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August 12, 2017 18:06

Voltage stabilizer for a gas boiler how to choose

Many modern gas boilers are very complex "organism", a highly efficient and stable operation which in many modes ensures their "brain" - the electronic block of automatic control and the associated system of solenoid valves and taps.Furthermore, already in the design of the boiler can be provided, or in close proximity to the circulation pump is installed, providing for movement of coolant heating circuits.Well, gas boilers with closed combustion chamber, in addition, require more work and fans providing forced air supply for gas combustion and combustion gases through a coaxial flue.

Voltage stabilizer for a gas boiler how to choose

voltage regulator for the gas boiler how to choose

These electromechanical and electronic components, modules and devices for its correct operation requires a stable power supply.However, it would be the height of frivolity directly connect the boiler to the home network 220.It's no secret how much stress may differ from those stated in it parameters, such deviations or worse - a sharp jumps in one direction or an

other, lead to instability of the equipment or even fatal damage it.So, you need a voltage regulator for a gas boiler, and how to choose which will be discussed in this publication.

extent necessary voltage regulator for a gas boiler?

Article Contents

  • 1 extent necessary voltage regulator for a gas boiler?
  • 2 functions of voltage stabilizers, species and features of the device
  • 3 How to choose a voltage regulator for a gas boiler
    • 3.1 stabilizer range of possibilities
    • 3.2 Have protection at extreme voltage drops, the restart function
    • 3.3 current-voltage characteristic of the stabilizer
      • 3.3.1 Calculator for current-voltage characteristics for a gas boiler
    • voltage regulator 3.4 reaction rate and voltage stabilization
    • 3.5 Additional equipment, performance of the device dimensions
    • 3.6 manufacturer of the device, provided guarantees
  • 4 overview popular models stabilizers
  • 5 Video: recommendations on the selection of the voltage regulator for the gas boiler

sure will be found skeptics who call into question the need to equip the boiler regulatorvoltage.Apparently, in the view of these people are still drawn by the old model of the heating equipment, all equipment of which was bimetallic sensors heating, tripping or opening the gas supply to the burner as they reach certain coolant temperature thresholds.However, modern boiler - it is a completely different level.Electronics heating gas units opens up tremendous opportunities to maximize efficiency along with high efficiency, and ensure the safe operation of equipment.

modern gas boiler control panel - the saturation of functional options , control and security systems

Control Panels modern gas boilers - the saturation of functional options, security controls and security systems

  • Stepped heating control levels gradually replaced the flame modulation - Automatic itself determines the amount required is currently involved burners and flame height in them.
  • Modern boilers are equipped with a function of a smooth ignition, reducing the combustion rate at the last set of a few degrees to the set level - all this reduces the number of restarts the equipment, ensures extremely smooth his work.
  • useful option becomes post-circulation pump - after turning off the burners provided coolant moving even for a few minutes, in order to achieve an even heating in all areas of the heating circuit.
  • Modern electronic circuit fitted with "artificial intelligence" - Automatic weather-independently monitors the current weather changes, analyzes the relationship conditions in the street and in the apartment, and works out the optimal algorithm of the heating system.All this provides a solid resource saving effect.
  • Many boilers are designed to provide a warm several heating circuits with different temperature characteristics.All these settings can be stored in the memory device with the programming on weekdays and hours during the day - the most comfortable conditions will be created in those periods when they are really in demand.
  • Automation modern boiler will never allow the freezing of water in the system during the long absence of the hosts.Moreover, if the equipment is not used for a certain period, the control unit will command spontaneously switching solenoid valves in several positions on the short start circulation pump - not created from sticking, sticking valves, stagnation in the circuits, etc.
  • And, of course, all modern boilers are saturated with levels of security that prevent the creation of emergency situations when those or other deviations from the norm - the fall of the thrust, the pressure in the gas pipeline and the heating circuits with random attenuation and other emergency cases.

However, all this rich and useful functionality is available only with a stable supply of power.

Certainly, any modern equipment is able to work in a specific input voltage range - this is indicated in the technical documentation of the product, for example: 220 ± 15%.But, unfortunately, even these frameworks do not guarantee the smooth functioning of automation - voltage swings are much more significant.And there will be a great success if this difference only cause a temporary malfunction of the heating system (which, of course, is already in itself is undesirable).Much worse it is when an unstable input voltage leads to burn out the elements of an electronic circuit, and even a full burn-PCB.In this case, no longer do without costly repairs and, in certain adverse circumstances - even without a complete replacement of the equipment.

Possible effects of mains voltage fluctuations - bleached board electronic boiler control units

Possible effects of mains voltage fluctuations - bleached board electronic boiler control units

And it often happens due to the fact that the owners have neglected the installation of the input voltage stabilizer.

Do not rely on what they say, in our house (village) voltage drops do not exist, or they are so rare and insignificant that it is not necessary to purchase additional hardware.This is - a profound mistake, fraught with serious consequences.After all, the nature of changes in voltage can be different, and no one is immune from such a "disaster."

  • development or upgrading of transmission lines are often not kept pace with the level of consumption - the saturation of modern life appliances is very different from that of even a decade ago, and many power lines are much more "respectable" age.There is no guarantee that in a year or two lines of power supply, now seemingly flawless, will be as well to cope with the increasing every day stress.
Even the most reliable power line is not fully insured against natural phenomena

Even the most reliable power line is not fully insured against natural phenomena

  • No one can predict the spontaneous nature of the accident.Hurricane winds, icing on the wires, falling trees and many other accidents - and that a wire break, accompanied with sharp instantaneous phase imbalance and, consequently, the voltage jump.
  • can never exclude the "human factor".Unskilled actions of a "craftsman" - neighbor polezshego independently in a switchboard at the entrance, error or negligence electrician, not completely wrong smontirannaya-house wiring, vandalnye manifestations of certain "special" and other reasons - all this also gives a very high probability of a sharppower-line surges, which can be fatal for the boiler electronics.

In short, if a prudent owner really wants to protect their equipment from unforeseen circumstances, it is required to acquire a voltage regulator for a gas boiler, paying no attention to the skepticism surrounding or "good advisers."And the only question is how to choose the optimal device that will ensure to the maximum extent and continuity of operation of the equipment and the safety of its operation.

2016-05-17_145926 Properly padded in-house electric network - the key to safety!

Laying home or apartment wiring does not tolerate carelessness, neglect of the existing rules and regulations, uninformed decisions.How to organize wiring in the house - read in a special publication of our portal.And one more article will tell in detail about the optimal installation of electrical switchboard .

functions of voltage stabilizers, species and features of the device

stabilizer functions for heating equipment are simple and clear.When drops of mains voltage in a certain range of their capabilities the device must give power to the equipment with characteristics corresponding to normal or as close to it.In that case, if the jump or fall so great, that go beyond the inherent stabilizer features, its circuit must fully suspend supply chain - to return to the input parameters in the specified range.This ensures the correct functioning of all equipment connected to the stabilizer and ruled his failure at unacceptably high differential.

attention of consumers a wide range of devices such action principle, in different versions and in a large range of operational capabilities.

The range offered for sale in the voltage regulators - a very wide

assortment offered in the sale of voltage regulators - a very wide

But if for the emergency shutdown function of the device, in most cases responsible for similar action device - safety voltage relay, the issue can be resolved voltage regulation differently.So, distinguish stabilizers electromechanical, and electronic relay action principle.

  • The electromechanical voltage stabilizers alignment to the required level is performed by moving the current collector carbon brushes in a circular winding autotransformer.Moving the moving part is carried out with the help of the built-in servo.
Schematic diagram of the electro-mechanical voltage stabilizer

Schematic diagram of the electro-mechanical voltage stabilizer

1 - winding autotransformer windings;

2 - collector carbon brush;

3 - servo.

This scheme worked well - it has a high accuracy regulation (± 3%), and the price of such devices - the category of the most accessible.However, there are electromechanical devices have a number of features that limit their use of it with gas equipment.

The fact is that between the carbon brush and collector current collection autotransformer arcing can occur, especially as the increasing deterioration of the site.And in the boiler is strictly prohibited the use of electrical appliances, in which there may be a spark - a concern for their security.You can certainly make a stabilizer, and in the living area, but his work is accompanied by an audible noise, which is not to everybody's taste.In addition, the performance of the stabilizer still leaves much to be desired - the total time of reaction to the voltage drop comes even before the 2 seconds that a bit too much for the sensitive electronics of modern boiler.

Also, do not differ in such devices and special durability - simply because of the kinematics and friction units.

output - from the use of electro-mechanical stabilizer in conjunction with a gas boiler makes sense to give up, or used with special precautions.

  • Relay stabilizers are arranged differently.Switching between the windings of the transformer, providing a voltage change in the direction of regulations, made by a relay - they can be from four - five to a dozen or more (the more - the higher the level of stabilization).Contact Sparks in such devices does not happen - the cut, each enclosed in a sealed enclosure.
The fundamental unit of a small relay voltage regulator

fundamental unit of a small relay voltage regulator

1 - auto-transformer winding leads

2 - relay group, providing switching between terminals.

Such devices are, of course, disadvantages, and primarily - step adjustment and not too outstanding performance of the output voltage accuracy - typically in the range of ± 8%, which, however, is sufficient for most devices.But

relay stabilizers differ agility in responding to swings in the network, the ability to endure overload capacity, wide range of permissible input voltage.Such devices are long and trouble-free, and their price - low.You can include in the conditional deficiencies light background noise of sensing and switching relays, but in a boiler it is unlikely to be significant.

At the moment it is the relay stabilizers are among the most sought after by consumers.

  • big step forward has been the emergence of the purely electronic stabilizer action.They key role to perform the switching semiconductor elements between the windings - triacs or thyristors, which ensures maximum performance Prior, incomparable even with a relay circuit.
The electronic key role stabilizers operate semiconductor devices - Thyristors and triacs

The electronic key role stabilizers operate semiconductor devices - Thyristors or triacs

The complete absence of the "mechanics" not only speeds up the process of stabilization, but also makes the device the most durable of all existing species.Stabilization accuracy depends on the number of degrees of regulation - in this analogy can be traced to the relay prior.Plus, electronic stabilizers - the most compact, completely silent, undemanding to external operating conditions.

course, the stabilizer of this type is the best solution for all operating conditions - significant shortcomings, though comparable in some ways to other types, it is simply not there.The only thing that can stop potential buyers - it is a high price for such products.

There are also other types of stabilizers, including - and high-tech, double-inverter voltage conversion and smooth it almost perfect alignment.However, for boiler equipment Similar devices are seen still excessive luxury.

How to choose the voltage regulator for the gas boiler

stabilizer range of possibilities

first criterion for selection is always working stabilizer range, that is, the upper and lower limits within which the unit will be able to bring the voltage up tothe normal value.

most reasonable solution would be faced with the choice and purchase of the stabilizer still do a little "research" in their home or apartment.It is to trace the dynamics of changes in mains voltage on different days and hours during peak morning and evening load, in the "quiet" night condition, etc.This monitoring will provide an opportunity to more precisely determine the available range of differences, and the current picture will select the appropriate regulator properly.

Run it - very simple, but need to measure Multi tester, a device that has many good owners.It is worth it - cheap and to have it in your "arsenal" does not hurt anyone.