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August 12, 2017 18:06

Methods of alignment of the wooden floor in a private house

Methods of alignment of the wooden floor in a private house

Know how to align the wooden floor is necessary if you want to in the future floor did not creak, not deformed and does not require from you additional money to repair.

floor alignment in the apartment need no matter what coverage you are planning to put in the future: linoleum, laminate, boards, or even leave the floor in the draft.

If you live in a private home, not in the apartment, in addition to how to make a smooth wooden floor, it is useful to know how to warm him, becausethrough it most of the heat will go off, which in turn increases the energy consumption for heating a house.

There are different ways to leveling and laying a floor with a support on beam or concrete: You can do this by using plywood, transfer beams and joists, aligned with the OSB, or use special plasters.

In this article you will learn all the ways on how you can align the floor in the apartment and a private home without removing boards and choose the one that best suits your case.


  • alignment plates floor
  • Leveling with plywood
  • floor Leveling mixture

alignment plates floor

OSB - one of the materials that can be effectively alignfloor in the building.Most it is suitable for premises where the device contains a floor joists and beams, to which it is laid.

Plus OSB alignment in this case is that the material can be used not only for rough finishing, but also create the finished floor.

Before starting the alignment of sex, you need to check how strong at the base of the beam.

Stacking OSB

Stacking OSB occurs on the underside of the log location, and places that are closest to the ground, must be treated with bitumen or other protective material.

to insulate the floor, in a place that form logs and rough base, inserted insulator, which draped top with a protective layer of any suitable material, such as glassine.

This technique of preparation for laying the OSB - then you can make the surface for laying the finished floor.

To make the base for the creation of the finished floor, OSB panels to be stacked on top of a log.Stack can be one or two layers.

Installation of the first layer should always be joined on joists in the lower side.OSB fixed spiral nails and glue, so they kept as much as possible.

Laghi and OSB fixed with screws that must be fixed no closer than 25 cm

boards on the joists need to be laid, leaving a small space -. Dilatation gaps.

OSB may be for you, as well as the main floor with a layer based on a beam and the surface for laying the finishing coat.

On Floor OSB often laid ceramic tile, but you can choose any other material: laminate, carpet, linoleum.

If you decide to lay linoleum or carpet, then pay attention to the joints of OSB - they should be aligned as much as possible.

is best for laying linoleum choose the thinnest plate, and process gaps with the help of a sealant.


If you mount the OSB technology single seam, the necessary space, which is called expansion joints, it is better to do there, where the wall passes.

If you plan to lay laminate flooring, no special additional manipulation of the material do not need to OSB boards, aslaminate itself is tough enough and has a high-quality fastening panels.

Just as linoleum, laminate requires leveling sub-floor joints, it is - the most important requirement to the material.

particularly important that the subfloor plates were qualitatively recorded and did not move when leveling OSB.

This can be done using logs: just make their locations more frequent.

You can also mount the GSS, using higher quality glue which is suitable for adhesion of wood and karmic tiles.

Videos about leveling the floor using OSB will help you comply with all the nuances and perform sex alignment correctly.

Leveling with plywood

not worse than using OSB, wood floor with a support on the beam can be aligned with plywood.Laying plywood is also good because the material can be further insulate the floor.

And just as in the case of OSB before to understand how to align the wood floor with plywood, you need to decide what kind of material to be used as a final finish.

Plywood on the joists

If you chose linoleum or carpet, it is best to use thin sheets of plywood, asThis material is soft.

However, if the floor is very uneven, it is better to buy thicker plywood, because the full alignment will not work otherwise.If the planned

stack or laminate flooring, the plywood should be not thinner than 10 mm, and be larger than the size of the floor covering.

may also want to determine with the necessary moisture resistance and general properties of the material.To furnish residential facilities suitable plywood marks FC and PSF.

first excludes the use of phenols in the creation and manufactured by the adhesive, so it is absolutely safe for humans - if you are going to level the floor in the children's rooms, bedrooms or other rooms where continuously inhabited by people, it is best to use for floor leveling this type of plywood.

Besides safety, it also has good resistance to damage and moisture penetration.

plywood WBP boards are more durable and moisture-resistant than FC, plus resistant to humidity and temperature changes due to the fact that in the adhesives are phenol-formaldehyde resins.

The problem with this type of plywood in toxicity, so align its floor is best in the hallway and other rooms where people do not live.

way to align the wooden floor with their hands depends on how strong the height differences.

If more than 1 cm, but does not reach 8 cm, you can use tape and point of support.

Before starting alignment, you need to cut out the material in accordance with the size of the room and the size of the seams - they must be the size of 3-4 mm on each wall.

plywood Stacking occurs in the attachment order.Thus it is better to avoid the simultaneous joint 4 corners.Lay the material should be slightly shifted.

joists or beams laid on to make a mark in advance and secured with screws or glue for wood.

gaps that occur between the joists, you must also close the cut under the appropriate size plywood.


How correctly installed logs can be checked with a spirit level.floor batten size should match the size of the plywood.

final step fill specific voids means between joists and plywood can be laid.

It is placed it plates, fixed with screws and dowels.The final step is the processing of the material.

Under laminate veneer should be carefully sanded and varnished, as well as to make the substrate for soundproofing.Under the linoleum is quite simple varnish.

In alignment with plywood floor there is nothing particularly complicated - be able to cope and amateur, but still it is recommended to see the sub video before starting work to prevent errors in the process.

floor Leveling mixture

rough floor under the laminate linoluem or parquet boards can be aligned using a self-leveling mixture.

However, please note that this option is only possible for a small drop height of the floor, so in deciding how to level the old wooden floor with great elevation changes, a mixture of you, most likely, will not help.

Before leveling the surface, you need to prepare the subfloor.

Check the board - if some of them are fixed loosely, then fix them to the joists with screws and screws - this ensures that no deformation linoleum, and laminate starts to creak.


also need to know the condition of the beams, if the subfloor is based on them.

After fixing should be clear from the draft floor remained there substances, varnish, paint, glue, etc.Also, the surface can be sanded.

should be repaired and the joints between the boards: this can be done putty or a mixture of the same, but in a thicker consistency.

The third step should be primed surface - it is necessary to create better adhesion mixture and the sub-floor.Before applying the mixture onto the floor, close to the wall insulation material.

Where coatings are connected, you need to make a seam, using polystyrene foam.

With the water level is necessary to mark out the floor level, taking into account the size of the smallest possible overlap - it is specified on the packaging of the mixture.

addition level, you must also set the bar in the doorway, which height will match the floor level.

On the floor you want to install reinforcing mesh and fasten it stapler.You can then proceed to the preparation and application of the mixture.

Preparation Set on the packaging material can be stirred using a drill with a special nozzle - after it became a homogeneous consistency, leave the mixture for 15 minutes, so that it thickens slightly, then stir again.Now

mixture can be poured on the surface.Screed can be with a conventional squeegee and spatula and remove air bubbles will help cushion.

After the mixture to dry, how to do it - it's stated on the packaging.It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions astechnique largely depends on the manufacturer.

This method of aligning the most simple and convenient, but it should be borne in mind that after such a floor leveling layer will be slightly higher, as well as the fact that such mixtures have a minimum thickness of the coating.

Leveling mixture is suitable for any kind of final floor: it can be linoleum, laminate, carpet or tiles, parquet boards.


most effective at this point mixtures are those which are based on plaster, PVC glue and sawdust.

addition to simplicity, plus the use of mixtures even in their low cost, so if your floor space is large, using this option will be very profitable.

Before starting to work, watch the video on how to align the floor with a mixture of - though this option is the easiest, intuitive wizard-driven process will not hurt and will help to make things right, to the floor and covering - linoleum, parquet, etc..d.- Then I did not have to redo it.