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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a pump for pumping sewage

Properly organized drainage - one of the most important conditions for the comfort of people living.Primarily, this certainly applies to the owners of private houses equipped with at least a minimum "comfort" - it all depends on the landlord.Residents of the city apartments in high-rise buildings with these problems is much easier, but still sometimes there are situations when the sewage system requires a certain alteration or modernization.

How to choose a pump for pumping sewage

How to choose a pump for pumping sewage

Normal functioning sewage system should be provided in a timely regular emptying storage tanks or to move a mass of sewage to a central manifold.And in fact, and in another case, this work is done by a special pumping equipment.Such installations are usually called faecal that, in principle, describes the features and operation of the device.Try to understand, for any cases you will need and how to choose a pump for pumping sewage.

Applications sewage pumps

Article Contents

  • 1 Applications sewage pumps
  • 2 types of sewage pumps on-site
    • 2.1 Surface sewage pumps
    • 2.2 Submersiblesewage pumps
    • 2.3 Semi-submersible sewage (fecal) pumps
    • 2.4 domestic sewage pumping stations
      • 2.4.1 Video: Household sewage pumping station company UNIPUMP line SANIVORT
  • 3 main criteriaselecting a pump for sewage
  • 4 leading manufacturers of pumps for pumping sewage
    • 4.1 «Grundfos»
      • 4.1.1 Video: clear demonstration of the possibilities «Grundfos SEG» sewage pump
    • 4.2 «Redrollo»
      • 4.2.1 Video: drainage and sewage pumps" Redrollo »
    • 4.3 « JEELEX »
      • 4.3.1 Video: drainage pumps" JEELEX "Russian company
    • 4.4 "Whirlwind»
      • 4.4.1 Video: presentation of cheap fecal pumps brand "Whirlwind»

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the definition.Entitled "pumps sewage" or "Sewage pumps" combines a variety of instruments with different characteristics and, device and installation diagrams.This is understandable - the concept of sewage is also very multifaceted - even in one home can be both created and operated some of its types, such as home - sewage, or (and) to the restroom, and storm drainage.

2015-12-26_141447 Sewerage in a private house

caring owner will always provide your own house properly constructed sewage systems.As a self-organize autonomous sanitary sewer , and how to calculate and create storm sewers - read the special publications of our portal.

In each case, and pumps for pumping sewage or software movement may apply different.With some degree of conditionality can be divided into two groups.

  • pumps for pumping dirty water - they are able to work with the content of solid inclusions in the fluid of sufficient size: sand, stones, shells, etc.One of the most important characteristics of these devices is permitted diameter of solid contaminants - some models, this figure comes to 50 millimeters, and even more.But with organic fibrous inclusions they cope is worse.
Pumps for contaminated water capable of handling large solids

pumps for dirty water can cope with large solids

  • Fecal pumps, on the other hand, are designed for pumping liquids with a higher viscosity, saturated organic inclusions, fibrous structures, garbage.They are easy to cope with mud and silt data accumulations in reservoirs.
Various types of milling devices

Different types of grinding devices

Most often, they have a design feature - crushing device of a principle of action (knives or sharpened blades of the impeller wheel) that allows you to shred sewage, turning them into a homogeneous consistency mass,which does not score the pipe and can easily be pumped to a considerable height and distance.

But the presence of the reservoir or reservoir solids for such pumps may be unacceptable - likely damage or even jamming of the chopper blades that will result in either the loss or the instrument of their performance, or, in general, to the failure.

The large solid fragments can damage the blade grinding knives

large solid fragments can damage the blade grinding knives

In short, choosing a pump for sewage should be clear, what challenges he had to deal.Moreover, many devices have a fairly high versatility, and are capable of performing many related functions that are in demand in the practice of private home life:

  • If the home "sewage" is made under the simplified scheme, but with a cesspool, the need for her discharge will occur often enough.However, even if the septic tank is installed, its primary chamber will sooner or later require cleaning.In both these cases, simply can not do without a powerful fecal pump with an impeller-chopper.

may need draining storage reservoirs or wells household or storm sewer.For example, this happens during the mass melting of the snow or during a prolonged period of rain, when the system of drainage of excess water is simply not doing its job.

Насос постоянно "следит" за уровнем воды в колодце и производит регулярную откачку

pump always "follows" the water level in the well and producing a regular evacuation

Often in such containers mounted pumps for dirty water and on a regular basis - they are automatically included when you reach a certain level of accumulated fluid and discharged her, not allowingoverflow.

  • Many problems arise from the owners of property located in the lowlands, in the areas of frequent flooding risk areas, with the close proximity of underground water horizons.Water can periodically penetrate the basement or basement space, and to cope with it also helps the drainage pumps are equipped with automatic water level monitoring system.
The drain pump is pumping water from the pit in the basement

drain pump is pumping water from the pit in the basement

For such purposes, usually in basements organizing a pit, which drains water collects, and from there the pump pumps it out to the sewer or storm sewers.

  • Nobody ever immune from emergencies - flooding of the premises by natural reasons or for reasons of man-made features, including - and because of his own carelessness.Drain the room will also help to drain pump for dirty water.
Eliminating the consequences of accidents and natural disasters - another feature of drainage pumps

Eliminating the consequences of accidents and natural disasters - another feature of drainage pumps

  • After mass snowmelt or heavy rains in the area may appear in the folds of the zone flooding area.To "help" them dry faster, you can also pump out the water using a pump - designed for fecal or dirty water.
Drenazhnik or fekalnik able to help with the drainage area

Drenazhnik or fekalnik able to help with the drainage area

becomes indispensable a pump and for those owners who have created a section on its artificial pond - a pond, fountain or pool.All these objects require periodic cleaning, replacement of the water, and not be able to do without a pump equipment.

Indispensable they care artificial reservoirs

Indispensable they care artificial reservoirs

  • water from an external source - artificial or natural body of water, as well as storage tanks "livnevki" or domestic sewage is often used for watering the infield.And in this situation once again need to pump the dirty water, and if the natural pond strongly swamped - and even fekalnik.
  • Organization of domestic sewage usually involves laying a fairly wide tubes with a certain bias towards the septic tank or central sewer riser.However, there are situations where, for various reasons, some plumbing fixtures to provide a natural, spontaneous outflow impossible.This can be caused by too great a length of track characteristic sloping terrain features on the site or house plan, when, for example, a bathroom, laundry room or are located below the main sewer drain.
Household Sewage pumping installation

Household Sewage pumping installation

In this case, the solution to the problem by installing a stationary pump special type - embedded into the sewer system, or immersion, which will reside in the tank or pit.

  • Sometimes in their possession the hosts intend to organize a small family business, such as washing machines or car repair shop.Please be aware that permission had not obtained until then, until it is provided with tertiary treatment of water before discharging it even in the central sewer, not to mention the open water or sewers.
Pumps for dirty water must be included in the local sewage treatment plant

pumps for dirty water must be included in

local sewage treatment plant will require the installation of the local sewage treatment plant, and its work on the collection of waste water from pits or storage tanks before they move through the modules clean, will also be provided with drainage pumpsthe dirty water.

In short, the application of pumps for pumping sewage are very diverse.And should choose the appropriate equipment depending on specific conditions.

types of sewage pumps on-site

All pumps are used for pumping sewage, can be divided into four separate groups.

Surface sewage pumps

Surface sewage pumps require accommodation at ground level with a lowering in the drainage pit, or into a sewage pit (pit) of the sleeve.

Fecal pumps surface type

Fecal pumps surface type

not to say that such installations are very popular with homeowners.They usually require stationary placement, that is, permanently attached to one place, and use them in case of other needs - is quite problematic.Body and electric drive in most models do not have a special external protection, so you have to come up with its own - usually under such installations have a separate utility room.By

pronounced shortcomings other than those mentioned, include increased noise in operation.In addition, it is required for the control operation and prevent overheating.And if you need to automate the process of evacuation, you will need to purchase separate devices - to control the liquid level in the sewage collection and ensure the timely start-up and shutdown of equipment.

Certain problems may arise and, if necessary, use a surface pump in the winter, at low temperatures.

There are also compact, portable models of surface pumps for dirty water - they may well be used to empty the storage tanks or for the abstraction of water for irrigation infield.

The task of pumping sewage pumps are normally cope, especially if equipped with a grinding device.They have a good performance and generated pressure, although these parameters and they lose a submersible or semi-submersible pumps, with an equal drive power.Not too high a price is also one of the advantages of this pump technology.

submersible sewage pumps

The very design of these pumps predetermines their name - they are designed for total immersion in the pumped medium.It is, first of all, the requirement for their trouble-free operation - electric cooling is carried out by a full body fluid environment.

Submersible pump for emptying the sewage tank

Submersible pump for emptying the sewage tank

Since it is assumed that the pumped liquid can be sufficiently aggressive chemical composition, the pump casing is always executed from corrosion-resistant materials - it can be cast iron, stainless steel, impact resistant polymer.Of course, it provided a complete sealing of the electrical part of the device, the multi-layer insulation power cable.

Most modern models has its own automation system float principle of action that will ensure the inclusion of the pump when the liquid level, but at the same time will not allow fall below the critical level for the device mark.

merits of such pumps - a lot.Almost completely absent probability of freezing - the device is constantly immersed in the liquid layer.This arrangement, moreover, well suppresses the noise of the power unit.Of all the other pump is submersible has a maximum performance on the level of generated pressure.

Among the shortcomings can be noted some difficulties preparatory order, as the pump need to install it in a receptacle and set up its automatic float.However, if you intend to pumping of sewage from a single location on a regular basis, often resort to a stationary installation (Fig. A).

Стационарная и "мобильная" установка погружного дренажного насоса

Stationary and "mobile" installation of submersible sump pump

For this fabricated special guides that facilitate the descent of the device and its lifting for maintenance work.Fitting Position can be equipped with the intake flange.

course, this is not a "dogma" - can be carried out and a simple installation (Figure B). - Most pumps are equipped with a special stand to ensure a stable position of the device on the bottom of the tank.

Yet certain affection submersible pump with one place can be traced, which also makes these models very popular with the owners of private houses.However, if the house is equipped with a "powerful" sewerage system, such an approach is likely to be the most optimal - not to spare money for stationary pump sewage lifting unit and mobile equipment used for other purposes.

Semi-submersible sewage (fecal) pumps

These pumps are classified as the most universal, and that determines its maximum popularity among owners of private houses.Design features allow these devices to cope with the majority occurring in a private home problems - such pumps are not afraid of total immersion or drying capacity is almost dry.

Semi-submersible pump fecal

semisubmersible fecal pump

All they have reliable seals "packed" housing, stable stand for installation in a pond or reservoir dried (room, pit, etc.) almost always semi-submersible pumps are equipped with float immediately automation, preventing the possibility ofPrior heat from idling.

Usually these pumps working chamber volume, not afraid of sufficiently large solids.Fecal model fitted to this further crushing mechanism.

This pump can be installed on a permanent basis, but it is permissible to use as a portable version for n = as needed - for the evacuation of a hydrant, drainage of stagnant pools and an artificial pond for watering the garden, elimination of consequences of the accident, etc.

A special kind of semi-submersible sewage pumps permanent installation

special kind of semi-submersible sewage pumps permanent installation

There is another kind of semi-submersible pumps permanent installation.