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August 12, 2017 18:06

Technology laying soft roof shingles

Roof - a given for most people familiar type of coating.Not so long ago one of the most widely used materials for roofing of various designs are a common roofing material, which also belongs to this category of roof decking.In fairness, it is worth noting that the old roofing material did not differ special durability and high performance, so he needed periodic repairs.

Technology laying soft roof shingles

Technology laying soft roof shingles

Today, thanks to new technologies emerged, soft roofing material has undergone significant modernization.It is produced in various embodiments, including in the form of shingles.Such coatings already have a long service life, combine high quality, excellent waterproofing properties and is very elegant appearance.So many people do not realize that a modern soft roof - it's all the same roofing material, only produced in the advanced variations.

Technology laying soft roof shingles - is quite complex and requires a large amount of various materials, such as the cover design is composed of seve

ral layers, and therefore earned the name "roofing pie".Therefore, if you decide to make a standalone installation of the coating of this material, you should very carefully examine all the recommendations that should be followed when working.

The characteristics of soft roofs

Article Contents

  • 1 The characteristics of soft roofs
    • 1.1 Advantages of soft roofs
    • 1.2 Disadvantages soft roofs
  • 2 Different Typessoft roofs
    • 2.1 soft roof roll
    • 2.2 roll roofing membrane
      • 2.2.1 short - on the deck principles of membrane roofing material
    • 2.3 Euroslate or Ondulin
    • 2.4 Flexible bituminousshingles
  • 3 Mounting roof with shingles
    • 3.1 exemplary sequence of works
    • 3.2 batten system calculations under the soft roof
      • 3.2.1 Calculator distributed load on the truss legs
    • 3.3 Mounting instructions roof with soft shingles
  • 4 Video: Installation of roof with shingles «SHINGLAS»

Before deciding on the choice of just the soft roof, you need to have an idea about this stuff,assess its strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of soft roofs

Flat roofs have a number of unique qualities

Flat roofs have a number of unique qualities

There are different types of soft roofs, but they all have very high physical and technical and operational characteristics:

  • Roofing material has a multilayer structurewhich is able to ensure the highest degree of waterproofing.Therefore, under such a material optionally further plank waterproofing membrane.
  • Unlike conventional roofing old, modern soft roof materials do not melt from the heat of summer, and do not become brittle in severe winter frosts.Not afraid of them, and sudden changes in temperature - material elastic and self-compensates for all the linear thermal expansion.
  • modern roof on polymer-bitumen-based shows admirable resistance to mechanical stress, thanks to its elasticity and flexibility of the material.
  • Due to the multilayer structure, soft roof has excellent sound-absorbing effect.Therefore, during rain or hail in areas of the house you will not hear an unpleasant noise.
  • material has the highest resistance to the development of parasitic forms of flora, does not become a breeding ground for all other forms of life, it is not subject to corrosion.Subject
  • mounting technology such coverage, it does not require repair or change their original ornamental species, including color, for years and decades.
  • Roof has dielectric properties, ie, it does not attract the electric charges generated in the atmosphere during a thunderstorm.

Disadvantages soft roofs

It should be taken into account and some negative aspects inherent in soft roof , in particular - a rather complex assembly

should be taken into account and some negative aspects inherent in soft roof, in particular - a rather complex assembly

There are several things that can be called disadvantages of roofing material,but, to be honest, very conditional.Thus, similar to the "cons" include:

  • Suffice complex installation "roof pie", which requires strict observance of all technological recommendations.
  • Any soft roof is placed only on a solid a solid foundation.This, in turn, entails additional work and thus costs.

However, as you can see, the negative aspects in the arrangement of a soft roof - a much smaller, and therefore more and more owners of mansions stop your choice on it.

Different types of soft roofs

By the soft roof include several varieties of materials that can be easily found on the Russian market - a flexible shingles, roll, soft roofing of various types, and evroshifer (ondulin).

soft roof Roll

Modern roll soft roof is very different from the old roofing material

Modern roll soft roof is very different from the old roofing material

Rolled roofing materials are classified according to several criteria.For example, the following kinds of coverings available:

  • groundless and having a base under the cover.
  • basis for roofing roll materials can serve - glass fiber, asbestos fiber, cardboard, polymers, or more materials in the complex can be used for it.
  • Roofing material can be fitted with different protective layers - or a small fraction of coarse-grained mineral grit, dust or scaly powder.

addition, roller coating can be separated by type of foundation and installation method:

  • Self-adhesive coating.Such a material has a layer of adhesive applied to the back side of the web and secure a special membrane which is removed immediately before the coating installation.
The structure of the roofing on the basis of self-adhesive .

structure of the roofing on the basis of self-adhesive.

  • glued canvas.These coatings are glued to paste a variety of ways, which are called hot and cold.But in any case, the material is heated during installation to a certain temperature.
  • the deposited coating.This type of coating is fixed to the roof surface by using gas burners.burner flame melts the composition applied to the back side of the fabric a soft roof, after which the coating is rolled.This kind of coating, properly folded on the prepared surface of the roof, making it virtually sealed and resistant to leakage.In addition, this type of material is considered to be the most durable roller with all options.

Membrane roll roofing

Among modern soft roofs are membrane coating

Among modern soft roofs are membrane coating

membrane coating - a high-tech material that can be produced on different bases: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), synthetic rubber (EPDM), a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO).

Different types of roofing membranes

Different types of roofing membranes

  • PVC membrane reinforced with essential fiber and having in its composition plasticizers, it has high elasticity and resistance to temperature extremes.In addition, the material does not fade in the sun, fire-resistant, available in a range of colors, as well as quickly and easily mounted on the surface.However, this cover has its flaws - it does not differ resistance to organic solvents, bitumen and lubricants.Furthermore, under heating PVC coating capable of releasing the air toxic substances to humans because it is not environmentally friendly.
  • EPDM membranes are manufactured on the basis of rubber and reinforced with polyester mesh have a high elasticity and resistance to various solvents.

Negative qualities of this material may be called that its installation is performed by an adhesive, and the joints over time, under the influence of external factors may differ, hence the roof starts leaking, so the coating will lose its tightness.

  • TPO membranes are manufactured from a thermoplastic polyolefin can be reinforcement or issued without it.For reinforcing this material using polyester or fiberglass.Blades material are welded together by means of hot air, and formed strong enough and reliable on-site welding seam.Therefore, the coating has a long life, high durability and resistance to low temperatures, reaching up to - 60 degrees.

The disadvantages of this coating include its poor elasticity and relatively high cost in comparison with other membrane materials.

short - on the principles of the present membrane roofing material

There are four main ways of mounting the roofing membrane - a ballast fixation, mechanical fastening, gluing and welding of hot air.

  • Ballast fixing used if the roof has a small slope not exceeding 15˚.

In this case, the web is placed on a concrete foundation or on a flat roof insulation layer is laid.Then the material is stretched, secured around the perimeter joints sheets joined by welding or special adhesives.

Approximate principle ballast fixing roofing roll material

approximate principle ballast fixing roofing roll material

Then, on top of the membrane keeps the ballast of pebbles, gravel or crushed stone.

  • Mechanical fastening made in the event that the supporting structure is not designed for the weight of the ballast.
The membrane is laid on top of the multilayer waterproofing flat roofs

membrane is laid on top of a multi-layer thermal insulation of flat roofs

basis for the installation of the membrane in this way can be wood, concrete, corrugated sheets, as well as any other material.

Driving flat roof insulation , followed by coating the membrane

Driving flat roof insulation, followed by a covering membrane

based on fit and fixed layer of insulation material.Most often used for this mineral basalt wool high-density, specifically designed for this application, which is spread on top and secured with a membrane.For fixing to the base materials used disc or telescopic attachment, which are installed at the junction of the sheets stacked on lap 80 ÷ 100 mm.

  • Bonding membrane is made on high-quality glue mixture characterized by good strength.The material is glued only at the perimeter of the canvas, at the joints, and in problem areas, such as around chimneys, on the edges, valleys, etc.
  • Welding membranes with hot air - this method most often used to fasten sheets of membranes.
Welding of the two adjacent blades roofing membranes

Welding two adjacent webs roofing membranes

Work is performed with the help of a special device, which squeezes two paintings stacked overlap by rollers and hot air, the temperature of which reaches up to 600? C.The weld joint may be from 20 to 100 mm, which ensures the connection and sealing it guaranteed.

Euroslate or Ondulin

Sheets Ondulina different colors

Sheets Ondulina different colors

Another option of roofing material, which can also be attributed to the category of soft roof - a ondulin or evroshifer.This is an easy and reliable wave-like material made of bituminous fiber mixture with the addition of mineral and polymer additives.Roofing sheets are easy to install and are usually characterized by a very long service life.The material is produced in various shades of soothing tones from which you can always find a suitable for a particular design of the facade.Mounting

this material can be made not only on a continuous basis, but also on the crate made of wide boards 150 ÷ ​​170 mm, fixed in increments of 200 ÷ 250 mm.

Ondulin - only material from the category of soft roof, which has a fairly rigid relief structure, and therefore can be attached on the crate.

Installation of roofing Ondulin can be carried out on a dead crate

Installation of roofing Ondulin can be performed on a sparse crate

mounting Ondulin, like any wave-like roofing material, made from the eaves.The upper rows of stacked overlapping the lower 250 ÷ 300 mm and the adjacent sheets are located in the same row are mounted overlapped on the same wavelength.Fixing Ondulina made special screws with sealing gaskets and special covers.They are screwed into each wave crest along the eaves and the ridge, and in the middle part of the slope - with step two ÷ three waves.

Flexible shingles

Probably, the most popular type of soft roof - shingles

most probably, a popular type of soft roof - shingles

Shingles can be safely attributed to the most popular types of soft roof, so it is different aesthetic appearance, colors variety andforms, strength and durability.

tile is made on the basis of glass fiber, which is impregnated with a high-quality bitumen, which is applied on top of the mineral grit of different colors.Upper mineral deposition performs not only a decorative function, but also protective as it prevents mechanical damage to the softer lower layer.Shingles used to cover houses with sloping roofs of all sizes and configurations of any complexity.

As the most popular of the category of material is soft roof shingles, its installation and will be considered in more detail.

Mounting roof with shingles

To get started is to figure out the roofing "pie", which must be mounted under the flooring soft tile.It is important to do the job properly, otherwise the roof will be deprived of reliable and will last a long time, and it is impossible for the premises to maintain a comfortable microclimate.

exemplary sequence of works

order was observed sequence of installation of all the elements, it is best to make a list of all the works in order:

Block diagram of " roofing pie" of a bitumen -coated soft tile

Block diagram "roofing pie" with a coating of bitumen soft tile

  • firststep is installation of roof system.
  • Next, the vapor barrier membrane is attached to the side of the attic rafters.
  • top of the vapor barrier, also from the attic to the rafters fixed crate of timber.It is necessary for the subsequent installation of the inner lining of the attic space, membrane fixation and to create a basis for laying rigid insulation.
  • Next is laying between the rafters of insulating mats.Usually used for this mineral basalt wool.
  • Insulation closes the roof waterproofing membrane.It is fixed to the rafters.
  • membrane pressed against the rafters kontbrusyami.
  • Further, should the installation rarefied crates - the basis for a solid foundation floor.
  • crate fixed on the sheets of water-resistant plywood or OSB.
  • solid plywood sheathing was covered with a carpet backing.
  • Further, being a soft laying shingles.
  • Securing the gutter system, eaves trim mosquito net, and then the lights lining or PVC can be carried out at various stages of assembly work - as will be convenient to masters.