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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the space under the stairs

engaged in the design, or even have a two-story building and a two-level home, it is recommended immediately think through issues, how to decorate the space under the stairs.The lead time is especially important in cases where the beneficial use of this area will require summing up various utilities, installation of which is carried out at the stage of construction of the foundation.

How to make the space under the stairs

How to make the space under the stairs

Features arrangement podlestnichnogo space depend on several factors: the location of the very stairs, from its dimensions - width, height and length of a plan of analysis options to this site water and sanitation, and,of course, conceived by the general interior design.

interesting solutions useful such seemingly "wasted space" can be a lot - it can be built-in kitchen furniture, shelves, bedroom or workplace, various cabinets, chests of drawers, closet, hallway and even the bathroom.

Varieties of stairs, and a space is formed underneath

Article Contents

  • 1 Varieties of stairs, and a space is formed underneath
    • 1.1 Direct odnomarshevaya staircase
    • 1.2 Stairs withseveral marches
    • 1.3 curved swivel ladder
    • 1.4 Screw design
  • 2 Some nuances arrangement of space under the stairs
    • 2.1 Video: several original solutions of rational use podlestnichnogo space
  • 3 do yourself - the original spacious closet in podlestnichnom space
    • 3.1 Production and installation of the frame structure of the cabinet
    • 3.2 Making drawers

Before you determine how you can be useful to use the space under the stairs, you need to select itconstruction of which will depend on how much space it will occupy in the house, and what area of ​​the image under it.

Features useful space are determined primarily by the type and size of the ladder

features useful space are determined, first of all, the type and size ladder

There are many types of stairs, and the choice of one depends primarily on what the area beneath it can be distinguished in the house.It should be understood that it is smaller than the design, the less space is formed underneath.

Stairs installed in private homes, divided into single and mnogomarshevye, straight, curved, rotary and screw.There are quite a few "hybrid" option.To understand how to look like the most popular of the stairs, and what area under construction is still free, you can see them in more detail.

Direct odnomarshevaya staircase

Odnomarshevye straight stairs are the most common type, so it is easy to install, and can be installed in almost any room.Most of these designs have about the wall, and it was formed under them enough space for everything on any of the options mentioned above.

One of the simplest solutions - space occupied by a sofa

One of the simplest solutions - space occupied by a sofa

The easiest solution is to embed the sofa, and more complex, but also more functional will be the installation of numerous drawers or shelves in the built-in cabinets.

Under the stairs fit study

fit under stairs study

Direct ladder, depending on its height and width, it allows to equip it for the whole room or a mini-office with a working space and all the necessary furniture elements.This design will add a room exclusivity and originality of the house.

A bathroom under the stairs

WC under the stairs

Under the straight-line design, which has a sufficient width, some homeowners to save space suit full bathroom.It is clear that in this case the utilities should be summed up - water supply and sewerage.Thoughtful and by doing this rather difficult work during the construction phase, you can save quite a large useful area of ​​the house, which will be useful for other purposes.

The space under the stairs was quite functional part of the kitchen

space under the stairs was quite functional part of the kitchen

Another option, requires communication, is to place in this space kitchen and dining area, and the area under the stairs design is perfect for integrating numerous lockers, without which the kitchen doesnot enough.Using rational given area, given a more significant area for residential rooms.

Stairs with several marches

Stairs with two or more flights, depending on their design and location, will expand opportunities for the Development of space for them.

Several marches can be like a straight line, and at mnogomarshevoy turning staircase.Under the straight-line design with multiple flights and landings in between, you can organize the space for any purpose.Such ladder generally has a considerable width and so, the space below it will be deeper and the pad between the ceiling will marches in one or several places podlestnichnogo space and even higher.

Still, most do mnogomarshevye ladder pivoting rather than rectilinear, especially in those cases where in the rooms of the first floor designed high ceilings, and space is limited.But all the same - and under such structures can be located storerooms, small rooms, bathrooms or arranged sleeper.

Entrance hall under the stairs

hallway under the stairs

If the front door is located under the ground between flights, the space under the stairs is often used as an entrance hall, which is attached to the wall of a clothes hanger or a wardrobe, shoe racks installed.

Very original version of the integrated use of space under the stairs and around

Very original version of the integrated use of space under the stairs and around

space around the staircase with several marches, set in a two-level house can be used even more efficiently, for example, as shown in this photo.If the wall along the steps usually not involved, in this case, it built shelves, which are located on a large number of different useful things that are on the mind, and not have to search long.In addition, podlestnichnoe space also equip a functional work space equipped with a desk, wardrobe and various racks and shelves.

Curved stairs rotary

curved designs have smooth turns and occupy a lot of space in the room, so they are often installed in the spacious halls of the first floor of two-level houses.

swivel ladder may be T-shaped structure - in this case, their rotation angle will be 90 degrees.When planning to install them, to save instead of usable space areas between marches cornering using winders.

There was a place for a home library

There was a place for a home library

Under such ladders can also be useful to organize your workspace or home library with bookshelves, and, of course, anything else you need for the most home owners.

If stairs turn is made at a large angle, then, if desired, place under the stairs can be equipped with a bathroom or hallway.

Under the curved staircase is equipped with a separate room

Under the curved staircase is equipped with a separate room

In this photo provided sufficiently well thought out plan two-storey house with a curved staircase, under which the door is in a fully enclosed space.It may be arranged bathroom, storage room or a small office.This design is compact enough, and each square centimeter of space under the stairs used rationally.

Screw design

Screw design - the most compact of all the existing ones, so they are placed even in the middle of a large room.The space under the stairs so little remains, and it is at best used for installing floor vases with plants.However, if such a ladder set against the wall, the place under it may well be used to embed the cabinet or bookshelf.Construction cabinets help to make the stairs more reliable, since it will be extra support.

Least of all options - with a spiral staircase , but the dream is still possible

Least of all options - with a spiral staircase, but the dream is still possible

If the spiral staircase is installed at the entrance to the house, then under it is quite possible to build a hanger for clothing and shoe racks, and depending on its frequencyturns and steps width, under it can also fit and stand under umbrellas or ottoman for extra comfort during obuvanii.

have a spiral staircase, with all its merits, there is a very significant drawback - on it is almost impossible to place bulky items on the second floor.Therefore, it is often mounted as a support or a decorative element, in addition to basic.

area calculation by straight staircase

Straight staircase selected and installed more often, and the space under it - the most convenient for use under the arrangement of living space.Therefore, it is worth considering her example how to make preliminary estimations of the future interior of the house.Determine which area will occupy such a design, you can have a rough idea, and the amount of space underneath.

Preliminary calculations can be made so.Domostim, we take as a basis the distance between the floors of the first and second floor, for example, in 3000 mm.

  • known that the optimal, most convenient for the average human height level is 170 ÷ 190 mm .Therefore, you should first determine what the number of steps required to "fill" the known height of the room.We make a simple calculation:

3000/180 = 16,67 , which when rounded to the nearest whole number will give us 17 stages.

  • Now we can calculate the length of the ladder in terms.To do this, you need to know the width of the stage.It is determined by the average length of an adult foot, so the optimal size is 280 ÷ 300 mm.Now, knowing this parameter and the number of stages, it is possible to determine the ladder length:

17 × 290 = 4930 mm ≈ 5 m

  • usually convenient for people staircase width varies between 1000 ÷ 1500 mm - this parameter depends on the total arearoom, that is, on what part of it can be allocated for the installation of the functional design.The average width of the ladder is 1200 mm.

is now easy to calculate and area (S) of the resulting space under the stairs.

S = 5 × 1,2 = 6 m²

As you can see, a very considerable space.Based on this value, and you can count the number and size of closets, bookshelves, sofas or other furniture items.

In this case, staircase, floor and wall form a right-angled triangle having a sufficiently large size.But unfortunately, not every owner has the premises with an area on which to establish a similar structure.So often we have to reduce the length by changing the angle of inclination of the march, or to choose a different kind of stairs.If it is decided to establish a straightforward option, in order to make it easier to calculate the parameters decided to act in reverse order:

- first determined the width and length of the space on the floor - the place that really highlight under the stairs;

- ceiling height is taken into account;

- then the ladder length divided by the width of the steps (for example, 290 mm) and is determined by their number;

- further ceiling height divided by the number of steps - the height of each step is obtained.

Then you can appreciate the convenience of this design.

For example, the maximum permissible length of the ladder - 3500 mm and the distance between the floor levels of the first and second floors - 2750 mm.

3500/290 = 12,06 rounded and get that on this length can accommodate full 12 degrees.

Divide height by number of stages:

2750/12 = 230 mm - the height of each of the stages.

resulting value shows the height level that the ladder is quite inconvenient for raising the legs, especially children and the elderly.Correct position is possible by making the ladder half-pace, setting between marches and in the upper part of the site design.In this case, the height of the steps can be reduced.

To evaluate the allowable values ​​of height and width of the stage, you can use the following diagram.

Chart optimal slope staircase steps and its dimensions

Chart optimal slope stairs and the size of its stages

If wooden staircase has the maximum number of stages, and their one march should not be more than 18 pieces, the design will require further strengthening, especially if it is under itleft space for useful.To do this, it recommended to install a stage or two, but three or even four kosoura made of board thickness of at least 30 ÷ 35 mm.

preliminary calculation of free space under the stairs will make it possible to determine in advance, at least in general terms, how this area can be used, and how you can be useful to use the time saved in this common space of a house.

Some nuances of space under the stairs arrangement

How to efficiently use and equip the space under the stairs - homeowners decide for themselves, depending on their needs and fantasies.If it was decided to place in this area, for example, kitchen or bathroom, then install them you need to consider carefully, taking into account the specifics of their destination.

  • Kitchen
Under the stairs located a long working kitchen countertop

Under the stairs located a long kitchen work table top

If under the stairs decided to place the built-in kitchen furniture, it provides all the moments, without which this work area will not function properly:

- is necessarycarefully consider the settlement of various communications - a hot and cold water supply, sewerage and electricity;

- adversely affect the finish of the walls and upholstery are a variety of evaporation, which can not be avoided when cooking.This means that it is necessary to determine the place of installation and to make installation of the ventilation system;

- should provide a rational arrangement of the kitchen furniture elements for a comfortable treatment products and cooking, as well as for easy washing dishes.

Even a simple drawing would be a great help in the further work

Even simple drawing would be a great help in further work

to identify all these nuances, it is recommended to make a detailed drawing of the positioning of each of the elements, and to put down all the dimensions on the scale.Let it even be a simple drawing of the type shown in the figure - with it will still be easier to navigate in the preparation have a detailed plan of the kitchen under the stairs.

  • WC

Another quite challenging but achievable goal is improvement under the stairs bathrooms.

The bathroom in space podlestnichnom

WC in podlestnichnom space

If the staircase is located on the outer wall, the particular problems of summing up the water drain and water supply to the area underneath it should not be.

In the case where the space under the stairs a lot, then it should be organized in such a way that it can fit a toilet, sink and wall mounted mirror and towel rails.Ideal if together also a shower.

Increased complexity in the organization of bathrooms in podlestnichnom space is also due to the need for construction of a well-fitting doors.