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August 12, 2017 18:06

Table with his hands

table with their hands could easily be made even handyman who does not have any accumulated experience in carpentry.Of course, this will be possible if the design of the table is fairly straightforward and understandable.

Table with his hands

table with his hands

For example, to find a suitable ready-made model for the kitchen table, having excessively small size, do not always work.Buy custom solid wood furniture - just expensive.Therefore also it is necessary sometimes to take up tools and design their own "work" on their own, starting from concrete space dimensions, where it is planned to set the table.

addition, often there is a desire to show their creativity in a garden, especially since there is always a desire to build beautiful porch or gazebo suburban area.If the hand is appropriate materials and tools, or you can sit at the table drawing drawing of the future, or use ready-made project, and then get to work.

To understand what types of table able to build with their own hands, it is advisable to consid

er several versions of the piece of furniture.

Tools for

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools for
  • 2 Easy to manufacture table suburban area
    • 2.1 Materials
    • 2.2 Installation garden table
  • 3 small folding table for kitchens
    • 3.1 materials and parts for folding table
    • 3.2 Mounting folding table, cabinets
  • 4 Video: example of round table assembly
  • 5 Video: easy kitchen table collapsible design

Before starting work, you need to prepare the appropriate tools that would be needed for the manufacture of any of the wooden table.The amount of material for each model will be different.

A set of basic tools of the carpenter

set of basic tools of the carpenter

possible to use conventional, traditional hand tools that have always worked as a carpenter.In this list they typically include:

  • Plane, which line the timber and urge on the items in the correct size.
  • chisels to sample a variety of holes and grooves, removal of small projections.
  • saws of various sizes and modifications, which are cut thick boards or making small gashes.
  • pencil, tape measure, area and line.
  • Screwdriver Set.
  • clamps to temporarily fix the glued parts.
  • Sandpaper grinding.

Many of the tools can be replaced by a more modern and convenient appliances:

  • Electric jigsaw do the work for which previously used, various saws mentioned above.
Jigsaw allows you to quickly make the necessary workpiece

Jigsaw allows you to quickly make the necessary workpiece

  • sander will help to make the surface smooth and grind them to a shine, eliminates the tedious manual processing procedures sandpaper.
Sander eliminates the tedious manual grinding and polishing procedures

sander eliminates the tedious procedure of grinding and polishing by hand

  • milling machine with a set of cutters.This device will help to round sharp corners, drill shaped grooves under furniture hinges, and, if necessary, and have some experience, you can use it, you can decorate the table relief pattern.
Hand milling machine parts will bring shape to perfection

Hand milling machine parts will bring shape to perfection

  • screwdriver will speed up the work since no need to spend on each screw tightening for a few minutes.In addition, it is possible under certain operations to establish one of the mills or conventional drill bits, for example, to process the region or make a perfectly smooth large or small hole (groove).
Cordless Screwdriver simplifies installation operations

Cordless Screwdriver simplifies installation operations

  • Building level will help to make the product smooth and neat, as will all the possible irregularities and imbalances.
Чтобы готовая мебель не получалась "скособоченной" , сборку контролируют уровнем

to finished furniture does not get "skosobochennoy" assembly control level

Easy to manufacture table suburban area

To produce such a holiday table - afford each

Produce similar holiday table - afford each


For such a holiday table, having a table top size 1680 × 850 mm, does not require too much of wooden blanks.It is necessary to prepare the following:

  • Bruce, section - 750 × 100 × 50 mm - 4 pcs.(Feet).
  • Board size:

- 1680 × 100 × 25 mm - 4 pcs.(Longitudinal frame members);

- 850 × 100 × 25 mm - 2 pcs.(Transverse frame members);

- 1580 × 100 × 25 mm - 2 pcs.(Facing boards of the side frame members);

- 950 × 100 × 25 mm - 17 pcs.(Boards countertops).

  • Screws, bolts, and possibly metal angles.
  • Joiner's glue.

All wooden elements should be treated with antiseptic compositions prepared and have a smooth surface.If you plan to "darken" the wood, then covered her stained and invoicing for the manifestation of the drawing - the top gently traversed grinder.Sandpaper with fine grain remove promorennye elevated part of the figure of wood, and they will be lighter than the recess.

Installation garden table

When all the details for the frame to be prepared, you can start assembly.

Каркас или "коробка" стола

frame or "box" table

  • first step frame members countertops - four longitudinal board size 1680 × 100 × 25 mm and two end 850 × 100 × 25 mm, laid out on a large table or on the floor.At the end boards is location markings indoor and outdoor boards.Using a ruler, relying on drawing the necessary distance are measured and marked with a pencil.Be sure to note the exact width of the longitudinal boards at the junction with the face, especially in the event that the connection will be way tie.

Connection elements can be done in different ways:

Соединение с выбором "четверти" и с использованием металлических уголков

Connection with the choice of "quarters" and using metal corners

- with a steel corner - this is the most simple and reliable way;

- tapping method - a more complicated way, since it requires not only precise dimensions in the width and length of the connecting elements but also in the depth of the board;

Несколько типов соединения по принципу "шип-паз"

Several connection types on the principle of "thorn-groove»

- «tongue and groove" shown in the second figure a), b), c), d) and e) is a compoundalso quite difficult for beginners masters, with no experience;

- Connect shkantami shown in franmente e) - this method also requires great accuracy when marking and drilling holes in the connected parts.

  • All connections are usually carried out with the use of glue.The only exception is bonding metal parts butt area.
  • framework must be perfectly sound right angles, so after connecting all the elements necessary to carry out control by means of the construction area and measuring and comparing the length of the diagonal.
  • If the items are fixed with glue, they definitely need to fix clamps and leave to its drying, otherwise they will be connected securely.
For reliability of adhesive joints in the parts are clamped clamp

for reliability glued connections parts are clamped in the clamp

  • When the glue dries, and skeleton acquires certain rigidity to the outer longitudinal sides of the fixed board cladding size 1580 × 100 × 25 mm.Location of attachment also need to partition, since by their edges should stay away for mounting feet.Facing board also planted on the adhesive and fixed screws, which hats should be drowned in the wood on 1,5 ÷ 2,0 mm.
Mounting facing sideboards

Mounting facing sideboards

  • The next step is the transverse trim countertop boards 950 × 100 × 25 mm.Place them need fixing too, at first mark, starting from the middle of the frame, as they must be installed at a distance of 5 mm from each other.The projection of the frame countertops should be 25 mm on all four sides.
  • Further, each of the boards are fixed in four places to the longitudinal members "box" of the table, and the extreme of the board - and even to the end faces.To cap screws are recessed for them in the boards are drilled recesses 8 mm diameter to a depth of 2 ÷ 3 mm, then the middle of the recesses, drill bit of smaller diameter (typically - 3 mm) drilled through-holes into which and are screwed screws.In order to avoid cracking of the boards during installation work, through holes drilled a must.
Mounting tabletop boards

Mounting boards countertops

  • After that, the longitudinal edges of the boards are fixed legs of the bar cross-section of 750 × 100 × 50 mm, they must exactly match the width of the countertop.
The next stage - set legs

next stage - set

  • feet feet may be secured to the frame with screws, but it is better to fix each of them with two screws, placing them diagonally across the junction.The bolt through holes are drilled, and tightening them from the inside of the carcass nut with a wrench.
  • The final manufacturing step is sealing caps screws with a mixture made from a carpenter or epoxy glue and sawdust.This homemade putty filled recesses of hats and well leveled.After drying glue all the countertop, and especially the places closed "plugs" of glue, you need a good polish.
This is the result that should have

That's what eventually should be able to

  • After this table can be covered with varnish or paint, water-based.After waiting for drying the decoration or protective layer, the product can be installed in the villa gazebo, on the veranda or terrace in a recreation area.

If desired, supplied to the table is not difficult to make the stools or a bench.

small folding table for kitchens

Which table -transformer suitable for the kitchen , and for a small room

Such table-transformer suitable for the kitchen, and for a small room

Such a small folding table is perfect for a small kitchen or a very small room.

  • Its design is arranged in such a way that the table top can not develop on their own, if it is accidentally wounded the leg of the table, so the table is completely safe to install in the nursery.
  • Availability bilateral roomy tables, will store it in a variety of fines and small toys.
  • table is equipped with a tabletop of sufficient size to a child could do homework sitting behind him.
  • In addition, on the table there is a place for a laptop or books required for study.
  • If necessary, this small table can easily be replaced and ironing board, if its surface lay a soft cloth.

Considering all the above, the table could be described as a multi-functional, despite the very compact dimensions.

Materials and parts for folding table

To build such a comfortable piece of furniture, you need to prepare all the parts of which it consists.The list of required pieces shown in the table below, and their manufacture - is described and shown below:

The scheme of the table with affixed numbers of assembly parts (Figure clickable - click to enlarge )

scheme table with affixed numbers of assembly parts (picture is clickable - click to enlarge)

№ details on drawing details Name Number, pcs. Size, mm manufacturing material, thickness, mm
1 Down part countertops. 1 600 × 600 Plywood 25 mm thick
2 Fixed tabletop pedestals. 1 600 × 475 Plywood 25 mm thick
3 groove element for the feet movement on a folding table top. 2 530 × 30 Plywood 18 mm thick
4 groove element for the feet movement on the stone countertop. 2 120 × 30 Plywood 18 mm thick
5 upper end part of the groove, which limits the movement legs. 1 122 × 30 Plywood 18 mm thick
6 groove element for the feet movement on a folding table top. 2 530 × 20 Plywood 18 mm thick
7 groove element for the feet movement on the stone countertop. 2 120 × 20 Plywood 18 mm thick
8 lower end part of the groove, which limits the movement legs. 1 122 × 20 Plywood 18 mm thick
9 side walls of the table pedestals. 2 720 × 520 MDF 19 mm
10 Horizontal parts cabinets, forming shelves. 3 520 × 312 MDF 19 mm
11 lower vertical part of the internal partition tables. 1 418 × 312 MDF 19 mm
12 upper vertical part of the internal partition tables. 1 312 × 184 MDF 19 mm
13 average horizontal part of the stone. 1 310 × 250 MDF 19 mm
14 door cabinets. 1 477 × 346 MDF 19 mm
15 Shelf cabinets. 1 310 × 250 MDF 19 mm
16 Facade panel drawer pedestals. 1 346 × 209 MDF 19 mm
17 drawer front panel (located behind the front). 1 418 × 312 MDF 19 mm
18 side box panel. 2 341 × 250 MDF 19 mm
19 rear box panel. 1 272 × 120 MDF 19 mm
20 Bottom Drawer. 1 341 × 272 MDF 19 mm
handles for drawers and cabinets doors. 2 Ø 30 mm Wood
upper leg element. 1 80 × 80 × 18 Plywood 18 mm thick
Mobile table leg. 1 Ø top 55, bottom 30, height 702 Wood
Furniture hinges to connect two parts of the table top. 2 Ø 50 mm Metal
Furniture hinges for the doors. 2 size depends on the form. Metal
lower end panels that cover the clearance under the pedestal. 2 20 × 300 × 5 plywood 5mm

The figures show a drawing table on which to rely during the manufacture and assembly of components into a single structure.

The basic size of the table (Figure clickable - click to enlarge )

main dimensions of the table (picture is clickable - click to enlarge)

The individual components of the table - drawer and a guide channel for the movement of the legs (picture is clickable - click to enlarge )

individual table units - drawer and a guide channel for the movement of the legs (picture is clickable - click to enlarge)

To produce all listed in the table detailsIt requires modern power tools, which are able to bring the workpiece to professional excellence.

Mounting folding table, cabinets

started making table is a most important and largest of its parts - countertops.Since the folding table, this element will consist of two parts - a fixed and "mobile", that is, one that can be folded down if necessary.