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August 12, 2017 18:06

Determination of thickness of plywood for the floor

Determination of thickness of plywood for the floor

thickness of the plywood floor is selected based on the destination premises.

For each case applied material of varying quality, with a different composition and thickness of the impregnation.

Plywood is a product collected from several glued and pressed together thin strips of veneer.Most often used in the manufacture of plywood unpaired number of layers.

When each layer is placed perpendicular to the fibers of the previous one, due to which the product is endowed with high strength.

as a raw material for the production of plywood using wood of deciduous and coniferous trees.

As is known, softwood environmentally friendly material that contains in its structure volatile, which kill and inhibit the development and growth of bacteria.

But this fact negates the use of adhesives, by which connect layers of plywood.

As a result, the product becomes vulnerable to a microscopic fungus, but is endowed with important properties such as moisture resistance, long life, fire and strength.


  • basic principle of selection and installation of plywood on the floor
  • parameters of veneer sheets under the laminate
  • parameters of veneer sheets under the linoleum
  • plywood flooring for balconies
  • How to cut out and fit a sheet of plywood?

basic principle of selection and installation of plywood on the floor

plywood sheeting - a good option for aligning the base floor under the laminate flooring or linoleum.

as flooring in residential homes is recommended to choose sheet products manufactured on the basis of birch wood with marking FC.

1. Name of product 2. Mark 3. Product parameters: length, width (mm.) 4. Thickness (mm.) 5. Compliance with standards 6. Formaldehyde emission class 7. The number of sheets, the volume and weight of the pack 8. Dateproduction (month / year) 9. The company manufacturer 10. Manipulation signs 11. Country of

material labeled PSF has a high degree of water resistance.

But it is not recommended for use in premises used in its manufacture impregnation has a high rate of toxicity.

The rest of the range of the thickness of the plywood flooring floor will depend on:

  • evenness of the base of the working surface of the floor;
  • on the desired strength of the flooring;
  • the expected height of the floor of the future.

to perfectly flat surfaces it is recommended to use sheet flooring with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm.Thus

plywood should have a thickness of not more than 12 mm - it is the best option, while the product having a thickness exceeding 16 mm is considered impractical to use.

device plywood flooring is carried out by pre-assembled sleepers.Typically, with their help equip the floors in a wooden house with the possibility to adjust the height.

What material is used for the manufacture of a lag, it does not matter, it can be either softwood or hardwood material.

Typically, this process is used the second and third grade of unplaned boards.


on logs settling crate that allows sub-floor structure to obtain the necessary strength.Then the plywood plank and the subsequent topcoat.

between plywood segments during installation leave a gap in the 0.3-0.4 mm, which excludes the possibility of squeaking.

parameters of veneer sheets under the laminate

At the moment, common flooring is laminate.

Its flooring is carried out on a plywood base, the thickness of which, in turn, depends on the carrier floor basic framework, as well as the cross-laminate size.

purchasing plywood under the laminate need to consider which technology was used for floor leveling.

So, plywood can be mounted on logs, on the wooden planks and concrete base.

first method "logs on" - is considered better than others, even though it is more time consuming.

In this case, it is possible to make a perfectly flat support base, which will put high quality laminate.For this purpose, veneer sheets to become a thickness of 12 to 16 mm.

In the second case, the sheets are mounted on the boards of major gender, the foundation which must be strong and smooth.There need plywood with a thickness of 10 mm and above.

fixing material under laminate, laid on the boards with screws or screws.

Plywood Floor under the laminate can also be mounted on a flat concrete base, by gluing.


as the fixing composition is better to use two-component adhesive, which, after drying, firmly holds the material and does not require additional fasteners.

What you need to choose the thickness of the plywood sheets under the laminate is determined, starting from the very thickness of the laminate.As a general rule, it should not exceed the thickness of the finish flooring.

parameters of veneer sheets under the linoleum

before a substrate of plywood under the linoleum, it is necessary to determine the optimal thickness.Simplified rule "thicker - it is better" to use is not recommended in this case.

Based on actual experience, the following parameters were calculated: the optimum thickness ranges from 14 to 18 mm, max - ranges from 8 mm to 20 mm.


Select the substrate under the linoleum of the existing range by following the advice set out below:

  • Under linoleum suitable MDF and OSB, which, unlike the classic plywood floor, have a high degree of durability and reliability;
  • used as a substrate under the linoleum can be molded veneer or chipboard, but their thickness must be at least 16 mm, preferably about 20;
  • If plywood thickness of less than 12 mm, it is recommended that carpet in several layers, which would entail an increase in consumables;
  • hardwood veneer products are more robust than softwood, but yield less moisture resistance;
  • If choosing not satisfied with the appearance of the sheet material, it is not important, as it will be an aesthetic surface coating linoleum.Here the main thing, the strength characteristics.

plywood flooring for balconies

flooring for balconies can also be made out of plywood.Its use will raise the level of the floor at a certain height, to warm it and make it pleasing to look at.

to arrange the balcony flooring will need these materials:

  • standard sheets of plywood (1250h1250) with 12-15 mm;
  • wooden beams 50x50 mm (their length depends on the length of the balcony);
  • drill;
  • hacksaw;
  • screws;
  • laminate or linoleum.

Since plywood under the topcoat will travel along on logs, boards made from the frame.Depending on the width of the balcony are mounted longitudinally in the floor number of 2-3, with the same distance from each other.

can put logs across the balcony, but in this case is complicated workflow markup relatively under flooring.

After the measurement of the width of the balcony was conducted, plywood sheet is dissolved along with a hacksaw or a circular saw.

half sheet should be unequal in size.One part of it, with the appropriate parameters are placed on the joists.

Using a pencil, mark on both edges of the sheet lag Center, marked the point of direct connect.The line will serve as a guide for screwing the screws, so they immediately went to the tree and not by.

self-tapping screws fixed sheet of plywood on the marked line in increments of 20-25 cm


In the process of fixing elements is not worth saving, and the sheet is recommended as close as possible to press the floor, otherwise the flooring will squeak.

Such work is carried out with the remaining sheets.Small gaps around the edges of the balcony floor is closed scraps of plywood.On the finished flooring mount any topcoat and set plinth.

How to cut out and fit a sheet of plywood?

The proper arrangement of veneer sheets, depends on the quality of the sub-floor, and thus the duration of operation of the finishing coat.

With standard plywood size 1250h1250 mm inexperienced person to work hard.Therefore, it is better to split into parts, you get four equal pieces.

sawing material is conducted carefully, the edges should not be torn or exfoliate, that will mean one thing - low-grade plywood and use it as a background does not make sense.

Plywood dissolving into squares, then finished products segments are laid out on a work surface.Thus, the adjustment is carried out visual material available under the total area of ​​the room.

special attention to sections of the premises with the protrusions and recesses.

In the process of fitting everything for plywood subfloor necessarily take into account the gaps between its parts, which must be left for a possible expansion of the material as a result of exposure to moisture.

The magnitude of the damping joints can range from 8 to 10 mm deck offset from the wall can be 15 to 20 mm.

edges of the plywood cover, in any case should not rest against the wall.

installation of plywood on a concrete screed or wooden subfloor is carried out on the same technology, reminiscent of the brickwork.


sheets stacked with a small offset that would eliminate the intersection mezhfanernyh four stitches at one point.

After fitting sheets was carried out, each of them numbered recommended.You can also transfer the layout plan for the paper, which will facilitate the process of gender arrangement.