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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making the railing for a staircase made ​​of wood with their hands

Making the railing for a staircase made ​​of wood with their hands

Emphasize the decoration of his house with his own hands as possible, making railings for staircases made of wood.

This wooden fences are more affordable material than, for example, forged.

enclosures consist of balusters and handrails.

baluster is a decorative bar fence, which held the handrail.

Another important element to be called a cabinet, installation of which is produced at the end or beginning of the stairwell.


  • What materials are used?
  • Device features
  • Manufacturing balusters
  • Making handrail
  • Connection elements
  • options manufacture of handrails

What materials are used?

most durable and long-lasting considered beech, oak, ash.The price of the material is high enough.

more affordable materials are pine, spruce, larch, ie softwood, timber which is softer.

Hardwood.Trees such feature is that, compared to previous they are softest, they can be used, but they can give greater shrinkage.

It is very important to the manufacture of fences wood was dry, the max

imum permissible moisture content of 10-18 percent.

Failure to comply with the conditions of all the design device can deform and start to crack.

Also popular forged stair railings or a combination of forged and wooden stairs.See photo.


Device features

to create ease when ascending or descending the stairs, the height of the construction is set at around 90100 cm.

When installing their own hands should not forget that it is - the height of the entire structure, that is, taking into account the tread.

balusters thickness depends on the length of the ladder: the larger it is, the larger and thicker should be the bar.

Making of all elements of the ladder involves the use of a wood.This eliminates the possibility of deformation structures.

Before installing stair railings, it is necessary to make calculations, draw up an estimate of materials.Balusters number depends on the design and length of step.

ladders Details

distance between the uprights shall not exceed 20 cm, otherwise, little baby will be able to get through, resulting in an accident, and the height of the fence should be comfortable for an adult.

Manufacturing balusters

If you wish to make a railing with his hands full, you must acquire a lathe:

  • Production begins with the drawing, all the details better numbered, so that later do not make mistakes;Next
  • size of future balusters fitted to the board, after which they are ground on the machine, take shape;
  • When you create a design with their own hands can be difficult in terms of attachment, the reason for that - the inexperience, so blanks better do a little more than necessary;
  • Make a round piece can be pre-forming it into an octagon;
  • to rack were nice by the incisors give them the desired shape according to the drawing;
  • Attach balusters most reliable on the spikes, so the top-drilled small depression;
  • At the conclusion of all wood products are carefully polished.

Making handrail

device railing requires a handrail, do you want to correctly observing technology:

  1. Handrail created from a block of wood with a cross section of the balusters, the size of which shall not be less than 6 cm It is important to.product was rounded surface;
  2. If very small dimensions of the stairs, the handrail is suitable for creating a board size of 1.5 m;
  3. future rail to be processed on a lathe and then polished;
  4. To simplify attachment of balusters to the handrail, the latter can be made grooves.

There is another option of a handrail with glue, it is more appropriate for the spiral staircase.

general terms, this method consists in gluing the boards one to another, pre-polished, can be used grinders.

basis of the future will be a fence plywood.It is fastened to the railing, and masking tape laid paper.

Base subsequently removed, and the paper necessary to the basic material is not stuck to the plywood sheets.Base dimensions and handrails must be the same.

finishing layer is laid their hands on a basis which is necessary to secure the clamps.

crosscut saw trimmed boards denser packing.This procedure is done over the entire length of the structure.


similarly laid a second finishing layer of the board is also trimmed, with seams of the second layer should cover the joints of the first 5 cm

Next Attach the two layers together with glue (PVA approach)..Thus glue flow should be low, otherwise it will be visible at the joints.

distribute the glue on the surface easier to brush, you want to store in the water tank.

is necessary to ensure a tight connection to each other clamps, you can use pieces of wood, which are mounted on the screws.

handrail assembly continues in a similar manner.The height of the railing and the height of the whole rail built depending on the number of layers.

process of bonding the railing - consuming.You must take the time to ensure that all of the layers dry out, it can take about 12 hours and more.

Fastening parts

After drying, all joints are treated, polished, cut off the excess edges.Ready railing handled milling machine with a semicircular head.

Base neat way removed, unscrewed screws.Ready handrails attached to the rail through the opening.Set construction should be strictly in the middle.

Connection elements

Once prepared handrails, balusters, stone, performed the assembly of all the elements together.

installation must be strong, which allows to ensure the safety and beauty of design.

used to secure the wooden staircase components.They provide the connection steps and balusters, and with proper handling avoid squeaking.

nodes are also used when it is necessary to connect a carved piece of the handrail with a curved "joint to joint."Installation, in fact, very simple.


After the mounting of the whole structure should be made luting.Therefore removed all the irregularities, flaws.After that fence sanded using fine nazhdachku.

Next decorative coating is applied - this can be a varnish or paint, depending on the created interior.

options manufacture of handrails

We considered a classic installation of stair railings.

rails are made according to the interior staircase type: screw or march, material: wrought iron, wood, plastic, glass.

device spiral staircase is distinguished by its compactness.Installation also contains not a big deal.

As in the classical way on the steps necessary to install the balusters are also two types of large - on the corners, small - on the steps.

At the tops of small racks observed angle of the flight of stairs and cut.Reduce the need to drill a hole, the height of which depends on the dowels.

dowels must be installed on the spiral staircase, you can add to the strength of the adhesive.Next is the installation of balusters and handrails.

to a spiral staircase, you must create a curved bowstring.This can be done by hand.To do this, the wood is soaked in hot water to make it soft.

Then the workpiece is fixed in position and dried.Railings can also be forged.Further, the connection is established all the elements of a spiral staircase.

Wrought iron railings are increasingly found in the interiors of country houses.


They are used for both screw and for conventional stairway.Wrought iron railings and wooden staircase - beautiful combination, the main thing here to provide accurate and reliable connection.

With this arrangement, the system uses the slots and mounting adhesive.It is also possible to use a system of special fasteners and screws.

By combining wood with wrought iron balusters, the compound to be treated with anticorrosive agents.Creating a forged fencing requires certain skills and tools.

Self will make them difficult to install and require effort, but we should not forget that, or forged metal products must be treated against corrosion.