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August 12, 2017 18:06

Insulation for walls penoplex

Any residential home, located in the cold regions of the country, require that insulation because it does not separate from the low-temperature walls are one of the main causes of heat loss that can be up to 25 - 30%.Insulation for walls Foam ks etc. imenyaetsya for both external and internal thermal insulation of buildings.

Insulation for walls penoplex

Insulation for walls penoplex

This material has all the necessary performance characteristics, which will help to protect the walls, not only from the winter cold, but also from overheating in the summer heat.Previously, for this purpose an ordinary foam was used more often.Although it is made of, in principle, the same raw materials, that and penoplex, but technology - is quite different, so the material has a porous structure of the structural, that are not really suitable for external insulation.

Key Features Penoplex

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  • 1 Key Features Penoplex
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  • 2 Types Penoplex
  • 3 WarmingPenoplex walls of the house outside
    • 3.1 Typical error when installing Penoplex
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  • 5 Video: penoplex - as a material for thermal insulation balcony or loggia

Foam ks etc. edstavlyaet a plate of expanded polystyrene, produced by extrusion technology - punching foam molten plastic mass through a forming nozzle (nozzles).As a result of combined effects of temperature and pressure on the material acquires solidify a finely porous structure with small air "cells" of about the same size (100 to 200 microns), each of which is isolated from the others.This structure provides two main characteristics of this type of polystyrene - excellent thermal insulation quality, along with high mechanical strength.

Due to the microporous structure penoplex has high insulating properties and mechanical strength in compression

Thanks penoplex microporous structure has high thermal insulation properties and mechanical compressive strength

To begin to assess the merits Penoplex - briefly several digital indicators of the main parameters of this material.

Table: specifications Penoplex

Name Test Method Unit The figures
Compressive strength at 10% deformation, not less GOST EN 826-2011 MPa (kgf / cm²; t / m²) 0.2
density GOST 17177-94 kg / m³ 25-32
Water absorption for 24 hours,no more GOST 17177-94 % by volume 0.4
Category of resistance to fire F3-123 group G3
coefficient of thermal conductivity at (25 ± 5) ° C GOST 7076-99 W / (m × ° C) 0.03
Soundproof partitions (GCR-PENOPLEX® 50 mm GCR), Rw GOST 27296-87 dB 41
Standard sizes Width mm 600
length mm 1200
Thickness mm 20;thirty;40;50;60;80;100;120;150
Operating temperature range TU ° C -100 ... +75

Even the preliminary assessment given by performance shows , the material - is very effective for insulating work.However, it should consider its quality details:

Low water absorption

This parameter is very important for any of a heater, since the high hygroscopic material swells, loses its air space, and freezing soak up water can cause it destructuring , whyit loses its basic qualities and becomes useless.

value of this parameter in Penoplex defined officially by conducted laboratory tests.The material is fully immersed in water, and then monitoring was conducted during the month.At the same time it revealed that Foam ks sn ityval only small amounts of moisture in the first ten days, well into the future humidity in it does not increase.

After 30 days, the number of absorbed moisture Penoplex was about 0,6 % of the total volume plate.On this basis it was concluded that moisture penetrates only into the outer layer of material and cut it in place but does not enter into the interior of the structure.

This figure even close to hydrophobicity , which is extremely important for insulation for external works.By the way, on this parameter depends, and that the material is resistant to mildew and rot.

Low coefficients t t eploprovodnosti

Penoplex thermal conductivity, which coefficient is only 0.03 W / m × ° With - one of the lowest among all the insulating materials.This parameter is largely achieved through Penoplex structural framework and its low moisture absorption .

Because of these qualities, a heater can be used for installation in humid rooms such as basements, as well as for installation on the outside walls and insulation for the building foundations.

M2081S -1028 foundation and basement at home also need insulation!

Durability strip foundation depends on its protection from the effects of dirt moisture and low temperatures.Penoplex perfect suitable for this purpose.

How to perform basement waterproofing and spend insulation foundation Penoplex - read the special publications of our portal.

resistance to mechanical stress

Penoplex manufacturing technology enables extrusion method high homogeneity of the material structure allows to make it very durable.Penoplex hardly pressed when you click on it.Not happen significant changes in the structure of a heater and when walking on it, because it's great to withstand heavy loads.The only condition for the preservation of its integrity with insulation, for example, gender is a smooth surface for laying.

Low vapor permeability

Since, in fact, penoplex is extruded polystyrene foam, but with improved physical and technical characteristics, it has a high resistance to the absorption of various vapors.Water vapor permeability two-centimetric plate of this material can be compared with that of a layer of roofing material, which is used for insulation hydro and steam insulation of walls and floors.

Penoplex perfect for warming wet rooms baths

Penoplex perfect for warming wet rooms baths

It gives ample opportunity to apply for the CS Foam I warming rooms with high humidity, such as baths.


In combination with low thermal conductivity and moisture absorption , insulation has a low weight.This option makes it easy to lift the material to any height.Therefore, in recent years it can be seen on on outer walls of panel and brick blocks of flats - them insulated as the load-bearing structures of buildings, so and balconies.

Material easy .It does not weigh down the walls , so it is often used steel for the outer insulation in apartment buildings

material is lightweight.does not weigh down the walls, so it is often used steel for the outer insulation in apartment buildings

In addition, when fixing Penoplex on the surface, it does not weigh down the structure and therefore does not require approvals and permits for the installation.

Ease of handling and installation

Penoplex advantage can be called and ease processing.In order to cut his sheets do not need any special tools - enough only normal acute or construction of office knife.Mounting material on the surface is fast, and this process can prevent bad weather, as heat insulation material is not afraid of moisture.

Long service life

on material made in compliance with all technical requirements, manufacturers establish a warranty period of up to 50 years.This time - not unfounded, it is calculated as a result of carried out laboratory and bench tests that include multiple deep freezing and subsequent thawing Penoplex, heating it to very high temperatures, which can only happen in the course of operation in various climatic regions.

And it should be noted that this set minimum service life, since high-quality material and will last longer.

Resistance to chemicals

On penoplex not adversely affect most of the chemical compounds that are used in construction.These include: alkali, salt solutions, water-based ink, alcohol compounds, bleaching powder, carbon dioxide, ammonia, butane, and propane, and various oils, concrete mixtures and freons.

However, there are substances that can adversely affect not only the quality of the insulation, but also on its integrity, that is, some of them may simply be dissolved penoplex.Insulate the house from the inside or outside, it is necessary to read the information about these chemicals to prevent installation errors Penoplex.

These compositions include: gasoline, diesel fuel, formaldehyde, acetone, methyl acetate solvents or ethyl acetate based, enamel and oil-based paints and other active substances.

Soundproofing Penoplex

installing the material on the walls of the house, the owner receives not only protection from the cold and heat, but also against the penetration of street noise, as penoplex has good sound insulation properties.This option is particularly important in the case if the house is located near a busy highway or railroad tracks.Constant noise negatively affects the human psyche, as it has no proper rest.Therefore wall decoration noise insulating materials is absolutely necessary, and perfectly penoplex suited for this role.

Fire insulation

С горючестью и дымообразованием, увы, не все обстоит "гладко"

With flammability and smoke generation, alas, all is not "smooth»

Penoplex is marked on a scale of combustibility G3, which means an average its level.Manufacturers call it self-extinguishing, but this is not always the case.Setting flammability depends on several factors:

  • The quality of the material.
  • presence in its composition retardants .
  • Ended decorative coating - it can contribute protivostoyatpodderzhaniyu or fire.This also can be attributed, and located near a heater material - they can also increase the spread of flame.

In addition, it is impossible not to draw attention to the smoke, which is able to create penoplex.If by coincidence in the negative through circumstances in ozgoranie yet occurred, penoplex will allocate acrid black smoke , which included are highly toxic substances.They are able to not only bring significant harm to human health, but also extremely dangerous for their life, because they can cause thermal and chemical burns in mucous membranes and the respiratory system, cause pulmonary edema, affect the central nervous system.

specifications for smoke production also have their own classification.The material on this indicator is marked with the letter D a number from 1 to 3 indicating the extent of the smoke.Penoplex, as well as any of extruded polystyrene, is assigned to the third degree, ie D3.

Such negative qualities of the material that predispose to , that choosing Foam ks to I insulating walls inside the premises or outside the building, it will be necessary to provide reliable fireproof finish, which will contribute to self-extinguishing fire incident.

Video: Test penopleksovyh panels

Types Penoplex

produced five major versions Penoplex, which are designed for different types of thermal insulation works.

  • One of the varieties used for the flooring under the pavement - a material more dense, and labeled as penoplex-45.The remaining four types are designed for use in thermal insulation of residential buildings:
Foam for waterproofing basements

Penoplex for thermal insulation of foundations

  • «Penopleks- foundation» - this type is more suitable for mounting on the basement of the house.He keeps the foundation from freezing and the formation of cold bridges from the ground inside the premises.
Penoplex for thermal insulation of walls

Penoplex for insulating walls

  • «Penoplex-wall" - is designed for thermal insulation of walls outside the house.It has all the necessary qualities that contribute to a comfortable temperature of the microclimate inside the house, not allowing to get heat or cold outside, and protect residential or work premises from external noise.
The material is perfect for the insulation of the roof

material perfectly suitable for roof insulation

  • «Penoplex-roof" - this kind of material for the thermal insulation of attic floors and the roof ramps. Insulated so structure roof will not only leave the house through a heat attic space, but also create the perfect quiet indoors during rain or strong wind.In addition, penoplex-roof is very well suited for thermal insulation of attics - their floors and walls.
Apply penoplex and insulating work indoors

Apply penoplex and insulating work indoors

  • «Penoplex-comfort" - is manufactured for interior applications.It is mounted in the walls of rooms, ceiling and flooring, used to convert loggias or balconies in a fully functional living room.

uteplenie2 Want to turn a balcony or a loggia in a full room?

Without thermal insulation work to make it impossible.For warming You can use a variety of materials, including penoplex.

About how to properly hold insulation loggia - in a special publication of our portal.

Warming Penoplex outside walls of the house

most commonly used for insulation of walls penoplex having a thickness of 100 mm.However, it should be noted that in southern climates with mild winter temperatures like layer will be redundant - sufficient thickness and 30 ÷ 50 mm.If the building is insulated in the region with very strong winter frosts, the 50- minute mm material is indispensable.In this case, it recommended to lay a slab thickness in two layers, perpendicular each other and "with ligation." This method will be more effective than one laying layer 100 millimeter.

Insulation recommended to lay on the wall on the principle of masonry - it will create additional rigidity design.

The circuit arrangement of the foam slabs on the facade of the house

location scheme Penoplex panels on the facade of the house

scheme of external insulation of walls is well on the show on the proposed scheme, the attention, but to do it right, you need to consider all stages of work in detail.