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August 12, 2017 18:06

Portal decorative fireplace

Any fireplace always brings to the interior of the house special comfort.This "live" flame can warm in cold weather.Even the visual simulation of the fireplace is not only decorative element of the interior, but also "warm" its visual effect fire.

Portal decorative fireplace

portal decorative fireplace

That is why today many dream to have a fireplace in their residential estates.Well, the "face" of this structure is not so much the furnace as a portal.Portal decorative fireplace can be made of various materials, and the choice of which depends on the type of the fire on the basis of work and style of performance.The correct material is able to make such a construction the central decoration of the room, so you need to carefully consider its design and harmonious adaptation with the rest interior details.

main types of fireplaces

Article Contents

  • 1 main types of fireplaces
  • 2 Styles fireplace portals
  • 3 Building and finishing materials for decorative fireplace portals
    • 3.1 Brick portals
    • 3.2 finishing ceramic tiles
    • 3.3 Gypsum as a material for the portal
    • 3.4 Finish portal stone
    • 3.5 Finish portal polyurethane decorative elements
    • 3.6 Wooden portals
  • 4 decorative fireplace portal plasterboard
    • 4.1 decorative portal baroque
    • 4.2 Video: homemade portal for decorative electric fireplace

Fireplaces can be of various types:

- traditional wood lined upof bricks or made of metal;

- electrical and reliably simulate live fire;

- Decorative candle in that set or special burner on biofuel.

Wood Burning Fireplace usually without any major problems can be erected only in a private home, but the electrical and decorative options are applied in any housing, including apartment buildings in urban apartment.

This wood-burning fireplace for the residents of high-rise buildings - unattainable dream

real wood-burning fireplace for the residents of high-rise buildings - unattainable dream

Electric fireplaces can be different.Decorative options do not provide heat and only simulate the burning wood, and fire intensity can be adjusted from the bright flames to smoldering coals.Other electric fireplaces are directed on space heating and to their portals for fire safety have to choose a non-combustible heat resistant material.

A fun game of fire could easily simulate an electric fireplace

fun game of fire may well simulate an electric fireplace

for decorative fireplaces, which would not apply an open flame, the portal can be made from virtually any material, including even from cardboard.

Decorative fireplace imitation is just interior decoration

Decorative imitation fireplace is just a decoration interior

defined the choice of decorative fireplace, make a portal for him and place it in the right style with a corresponding desire should be able to every homeowner who has decided to decorate the interior of this original element.

Styles fireplace portals

Since interior styles has not been canceled, and the interior harmony directly affects mood tenants of the house or apartment before you make the purchase of materials, it is necessary to determine the design of the portal.

Fireplace portal in classic style

Fireplace portal in classic style

  • Classic style portal stands out for its rigor and monumentality that eliminate unnecessary decorative elements.This finish is suitable for interiors, made by the canons of strict classics.This type of processing can be performed in any material, which will be discussed below.The main thing - the observance of strict lines and precise symmetry.
Кантри-стиль допускает многие "вольности" в оформлении

Country-style allows many of the "liberty" in the design

  • Country style is perfect for private homes decorated in a "rustic" version, where the wood-burning brick fireplace installed.Portal in this case can be decorated with artificial stone or brickwork be under unravel.
Baroque portal will be appropriate only if the appropriate design of the interior space

Baroque style portal will be appropriate only if the appropriate design of the interior space

  • version of the portal is decorated by Baroque art, designed for rooms with the interior in the style of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, with the appropriate furniture and textiles.In a modern apartment a fireplace will look simply inappropriate.Portals Baroque drawn plaster relief stucco or imitation of polyurethane.Besides, quite often these elements are cut from the wood and have a very complex and intricate reliefs.
The modernist style is easy to fit into any interior

modernist style is easy to fit into any interior

  • Nouveau style - a combination of modern trends and classic materials and elements.Portal made in this embodiment, may have a severe form and fits perfectly into modern interiors, and can be diluted with relief inserts in the form of geometric figures, and even used in the classic design of the room.It should be noted that this style has many variations, but it should not be overloaded with unnecessary decorative details.Such portals can be made of any finishing material, but in compliance with the canons of modernity.
Hi-tech - no nonsense

high-tech style - nothing more

  • Hi-tech - it's one of a minimalist style.It is dominated by clear shapes and lines, so a portal frame made of plasterboard and steering, and then qualitatively plastered and painted in a color that will be ideal for specific interior, it will comply with the rules of this style.

Building and finishing materials for decorative fireplace portals

As mentioned above, the choice of material for the portal depends on four main criteria - is the type of fire, the selected style decoration, financial capabilities and preferences of home owners.If you are installing an imitation fireplace, a list of finishing materials for its decoration is quite wide, and problems with the selection and acquisition should arise.

Of the materials suitable for the finishing of the fireplace, depending on its functionality, you can create the following list:

  • Traditional wood-burning fireplaces, lined with bricks or made of metal, can have a portal, decorated with natural or artificial stone, ceramic, marble orfireclay tiles, tiles, plaster elements and other materials having sufficient resistance to high temperatures.
Готовый "очаг" для электрического камина

Ready "home" for the electric fireplace

  • For electric fireplaces, which are arranged in the furnace only an imitation flame, fit all of the above materials, and in addition they can be used by wood or polyurethane, imitating stucco reliefs.
  • for finishing decorative fireplaces can be used absolutely any material, including even the wallpaper with the appropriate pattern for the interior.

Finishing materials selected also depending on which of the portal itself will be erected.So, for decorative or electric fireplaces are built of framing of plasterboard, plywood, gypsum board or cardboard.

these materials is sheathed by a frame made of metal profiles and beams.Some craftsmen manage to make decorative fireplaces, even from old furniture, for example, from unnecessary cabinets.

Fireplace made ​​of cardboard old cardboard boxes - material for a fireplace?

Yes, this is not a joke!From seemingly unnecessary junk to make fashionable decorative portal and decorate it so that no one would ever guess from which it is made actually.How to make your own decorative fireplace cardboard - in a special publication of our portal.

brick portals

If the home is installed steel or cast iron wood-burning fireplace, a portal for it can be built of brick under the fanning or for finishing stone or ceramic tiles.In this case, the portal will not only decorative but also functional element, as will a longer period to keep heat in the room.It will act as a heat storage - heat up the metal from the hearth and give warmth to the room.

Brick portal

Brick portal

of quality bricks can be combined and decorative portal, which will simulate a real and will be used for the installation of bio fireplaces or candles.But this interior mantelpiece element can be used for TV position, clock, candlesticks and various ceramic figurines, and even pot plants.

If you plan to spend finish portal decorative material, it can be built from anywhere on the quality of bricks.The main thing - to withstand the evenness of its walls.

finishing ceramic tiles

excellent option will finish ceramic tiles, which will give the construction accuracy and simplify the regular maintenance of its surfaces.Additionally, tile well heated, at the same time keeping the heat brick walls.Tiles - a heat-resistant material, so do not have to worry about fire safety.Lay the tiles on the special flame retardant, which is designed for finishing stoves and fireplaces.It is easy to buy in specialized stores.

Portal , lined with ceramic tiles

portal, lined with ceramic tiles

advantage fireplaces portal ceramic material can be called a variety of options.Tiles can simulate bricks or tiles, as well as help to make absolutely no straight walls ideal.

Finishing portal tiles under the tiles

Finish portal tiles under the tiles

Today, this material is produced in a wide range of colors, with a wide variety of designs, sizes and configurations - a curb narrow, wide, rounded a corner and straight, smooth and embossed tiles.

Gypsum as a material for the portal

Besides brick surface of the ceramic tiles can be arranged portal, built of drywall or giposovolokonnyh sheets or gypsum board, which is not required to mount the frame.This material is easy to process, since the cutting plate can be an ordinary hacksaw, and can be very easy to round the edges or cut them in an arched vault.They are easily screwed screws, and most importantly, the plates are equipped with elements for connection "tongue and groove" that simplifies the removal of straight walls.

The portal can be put out of gypsum boards

portal can be put out of gypsum boards

when mounting plate is further connected to each other with adhesive gypsum-based, which makes the walls are almost monolithic.

portal of gypsum boards can be finished on top of virtually any decorative material, which can be pasted on it or screwed.The only drawback of gypsum board is its relatively large mass but if the portal does not have great depth, some of them quite possible to combine design and high-rise buildings in the apartment, since they cumulatively weighing slightly overlap.

Frame portal steering plasterboard can also be lined with ceramic tiles, the more it will be easy to stick to a prepared and primed surface.

Finishing stone portal

Also ceramic tiles for cladding the fireplace portal frequently used artificial stone, the more so that it can be made of different materials, and in a variety of colors and design solutions.

Красиво будет смотреться портал, "одетый" в камень

Beautifully will look portal, "dressed" in

stone in DIY stores you can find a material that simulates brick or stone of different wild species.cement or plaster solution used for its production, as well as acrylic composites.

«Stone" made from acrylic composition - the lightest weight and strong enough, as well as resistant to abrasion, so is the best fit for fireplaces portal.

trim elements made ​​of artificial stone

trim elements made of artificial stone

produced and smooth artificial stone by polished marble.The original composition for this add crushed marble, or even its imitation.For gluing

similar material using different formulations, depending on from which it is made and on the surface which will be pasted.For example, tile adhesives, cement-base artificial stone used for the manufactured of a solution using the same material.A similar approach and other types of "psevdokamennoy" lining.

Artificial stone is easily pasted on the prepared surface of the plasterboard

Artificial stone easily pasted on the prepared surface of the plasterboard

Artificial stone is used for finishing of brick, plaster and drywall surfaces, and if they are well aligned and prepared, the work will take place quickly and without any problems.

Artificial stone is well combined with other materials, such as wood or its imitation.

Finish portal polyurethane decorative elements

For decorative fireplace or portal, manufactured under a variety of electric fireplaces, which only simulates the fire burning, the elements of polyurethane are used quite often.They were in a large assortment can be found in DIY stores - this may be columns with capitals, borders, central or corner pieces, imitating stucco of varying bump.

Polyurethane finishing elements are virtually indistinguishable from the real plaster moldings

Polyurethane finishing elements are virtually indistinguishable from the real plaster stucco

This material is lightweight, so paste it on cardboard, plywood, drywall, or gypsum board - there is no trouble.To give polyurethane moldings natural kind, after the glue dries, the portal is covered with liquid homogeneous composition of gypsum-based with a soft brush.

polyurethanes can be given any color tone, and in addition, some prefer gold paint to cover some of the stucco relief.

well combined elements of polyurethane and other materials.For example, they are perfectly in tune with artificial stone or ceramic tiles, so this material gives great possibilities for the imagination in the development of an independent design project.

Do not use polyurethane for decoration of the portal wood fire, as the material is not designed to use it at high temperatures - it begins to soften, and even giving off toxic fumes.Therefore, this time must always be taken into account when choosing this method of decoration.

Ready polyurethane portal kit

Ready polyurethane portal set

It should be noted that the polyurethane portals can even buy and almost completely finished finishing kit.In this case, you will not need to pick up some elements of the style and the embossed pattern, since they are already harmoniously assembled in ideal composition.It will only have to install a decorative trim on steering plasterboard frame.

If the portal acquired in the collection, then you need a good framework to calculate the size of the fireplace and electric "fireplace".Best of all, of course, buy a "furnace" and the portal at the same time the seller to choose the optimal suitable options, and already the size of the main structural elements and calculated parameters of the future framework.

For the convenience of transportation and installation of polyurethane frames consist of three parts: two side posts, half-columns and horizontal mantel.

Wooden portals

Wooden carved portals are made for a long time, and they are often used for cladding wood brick fireplaces.However, in this case wooden elements must undergo special training steps comprising impregnating them with flame retardants.