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August 12, 2017 18:06

The pump for watering the garden - choose the best option from the proposed

If Country ownership have infield, then most likely, it is used either in the farm or in the arts and horticulture purposes.And in fact, and in another case, can not do without regular holding of certain agronomic work.And in the foreground will always stand irrigation - without effective irrigation, especially in the dry summer, to achieve high yield, tsvetshih beautiful flower beds, or even a juicy green lawn - it is hardly possible.

Even when wound site water main, use of water for irrigation from it - is not the best solution.Firstly, it is very wasteful, and secondly - this water passes some processing, including - chlorination and not too useful for plants.For irrigation is better to use a natural source, but they will need to use special equipment - pump.

The pump for watering the garden : varieties , selection , installation

pump for watering the garden: varieties, selection, installation

However, if the buyer will go to the store or go down the online catalog unprepared, you may encounter a mass of questions, which will make the optimal choice extremely d

ifficult.Pumping equipment - very "many-sided" and differ not only on the technical characteristics, but also on operational capabilities.It is necessary to take into account many criteria in advance to leave the choice on the most suitable to the existing conditions of the model.This is the subject of this publication is - buy a pump for watering the garden: varieties, selection, installation, basic rules of operation.

Assessing the general features and capabilities of the pump

Article Contents

  • 1 Assessing the general features and capabilities of the pump
    • 1.1 How will climb up the water?
    • 1.2 What required performance and created pressure?
      • 1.2.1 calculator for calculating the required capacity of the pump for watering
      • 1.2.2 calculator to calculate the required pump head for irrigation
    • 1.3 Other specifications pump
  • 2 Surface garden pumps
    • 2.1 Video: presentation of a garden pump «METABO P 4000 S»
  • 3 Submersible
    • 3.1 sump pump vibration type
      • 3.1.1 Video: useful tips on operation of the pump vibration
    • 3.2 submersible drainage pumps
      • 3.2.1 Video: tips for choosing the drain pump
    • 3.3 pumps for irrigation of barrels
      • 3.3.1 Video: system for watering the garden from the barrel«Karcher»

How will climb up the water?

impossible to choose the right pump, if not pre-determine where the fence will be made of water for irrigation.Options there may be many.

  • most successful "alignment", when the site has its own, or located in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir of natural origin - a pond or lake, fed from underground sources or creek and has sufficient water debit.It is possible to carry out irrigation of the river flowing nearby.In any of these cases may require a surface or submersible pump (semisubmersible) drain type.
Big success for any summer resident is the presence of nearby natural pond

big success for any summer resident is the presence of nearby natural pond

If the site has an artificial pond - a pond or pool, he can also be a source of water for irrigation.All the same, the water in it should be changed regularly, and it is possible to combine the two operations - fed into a swimming pool with fresh water, pumping out to the garden already needs to be replaced.However, on one condition - that does not use any chemicals.

  • Even a few swampy body of water can serve as a source of water for irrigation of the site, but in this case will have to buy a special kind of drainage pump, which is designed for pumping dirty water is.

However, these ideal conditions are rare.More often have to resort to the artificially created water sources.

  • water from the well or wells can be used for irrigation.For wells can be used as surface pumps (with shallow bedding of the aquifer), and submersible.For wells where the water is usually found in deep water, suitable only submersible pumps of a special type.

skva Water abstraction from wells requires special pumping equipment

raise the water from great depths and at the same time ensure its adequate pressure and flow rate required for further use - this not handle any equipment.How to approach pump choice for well - read in a separate publication from our website.

However, it should immediately make an important point.Any experienced gardener or horticulturist say that use irrigation water directly to their wells or wells - is highly undesirable, since such a plant irrigation can bring them more harm than good.The best option - the necessary amount of watering for a regular pre-pumped into the container mounted on the plot.The water for the day warms up, to get rid of dissolved chemicals, and would be suitable for irrigation.Incidentally, this approach opens up the possibility of the proper use of fertilizers and fertilizing with exact observance of the recommended dilution ratios of compositions.

Correct to water the plants with warm water defended from barrels

Correct to water the plants with warm water from the barrels defended

To apply a set of containers already mentioned Pit or borehole pumps.But just to get a compact pribёtsya watering vegetable garden pump-type surface or submersible special models designed specifically for the abstraction of water from the tanks (barrels of cubic, homemade tanks, etc.).

  • A good host nothing should go to waste, including rain water, which collect in the container garden is often organized with drainage systems.And besides, if the cumulative rain collector can be organized on site competent storm water drain, the source of water for irrigation.In this case the assistant will again submersible pump.

Liv How the storm sewer?

Unfortunately, about the system taps water from the local area does not remember everything or ignore its creation in the hope that all as a matter of "will resolve."Why such an approach - is wrong, and how to create a system stormwater - read in a separate article of our portal.

So, the choice of a pump for irrigation in the first place will depend on the type of water source.

What required performance and created pressure?

Whatever type of pump or chosen, the unit must cope fully with its responsibilities.

  1. Firstly, it must provide the required pumping volume of water at a certain time - a measure of performance.

Calculate this parameter is a snap.Based on the fact that under the existing rules for good irrigation of one square meter plot takes 3 to 6 liters of water (depending on local climate conditions, the characteristics of crops, established weather).The best way to calculate the maximum - so will create a certain reserve capacity, but everyone is free to decide the matter on their own.

course, is taken into account only the land area, which is reserved for the culture, require regular watering.If cultivated lawn or flower beds, their area is also taken into account.

following values ​​necessary for the calculation - this time, which is planned to spend on watering the entire area.Typically, this event is held in the evening, after the decay heat of the day and the aggressiveness of direct sunlight, so it will probably be enough hours - two.

To find the required performance (usually denoted by the symbol in the technical documentation Q) remains to multiply the area of ​​irrigated land and its irrigation rate, and the resulting value is divided by the time allotted for irrigation.

Q = S uch × N / t

S uch - irrigated land area (m²).

N - adopted irrigation rate - from 3 to 6 l / m² (for certain crops may be more).

t - time devoted to site watering.

To calculate the proposed convenience, you can use a calculator.The area it is indicated in hundredths - so many gardeners accustomed.

Calculator pump the required performance for the watering
Enter the requested value and press the "Calculate"
irrigated land area, ar
accepted norm of irrigation per 1 square meter
3 liters per m² 4 liters per m² 5 liters per m² 6 liters per m² 7 liters per m² 8 liters per m²
approximate timeallowed for watering site
half an hour an hour and a half hour two hours

often in literature and on Shilnikov devices indicated the performance, expressed in liters per minute (an example is shown in Figure red arrow).Therefore, and this value is provided in the calculator.

Key operating parameters are usually indicated on the pump nameplate

basic operational parameters are usually indicated on the nameplate of the pump

2. The next most important component - the value of this pressure created by the pump.Typically one (H) expressed in meters water column.The pressure should be such as to provide water and rise to the desired height from the source to the point of consumption, and stable movement along the horizontal portions of the tube and maintain the desired inlet pressure, without which, for example, will not work normally sprinklers.

To calculate the required pressure will require the following quantities:

  • difference in height between the place of installation of the pump and the highest point of watering.If a submersible pump is used, the difference calculated from the depth setting of the pump, rather than on the water surface.
  • The horizontal distance from the pump installation location to the farthest point of their irrigated land.

Often you can find the assertion that 10 meters of horizontal pipe due to hydraulic resistance will correspond to 1 meter vertical section.This is not quite true.Indeed, the pressure loss in the horizontal section may be defined as 1 m of water.Art.10 linear meters, but only if the pipe diameter of 1 ".When using a narrow pipes, the hydraulic resistance is much higher.Thus, with some simplification, it is possible to take the loss equal to 1 m of water column7 linear meters.m at a diameter of hoses ¾ «, but if used quite narrow, in ½», even 1m water column4 linear meters.

Using hoses of different diameters , it should be remembered that the flow resistance in them differ substantially

Using hoses of different diameters, it should be remembered that the flow resistance in them varies considerably

  • Hoses almost never stretched in a straight line.So, you should make some allowance for the possible twists and turns.In addition, following in the path of water may be couplings, fittings, valves and other reinforcing elements-all this raises the total hydraulic resistance line.There will be a big mistake to take account of these two nuances introduce a 20% premium to the total pressure of horizontal section.

Until then calculated the pressure required to deliver the water to the point of consumption.But usually it requires more order for a normal irrigation or for the correct operation of irrigation devices - half technical atmospheres (bar).This corresponds to a pressure of 10 ÷ 15 meters water column.Hence, the value must be increased by this amount.

Example 1:

Surface pump is located on the waterfront.The excess of the highest portion of watering - 3 meters.The length to the farthest area - 150 m. Use hoses ¾ inch (20 mm).

total value is equal to the height exceeding plus the calculated loss in the horizontal section (at the rate of losses - 1 m of water column / 7 running meters.) Multiplied by a correction factor (20%), plus the necessary pressure at the output of 15 m.

N = 3 + (150/7) × 1,2 + 15 = 43,7 meters of the water column.

Example 2:

submersible pump is lowered into the well to a depth of 12 meters below ground level.Requires convey water for irrigation at a distance of 70 meters Schlag 25 mm (1 inch).Excess irrigation area over the well location - 5 meters.

H = 12 + 5 + (70/10) × 1,2 + 15 = 40,4 meters of the water column.

To simplify the calculations below is placed appropriate calculator:

calculator to calculate the required pump head for irrigation
Enter the requested value and press the "Calculate"
value of total excess irrigation areaon the installation point of the pump
distance from the pump to the farthest point watering (the length of the hose)
diameter used hoses
1 inch (25 mm) ¾ inches (20 mm) ½ inch (15 mm)
necessary pressure for correct operation of irrigation devices
1 atmosphere (bar) 1.5 atmosphere (bar) 2 atmosphere (bar)

Of course, the value obtained should be rounded in a big way, and the choice of the pump, it is desirable also to provide for a certain reserve.For example, in both cases it is advisable to purchase the unit created by the pressure of about 45 ÷ 50 meters of the water column.

Some manufacturers indicate the operating pressure generated by the pump, in bar or kPa, so the calculator immediately converts these values ​​on the basis of the result.

Other technical characteristics of the pump

Apart from the basic quantities characterizing the pump unit, should take into account a number of other indicators.

  • For submersible pumps necessarily estimated this figure as possible allowable immersion depth.It depends on the power unit, on the characteristics and design of the pump casing, designed for a specific maximum external pressure.The calculation of the pressure generated (N) in this case was made by this immersion depth (N).
Installation Options Submersible Pump

Installation Options submersible pump

  • for self-priming pumps Surface another option - the depth (height in meters) of suction.That is, to what depth, measured from the water surface to the source (the S), the pump is able to lift water up before creating the output arm of the working head (H), which was mentioned above.Normally, garden pumps are capable of pumping water from the depth of the place of its location in the 6 - 10 meters, although there are exceptions in both large and in the smaller side.side.Of course, when choosing a buyer should focus on the real conditions of your site.
Surface Pump Installation Options

surface pump installation options

  • output power of the pump unit.It would seem that the higher it is - the better.However, in extreme fall should not - as a rule, for horticultural purposes it is enough to power 600 - 800 W, rare models, designed for dirty water, exceed the mark of 1 kW.Excessive in principle - unclaimed power reflected an increase of energy consumption, fast heating of the device, increased noise level and, of course, the difference in price of the product.If the performance indicators and create pressure suit, then the power is too high is simply not needed.