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August 12, 2017 18:06

Putting the chair with his hands

Putting the chair with his hands

Manufacture and repair of the chair with his hands to perform much easier than it might seem at first glance.

Homemade chair will be the original furniture in the house, because the show imagination, you can come up with a unique design.Also, this furniture will definitely be high-quality and inexpensive.

can make any chair: kitchen, folding fishing or garden chair-stepladder.You just need to learn how to make a chair with his hands.


  • Assembling kitchen chair
  • assembly folding chair
    • folding chair without back
    • folding variant with a back
  • How to build a ladder-chair?

Assembling kitchen chair

first measurements are made after which you must create a project to develop a chair Drawings (examples shown below).

Wooden chair with your hands can be made of beech, pine and oak.Wood is selected without knots and cracks.Beech and oak can be sanded, which will provide an excellent view of the chair.

Wood can be easily prepared by yourself, it is necessary to remove the ch

ips from the timber and handle first coarse sandpaper, then fine.

The dimensions of parts

This is to ensure that the wood is smooth.

to produce or renovate a kitchen chair, will need tools such as:

  • staple gun;
  • Saw;
  • Mallet;
  • jigsaw;
  • plane.

Below we consider how to make a chair and repair it.

Assembling a new product and the old repairs are of the same order.Only if repaired, disassembled chair first.Worn replaced with a new item.Then repair continues assembling elements.

For manufacturing, first you need to prepare four bars, two 40x60 mm, length 80 cm - for the rear legs and two 40x40 mm, length 44 cm - for the front.

These bars make holes for the longitudinal and transverse bases and pronozhek.The elements required to put on each other, the ends must be the same as the photo.

now pencil in the adjacent legs is marked by a chisel 2 notch size 20x40 mm.Hind legs should be clean, faces planed with a gradual transition from 6 to 4 cm.

further makes progam 2 and 2 longitudinal rails.For this purpose, 4 bars 350h40h40 mm at each end of the observed spikes the size of 11 mm, which are cut out with a chisel.

now two bars 40x40 mm 420 mm made cross base with studs, spikes similar longitudinal base.

The next step is to produce a back 420 mm and a width of 8-10 cm. It is recommended to take edged boards.

the inner side of the rear wall is necessary to make the slots, and a height equal to the thickness of the backrest.The grooves need to start back.Further, the seat must be secured with screws.

can attach small struts to increase the rigidity of the chair.Legs and back outside shall be rounded.

finished base should be varnished, polished, and leave to dry

If you perform repair, all connections are glued with glue.

varnish should be in a ventilated area.Or buy coverage without odor, which is safer for health.


If the wood is rough and uneven color, it is necessary to cover the chair dark varnish.

Now we need to make the seat for which the foam is cut the required size to seat was soft, foam and wrapped in a sturdy fabric.The fabric needs to be fixed with a stapler.

If a renovation of the old chairs, the product can upholster cloth like a cover.

all the items you need to collect After complete drying of the base.Spikes treated with glue and are driven with a mallet into the recesses.At the end of the screws are screwed seat and backrest.

Caps screws can be hidden.To do this, from sawdust and PVA glue you need to cook a thick mixture and apply it on the hat and leave to dry.

then camouflaged cap should be varnished, and then they become almost invisible.Repair chair necessarily completed varnished.

These chairs are ideal for giving

garden chairs and a table can be made from logs, examples can be seen in the photo.


a table and chairs from the logs will be original decoration garden.Felled logs are left to make a table and chair, and will serve as a pillar of the stumps.

done in the following table as: get off a few boards and mounted on the stump - it will cover.Table of logs must be thoroughly sanded.

logs then you need to cut it on the same deck height of 60 cm. Deck digged in the earth surrounding the table.It remains only to make the frame of the chair and the seat.

Here and ready kitchen garden table and chairs from logs.

assembly folding chair

Folding chair is an excellent option for cottages and fishing, take a look at how to make a folding chair with his hands.

folding chair without back

To work require a hacksaw and a drill.

complexity of manufacture of the chair is to produce parts such as:

  • 4 feet of timber 470h40h20 mm;
  • 4 plank seat 320h40h20 mm;
  • progam 320h40h20 2 mm;
  • board for seats: 2 pc.350h90h20 mm, 2 pcs.- 350h60h20 mm.

first set foot on the axle bolts.Axis must be moved upward so that it is positioned below the seat boards wide by 2 cm, otherwise the product will be unstable.

Then seat the crossbar must be connected by bolts: first - to the inner legs, and then - to the outside.It turns 2 hinged parts that need to connect.

Driving folding chair without back

first connect the seat strap is fixed on the free ends of the bars.From the bottom of the feet at a distance of 10 cm attached progam screws.

Average bars should not be connected to each other, that the chair can be folded.One bar is mounted on the outside of the bar, the second - on the inside.

If you insert a timber 20x20 mm, it will allow to adjust the seat height between the middle seat bars.Visually folding chair for garden presented in the photo above.

folding variant with a back

next option for cottage or fishing - a folding chair with a back.

items are prepared:

  • 2 feet long 90 cm and 55 cm;
  • 2 cross-bars 400h50 mm mm 340h50, 280h50 mm;
  • rest 400h70 mm;
  • 2 supports for the seat 290 mm in length;
  • 6 planks for seats 340h40 mm.

First you need to expand the 6 boards at a distance of 10 mm and placed on top of the support with a spacing of 34 cm during the last board and 28 cm - in the first.

pencil slats should be noted border location, then the design is inverted and screws fasten the support and the seat.Next

between 5th and 6th board seats in the supporting bar does a recess for the rod, and a second board - for short legs.

A chair with a backrest

Outside, at the bottom of the long legs is done by a bolt recess and on the inside - the recesses for the ends of the rod.On top of doing a recess for dowels.

threaded dowels should be perpendicular between the posts, with pinching the rod.On the dowel fixed transverse strap length 34 cm. The cross beam length of 40 cm is fixed with screws.

In the middle stands a short drill holes to connect with long studs, and on top - a hole for fixing the seat.

crossbar length of 28 cm are fixed on shkantah in two places: from the bottom, and just above the center.

Now you just need to collect items: short legs are connected to the seat and the legs long bolts.Folding chair with his hands ready to testify.

Driving folding chair

How to build a ladder-chair?

ladder is an essential thing in the economy, but it takes a lot of storage space.Therefore, it may be made compact chair-stepladder plywood.

seat, backrest and stairs are made of plywood, legs - from pine boards.Below are the dimensional drawings of elements, which made a stepladder.

Drawing chairs , ladders

Comfortable ladder is performed with the following dimensions:. Distance between withs - 48 cm, the distance between the bowstring and support - up to 60 cm, seat height - 60 cm, seat dimensions of plywood - 30x50 cm

for seats of plywood required5 2 cross rails and rails of the base, which are processed and bonded to each other.Stepping 5 cm from the edge on both sides of the line marked for slots.

then cross bars are fixed to the rail base.The joints of the elements for the chair of plywood are coated with adhesive.

support portion is made of slats 5.Connect shkantami rail.At the ends of the rails bore holes such as hole needed in river-racks.

glued joints.This design is the back of the chair.

now made bowstring and steps made of plywood width 44 cm.

the photo drawing chairs ladder.

string and then the support legs are attached to the seat.Slats and connecting ladder rack fixed on the string between the seat and the upper stage, and the other end attached to the middle racks.

Ready ladder varnished.A chair-stepladder plywood presented in the photo below.

Wooden chairs are ideal for home and garden, carrying out practical and aesthetic functions.

A chair - stepladder