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August 12, 2017 18:06

Suspended chair with his hands

With the arrival of summer, many city dwellers tend to get out into nature at least for a weekend, and if there is a suburban area and the circumstances allow - and then the whole summer.There is probably no such person who would not like to take a nap in the fresh air, birds singing, swaying in a hammock or chair.To save on the purchase of a simple, but fairly expensive furniture interior element, suspension seat with your hands is quite possible to do this in several ways, which will be discussed later.

Suspended chair with his hands

Suspended chair with his hands

For the manufacture of some embodiments uses the most simple materials, which even may simply litter barn.For others, it will have to prepare material in nature, or purchased at the store.Manufacturing may require "mobilization" of their abilities in handicrafts - weaving or knitting, so that the work there is not only for women, but sometimes even more so - for the hosts.

Species outboard seats

Article Contents

  • 1 Species outboard seats
  • 2 Making simple outboard seats
    • 2.1 Suspended chair of the hoop
      • 2.1.1 first option
      • 2.1.2 second option
    • 2.2 wicker hanging chair
    • 2.3 Suspended chair of the board
      • 2.3.1 first option
      • 2.3.2 second option
  • 3 How can hang the chair
  • 4 Other interesting options outboard seats
  • 5 Video: Making chair hammock yourself

Hanging chairs became widely used in the 50-ies of the last century - thenthey were at the height of fashion.It developed many designs of these unique elements of "luxury", made from a variety of materials.

Wicker chair on a hard frame

wicker chair on a hard frame

  • seat having a rigid frame made of rattan, wicker, metal, plastic or acrylic.In this case, the substrate may be covered with durable fabric or braided twigs vines, rattan or leather strips.
This is akin to a hammock hanging chair

This is akin to a hammock hanging chair

  • chair with a soft frame, made on the basis of the hammock.The main difference between these seats can be called the size and method of hanging.If the hammock is fixed to the two supports for the seat located at a certain distance from each other one is enough.
Armchair - cocoon - for those who like to spend time in solitude

chair cocoon - for those who like to spend time in solitude

  • chair cocoon is made on a rigid frame and a wicker walls.Unlike the variety of products from other types of chairs lies in that half of its interior space is hidden from the outside world.This place is ideal for people who like privacy.
The original drop-shaped design

original design teardrop shape

  • chair drop is primarily intended for children's rooms, because it's more like hanging a little house in which to hide, or even sleep.In addition, there is enough space to bring your favorite toy.

Making simple outboard seats

In this section of the article several options for the manufacture of suspension seats will be discussed, which should be quite feasible for the majority of skilled masters.

Suspended chair of the hoop

easiest way to make a hanging chair in the home of a conventional hula-hoop, which can be found in almost every home or purchased at the store sporting goods.Moreover, there are two options for producing such a subject of garden furniture.In one of them will require a hoop in the other two, slightly different from each other in size.They will be shown both options - you can choose the one that seems easier to manufacture.

first option
To produce such a seat would be required only sewing skills

for producing such a seat would be required only sewing skills

  • for producing such a seat will need the following materials:

- one wrap of the pipe 20 ÷ 30 mm in cross-section with a diameter of 700to 1100 mm, depending on how large must chair;

- two identical cut fabric size of 1200 × 1200 mm and 1600 × 1600 mm.Select durable fabric, you can take the lining padding polyester, having already stitching;

- otrez same fabric 200 mm wide, 3500 mm ÷ 4000 (in several pieces);

- colored dense fabric for sewing pillowcases for two ÷ three pillows;

- sintepon, also having a width of 200 mm and about 3500 ÷ 4000 mm in length (in several pieces);

- sintepon for stuffing pillows;

- edging to handle cutouts in a cover - 800 ÷ 1000 mm;

- zipper length 700 ÷ 1100 mm;

- durable nylon cord thickness of 6 ÷ 8 mm or linen rope diameter 10 ÷ 12 mm, 10,500 mm in length (10.5 m);

- two powerful metal carabiner clip and ring for hanging chairs.

  • Of the tools you need to prepare:

- needle and thread for hand sewing;

- sewing machine;

- scissors;

- marker;

- roulette or centimeter.

  • process of producing such a seat in steps shown in the table:

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
1 pc first step the fabric is spread on the table, and then it is placed in the middlehoop.
PC2 Next, using centimeters around the hoop vymeryat marker and marked circle on the radius of 250 mm longer.
3 pc According to the intended line of cut fabric circle.
such details should be prepared 2 pieces.
4 pc Ready cover elements of the future should look like this.
gr5 next step, one of the cut round blanks folded in half, and then cut.
6 pc Further, according to the central circle cut line is pinned, and then sew zipper.
From cutting edge receded 250 mm, and from this point is securing the lock, that is, it should be clear for a length equal to the diameter of the hoop.
PC7 After locking will be stitched, stapled the two halves of the cover in a circle, and then he flips and splits on the table.
8 pc Next to it was convenient to do the layout for cuts, ready to be put on a cover wrap.
produced markings shown on the submitted drawing.
places where cuts should be made, marked marker.
9 pc On to make a mark made four notches, through which will be fixed to the hoop cords or ropes.
10 pc to cut holes looked carefully, they need to sheathe their tape.
finished work on the cover, you can proceed to the preparation of the hoop.
pk11 Hoop are wrapped synthetic padding.
In several places the metal can be slightly lubricated polymer glue to wrap the material does not slip while it is flashing.
Next, he goes directly plating process.
He carried out manually, with stitches over the edge.
12 pc next step is to sheathe are wound synthetic padding cloth wrap.
Well, in order that it does not slip, it is first wrapped inside edge and cleave pins.
13 pc sewn fabric just hand over the edge.As
flashing, locking pins are pulled out.
14 pc steering hoop is inserted in the case through the hole into which the enclosing lightning, which is then fastened.
15 pc Further, from the cord cut off two pieces of 2200 mm and two - 2800 mm.
16 pc Then, fold in half, and the cords of their ends are interconnected.
They then threaded through holes in the cut under the hoop.
17 pc Securing Cords for hoop going threading, tie the knot in the end formed on the other side of the loop.
18 pc The last thing is cut and sewed suitable size pillows and chair suspended in the place chosen for him.
How to make the process of securing seats on the ceiling or in the yard - will be discussed below.
second option
The second option - two hoops in fishnet weaving

second option - two hoops in fishnet braiding

In the second variant in the manufacture of suspension seats used some other materials, in contrast to the first model.Such seats are performed, as well as in the art macram hammocks, but may be made in another way, available for everyone, as not all mastered the art of weaving.

  • So, for the manufacture of the chair must be prepared:

- two metal hoop (finished or fabricated independently, for example, a multilayer pipe) section 30 ÷ 35 mm, 700 mm carcass seat fabrication, and 1100mm - to bypass the back;

- in this case a nylon cord is used for weaving, a 4 mm thick and 900 m need, but instead may be used linen or jute cord diameter is 5 ÷ 6 mm thick strips, or skin;

- nylon cord section 6 ÷ 7 mm for suspension seat - 12 m;

- 2 wooden bar section 20 × 35 mm 2, or a diameter metal tubes 20 ÷ 25 mm.Instead they can use two pieces of rope section 10 ÷ 12 mm.

The process of making this option the chair includes the following operations:

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
KSH1 first step is to wrap the two wrap cord.Every 20 turns utjazhki done to loop does not slip.Sometimes
for fixing ropes on the metal applies a small amount of adhesive polymer, which, of course, should not speak out.
cord must be laid very firmly, otherwise the finished product will look sloppy.
KS 2 next step braid hoop, which will serve as a seat.
This may be used in drawing "checkerboard", consisting of different components.
3 kw In this illustration, an embodiment braid "checkerboard", made of flat units on the diagonal.
KS 4 In this photo shows the same pattern, but in a live version.
ksh5 That house craftswomen, who find it difficult to master the art of macrame, or simply want to work on braided wrap quickly, we can recommend to use the technique, which is used for weaving mats.But if the finished mat, it is removed from the hoop, then resulting in the manufacture of seat weaving is on a round frame.
turned to weaving strong, for the base, which is fixed on the hoop, you need to choose high-quality cables.
6 kw next step two hoop prepared to be connected to each other with a cord tightly wrapping it in front of the future chair.
7 kw for back stiffness, make two backups of the bars, tubes or thick cord which tightly braided thin cord.
These two jumpers (in the illustration above are shown by green lines) is fixed to the hoop back and seat with the help of weaving.
8 kw Next, do the weaving on the back of the chair - in the remaining gap between the two hoops.
braid can also produce macrame technique, presented above technique of creating rugs, or the simplest crochet - as will be more convenient.
9 kw It should be noted that the installation of backups and braid backrest can be done either before weave back and after him.
10 kw slings hanging chair is also better braid cord - so they will be much stronger and more reliable.
slings secured to the hoop back in four places, as well, their length is adjusted to the right size already at suspension seat to the desired location.

should be noted that for the manufacture of chairs instead of a hula-hoop you can use a plastic (polyethylene) pipes for water supply - they are light in weight and have a sufficient strength.The advantage of this material is still in the fact that the braid will look at the large-diameter pipes is much more profitable and more aesthetic.In addition, plastic is softer and warmer than the metal.Pipes are sold on the construction markets in the form of coils and already have a suitable form, so you need only select the desired diameter of the ring and seal properly.

The hoop may be made of plastic and metal water pipes

hoop may be made of plastic or metal-plastic water pipes

Suit hoops to create frame and PVC water pipes.They are somewhat more expensive, but more durable and because their walls consist of several layers.PVC pipes, as well as plastic and is easy to cut with a hacksaw.

length of the section of pipe needed for the hoop, is defined by the length of the circumference:

L = π × D ≈ 3,14 × D

- where D - a necessary diameter of the hoop,

- S - the required length of the pipe.

For example, if you want to make a hoop with a diameter of 1100 mm, then it will take 3,14 × 1100 = 3454 mm, or rounding 3.5 meters of the pipe.

No need to purchase rigid polypropylene pipes, as when bent, they may behave unexpectedly.

The connection pipe in the hoop

Connection pipe in the hoop

ends of the pipes are connected to each other via a special insert of smaller diameter than the pipe, but firmly in her part.Such an insert is typically made of wood or hard plastic.It is inserted into the tube ends, and then shift them tightly and fixed with stainless screws length 15 ÷ 20 mm, depending on the pipe diameter.This fact is important to consider so that the screws do not pass through.

wicker hanging chair

increased complexity of the task - wicker chair

task of high complexity - wicker chair

traditional options considered hanging wicker chair that can be made from prepared specially flexible twigs of willow, cherry, willow, rattan or bark.In the middle band Russia is easiest to find a broom or willow, which grows thickly along the river banks.

Material for weaving - long and flexible willow twigs

Material plaiting - long and flexible willow twigs

In order to make a wicker chair, you need to purchase and procure the following materials:

  • Long twigs of willow with a diameter of 10 ÷ 15 mm - they need about 400 ÷ 450 pieces.Better, of course, use rattan, especially those who first try themselves in the art of basket weaving, as it is more flexible and easy to use.
  • to the front of the chair as a metal hoop frame, plastic pipe can be used, or the base can be created from several twigs vines woven braids.
  • sturdy twine and glue will be needed for frame strapping.
  • pruner, awl, knife and range necessary for measuring and cutting materials.
  • cord section in 4 mm nylon color close to the shade of the bars - it will need to weave back.If you have skills in weaving, and the rest is made of vines.
  • cords, chains or ropes for hanging chairs.Their length will depend on the height of the room ceiling, or another point of suspension.

weave pattern may be different, and its complexity depends on the availability of experience in this art.