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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to plan the land 6 acres

serious questions about how to plan land 6 acres, there is not only a beginner gardeners, gardeners, and those owners "hacienda", who has decided to completely change the look of their possessions.It is easy to explain - if you are lucky to have a place where you can escape from the noisy and stuffy city at least for a weekend, not necessarily to use it exclusively for the cultivation of organic vegetables, fruits and berries.Not bad will arrange one or more areas for recreation.

How to plan the land 6 acres

How to plan land 6 acres

Landscape Design - is an art design of various areas on the site.There are several schemes by which professional designers prefer to work.With self-planning, you can also use one of the ready-made designs, taking her completely as a basis, or apply it only from the individual elements, which are suitable for a particular site.

Whichever plan is chosen, the most important criteria will be the maximum usability of all provided for your comfort and work facilities for tenants.

Typical projects site planning

Article Contents

  • 1 Typical projects site planning
  • 2 The criteria for determining the main destination site
  • 3 What must be considered in the project?
    • 3.1 Plumbing and artificial ponds
    • 3.2 Sewerage
    • 3.3 Key elements of resettlement site and its landscape design
    • 3.4 Video: basic rules of accommodation facilities in the suburban area
  • 4 Proceduredrawing up the plan
    • 4.1 Video: several examples of successful planning suburban area

landscaper developed six major schemes suburban area planning, which are usually based professionals at work, enriching, of course, these templates with your own ideas.

  • rectangular layout

this kind of territory planning is arguably the most popular, because basically all country houses have a rectangular or square shape.And it should be noted that they are most comfortable and everything for.

The most uncomplicated - a rectangular layout

most uncomplicated - a rectangular layout

scheme of distribution facilities is conveniently carried out in the metered into the cell sheet of paper (or "graph paper") and by drawing it, it is necessary to pre-set and adhere to a certain scale, eg 1: 100.

Identify the different zones in the territory with right angles produce a lot easier than creating complex intricate schemes that contribute to the overall view of a portion mess.Rectangular plot is easier to make more open, placing it in the right order a variety of residential and commercial buildings, water, beds, flower beds, rock gardens, fruit trees and shrubs.In addition, this approach is easier to plan the realization of various communications needed to ensure a comfortable stay in the area.

  • diagonal layout

diagonal layout can be made on a rectangular, square area, or on the territory of an irregular shape.The defining elements of this zoning are sharing the track portion, which are laid diagonally, from corner to corner.Sometimes designers in the preparation of schemes prefer to completely move away from the horizontal and vertical lines, even when planning placement of the house on the diagonal section.

Основными "опорными линиями" выступают проведенные по диагонали дорожки

basic "reference lines" act carried out on a diagonal track

This method of placing objects visually expand the space and makes the area more spacious.In addition, it is possible the original distribution zones.Their case, such an approach can be identified much more, as the track held the corners connect the territory, which often enough are not involved.

The diagonal layout is usually used if the intended build a house and fulfill all registration area in a certain style.

  • Irregular planning

Planning irregular pattern includes various ways of organizing zones.There can be used elements of rectangular, diagonal and curved plan, but they must be mutually positioned so that they are in harmony with each other.

Irregular layout may seem chaotic , but it has to comply with certain principles

irregular layout may seem chaotic, but it has to abide by certain principles

On submission of the plan, which was drawn up for a particular site, well you can see all conceived by the designer within the zone:

1 - Entry area, of course, being inthe front part of the site, leaving the road.Here for the machine can be undeveloped or covered parking garage built full.

2 - The entrance area is an extension of an entry.She arranged a path leading to the house, and it is often decorated with flower beds.

3 - The recreation area is almost always located in the heart of a site, but not far from the house.In this area, organize a children's playground, swimming pool, gazebo, swing set and garden benches.Here, fruit or ornamental trees can be planted.

4 - Economic Zone is most often positioned in the far corner of the site.They built the necessary farm buildings, and settling sanitary zone - summer shower and toilet.

5 - Garden in the scheme is located on the corner of the territory.If this area is organized in this way, the section of the fence at this point should not be continuous, since it is usually necessary to truck crops natural ventilation, or lack of sun and an overabundance of moisture can cause rotting vegetables directly on beds.

6 - Alpine hill.Usually it is also part of the recreation area, but is somewhat apart, as this may be a place for solitude, sometimes so necessary for communion with nature.

7 - Garden area.There are planted fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, and this area garden can also easily be used for recreation.

irregular plot layout can be applied to the area, having any geometric shape.Through the distribution zones, does not have to adhere to some strict rules of layout objects related communications, so this kind of planning is quite popular among the land owners.

  • curvilinear planning

curvilinear planning can be called spontaneous, as the tracks are laid on the site for convenient trodden routes.Therefore, in this type of landscaping zones distribution called natural or natural.

Underlined smooth lines - the basic principle of the curvilinear plan

underlined smooth lines - the basic principle of the curved layout

In this embodiment, the arrangement of the site there is no direct and sharp corners, and all tracks are smooth, almost imperceptible turns, so the area looks aesthetically pleasing and elegant.Along the paths passing through the plot are planted various shrubs, broken beds, behind which will need to be monitored closely over the summer, otherwise they will capture tracks seamlessly zone.

  • Tangent and arc regulated

use regulated plot tangents and arcs can be applied at the site of any shape.This distribution areas makes the area more dynamic, where the forms and turns, one after another, have rounded corners, which is very comfortable for a relaxing walk.

The combination of arcs and tangent lines

combination of arcs and tangent lines

similar layout arrangement area can be used for any architectural style of the house.all objects can be considered well-represented on the diagram located on the site.

  • radial layout

radial or circular planning scheme is characterized by the fact that all objects are arranged in a circle section or a semi-circle, which fit into a certain area of ​​the territory.To emphasize the unusual shape arrangement of elements on a rectangular plot, made his planting of shrubs angles or fruit trees.

In this case, when drafting, except a square grid, using compasses and even the middle of drawing a circle inscribed in a square or rectangular section shape and divided in the form of rays.For these radiating rays and has a decorative elements of the landscape and the main building.

House in a layout can be in the center of the circle or on one of the beams, but that trend was observed, the building will have to harmoniously fit into this shape.In case residential building erected on site already, the layout can be carried around with him or one of its sides.

The radial layout dominated by a circle with rays radiating from it

The radial layout dominated by a circle with rays radiating from it

In an exemplary design used radial plan inscribed in a square area:

1 - Residential building located on the arc of the central circle.

2 - Bath.It is her path which is part of a circle located outside the house.

3 - Garage.This building is located at the entrance to the territory, and around a semicircle own organized.

4 - A small secluded gazebo.

5 - Greenhouse, remote area in the corner.

6 - Garden, located next to the greenhouse, has a bed in the form of rays.

7 - Fruit trees planted in this case on the edge of the area.

8 - Children's playground, installed near the house, so it can be clearly seen from his window, and rebyatnya be under adult supervision.

9 - Rockery - flower bed with a variety of well-matched to each other plants, and additionally decorated with stones.

10 - Ornamental trees and shrubs.They can be chosen so that flowering will continue from early spring to late autumn.

11 - Tracks that feature in circles.

12 - Entry area, which can be used as car parking.

The criteria for determining the main destination site

To apply one or the other basic planning scheme must be defined in advance in order to then be designed area around the house:

  • It will only be a place of rest, a vegetable garden, garden, or complexdivided into different zones.
  • Will on the site is one of the varieties of artificial ponds - the pond, decorative waterfall, pool or fountain.
  • Do I need a playground, and that it will be.
  • Will BBQ whether organized.
  • Which of the outbuildings is expected to build on the site.
  • number of flower beds and their varieties.
  • Do I need a cottage or parking garage for a car.on site or in the house -
  • Where sanitary zone will be located.

After a clear answer to these questions, the host site and certainly will be the first outlines of the plan.

What must be considered in the project?

To plan was successful, as the basis of the drawing you need to take the site plan attached to the cadastral passport to be transferred to graph paper on a scale of 100: 1, ie 1 m by 1 cm area scheme.In that case, when the house is already built, the circuit it is applied immediately, and already around him begin to "place" other structures, objects and elements of landscape design.

Plumbing and artificial ponds

distributing water pipes plan is necessary to make the most rational, as created by the network should cover all areas that require the presence of water - is, first and foremost, a house, then the sauna, swimming pool, garage, barbecue area, garden and orchard.

  • pipes in the ground, it is desirable to deepen the 500 ÷ 700 mm.If the pipeline is planned to light, which will be held on the ground, it is necessary to dismantle annually in winter and in the spring - to set in place.
Нередко имеет смысл ограничиться легким "летним" водопроводом

often makes sense to confine light "summer" plumbing

  • In that case, if a country house is planned to be used only in the summer, it is possible to use conventional reinforced hoses, polyethylene or polypropylene pipes, which are installed only at this time and are brought inthe desired zone.

Water supply in the country How to conduct water pipe installation in the country

is largely dependent on the type of the main source of water.Learn more about how you can independently mounted on water cottage - read in a separate publication from our website.

  • Next, water is directed to the area where it will be built bath and a shower and toilet.Even if you plan to make a bathroom in the house, it is recommended to have a toilet and in the area to work in the garden in the house not to drag the dirt.Set these items are best in the far corner of the site.

Toilet and shower is usually installed in the complex, and sometimes it is attached to, and economic unit.Thus it is possible not only to save on materials, but also for sanitation organization.

Complete solution - bathroom , outdoor shower and economic utility room

Complete solution - bathroom, outdoor shower and economic auxiliary

Usually this area is closed from prying eyes by high shrubs or planted with evergreens such as pyramid-shaped arborvitae, boxwood and other.

  • Naturally, it is necessary to provide a quality watering vegetable beds, berry bushes and fruit trees.To this end, it is recommended to bring water to the garden and garden area.
  • If the site is scheduled equipping the pool or pond, then they also need to build a pipeline, but not only for water supply but also for sewage.These reservoirs require periodic cleaning and water change.

We must also take into account the fact that the swimming pool or pond are held in various places, but for one that another important condition of the reservoir will be the absence of a number of tall trees.

pool is usually placed in an open sunny area, near the house.Desirably, it is clearly visible from the window, especially if a family has small children.

Children will be delighted by the small pool

Children will be delighted by

Pond small pool is recommended to place some distance from the house among low shrubs, which can obscure the surface of the water, since the ultraviolet rays will contribute to its flowering, and it will have to be changed frequently, or involve complex purification system.

Very nice it can look a little pond

Very nice would look small pond

Close to the house, this body of water is not necessary to have because in the evening in the grass near the water is going to a lot of different insects that will fly to the windows and light in the house.

Pond at the cottage artificial pond - decoration suburban area

To build such an original element of landscape design is quite possibly their own.Learn more about, how to make a pond on cottage - read in a special publication of the portal.


No sewage system or domestic waste collection at their summer cottage can not do, especially if the house is used for living all year round.In order not to have problems with controlling organizations, it is necessary, according to the existing sanitary standards, correctly position and build on the territory of a septic tank or cesspool isolated.At the same time adhere to certain rules established by SNIP and SanPiN.

Place the installation of a septic tank must meet certain requirements

Fitting septic tank must meet certain requirements

  • sewer pipes must be located a minimum distance of 10 m from the water main.Where possible, cleaning or cumulative construction on the relief area should be located below the water intake to a breakthrough in the case do not fall sewage into clean water.