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August 12, 2017 18:06

Toilets for the house to use

Unfortunately, not all the village houses, and apartment buildings in provincial cities are equipped with all the "conveniences" needed to stay.Therefore, with the appearance on the market of such a convenient device as composting toilets, more people are living in private homes or leaving for the summer to the country, think about its acquisition.

Toilets for the house to use

closets for home how to use

choosing this option instead of the traditional wooden booths and a cesspit beneath it, you can get rid of the odor, which eventually begins to spread throughout the area, as well as the fly on it harmful insects carryinginfectious diseases.Knowing the existence of these devices comfortable, many would like to buy them, but usually potential buyers question immediately arises: toilets for the house how to use them, and how effective are they?To make it easier was to decide on such a purchase, and ensure comfort composting toilets, it is advised to obtain information about its structure and capabilities of the models presen

ted on the market.

Variety designs biotoilets

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  • 1 Variety designs biotoilets
    • 1.1 Liquid toilets
      • 1.1.1 principle and the basic rules of operation
      • 1.1.2 The solutions for liquid composting toilets
    • 1.2 Peat biotoilets
      • 1.2.1 design features and basic operation rules
      • 1.2.2 Peat biotoilets
    • 1.3 Electric biotoilet
  • 2 Overview models biotoilets
  • 3 Video: Overview of biotoilets commentary specialist

closets may have a different design, but one thing in them remains the same - it is the presence of two tanks, one of which is, in fact, the toilet, andthe other is designed for the collection and appropriate waste management.

Dry closets - a great solution for homes and apartments are not equipped with " amenities "

Dry closets - a great solution for homes and apartments are not equipped with "comfort»

chambers are connected by a special lock, and have between them a reliable seal that provides sealing structure.In addition to these tanks, toilets, depending on the operating principle, the tank is equipped with a liquid or a special filler.

The vast majority of models of composting toilets presupposes at least two cameras

The vast majority of models of composting toilets presupposes at least two cameras

design biotoilet thought out so that it is available to use and clean for everyone.Dry closets does not require connection to central sewer and the mandatory installation of a cesspool, as it works autonomously, and to find a place for it can be in any room of the house or adjoining building.

Typically, most devices of this destination - mobile, so they can be moved from place to place.For example, for the summer period it shall be in an unheated room of one of the outbuildings, and in winter time it is installed in a warm room.However, it should be noted that the market can pick up and stationary versions of composting toilets, which are fixed in a certain place.Cleaning these models produced by withdrawing the special capacity-cassettes intended for waste collection.Further, it is made by liberation of them, washing and back installation structure for further use.Stationary device suitable in the case where an individual may be given a room in the building for a toilet.

Biotoilet can be installed and fixed - indoors allotted to him.

Dry closets can be installed and fixed - in the room allotted to him.

In specialty stores you can find different types of composting toilets.Their choice will mainly depend on the financial possibilities of the consumer and the desire to use a particular method of flushing.Toilets separated into peat, fluid, electrical, as well as aneroid disposable.In addition, as already mentioned, there are stationary and mobile variants.

To find out what they are and how to use them, you need to consider each of the existing structures.

Liquid toilets

principle and the basic rules of operation
One of the easiest to use - liquid composting toilets

One of the easiest to use - liquid composting toilets

In biotoilets liquid such as waste management is carried out by a different composition solutions,are added to the water.The operation of these devices is as comfortable and easy.His design can be considered well-represented in the schemes.

The upper part of the toilet liquid in which is located a tank for pure water .

upper part of the liquid toilet, which is located in the tank for clean water.

Lower construction unit , in which the waste is collected , and where they are splitting.

Lower construction unit, in which the waste is collected, and where they are splitting.

This type of composting toilets can have a different volume, which directly depends on the height of construction.Thus, this parameter can vary from 10 to 25 liters, and most common of such devices is the size of 450 × 450 × 420 and 320 × 380 × 310 mm.

The overall dimensions of the liquid dry closet depends on the capacity of the lower storage tank

Overall dimensions of the liquid dry closet depends on the capacity

lower storage tank As can be seen in this illustration, the height of the lower tank biotoilets can vary in height, depending on the volume, which is designed capacity.Such toilets are well suited for installation in terms of their apartments, since they are sufficiently hygienic, and the liquid used therein almost completely neutralize odors.

  • Liquid mobile toilets have two departments, which are tightly connected to each other via two fasteners locks.
  • upper container is a bowl with a hole in which the fixed seat and cover, that is, it is a toilet.On the upper part of the structure is located and discharge system, which can operate on different principles.In some models, the top of the dry closet is also located further and the capacity for pure water.
  • The bottom container is collected and decomposition of wastes, as well as to neutralize their odor.Between the containers is a rubber seal, which makes the design of sealed, delaying the odors before they complete neutralization of special structures.
  • Some liquid toilets are equipped with a special indicator that informs the user about the fullness of waste collection.So, if it is empty or only partially filled, the indicator light is green, but if it is time to clean the same capacity, the indicator color changes to red.
  • To fill in the toilets use different formulations for the decomposition of waste.They can be based on chemical or contain microorganisms capable of performing processing and accumulated mass neutralization of odors.

These solutions may be added to the tank water to wash, if it is in the upper part of the structure, or directly into the lower container - if it enters into it waste compositions immediately begin on them to "work".If added to the disinfectant solution tank bottom structure, the water tank is additionally filled often special aromatic composition.It interacts with the waste processing solution, and for eliminating odors and facilitate flushing.

  • If composting toilets use an environmentally friendly composition, which contains the microorganisms after the waste can be disposed of by pouring on the ground anywhere in the area, as are harmless to humans and the environment.Eco-friendly solutions for dry closets usually are marked in green, so they can always be distinguished from chemical compounds.
  • If for recycling will be applied chemical aggressive substances, then they need to provide a special pit, from which the liquid will not fall on a bed, in a well or in the drinking animals.
  • To biotoilet not clogged too quickly, and recycled waste is a homogeneous liquid, it is not recommended to throw the toilet paper, if it is not designed specifically for dry closets.Therefore, arranging a place to install the toilet paper is necessary to provide a special collection vessel.

use composting toilet is a snap.After only the lower its capacity is full, unfastened from her, and then remove the top part of the structure.Further, the waste tank is taken out and the contents disposed of.

For regular waste , past chemical treatment , it is necessary to provide for a special cesspool .

for periodic waste, past chemical treatment, it is necessary to provide for a special cesspool.

Modelers usually involve the lower dry closet tank drain connection and a reset button, so its purification takes place very carefully.After release from the container with the waste liquid, it is well washed, and then filled with water with the addition of a solution in the proportion specified in the instructions on the packaging composition.

choosing liquid bio-toilet to be installed in that particular place, you need to take into account the following criteria:

Selection of liquid biotoilet requires taking into account certain criteria

Choice liquid biotoilet requires taking into account certain criteria

  • volume collection tank.Biotoilet lower tank with a volume of 10 liters or 12 is generally about 20 ÷ 25 washes, so if it would use three, then it is filled ÷ every three to four days.To carry out this procedure less frequently necessary to acquire a large volume structure, such as a 20 ÷ 25 liters.She was designed for 45 ÷ 50 washes, and can use it three people for about a week.
  • choosing the volume of the tank, it is necessary also to calculate their own strength, as the capacity of 10 ÷ 12 liters, after its completion will weigh 12 kg ÷ 14 and 20 ÷ 25 liter tank can reach up to 30 kg.We should not forget that the capacity would have to raise in order to bring waste for recycling.
  • is also important to consider the design and height, as it should be comfortable to all family members.In the case where the bio-toilet is acquired for the user with physical disabilities, such as the disabled or elderly person, you should consider buying a special stand, which has convenient handrails.

The liquid biotoilets apply different flushing systems, and the choice of a particular model of this fact you need to pay special attention to use the device comfortably.

There are three types of pumps - a pump-action, piston and electrical.They provide a clean toilet bowls.

Different types of drain pumps

Different types of drain pumps

  • pump therapy flushing system.In this construction, the water draining bellows pump is used, which has a convenient button on top.It does not require much effort to induce the flow of water in the toilet bowl - will be enough to click on the control element - and followed by washout.The disadvantage of this system is the absence of control pressure fluid supply and dosage.
  • Piston flushing system.This option is more simple in design, but will have to make some effort to create the required water pressure for flushing.Using handles manufactured swinging movement (up and down), thereby creating a desired pressure within the system, whereby the liquid is fed to the drain.Using you can make quite a piston system and repairs are simple and appropriate services independently.
  • Electropomp.This flushing system runs on batteries, and it can be called the most comfortable option, as water is supplied to the drain opening automatically when you press the button on the surface of the structure.The only thing what you need to constantly monitor - is timely replacement of batteries.
solutions for liquid composting toilets
Operating liquid composting toilets require the purchase of special supplies solutions

Operation liquid composting toilets require the purchase of special supplies solutions

As mentioned above, the various types of process solutions used for liquid composting toilets.They differ in the way of application and packaging, and are intended to perform certain functions, such as disinfection, removal of odors and rapid degradation of waste to a liquid state.

produce these solutions at different bases - they are formaldehyde, ammonium and biological.How these compounds, as well as how to properly dispose of them will be discussed below.

  • Solutions formaldehyde-based

formaldehyde solution can be called the most potent, as they quickly and efficiently digested with human waste.However, disposal of waste, treated with these compositions, must be carried out only in the sewerage system.Formaldehyde belongs to the chemical agents and quite toxic, so do not choose solutions based on it for use in suburban environments where there is no drainage.

consumption formaldehyde-based composition is 1 liter three ÷ four months, subject to the use of dry closet from the lower tank capacity of 20 liters.The number of staff that should be added to the water, indicated in the instructions for its use.

  • ammonium solution

Ammonium compounds decompose waste in contact with oxygen, and will run for 5 ÷ 7 days.The waste processed using these solutions, it can be used to add to the compost or fertilizer of garden beds or beds.Therefore, using the funds for the ammonium-based, you can get a "waste-free production."An excellent choice for suburban living conditions.

consumption of these solutions at 20 liters in capacity of 1 liter per three months.

  • Biological compositions

The structure of biological agents includes live bacteria that are getting in a favorable environment, begin to multiply and actively process the contents of containers for waste.Biological compositions are environmentally friendly and safe for humans and the environment, so they are perfectly convert waste trapped in the composting toilet in fertilizers.Thanks to the work of bacteria, the water in the tank is disinfected, odors are neutralized, and the soil fertilized with this structure, it becomes fertile.In addition, biological solutions to prevent the development of harmful germs, eliminate pathogens, and even hit the helminth eggs.

Natural solutions and dry formulations do not contain phosphate and formaldehyde additives, so they completely harmless to use and dispose of biotoilets, pouring it into the soil.

However, biological agents have a higher price than the chemical, and it is possible to name their greatest drawback.

  • means for the upper and lower tanks

compositions for dry closets separated and applications, that is, some of them filled to the top, while others - in the lower tank.

One of the formulations intended for lower capacitance biotoilet

One of the compositions intended for the lower capacity biotoilet

solutions are designed to fill the bottom container, working at a rapid degradation of waste and eliminate unpleasant odors.

The composition of the solution to the top of the container is usually included flavoring

The composition of the solution to the top of the container is usually included flavoring

compositions added to the tank top, where there is clean water, greatly facilitate the flushing of waste from the toilet bowl, thereby reducing water consumption, and thus extend the life of filling the bottom container.

recommends fly compositions bottom and top of the container manufacturer, since in this case they will interact better with each other.

  • manufacturers solutions for liquid composting toilets
It is recommended to purchase both types of solution of one manufacturer

recommended to purchase both types of solution one manufacturer

solutions for liquid composting toilets made Russian and foreign manufacturers, and can be found both on Internet sites and in specialized storesplumbing.The solutions differ in composition and, of course, the price, but do not believe that for dry closets fit any sanitary chemistry, as some of the solutions can damage the plastic construction products.