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August 12, 2017 18:06

Concrete with their hands

It's hard to imagine what else construction processes without using cement mortars.But for the owners of their own country house, with their constant state of "permanent" repair and landscaping, concrete general is a very popular surgery - the track garden pour need be, the foundation for the gazebo, then refurbish the blind area, then put the fence ... In short, literally on each step requires the production of concrete - the only difference is the scale of the event.

Concrete with their hands

Mixer with their hands

Many individual builders prefer not trying to fool with self-kneading of the solution - it can be avoided if close a factory concrete or other undertaking which provides services for the production of concrete and its delivery to the venueworks.But, firstly, it is worth a lot of money.Secondly, it is not always such a possibility is present.And, thirdly, not far always have smy seq etc. ibegat to such services for reasons of small scale construction or maintenance tasks - or it will be ridicu

lous, or extremely unprofitable.Simply - produce the necessary amount of the solution on their own.This, of course, can be done manually, but it is better to buy (rent) mixer or show a real master: the future make a concrete mixer with their own hands.

This article will examine a few models homemade concrete mixers - from the simplest to those who have already little differ from the samples submitted in stores.

Brief - what are mixer

Article Contents

  • 1 Brief - what are the concrete mixer
    • 1.1 Forced mixing principle
    • 1.2 Gravitational mixing
    • 1.3 Combined principle
    • 1.4 vibratory mixing of the components of the solution
  • 2 independent production of "classical" mixer
    • 2.1 mixing tub
    • 2.2 Video: homemade concrete mixer with tub, welded sheet steel
    • 2.3 Rama mixer
    • 2.4 Video: homemade concrete mixer to the frame kachelnogo type
    • 2.5 few words about the drive
    • 2.6 Video: another embodiment of a mixer
  • 3 Useful tips last
    • 3.1 Video: homemade concrete mixer based on the old tractor T-16

By and large account , to prepare a concrete solution is possible and all without any tools.Some artists even like work the "old way", mixing tseme nt sand and other components (if necessary), and then gradually adding the right amount of water.Used for this large capacity with low sides, or even factory-made, hammered together from planks and sheathed with a thin metal.

Mixing by hand - if so many have time ?

Mixing by hand - if so many have time?

Some people prefer to do without altogether containers , spending just preparing a solution on a prepared flat ground.However, anyway procedure stirring with a shovel or a hoe dry ingredients first, and then with water - is very time-consuming process takes a lot of strength still at a preliminary stage, prior to concreting.And if the work planned rather ambitious, such an approach has not justified itself.

Construction mixers or nozzles in the drill - they no longer will be used for dry construction mixtures or composite polymer materials.Sand cement for them - already heavy «test», and if still there is a need to add gravel, gravel or expanded clay coarse fraction, the mixer or a drill can safely put aside: not only do high quality, uniformkneading will achieve , so yet and there is a risk of overheating the gearbox or the drive unit.

Mixer or a drill is not always help out

mixer or drill is not always help out

With this task cope mixers (mixers), which differ not only in size, capacity and drive power, but also the principle of the action.

Forced mixing principle

Forced principle - a mixture of components of the solution produced in the fixed capacity.Carried out at the expense of circular motion of the shaft with blades, connected to the mechanical drive.(Work with the help of the building mixer or a drill with an attachment also can be safely attributed to the principle of compulsory batch).

Compulsory mixer

compulsory mixer

layout of the installation may be different.For example, the snare may be a vertically positioned cylinder of small height, in which the blades, the blades are rotating on a vertical axis (as shown above).

Another option - when she container is horizontal, and the shaft with blades oriented in the same horizontal plane.Below is a schematic diagram of the mixer - you never know, possible, someone it will serve as a prototype for independent production.

Approximate drawing compulsory mixer

exemplary drawing forced action mixer

The drawing numbers are indicated:

1 - drum corps, which made batch solution.

2 - frame on which are mounted all the components of the unit.

3 - Power.In this case, with dimensions of the mixer, the optimal capacity is about 5 ÷ 6 kW.

4 - control and controls: toggle turn, the indicator lights.

5 - Lower hatch (Shutter) - to unload the finished solution outstretched bottom capacity .

6 - the lever to open the gate.

7 - safety grille , installed at the time of kneading.

8 - rotation transmission gear with electric drive on the operating shaft.

9 - Protective belt guard transmission.

10 - overload clutch.

11 - operating shaft mounted with it blades for stirring the solution.

the ready solution can be organized on a different principle - snare mounted on the mill not rigidly , and hinged.When kneading of the concrete is locked into place.A to remove ready solution, capacity withdrawn from stopper, and with a special lever rotates in trunnion suspension.The solution thus discharged into the outstretched the capacity through the top loading door.

Another scheme - a little bit easier , the lever for tipping container

Another scheme - somewhat easier, the lever for tipping container

compulsory mixer can achieve very high performance solution homogeneity.They are actively used in industrial applications, in construction, in private practice.However, they are not deprived and quite significant drawbacks:

  • In working capacity often is impossible to avoid the creation of « dead zones» - along the walls, especially in the corners.It is not easy to adjust the blade with a minimum clearance to the inner walls of the cylinder, the more so in these conditions is a constant increased wear of friction parts.
  • Structural complexity - requires reliable sealed protection in uzlo in rashchenija (bearing units) on the shaft from the aggressive action of the cement slurry.
  • Prepare a solution in a mixer with medium or coarse fraction - is virtually impossible.But for painting and decorating, using ready-made construction mix - it most optimal option.

Gravitational mixing

gravity mixing principle - the solution components are mixed under its own gravity.A good example - put in a glass jar two different products, for example, two kinds of cereal, close the lid and start rotating - start mixing.

It is clear that this approach is in its "pure" form does not provide the quality of a solution, or take too much time to achieve acceptable consistency.In industrial environments such method is not applicable, but for domestic use small, simple mixer can produce.

The simplest mixer gravitational action

simplest mixer gravitational action

The drawing shows a can - it is convenient from the point of view of tight-closing lid.But, in principle, it can be used in almost any capacity , if the owner of a well-crafted question its reliable closing mixing time solution.

rotation axis can be mounted outside capacity - have not in this case to provide a seal assembly pass her through the wall.But still better make it through - is an artificial obstacle in gravitational stirring of the solution will increase its number of quality.

As the vessels in the course often go drums

as containers in the course often go drums

On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting solutions for the production of simple concrete mixers improvised.Very often you course are old iron barrel.Produce stand - probably, none good DIY special difficulties will not arise.

The frame and the rotation of the drum mixer assembly

frame and mixer rotating assembly from the barrel

The hardest part is probably - again, consider the question of a close-fitting hatch, which is in the open position will allow for loading of components of the mixture and fill the water and closed, with stirring, not allowleakage of slurry.The approaches may be different here, but is most often used on door hinges are welded, opening for which the perimeter is sealed by rubber.

You can place the barrel and so

barrel can be positioned and so

Some creative master somewhat complicated structure in order to improve the quality of the concrete mixing.For example, to increase the amplitude of the height differences, the barrel can be positioned not on the "right" of the cylinder axis, and diagonally.

Axis extends diagonally

axis runs diagonally

Rotate a concrete mixer, of course, is somewhat more complicated, but the solution of mixing and uniformity will be achieved faster.

Combined principle

So, I mentioned above, that the gravity mixing principle in its «pure» is no different performance and high quality mixing.Certain objections be heard - it is considered in many sources claim that most of the usual concrete mixers with angled rotating drum used was a gravitational principle.With this we can agree, but only made one very important point.

In the majority of used concrete mixers combined principle

Most used concrete mixers combined principle

In such mixing devices necessarily on the inner surface snare rigidly fixed blades.Their size and configuration conceived by designers.When rotating the blades are moved relative to the aspirant down under the weight of its solution.Thus, this case more appropriate to talk about the combination of two principles - and gravity, and forced.And indeed, it is so arranged by the vast majority of apparatus for making the concrete solution.

becom tv Wed ase few:

  • not require any sealing or of the drum (it is permanently open top), or the rotation assembly (since no contact with the solution here is not intended).
  • Wear parts - much less.
  • These mixers are simple and reliable to operate, easy to maintain.
  • virtually no restrictions on the component composition of the solution - can be used gravel , gravel, expanded clay and etc .
You can mix the solution with a large fraction of the filler

can mix the solution with a large fraction of filler

Production mixer just this type will be discussed in detail.

way, back for a moment back to the unpretentious concrete mixers, drums, mentioned above.If you show a little ingenuity, they are also very easy to upgrade and dramatically improve their productivity and the quality of the mixed solution.It is sufficient for the inner surface of the blade or triple also any other man-made obstacles.

Drum mixer with combs

Barrel mixer with combs

One of the options - is shown in the diagram.In this case applied comb , which is easy to weld and cut the corner of the reinforcing rod.Two such comb mixer immediately transferred from the category of gravity in the "family" is more committed , combined.

vibratory mixing of the components of the solution

Not so often, but some enthusiasts are trying to apply the principle of mixing a solution of the concrete by vibration.In industrial environments such installations give excellent results, are used to produce very precise concrete parts with the highest performance.

Industrial vibration mixers

Industrial vibrating mixers

A master at home trying to use the drive as a powerful puncher (most importantly, that its vibratory action was independent, did not require pressing the cartridge to the barrier).

turns out about this scheme:

The approximate scheme homemade vibration mixer

approximate scheme homemade vibrating mixer

1 - container chassis, which is produced by mixing a solution of components.Preference is given to a round, not too large radius but high badyam ( barrels ).

2 - to the body rigidly mounted bracket, which houses the generator vibrational impulse , in our case - the punch (3 pos.).

power puncher must be at least 1,3 - 1,5 kW.Even this does not give a guarantee of success, and with less effort to drive - do not even try.

long rod inserted in the punch holder (pos. 4), which is associated with a vibrator (pos. 6).This rod must be long enough to plate vibrator was the height approximately at the center layer of the solution has (Pos. 5).

seems to be - everything is simple, but not always such a scheme shows good results.Errors most often rooted in neglect of small, seemingly nuanced:

  • Flat vibrator work simply will not.The necessary forms, which will distribute the vibrations in a dense medium from a central point nearly spherically to the periphery. must be something spindle-shaped, similar to the two plates, connected with bottoms out.In principle, it is one of the solutions - two metal plates, planted on the axle.
  • Diameter vibrator depends on the drive power.When calculations can start their approximate proportions: 150 ÷ ​​200 mm per 1 kW of power puncher.So, if we take puncher 1.5 kW, it is ready to "dish" from 225 to 300 mm in diameter.
  • diameter of the cylinder should be such , to the outer edge of the vibrator, placed exactly in the center, to vessel wall was a distance approximately equal to the radius of the plate.
  • to create vibratory waves that can cope with the mixing of the cement-sand mixture, the solution level above and below the vibrator should always be approximately equal to the diameter of the "plates".

vibrating kneading concrete mixtures gives excellent solution quality.