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August 12, 2017 18:06

Putting kitchen set

Putting kitchen set

Kitchen set, collected his own hands, or update an old kitchen furniture, will help to transform the space, make it nice and cozy.

Sometimes, the choice of furniture, people are not satisfied with its price, but worst of all, if the buyer does not like the decor and the quality of the furniture set.

also long search for a suitable kitchen furniture reason may lie in the small living space.

As a result, all the proposed options have to throw away and do individual order for manufacturing of furniture for their little kitchens.

But as it turns out, the cost of such services, which includes the set up in accordance with the wishes of the customer's drawings and decorations, much higher than the price of the finished model.

In this case, there is nothing left but to try to assemble kitchen set with his own hands.Now look at the picture, that's what can come of it.


  • Features of manufacturing of kitchen units with their own hands
  • worktop drywall and ceramic tiles for kitchen uni
  • methods renovation kitchen units
  • painting facades of kitchen furniture
  • Decoupage surfaces of kitchen units

Features manufacturingkitchen furniture with their hands

assembly kitchen units with their own hands will require the use of a standard set of tools handyman that can be sawn, cut, measure, hammer, etc.

Until pencil with a piece of paper, they will need to make the scheme or drawings, as well as do marking.


countertops, bar rack, shelves, corner with built-in niche, in general, all that is included in the kitchen, you cando it yourself with the use of drywall.

Since the kitchen is a room with high humidity, it is appropriate to purchase sheets with high moisture resistance.

When plasterboard furniture is almost ready, connect it to the existing interior in a single organic design is not difficult.

decor of its surface can be made using decoupage, various finishing materials, such as lining elements.

For example, if after plating balcony or loggia remained waste lining, they can be used in combination with sheets of drywall in the manufacture of kitchen units as a decoration, or as individual parts - as the doors to the cabinet.

This product is made of wood will feel great in close proximity to the plasterboard.From lining can also get a good table top for bar.

In addition, with the help of design furniture lining of the drywall will look not only original, but will become much stronger.

Perhaps many have a question whether such an assembly can withstand the required load?

In fact, everything depends on the load-bearing structure and to find the right number of profiles will be installed as well.

pre-written blueprints and competently carried out the assembly of kitchen units, will ensure that it is capable of withstanding the weight of about 150 kg per m2.

big plus from autographic manufacturing of plasterboard headset is the ability to equip a small kitchen space, even with a special comfort.

After taking each of its corner a compact cabinet, you can create storage space for kitchen utensils.While installing standard furniture do not allow.

Proof of this will serve as the following photos.


If you wish to make a kitchen set of plasterboard alone for large or small kitchen, you can use the below proposed drawings and information.

worktop drywall and ceramic tiles for kitchen units

Make yourself countertop made of plasterboard, and then to use as decoration tiles, it is not difficult, especially because the work will help to complete the drawings for it.

Common options countertops are L-shaped, U-shaped and linear form.

Since for each particular case require different design drawings, in this case, we consider how the assembly line must pass countertops.

In the following list of materials will be used:

  • galvanized guide profile;
  • moisture-resistant plasterboard sheets with a thickness of 18 mm;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • adhesive for tiles;
  • putty.

Immediately it should be pointed out that, for the specific purpose of drawing the future construction needs to be done to meet the needs of tenants and therefore growth.


Only in that case can be made to ensure comfortable use of your own hands countertops.

assembly line countertops - step by step instructions:

  1. On the wall opposite to each other on each plot the 4 marks: at the corners and at the points of the future countertops.The process control level;
  2. below 100 mm celebrate another 4 points - places 4 fixing rails profiles;
  3. With the distance of 150-200 mm mount one guide profile above the other - less than under it, to the bearing wall;
  4. other two edges to fix the profile of the walls - it will be the edge of countertops;
  5. between the lower and upper parts with 400 mm spacing are installing struts;
  6. between the upper rails, those adjacent to the wall and those that are placed on the edge of the transverse sections are set with a gap of 400 mm;
  7. upper part of the structure and the facade is sheathed with plasterboard.Make holes for the sink and the stove;
  8. We provide surface finish ceramic tiles, tile joints sealing moisture-resistant compound.

Manufacturing countertops process resembles mount plasterboard walls.


main thing is to choose the right amount of support elements, by which the installation will receive strength and stiffness.

methods renovation kitchen units

The first thought that comes to mind at the sight of the old kitchen units - paint its facade, or to update the self-adhesive film?

But these common ways of decorating can add another, more modern - decoupage.

consider all three options, which will allow to update the kitchen furniture made of wood, provided that the surface is not very pronounced defects.

such as the loss of geometric shape or delaminated pieces of wood.

Update headset

Before performing decor surfaces of kitchen units, it is recommended to carry out minor preparatory work, without which the update furniture beyond recognition fail.

The first thing to do is remove all the facades and accessories with them.

And to reverse the installation of elements of kitchen units, after the decoration is made, took place without any problems, each member must sign on the inside.

Preparation of surfaces for decoration includes cleaning elements in warm water with baking soda and soap.

Then facades must be thoroughly dried and wipe its surface with a degreasing composition.If the wood surface has small scratches and chips, it is recommended to carry out their puttying.


After the plaster is dry, you are ready to update the kitchen units.The following are proposed photo and video materials of finished designs.

painting facades

kitchen furniture facades Update headset by staining is not difficult.The main thing is first covered with a layer of paint all curly and bottlenecks.

can then go to the surface, the brush needs to move in a selected direction.

For this purpose, better to buy a car and have the paint painting facades kitchen units by spraying from a container.

In this case, the composition will ideally lie on a curly, or on a flat surface.

It is worth noting a wide range of car paint colors and unmatched its effects.

very attractive looks kitchen, colored pearlescent metallic shade or color.

add decor surfaces, you can use masking tape, by sticking it on the door for the creation of the ornament.

the decorated area covered fresh coat of paint, after drying, the tape is removed.

Decoupage surfaces of kitchen units

Update facades of kitchen furniture possible, using decoupage.In this case, you will be hard to see the same decor as the furniture you have in any other place.

After decoupage - a technique that allows you to update the facade on an exclusive level.


to work you will need a minimum amount of materials:

  • sheets with drawings for decoupage;
  • PVA glue;
  • clear acrylic lacquer;
  • brush;
  • scissors.

Instead decoupage picture cards can be used three-layer cloth or print out color images.Figures are cut out and glued onto the surface of the facade of PVA glue.

Once the glue is dry, brush and acrylic paint applied encircle the contours of the image, complemented by its fine details.

permanently dry and decorated surface is coated with 2-3 layers of acrylic clearcoat.

give life to old furniture as possible by applying to the facades of kitchen furniture decorative self-adhesive film.

Her choice is varied not only by color, but also drawings, ornaments and patterns.