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August 12, 2017 18:06

Live bacteria for septic tanks

problem cleaning of cesspools and septic tanks is familiar to all owners of private homes, as this process must not only be effective but also safe for humans and the environment.If earlier to remove unpleasant sewage smell was the most effective means of chlorine, then the market today can be found live bacteria for septic tanks and cesspools.

Live bacteria for septic tanks

Live bacteria for septic tanks

in specialized stores the products of domestic and foreign manufacturers, having different names and slightly different in composition.To understand how these tools and how they should be used, should be to start to figure out what they are, and what kinds are produced.

What is it, and how biological products work?

Article Contents

  • 1 What is it, and how biological products work?
  • 2 Types biologics
    • 2.1 Anaerobic microorganisms
    • 2.2 aerobic microorganisms
    • 2.3 Bioactivators
  • 3 conditions for the effective operation of biologics
  • 4 What to consider when choosing a biological product?
  • 5 Overview popular effective biological products for septic tanks
    • 5.1 «Vodograi»
      • 5.1.1 Video: use of bacterial bioaktivatory for septic tanks "Vodograi»
    • 5.2 «Atmosbio»
    • 5.3 «Microzim sept Treat»
    • 5.4 «Saneks»
    • 5.5 «Dr. Robic»

order not to create inconvenience of "flavors" and clouds of insects that fly to these odors tolatrines, cesspools and septic tanks are cleaned periodically.However, even unfilled tank is fully capable to emit an unpleasant odor, which is difficult to get rid of.Disinfection with chlorine does not give long-term effect, but in the period of its "flavor" sewage is mixed with caustic, nasty, cutting eyes, and besides - threatening respiratory chlorine odor.

addition, chlorine kills the flora, not only in the pit, but also in the soil on which it inevitably falls.As a result of its exposure stops decomposition of sewage, which always takes place in a natural way, and the beds, located close to the outside toilet, even the weeds stop growing.

Therefore, drugs have been developed to facilitate the acceleration of the expansion of organic and some inorganic residues.Such compositions are obtained by submerged cultivation of soil bacteria, which were selected from those types of microorganisms that are able to quickly convert human waste.

The resulting drugs, of course, does not include bacteria, as well as those that produce methane during its vitality.

In such biologics laid starting dose of enzymes that help the bacterial colonies as soon as possible take the necessary adaptations in the future to operate more efficiently and quickly.

Once in a supportive environment and under the influence of enzymes, microorganisms multiply rapidly, which speeds their work.If the process of launching them into the cesspool or septic tank is carried out in the warmer months, the results of their work can be seen in a few days.They consist in the clarification liquid in the well, a significant reduction in malodor intensity, as well as reduce the amount of impurities.In some cases, waste, recycled microorganisms suitable as fertilizer, as biologics do not harm the environment and safe for humans.

Types biologics

There are three types of biological products, the main difference between them - in the conditions necessary for their life, development and processing of organics.So, the market can find strains of anaerobic, aerobic microorganisms, and the combined structure, called bioaktivatory.

Anaerobic microorganisms

For the proper functioning of anaerobic microbes do not require external oxygen supply.Therefore, these microorganisms are not particularly suitable for cesspools, and intended, rather, to add to the closed chamber septic tanks, where they will contribute most rapidly degradable waste.

Dry anaerobic bacterial strains

Dry strains of anaerobic bacteria

As a result of organic bacteria splits into insoluble solid waste, which sink to the bottom of the septic tank, which continues the process of further expansion and the liquid is purified and clarified.With the accumulation at the bottom of a large amount of sediment, it is removed using sewage truck (use it as a fertilizer should not be), but the water is purified by bacteria after a suitable post-treatment and settling some hosts even used for watering the garden.

The disadvantages of biological products, having in its composition of anaerobic microorganisms, are the following:

  • The enclosed space of a septic tank in the process of some bacteria from the waste released gas - methane, which in itself has a rather unpleasant smell.
  • With this group of microorganisms, purified wastewater is not completely, but only by 65 ÷ 70%.
  • require mandatory periodic cleaning of the primary chamber septic tank with the help of specialized equipment.
  • Do not use recycled waste in its entirety to fertilize the soil.

aerobic microorganisms

for the performance of aerobic biological preparations, as opposed to anaerobic, require oxygen, so they can be used in septic tanks and cesspools in.However, if this kind of microorganisms to be used for cleaning closed septic tank, then it must install a special depth compressor (aerator) which is enriched liquid oxygen.

В первой камере септика "трудятся" анаэробные микроорганизмы, во второй - аэробные, для которых обеспечивается принудительная аэрация

septic tank "work" in the first chamber of anaerobic microorganisms, in the second - aerobic, which is provided by forced aeration

2016-03-23_195236 How it works correctly the equipped septic tank?

design of the treatment plant and its scope should be subject to certain requirements.For more information about the required calculations for a variety of models and rules choice of septic tank for a private house - in a special publication of our portal.

In its work, aerobic microorganisms are usually isolated carbon dioxide and a few raise the temperature of their environment.Due to the fact that the waste product of these bacteria is not methane, odor almost completely eliminated.

This type of bacteriological composition is capable of the most clear entering the septic tank or cesspool sewage, leaving a minimal amount of solid.The sediment accumulated in the process of wastewater treatment, and periodically removed from the pit or septic tank and, by the way, can be used as fertilizer - it is often dumped in the pit or compost pile.


Bioactivators usually consist of several species of microorganisms and enzymes.These drugs may be generic or be narrowly focused purpose.

The most versatile compounds are bioaktivatory

most versatile compounds are bioaktivatory

example, starting bioactivators compositions are used for the revitalization of the microorganisms, previously launched in the septic tank or cesspool, after a long break, for example, in the country at the end of the winter period.

There are special preparations intensified action.They are used when the system is heavily contaminated.These bioaktivatory used for a limited time, and then again you need to go to standard formulations.

preparations intended for application to a focused cleaning septic pit or from certain types of contaminants, such as soap or precipitate large amounts of fat accumulated in the conduit or on the vessel walls.These biologics are used is not constant, and as needed.Properly chosen

complex compounds are much more active microorganisms show processability not only soft organic waste, but also a variety of fibrous structures, including paper.

Such complex biological products - the most resistant to detergents and other household chemicals, which are generally present in the wastewater.These compounds are environmentally friendly, so safe for humans, the environment and the sewerage system itself.

Bioactivators able to reduce the amount of solid waste to 75 ÷ 80%.In addition, when used properly, they improve the patency of sewer pipes, prevent silting of cesspools and septic tanks, and neutralize pathogens.

Positive results bioactivators use can be called the following:

  • provides the most fleeting processes of decomposition of organic and inorganic compounds.
  • observed almost complete elimination of unpleasant odors.
  • significantly reduces the amount of insoluble solids and sediment are not degradable.
  • cleans not only a septic tank, but the entire sewer.
  • prevents the development of harmful pathogens.
  • It is possible to use these compounds in virtually any sewer and sewage system.
  • wide range of different and specific and universal bioactivators allows you to choose the one that is most needed in a particular case.

conditions for the effective operation of biologics

Эксперимент, демонстрирующий эффективность биоактиваторов в благоприятных условиях: "А" - исходное состояние отходов, "Б"- спустя 12 часов после начала деятельности бактерий

experiment showing the effectiveness of bioactivators in favorable conditions: "A" - the initial state of waste, "B" - 12 hours after the start of bacterial activity

performing refilling tanks for sewage biological products, it is important to always keep in mind that they contain live micro-organisms that can reproduce and efficiently operate only in a properly designed for their conditions.Therefore, so that they began to act in the right direction, that are executed in the mass of waste is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • The collection of waste has to be a breeding ground for bacteria, that is, to be a certain amount of liquid, which exceeds the level of the settled mass containing solidfractions.Therefore, a new or freshly cleaned waste container does not make sense to run biologics.
  • septic tank or pit should be used regularly, that is replenished with fluid and waste.If the culture medium for bacteria is not enough, they quickly lose their activity, and then die.
  • Cleaning the toilet or washing must not contain chlorine, as it is harmful for almost all living organisms.
  • not be allowed entry into the container with antibiotics waste - they are the same as chlorine, are able to kill bacteria colonies.
  • Such compositions are actively functioning at temperatures from +5 to +50 degrees.The lower the ambient temperature, the slower the process of waste decomposition.In winter, at low temperatures, microorganisms hibernate, but not killed, while warming and the presence of a favorable "atmosphere" biologics re-enter the active phase.
  • Bacteria begin to operate effectively if biologics are not prepared for this process.One can not hope that, having thrown a tablet or powder heaped into a pit or a septic tank, the case can be regarded as fulfilled, and the composition will begin to carry out their direct functions.
It is important to prepare a working structure

It is important to prepare a working composition

- That all took place with guaranteed performance, biological product, you must first dissolve in the pure, freed from water chlorine.To this end, it recruited into the bucket and leave at least a day to uphold.

- then water should be poured into another clean container, as in the first at the bottom can be formed from the residue of harmful substances for the bacteria.

After that, the purified water is filled with biological product.Additionally, it is recommended to add half a liter of yogurt, which will be pre-dressing for bacteria early in their wake from "sleep".

- The entire mixture is stirred and left to infuse for a couple of hours.And only after that it can be poured into the waste container.

- After pouring the solution into the sewer system or directly into the septic tank, use the latrine is not recommended for 4 ÷ 5 hours.So "fueling" the best this process is carried out late at night to night microorganisms adapted and acquired the necessary activity.

What to consider when choosing a biological product?

When purchasing drugs should be guided by certain nuances of selection

When purchasing products should focus on the specific methods of selection

Microorganisms break down organic matter must into simple components, such as water, carbon dioxide, solid residue, etc.Therefore, the choice of varieties of bacteria will depend on the conditions of their use.In any case, acquiring biological product, you need to consider very carefully the instructions on the packaging and take into account several factors:

  • for septic tanks and cesspits can be used a variety of drugs in composition.

So, for outdoor toilets are used tablets or dry mixture, in which the package is an indication that it is designed specifically for cesspools.Waste recycled by bacteria such biologics, pose no environmental threat to the environment.

septic suitable for compositions comprising live bacteria capable not only to recycle the organic waste, but also household chemicals residues, while enough to survive the aggressive environment.

  • The higher the concentration of microorganisms in the chosen composition, the less it will have to be added to the waste container.
  • Since drugs are sold in packages of various packaging, it is necessary to choose them correctly by weight for a certain amount of collected waste.
  • Bioactivator, consisting of several types of microorganisms will work much more efficiently by processing different types of waste, fallen into the tank.
  • biologics is recommended to choose a minimum value of the resulting dry residue - a ratio (percentage) is usually indicated on the packaging or in the accompanying instructions to the composition.Compliance with this recommendation will clean up the septic tank less often.

Overview popular effective biological products for septic tanks

in specialized stores represented a considerable amount of various complex and compartmentalized biologics.Some of them have won wide popularity and proven, will be discussed later.


Bioactivator "Vodograi" Ukrainian production includes in its membership the strains of live micro-organisms that are dormant.When you create the necessary conditions for them to wake up, indicated on the packaging, the bacteria are transferred to the active phase of life.

Биологические препараты марки "Водограй"

Biologicals brand "Vodograi»

similar biological product intended for processing sewage, paper, fats, peelings from vegetables and other wastes entering the pit latrines and septic tanks.It decomposes them into carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, and sediment, which is about 3 ÷ 4% of the total amount of recycled content.

waste products are environmentally friendly, and they are often used as a fertilizer.

Bioactivator prevents large layers of silt at the bottom of cesspools and septic cameras, which allows almost completely abandon the services of specialized equipment for pumping fecal matter.