the furniture is planned for the nursery.

If you make a shelf for your printer, scanner, and other office equipment, you must first carry out its measurements and determine what size should be the final size of the shelves.

drawing table

On a computer table size affects its location - try to keep the place was properly lit, the chair can move freely, and in general there is enough room to move.

final scheme should reflect the size of all the details, as well as the thickness of the side walls and countertops.

quality drawing - a guarantee that you will be able to quickly and easily cut out the material and make the details of the correct shape and size, which greatly simplifies their installation and connection with each other.

Plans should reflect the number of parts - a look at the photo example of the circuit before starting to create its own.

Once the drawing is ready, prepare the tools that you will need for further work.

The most common material for chipboard table selected becauseit is most economical and at the same time a high quality and durable.

addition chipboard can use natural wood or MDF, but then the production of the table will more expensive.

addition to the tree, you will need the following tools:

  • jigsaw;
  • hacksaw;
  • machine for grinding;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • roulette;
  • chisel;
  • square.

As you can see, there is nothing specific here, and most of all, these tools can be found at home or in the garage.

Production and installation table

Corner computer desk with your own hands, table-transformer, as well as the usual rectangular table made almost the same.

To make the simplest design option, you need to be chipboard with a thickness not less than 16 mm.

begin work on the assembly table of any type with the selection of the details that will capture the design on the sides.


On board bolted rails, which are necessary if you want to do the drawers and shelves for your computer desk.Then, the side parts are assembled on shkantah.

To mount worked best and most fixed parts, add a slot PVA glue or paste the strips of wood.Sami wall mounted using screws.

following details need to collect, using the parts to create a drawer.For them, the better choose a DSP thickness less than the rest of the table - about 10 mm.


installing boxes, pay special attention to the corners they have to be straight to the desk drawers easily moved in and out inside.Promazhte nest PVA, and then you can install the dowels.

Then you covered with skirting tape side saw cut, so that it lay firmly on the tape need to be pre-heated iron.

But before you put on top of a sheet of paper, otherwise the surface may blister.

If you see that the tape is turned wide, and beyond the edge of the cut edge of scissors, but do it carefully so as not to damage the coating.

To regiment could easily move along the guide rails on its external and internal sides need to glue strips of wood, the size of which coincides with the workpiece.

If the elements do not match, the regiment will stick, so pay at this point special attention.

Look at the form of how the shelves gathering for a computer table - it will help you get the job done more efficiently.


worktop - the last component of the computer desk.Before starting to install it, you need to make the marks on the CPD, noting places where countertop will be attached to the support stand.

In these places, you need to drill a blind bore, after setting the limiter, which allows you to control the depth of the hole.

Cabinets installed on the table so that the holes are directed upwards.They will be joined by ribs, which will make the design of the most stable.

Here will be placed the wires, making computer desk more comfortable to use.As the support elements can also be used proftruby parts that will support.

next stage on pedestals need to fix caps, after flip design and install the hinges, which will keep the side door.

simple diet

anchoring structure ties need to make it easy to understand and has a mobile - if you want you can easily move the table to another location.

best thing to do on the table top stand for the monitor: to do first thing in the cage do (for him fit small round timber) and secure it with glue and dowels.

You can buy a ready-made stand and secure it using screws.

last stage of processing follows the table of particle board.It is best to cover the surface paint, but you can paint it the color you want to furniture corresponded to the general style of your room.

If you decide to paint the design, the first treat it with primer.After coating (varnish or paint), use the table of particle board will be in 2-3 days when the coating dries.

Computer table-transformer is similar to conventional tables, the material is also suitable conventional chipboard, but there is room for creativity, for example, convertible table can be done with a rotating worktop, or it may grow in size, and then you can use it not justas a place to install the computer but also a full canvas for taking guests.

To do this, you can make a stand for the monitor removable, or even to abandon it.

Another unusual and popular option - to hide the computer table convertible to trim cabinet, which is also possible to collect himself.

This is great for small apartments, because in this way you will greatly save space.

addition to the table-transformer, in a closet, you can install shelves for books or documents - if your workplace will always have everything at hand.


Finally, the classic version - when the table-transformer has a sliding panel that increases the workspace as needed.

This is true, for example, if your family several children, and at the same time they need to do their homework.

Other options might look like computer table-transformer, look at the photos.

You can combine a few, or come up with your original version, with the necessary skills and support video can be made virtually any design model.