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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stained glass with their hands

Stained many centuries make people admire her inexpressible beauty.Although the origins of this art form are hidden in the mists of time, and today it has lost none of its topicality and relevance.This is logical because a similar decor with beautiful and neat design is able to bring in any room not only warmth and comfort, but also a special originality of interior decoration.

Stained glass with their hands

Stained glass with their hands

Stained glass with your hands can be created even novice master, provided, of course, if available for the technique to be chosen, which in a lot of stained glass art.Nowadays, specialty stores and art galleries, you can find everything you need for paintings, stained glass manufacture in modern simplified techniques, which are much easier to perform, in contrast to the classical techniques.This was made possible thanks to modern developments and special materials, which are able to very reliably simulate the "classics".

stained Variety of styles and techniques accumulated gradually, takin

g into account the secrets of the old masters and new-established practices.Many used today, and they definitely need to consider before you decide which option is best suited not only for the figure, but also on the complexity of the process.

What are the stained glass windows in technique and style

Article Contents

  • 1 What are the stained glass windows in technique and style
    • 1.1 technique stained glass
      • 1.1.1 Classical technique
      • 1.1.2 English or film equipment
      • 1.1.3 «fusing»
      • 1.1.4 «Tiffany»
        • Video: a masterpiece of stained glass in the technique of «Tiffany»
      • 1.1.5 Sandblasting equipment
      • 1.1.6 cast technique
      • 1.1.7 etching technique
      • 1.1.8 Painted stained
      • 1.1.9 Injectable filler equipment
    • 1.2 styles of stained glass
      • 1.2.1 Antique style
      • 1.2.2 Ancient Egyptian style
      • 1.2.3 Gothic style
      • 1.2.4 Indian style
      • 1.2.5 Art Nouveau
      • 1.2.6 art deco
      • 1.2.7 stained glass in an abstract style
      • 1.2.8 Children stained
  • 2 Manufacturing stained-glass window with his hands
    • 2.1 Creating stained glassin the technique of painting glass
    • 2.2 Creating stained glass in film technique

to make stained-glass window, you can select pictures in different styles, as "podёrnutyh noble antiquity" and the ultra-modern.Do not lose popularity composition in Gothic, ancient Egyptian, Indian style.Find the supporters abstract, modern, art deco style, and the other corresponding to different eras and cultures, trends in art.

Stained-glass windows have a rich history and are performed in a variety of styles

Stained have a rich history and are performed in a variety of styles

Each of the existing styles capable of its plot, forms and color scheme to display the owner's commitment to an apartment or house to a particular era.All stained glass styles have their own requirements and canons that should be followed when executed.

a long time was considered the ideal option style with classic designs, where the choice of subjects and materials was limited.In connection with the development of art and with the advent of new techniques, stained glass manufacturing capabilities greatly enhanced.Therefore, instead of soothing classical themes have been used increasingly expressive colors and patterns of modernity and abstraction.

Stained able by themselves to determine the interior style of the room

Stained able by themselves to determine the interior style of the room

Quite often masters in their works use several styles and techniques that can enliven and complement each other, which helps to naturally fit the stained glass windows in the overall home decor.

sometimes stained to a separate room is selected as defining the style throughout the interior, while the other room items are only complement and frame it.Thus, stained glass picture becomes the center of the interior.

If plans tenants include dressing rooms in different styles, the stained glass can combine them into a single composition.Glass paintings which decorate the windows, able to create amazing tsvetosvetovuyu special atmosphere, which will vary depending on the intensity of natural light.In addition, the stained glass can be decorated and false windows with artificial lighting, which are often installed in bathrooms or stairwells interfloor floors.

stained glass illuminated from the inside acts as a false window

illuminated stained glass window from the inside acts as a false-box

However, before you choose the style of stained glass, it is necessary to determine the equipment in which it is executed.

Techniques execution of stained glass

As mentioned above, there are many techniques of stained glass manufacturing, but few of them are major:

Classical technique

Classical stained glass technique known since the Middle Ages.Pictures produced by it consist of a fragment of glass having different colors, and set in a metal frame.

The classical technique of stained glass is characterized by high complexity

classical technique of stained glass has a high complexity

In manufacturing such a scenario could be called the most difficult, and usually it is trusted to perform only experienced masters-professionals.To do this picture will require a wide variety of tools for cutting and processing of glass, boil or spider metal framework, as well as a spacious well-lit separate work space.All it costs to acquire and equip only if you plan to engage in this art professionally, as a special tool is not cheap.Yes, and skills, to be honest, too, need a very high level.

English or film equipment

Film, or English technique is applied to the glass, on a pre-arranged pattern, a special self-adhesive film of different colors.

Stained glass , made by film technology

Stained glass made in film technology

each of the fragments in a stained-glass window, after gluing, flanked lead tape.If the glass with the stained-glass window to be installed in interior doors, the lead tape glued on both sides.Lead tape does not require soldering, its cut ends are placed overlapping each other and rolled down roller.Advantages

film technology is that all the work performed on a rigid glass, which does not require cutting into fragments and complex processing.

addition, the stained glass in the English technique can be made much faster than classic, and it is able to do on their own, even a novice master with careful approach.


«Fusing" can not be called a new manufacturing technique of stained glass paintings, as it is used since it became produced glass, of course, have since undergone significant improvements.

Очень красивы и оригинальны витражи, выполненные по технологии "фьюзинг"

very beautiful and original stained glass windows, made by technology "fusing»

name technology "fusing" is derived from the English word "fusion", which translates as a mixture or alloy.This process occurs with the glass during manufacture stained by this method.The home run stained in this technique will not work, because for its production requires special equipment for melting glass, which can be achieved only at very high temperatures.

Stained glass made in this way, has no seams and does not require the use of metal frames.

process of creating stained glass pattern is as follows:

  • On clear glass the right size, laid on the prepared sheet with a pattern on a special adhesive is laid mosaic of pieces of colored glass.
  • Next, this billet is sent in a special oven, where the process of sintering individual glass fragments together with the basis on which they are laid.

technology "fusing" is the gradual heating of the mosaic and her anguish at a temperature of 800 degrees - is a level required for melting and sintering individual pieces of glass together.Melting takes place under strict control, because you can not miss a moment of the product ready, otherwise the process will change the material structure - devitrification at which the glass is crystallized.

  • When stained glass structure is smooth, stained glass should be cooled.
  • then another annealing is carried out, that is, heating the glass and then cooled.
  • «fusing" includes not only the melting and sintering, and the glass processing techniques during these processes.Furthermore, if the desired result is not achieved, the postforming is carried, comprising a further heating and giving a stained glass or convex curved shape.

Upon completion of works obtained glass painting, glass of different shades, reliably and tightly welded together.This technique is used for the production of stained-glass windows, executed in various styles, as it gives almost unlimited possibilities for creating paintings of any subject.


technique of stained glass "Tiffany" method is carried out, something similar to the classic.To make a picture in this technique, preparing a template drawing in full size in two copies, one of which is cut into individual pieces, which pieces of glass of different colors will be stripped.

Во многом повторяющая "классику" техника "тиффани"

largely repeats the "classic" technique "Tiffany»

edges of the glass pieces are processed and polished to smoothness.Then, each element of stained glass bordered copper tape, the ends of which are welded together.The next step is framed pieces are interconnected by drawing with the help of tin soldering carried out a powerful soldering iron.

Unlike classical technique "Tiffany" is used only copper tape, which is much more flexible and more stable profile and lead more easily given deformation, followed by retention of shape that allows her skirt even small details of stained glass.Thanks to this technique "Tiffany" is used not only for the stained-glass windows, or for the manufacture of a variety of different interior elements, such as lamp shades table lamps and chandeliers.

Абажур настольной лампы, изготовленный по технике "тиффани"

lamp table lamp, made in the technique of «Tiffany»

All items, "dressed" in a brass frame, after soldering the ends of the profile, before joining in the overall composition are rolled roller, during which the tape compresses the glass fragment.

Video: a masterpiece of stained glass in the technique of «Tiffany»

Sandblasting Equipment

sandblasting stained glass windows are made using special equipment, supply high pressure air jet with sand.

Patterns caused by sandblasting technology

patterns caused by sandblasting technology

Create cornering paintings by this technique is as follows:

  • is prepared transparent sheet of glass, the surface of which is applied and secured with a stencil pattern.
  • Exposed stencil processed sand, supplied in a thin stream under high pressure.The surface of such impacts loses in transparency and becomes dull.
  • After the stencil is removed from the glass works, and on the surface is refined air pattern.

This kind of stained glass requires no mounting frames and complex shaped glass cutting and sticking the film.But, as already mentioned, it must provide special equipment.If desired, of course, can be replaced by a jet of sand with sandpaper, but in this case it is necessary to make a stencil of thin metal, such as cardboard - a fragile material, it will start to deteriorate, and will not allow to reproduce the exact figure.In addition, manual work takes a lot of time. And the quality, depth of draw would still not have those.

cast technique

This technique rarely applied stained glass can be called one of the most difficult, as each of the mosaic fragments blown or molded from colored glass by hand.In the process of this piece of manufacturing glass fragments attached enjoy a special invoice, or otherwise contributing to the optical effects of refraction play of light rays, which creates the effect of volume expressed.Then the fragments are collected in a single picture with the use of mortars and metal reinforcement.

Stained glass , made by casting technique

Stained glass, made in cast technique

Craft stained in this technique at home is very problematic, since there are necessary, in addition to the equipment, it is the specific technology of glass processing skills.Usually these stained glass windows are copyrighted artwork, and in practice the use of private housing is almost not found.

etching technique

technique to create a stele relief pattern by etching involves the use of hydrofluoric acid, which has the ability to act destructively on the weight of the main component of glass - silicon dioxide.

etching technique lets you enjoy deep relief patterns

etching technique lets you enjoy deep relief patterns

When acid applied to glass, its fibers begin to break down.To compound melted only those portions of the glass sheet, which need to apply a stencil from the effects of acid resistant material.Stencils allow you to create a clear monolayer or multilayer patterns on a glass surface with a pronounced relief of various depths.The more layers in relief, so it is bulkier.This acid is applied to the different parts of the picture so many times, how many layers assumes the selected pattern.Simple stained glass window is performed in one step, in which case the acid deposition simply obscures glass, making it dull and rough.

brothers themselves, having no practice for this type of work - is not necessary.Working with such a strong acid requires extreme caution, since you can easily skin or mucous membranes.All operations are conducted in a special protective equipment in a well-ventilated non-residential premises, equipped accordingly.

Painted stained

painted stained glass technique is good because it can simulate any other method of making glass mosaic pattern.

One of the most affordable techniques - glass painting

One of the most affordable techniques - glass painting

process of working on it involves several steps:

  • drawing Production and preparation of the necessary size of the glass.
  • glass placed on a table top to spread out pattern of stained glass.
  • By drawing on the glass paint of the selected color is applied to the circuit.Normally select black as it highlights the excellent picture elements.Upon completion of this phase, the paint should be given dry well.
  • circled fragments of stained glass painted with stained glass paints.

How to create their own stained glass picture of this technique - it will be shown in the table below instruction.In the meantime, we can say that it is - one of the best available technology in the home, and to the manufacture of such a painting fashionable even attract a child - it will be very interesting.Yes and cost, compared to all other techniques - are minimal.

Injectable filler equipment

filler equipment as well as painted, can simulate any method of making stained glass, and using it can complete the painting in a variety of styles.