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August 12, 2017 18:06

water meters which to choose

trend increase prices for services provided by the public, unfortunately, has become commonplace.A growing number of consumers, understanding that return to the days when the penny on the price of energy and water is allowed to spend them in an uncontrolled quantities will no longer begin to enter in their own homes and apartments prudently saving mode.And in order not to pay too much, go on calculations solely on the testimony of metering devices.Is no exception and supplied to homes tap water.

water meters which to choose

meters of water a select

In some regions or localities already on the legislative basis of the residents require to install water meters, in others - to this sooner or later, but it will still come.Therefore, installation of meters of water consumed - a problem that necessarily touches each property owner, and many do not wait for "solutions from above", daring to take this step alone.But before that you need to decide on the issue: water meters which to choose so that the instrument worked as long as p

ossible, and does not create confusion with the employees of the local water supply organization.Let us try to understand in detail.

What gives owners installation of the water meter?

Article Contents

  • 1 What gives owners installation of the water meter?
  • 2 What counts for water suitable for apartments.Their device
    • 2.1 tachometer counters
    • 2.2 Other types of water meters
  • 3 How to choose a water meter for an apartment or private house
    • 3.1 Questions organizational
    • 3.2 Evaluation of technicaland performance of the device
    • 3.3 Video: what to pay special attention when choosing a water meter

sure, will be found the "mother" skeptics who will argue that, well, well you can do without a water meter, until itnot become mandatory for all.Indeed, it is possible, however, the installation of water meters meter still gives owners a number of significant advantages.

  • should proceed from the fact that no public services in our time will not operate at a loss.So, not to stay for nothing, the tariffs for water consumption without the use of water meters are designed in such a way as to minimize the likelihood of losing their own benefit.

existing so-called "normal use", according to statistical studies, often two or more times higher than the actual consumption of water by one person.No one in the "Vodokanal" is not interested in whether all registered residents during the past month were at home, did not go out if the family in full force to rest, living there in an apartment "chistyulya" to take a shower twice a day, or, on the contrary, a personwhich can not make the extra time to go to the bathroom.Invoices will still come to the frightening amounts payable.

Setting the counter have to " facilitate " the account for payment of utility services

meter installation have to "facilitate" the account for payment of utility services

  • Many owners of private houses that are connected to a central water supply, familiar with the situation when with the norms of consumption per person is added on more volumes of "watering" - from the area of ​​the landarea, and if there is a garage - it is also a car wash.And in this case, to prove that you water the garden collected rain water and wash your car at a car wash only - is virtually impossible.The only way out - to set the water meter.
  • With the installation of the water meter is solved, another "attack".For subscribers who continue to pay 'the old way', often spread out all possible losses.It may be the loss of a purely technological nature, or 'Hanging' debts to pay, accumulated by always and everywhere available dodgers for services.You want to pay for it, too?

Water tariffs and so considerable and growing from year to year, but, at least, the owners of apartments with mounted water meters are only paid for the actual amounts spent!

  • There is one more component.Also tariffs for water consumption, there are also the corresponding rates for disposal, ie sewage system, and they are often - even higher, but are calculated on the same volume.That is to say, citing the order of payment for consumed water, and the owner gets more "reactive" effect savings to pay for the sewer.
  • note another positive effect of the installation of water meters - this measure is usually good discipline.It is understood that the consumer starts to treat the water carefully, considering it as a truly valuable natural resource.Usually in such houses and apartments not find mixers with valves does not close completely or permanently current cistern toilet.Yes, and water will have such hosts spent wisely, prudently.

Not many people think about it, but clean water - a precious natural resource, which reserves in our area are great, but still have a certain limit.Clearly, in the apartment of consumption volumes of the overall picture is viewed with great difficulty, but even on the scale of the district, the city, not to mention the big cities, the effect of economical relationship to the water gives amazing results.

Initial costs for the purchase and installation of the water meter must be fully recouped after only six months !

primary costs for the purchase and installation of the water meter must be fully recouped after only six months!

a word, anyway, from the flow metering - only benefits.Do not spare money on the primary costs associated with the acquisition of equipment and its installation - these funds will be paid back quickly - the average family in 5 ÷ 6 months "out in the plus."

What counts for water suitable for apartments.Their device

There are many varieties of water metering devices operating on different principles.However, not all of them are suitable for the conditions of the apartment or private home.

tachometer counters

most plain and simple in design and function - tachometric counters.The water flow drives the impeller or impeller (impeller), the torque, or otherwise transferred to the shaft of it - the counting device is electronic or mechanical type.Each full revolution of the shaft corresponds to a certain volume of water has passed through the metering device.

The most common conditions for city apartments - compact tachometer water meters

most common conditions for city apartments - compact tachometer water meters

  • In a domestic water meter installed on small diameter pipes, typically used impeller.It has, however, a certain inertia and the dependency on the flow turbulence, but small amounts of the fluid does not lead to significant errors.
The arrows indicate the left - the impeller ( impeller ) , the right - the impeller .

arrows shown on the left - the impeller (impeller), the right - the impeller.

more precise instruments tachometer operation principle are instead impeller impeller - the inertia of her almost negligible, that is, the reading will be removed with much less errors.Turbine meters are usually placed on the pipes nominal diameter of 25 mm and above (the higher the flow, the greater the inertial effect of the impeller rotation), although there are devices for smaller diameters.Device were somewhat more difficult because of the need to change the direction of the torque transmission shaft.

  • with the phenomenon of water flow turbulence, fighting another way - the division into several jets.Hence the name - single-jet and multi-jet meters.The latter, of course, more complicated device, and accurate readings but have significantly higher.
Multi meter for cold water

Multi meter for cold water

  • Available counters and the combined type.They built the valve system switches the water flow from the turbine to the impeller multi-jet water meter and vice versa.In the "low speed" is more accurate readings will impeller, and with increasing pressure in the course of entering the turbine.
Combined counters : split and monoblock execution

Combined counters: split and monoblock execution

Such metering devices are Met monoblock design or be collected by separate scheme.They are installed on water mains, which can spread a large pressure indicators.In a domestic environment such encounter, most likely, will not have to.

  • There is another division of tachometer counters - on "wet" and "dry".The principle of this division is clear even from the title of devices.

- In the "wet" counters itself turbine (impeller), and a counter mechanism in the water.This greatly simplifies the transmission of torque from the wheel to the counter mechanism - no additional devices are fairly common axis, gears, etc., in one word - pure mechanics.The advantage of such devices can be regarded as a low cost and an absolute insensitivity to external magnetic field.The disadvantage is obvious - the constant contact with water precision mechanics inevitably reduces its service life.In addition, even a slight contamination of the water flow may cause the counter mechanism.

- The metering "dry" type counter mechanism does not in contact with water - it is separated from it impermeable membrane.Torque is transferred to a special pair of permanent magnets, one of which is on the impeller, and the second - on the main shaft of the counting mechanics.

It is clear that the lack of contact with the water dramatically increases the viability of the counting device, which, incidentally, can be not only purely mechanical, but electronic and equipped with a digital display.The disadvantage of such a scheme - a vulnerability to the external magnetic field of high intensity, than often try to use unscrupulous consumers of water.Manufacturers take into account this point, and therefore modern counters are equipped with special inserts (couplings), protecting the transmission unit of the external magnetic influences.

Such tachometric counters dry type occupy a leading position in popularity among consumers - they are not so expensive, reliable, durable, easy to install the system.It deserves to stay at their base unit in more detail.

Примерная схема устройства "сухого" тахометического счетчика расхода воды

approximate scheme of "dry" devices tachometer water meter

housing "water" of the meter (pos. 1) is made from metal alloys, non-magnetic properties.It can be made of copper alloys (brass, bronze) or aluminum (silumin).There are counters in the solid polymer housings.The body has two connections to the threaded portion - tapping device in the water.The direction of water flow is usually indicated on the arrow body.The pipe filter net can stand at the entrance to prevent accidental getting into the impeller of large solids.The outlet connection of some models you can find non-return valve - this makes it possible to do without the mandatory installation of this element when installing metering device.

The housing is located an impeller, the impeller (pos. 2) having a centering system.Thus, the quality of water meters in the wheel axle is based on the hour stones, which minimizes friction and contributes to high accuracy readings.

The upper portion of the wheel an annular permanent magnet (Pos. 3), which rotates with the impeller.

Top waterblock is sealed cover (item 4). Magnitoprozrachnogo of material (polymer), which is reduced in the circumferential direction is set O-ring .. On the cover in the center of a cylindrical protrusion is provided - in its just and will be located a rotating magnet.

Current models of these counters are equipped with special sockets (pos. 5), which fully covers all sides of the magnetic rotation transmitting unit, protecting it from external magnetic fields.

completely seal the bottom of the water block provides the clamping threaded nut (pos. 6) or a retaining ring.

upper part - a counter mechanism (item 7.), Which is also located in a sealed housing made of plastic.It can be completely transparent, as shown, or have only an upper transparent window for readout.Between a water block and counter mechanism are connected in different ways, but often times it is a plastic-collar, giving the ability to rotate counter mechanism with respect to the water meter housing - to establish a convenient location readings scale.This belt is sealed factory seal manufacturer.

Inside the counting mechanism to the main shaft, exactly in alignment with the impeller installed a ring magnet.Thus, during rotation of the impeller magnetic couple precisely transmits the torque on the shaft and the counter mechanism.Further, gear system, something like a mechanical watch, transmits the rotation to the flow indicator, switch counter and small volumes on the roller digital scale.

Top Counter, can be closed by a protective cover with a lid (Pos. 8), but in many residential water meters, this option is not available, but is of particular value when used in "clean" conditions.

Scales household mechanical water meters

Scales household mechanical water meters

About flow of water through the meter indicates a rotating indicator (pos. 9).An arrow Small Scale (. 10 pos) shows small figures raskhoda- each integer division corresponds to 100 ml of water passing through the device, and the total turnover, respectively - 1 liter.

digital scale roller usually has a number of black and red numbers.Black denotes the total cubic meters, and red - the digits after the decimal point, up to one thousandth.That is the red line shows liters, from 1 to 999 - until the whole value of cubic meter.

may be different and the arrangement of scales, as shown in the right part.Digital scale shows only integers cubic meters, and four switches - hundreds, tens, units and tenths liters, similar to the example above.

Available tachometric counters and a digital scale.

This is also a tachometer water meters , just with electronic display readings .

It also tachometer water meters, just with electronic display readings.

rotation of the shaft in a certain scale is converted into electrical impulses, which are processed by an electronic circuit and displayed numerically.On the one hand - it is convenient, but if this innovation is designed exclusively to optimize the perception of reading, then pay more for such a device does not make much sense can be seen - it is possible to manage the "mechanics".All the more so still need to provide power to the electronic meter.

Water meters with pulse output signal cable

water meters with pulse output signal cable

another matter, if the counter has an option pulse readings.Inside such mechanical counting devices located special reed sensor which generates pulses for each revolution of the shaft.This is connected to the water meter signal cable with a special metering devices located on a wall or even rendered into the entrance of an apartment building.The signal cable can be pre-installed in a water meter, you have to go out of his body, or to provide a special socket (electrical or other connector) to connect it.In the rendered electronic unit keeps records of consumed water from entering readings in non-volatile memory, and (or) with simultaneous transfer to the center of collecting and processing information.At the same time such a unit can display and ascended the amount to pay for the consumed water - many so it's easier to evaluate the level of consumption in the economy at any time.

even more interesting may be the case with meters of hot water.They can be equipped with, in addition, also a temperature sensor that is evaluated not only the amount of water consumed, but also the quality - the electronic unit will take into account the water is hot only when the heating rate matches the declared parameters.Otherwise, if the temperature is insufficient, the flow rate will be maintained or reduced rate, or, in general, as for the cold water.