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August 12, 2017 18:06

Submersible pump for the well which is better

Ensuring a country house with water, probably, is always a priority when creating even not comfortable, but just acceptable, the minimum conditions necessary even temporary residence in it.Well, if the house is regarded as the principal place of residence of the family throughout the year, the availability of permanent and stable source of all existing water turns into essentials.Conventional water supply systems in country towns there is not everywhere, so often have to rely on independent sources.

Submersible pump for the well which is better

submersible pump for well what better

often the only possible source of the section becomes a traditional well and the owners is to organize the transport of water from it to the point of consumption.Rocker with buckets on their shoulders slender hostess - it is very beautiful in the pictures and in the feature films about peasant life, but completely divorced from present reality.To help homeowners comes to modern variety pumps that can solve the water supply problem.This publication will focus on

issues such as the right to pick up a submersible pump for the well, so as to fully meet the needs of the economy in clean water for a variety of needs.

Advantages of submersible sump pump

Article Contents

  • 1 Advantages of submersible sump pump
  • 2 main types of submersible sump pump
    • 2.1 Vibrating pumps
    • 2.2 Screw Submersible Pumps
    • 2.3 Centrifugal pumps for wells
    • 2.4 Vortex submersible pumps
  • 3 main parameters of the submersible pump of choice for the well
    • 3.1 Video: sump submersible pump "water jet" company "JEELEX»
  • 4 Applications:
    • 4.1 calculation sump pump for water supply at home full
      • 4.1.1 a pump performance calculate calculator
      • 4.1.2 B. calculator calculating the required pressure for direct water supply topoints of consumption
      • 4.1.3 V. Calculator pressure required when the system accumulator
    • 4.2 calculation sump pump for watering the infield
      • 4.2.1 A. calculation of the pump for watering
      • 4.2.2 pump head B. calculation for watering the garden

Providing homes with water from a nearby well can be produced with the help of surface pumping station or a submersible pump.Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which should definitely be considered when designing a circuit housing supply.In this publication, "taken out of the brackets" surface-type equipment, and talk only about the submersible.

2016-03-31_173158 One solution to the issue of water - stationary pump station

If a country house is a permanent place of residence, if there is noise immunity isolated room, well if the parameters meet certain requirements, the pumping station is capable of becoming the best solution to the issue of water supply.However, it is clear that too many "ifs", and not to make a mistake in choosing pumping station , read the information placed in a special publication of our portal.

Why in some cases it is a submersible pump becomes the best choice?

  • Surface pumps are almost always limited by the depth of the water suction - typically, this value is in the range 7 ÷ 8 meters.If we add to this and another horizontal portion of the pipeline from the well to the station, the actual depth can be further reduced.This often leads to go for additional expenditure for the establishment and caisson equipment for the pumping station in the immediate vicinity of the well.With submersible pumps is a problem not worth it.
Features of the location of the house and the well water level height often require the construction of the caisson for the pumping station

Features location of the house and the well water level height often require the construction of a pumping station for the caisson

  • submersible sump pump, in contrast to the surface, do not annoy the owners of the noise at its work.
  • submersible sump pump is always less "capricious" to the quality of the pumped water - most of them are able to cope with fine powders, which in the conditions of the well are very likely.
  • With sufficient water supply debit risk of overheating of the pump drive is minimal - it is always in the cool aquatic environment, and further cooled by the pumped flow.
  • with submersible pump is easier to organize the monitoring of the water level in the well - Float special equipment installed on many of today's models, will take it upon themselves.
Most modern submersible centrifugal pump is equipped with a floating water level sensor in the well

Most modern submersible centrifugal pump is equipped with a floating water level sensor in the well

  • use of surface pumping habitats imposes special requirements on the tightness of the water intake pipe.The slightest leak in the joints, it is invisible to the eye, it will inevitably lead to air being sucked.Submersible pumps drain the air, by definition, there is no place.
  • If there is a need for a long period of leave a house without supervision, then remove and clean the submersible pump will be easier than, for example, to dismantle the pump station of the caisson or dedicated to her room.

In short, the advantages of a submersible pump - a lot, so the forums on the water supply of private homes, you can find numerous recommendations to owners of homes with a well to give preference to them.

Deficiencies in submersible pumps, too, are:

  • For their work is necessary to provide a power line from the house to the well, monitor the flawless condition of the cable insulation.
  • Matching automation, control the work of the entire water system at home, will perform a bit more complicated (for pump stations some of the controls and monitoring already provided for in the structure itself).
  • Submersible pump more vulnerable in terms of its safety.In other words, it is easier to "whip" in the absence of the owners home.

Of course, no matter what the pump is chosen, its installation does not solve the problem (if, of course, we are not talking only about watering the garden) - requires the creation of an automated system is quite complex, but that's a topic for a separate study.

2016-03-31_175702 Independent water supply from a well

, to create an autonomous water supply system must adhere to certain rules to the water supply is carried out without interruption, at any time of the year. How to conduct water from the well to the house - read in a separate publication portal.

main types of submersible sump pump

Modern submersible pumps for wells on the basis of its actions are classified into four types: Vibratory, centrifugal, vortex and screw.

Vibrating pumps

These pumps are classified as the most inexpensive and simple in structure.

The most accessible can be considered a vibration-type submersible pumps

most accessible can be regarded as a vibration-type submersible pumps

Despite a wide range of devices of this type, they all have approximately the same structure, and even look very similar to each other.Sometimes parameters and coincide completely, and makes all the difference - only the manufacturer of the pump.

basic unit and the principle of a better look at the diagram:

Driving device submersible pump vibration type

Driving device submersible pump vibration type

It is always a metal casing vertical design, which consists of approximately equal height on different halves of the configuration (position 1).Between the two housing parts cost elastic seal (item 2), which is guaranteed to seal the interior cavity of the device and also performs the role of a damper, significantly reducing the level of vibration produced by the pump.hard shell halves are connected by means of fastening bolts (Pos. 3).

All "electrical part" is located in the lower half of the device.To her they brought the power cable (pos. 4) to secure the insulation.Mechanical part - very simple.This coil with a ferromagnetic core by passing current through which creates an electromagnetic field.Since the supply voltage - AC, and the magnetic field lines change their direction 50 times per second (50Hz).For full electrical safety and improve the durability of the coil, it is completely filled with a dielectric compound (pos. 6).Even accidental ingress of water into the lower part of the housing should not cause circuit coils.

coil located above the massive steel anchor (Pos. 7).The alternating electromagnetic field that attracts him to her, then pushes in the opposite direction.Because of the relatively high frequency of change of direction of this movement is more like a vibration of the anchor with the rod connected thereto (pos. 8) in a specific amplitude range limited by the pump design.

On stock at the top of the pump is fixed an elastic membrane (pos. 9) and the piston.When moving the anchor down into the pump chamber a vacuum is created, so that there is water flow through the intake holes in the upper part of the body (pos. 11).When the armature moves upward, in the phase of compression, the outside water outlet closes the valve (pos. 12), and it is one way - through the outlet (pos. 13) and then, by acceding to the hose up to the draw-off points.

In the upper part of the body has a hole or eyelet ring (pos. 14) to secure the cable, for which the pump is lowered into the well and suspended at the desired height in the water column.

As you can see, simple device, completely exclude the presence of rotating or rubbing the units.This predetermines the low price on these pumps.

However, such devices have very significant drawbacks:

  • Despite having elastic dampers between the body halves of the pump are sufficiently strong vibration waves transmitted to the surrounding aqueous environment.This phenomenon can cause turbidity in the water is not too deep wells, but it's not even the worst.Constant vibration exposure on unprotected walls of the well or wells can lead to gradual destruction.Therefore, such pumps are recommended only sources having strong wall, for example made of concrete rings.
  • This pump does not like the water with small impurities - solid particles will interfere with tight fit valves.
  • vibrating pump design does not imply any automatic or water level sensors.Hence, or you have to buy these devices additionally or independently ensure that the pump is always submerged.
  • Pump operation - quite noisy, and it felt even though he was submerged in water.
  • Judging by the reviews in the forums, the vibration is still true to its definition of "friend and foe", and pumps of this type are generally too long, "not living", despite the assurances of manufacturers.It is the use of vibration pumps that low price makes it quite possible, regular replacement with new ones.
Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners , as a rule, vibrating pumps "age is not long "

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, as a rule, vibrating pumps "century is short»

  • Vibrating pumps are able to create good water pressure, but high performance, they do not differ.

from the above conclusion is that a vibration-type pump will be low-cost and effective solution, if it is used to supply water to the country house in summer and for watering the garden.Treat it as a serious instrument water supply of suburban housing at constant residence owners, it would be probably an exaggeration.

Screw submersible pumps

pumps of this type do not occur as often, but they are worth considering.

A representative group of screw submersible pumps

representative group of screw submersible pumps

principle of this type of pump water pumps based on the rotation of the "Archimedean screw" - in order to submit it, you can remember how the regular hand grinder.

The principle of operation of screw pump

The principle of the screw pump

screw (Pos. 1) of complex geometric shapes is connected to an electric drive shaft (item 2).

rotation is in a stator cavity (Pos. 3), which also has a rather complex geometry and is usually made of elastic material (rubber-based).screw rotor-stator coils adjacent to the machines.When rotating the volume of water that is formed in the cavity, it is pushed forward into the outlet fitting.Interestingly, the rotor and stator configuration is selected so that the total volume of liquid in the cavities progressively moving always remains the same.It provides a very smooth, stable output pressure.

Advantages of screw pumps:

  • High rates created a stable pressure.
  • Low noise and vibration during operation.
  • Of all the submersible sump pump screw - the most resistant to water pollution, since such a scheme generally designed for pumping viscous fluids.

However, the disadvantages of such pumps makes their use very limited:

  • High rates create "side by side" head with a very low capacity pumps.
  • In screw pumps - the lowest efficiency, probably due to the abundance of friction knots.
  • The same reason - the presence of units of friction, reduces wear of pumps, that is, they require regular maintenance work, and most of all - the replacement of worn-out elements.

So screw pumps more probably suitable for production environments, where the fore the fine-tuning of generated pressure and its stability.Despite the fact that the available domestic models specifically for wells or wells, we can not say that they have won widespread.

Centrifugal pumps for wells

This kind of submersible pumps - the most common and popular, as it meets most of the requirements for such a technique.

The most common category of submersible pumps - centrifugal action

The most common category of submersible pumps - centrifugal action

working body in the pumps of this type is a wheel with blades, placed in a special chamber with liquid inlet at the center and on the periphery of the outlet pipe.

Schematic diagram of the operation of the centrifugal pump chamber

Schematic diagram of the operation of the centrifugal pump chamber

Rotating wheel with blades provided by the electric drive, creates a strong centrifugal force vectors - the incoming water is thrown radially from the center to the outer walls of the chamber.As a result of the vacuum created in the center of the zone, and on the periphery - an area of ​​high pressure (in the illustration shown is a good color change from blue milking red).This creates a powerful stream of water.

Such cameras may be several in cascade, which naturally increases the pressure created by the pump (water column).

pumps of this type have a high performance - able to lift water from a very considerable depth, without losing in their performance.Work with them - low noise and is not accompanied by any meaningful vibration.

for such pumps specially characterized by a very large variety of models with different characteristics - performance, and created pressure can vary and the change in the diameter of the working chambers, and their number.It is always possible to choose the model under the existing water source - from surface wells to very deep wells.