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August 12, 2017 18:06

Corner fireplace with his hands

Corner fireplace - this is the most optimal and affordable variation nt to I'm someone who has a house with a small area of ​​the premises, such as the construction of compact and takes a lot of space.Corner fireplace with his hands folded quite possible, because its structure does not include the very complex internal configurations and branched channels, unlike away from opitelno-cooking ovens.

Corner fireplace with his hands

Corner fireplace with his hands

But, no matter how simple the scheme of its structure, all still need have on hand poryadovkoy that simplify the process of erecting a corner fireplace and will not allow to makeerrors in operation.

There are many models of corner fireplaces, constructed entirely of bricks, as well as the combined option, consisting of masonry, metal flue and the casing that covers the reflux rubu.

So, if we sum up and define the benefits of corner fireplaces, then they include the following:

  • Material savings in the construction of the chimney - the cost is
    significantly lower compared to furnaces , as well as other types of fireplaces, such as,for example, as the island or wall-mounted.
  • compactness of the fireplace allows you to build it as in a large cottage and a small country house.Share
  • corner fireplace option is probably a virtue, even an inexperienced master, since it is very difficult to make a mistake in the scheme poryadovkoy.Well, if it turns out not very accurate external masonry, the it is quite possible to mask the decorative tiles or stone ready portal.In addition, to give decorative fireplace is often used plaster mixture.
  • And, of course, built a functional and aesthetic value.Fireplace give the room comfort and convenience, it is difficult to find someone who does not like to sit around a burning fire on a cold evening with a cup of tea or coffee.

project fireplace

Article Contents

  • 1 project fireplace
    • 1.1 approximate calculation of the size of the fireplace
    • 1.2 Video: example of the drafting of the fireplace with the help of the application.
  • 2 Materials and tools to work on the fireplace
    • 2.1 Tools for
  • 3 Building corner fireplace
    • 3.1 foundation for the fireplace
    • 3.2 Preparing the masonry fireplace
    • 3.3 poryadovkoy masonry corner fireplace
    • 3.4 Video: interesting design - corner fireplace "Anushka»

design and lay such a construction as the fireplace recommended still in the arrangement of the foundation for the construction of the house. So it will be easier to do it under the foundation, which, however, in no case should not be combined with the general foundation.If desired and necessary, and have built the house quite possibly supplemented corner fireplace. Anyway , it will be necessary to hold a series of preparatory work.

Usually it starts with pencil sketches

Usually everything starts with pencil sketches

Like any solid construction corner fireplace starts with a sketch outline and project development.First you need to determine the specific place - the corner , where the fireplace is installed, and then on a piece of paper can be applied to pre-image of the desired shape and a rough design of this building - so clearly it will be possible to assess the intended result.

Нужно "примерить" камин к планируемому месту его установки

necessary to "try on" the fireplace to the planned place of installation

Fireplace may be the bottom of the ash box or gable niche for storing firewood.On either side of the portal is sometimes a shelves - cabinets, built of brick, which later set the floor vases or pots with potted flowers.

Nishi hearth fireplace may differ from each other in the form of - depending on the model chosen.They can be rectangular, trapezoidal and square shaped as a semicircular arch with a flat or elongated semicircle.

Fabricated metal insert with transparent doors of the heat-resistant glass - her work is greatly simplified

fabricated metal insert with transparent doors of the heat-resistant glass - her work is greatly simplified

In addition, sometimes a fireplace is equipped with built-in metal furnace with a door, equipped with heat-resistant glass.This element makes it easier to general construction and equipment of the whole structure, as insert can simply be lined on the outside brickwork.

All these parts must be taken into account, making pattern, and only on the basis of its size and the chosen installation location can then be drawing structure, and then select the scheme poryadovoy masonry.

approximate calculation sizes fireplace

Fireplace must function well and means - to fully comply with the requirements for such buildings.This could include the following points:

  • Fireplace must have good traction, which will not allow smoke blanketing occur in the rooms, but do not pull all the heat in the pipe.In addition, the draft should also provide easy and rapid kindling fire in the furnace.
  • fireplace itself should provide a uniform and rapid heating of premises for through high heat.
  • Do not use the fireplace should not become a cause vystuzhivaniya premises.
  • Well, it is clear that in its compactness fireplace still has to be one of the main decorations of the room interior.

To achieve as much as possible of all these qualities, it is necessary to calculate the dimensions of a well-built and its individual elements.


To in the room where the fireplace, was not only on the type of cozy interior of the living flame, but still and it was warm, it is necessary to choose the right size of the firebox.

It is calculated based on the size of the room area.The resulting value is divided by fifty, and the resulting value will determine the area around the opening furnace.If the room is very small, and the size of the furnace will be only from 0.35 to 0.55 m².Table approximate sizes most suitable for small spaces (up to 29 square meters), is shown below:

Area (sq.m) dimensions of the furnace (see) pipe
height Width depth hole dimensions (mm)
10 38.5 53 1 brick 140 x 140
(5 series) (2 bricks)
15 46 66 1,5 brick 140 x 270
(6 rows) (2,5 bricks)
20 53.5 79 1,5-1,75 brick 140 x 270
(7 rows) (3 bricks)

ideal proportions for a fireplace hearth is considered to be the ratio of width and height - 3: 2, that is, the width should be greater than the height.

It is equally important to calculate the depth of focus, because of it also depends on the efficiency of the fireplace.Essentially proven practice rules, the furnace depth should be half or ⅔ of its height.

Dimensions of the fireplace must be designed in a certain ratio

dimensions of the fireplace must be met in a certain proportion

If the dimensions are increased, then the fire is unlikely to give a lot of heat in the room, as all the heat will immediately be drawn into the pipe, and an excessive amount of wood required to maintain the fire.

if the furnace depth is less the right size in relation to the height of the room with a high probability may smoke.


It is important to calculate the dimensions of the chimney, as it will depend on it, how good will pull, and how be well burn through the wood.To do this, you need to determine the height and Dia tr tr Uba chimney.The usual proportion is considered to be the chimney cross-section at a rate of one-tenth of the area of ​​the furnace window.If the pipe has a circular cross section, it should have a diameter of not less than 150 mm.

Overall height flue pipe must be at least five meters, but sometimes it raised above - it will depend on the location relative to the roof ridge.There adhere to their special laws - they are presented in the attached figure.

Location chimney on the roof with respect to the ridge

Location chimney on the roof with respect to the ridge

There are special programs (you can look for them on the internet) that allow you to quickly and professionally to make payment fireplace and immediately make its full poryadovkoy.An example of such work shown in the video below.By the way, this proe rt ch olne can be taken as a basis for independent calculations - to remove the video from the entire visual poryadovkoy not be difficult.

Video: example of the drafting of the fireplace with the help of the application.

Materials and tools to work on fireplace

to chart, you can proceed to the acquisition of materials.It is recommended to split the work into stages and each of them to determine the list of necessary materials.

begin to build a fireplace is always with the foundation, and then goes masonry portal, firebox and chimney.And the third stage of the finished construction is in order, and if necessary, decorated using ceramic or plaster mixtures.

for foundation Materials needed:

  • Waterproofing.As the waterproofing materials can be used polyethylene film and roofing material.
  • Crushed middle fraction and river sand for mortar manufacturing.Sand also is needed for filling in the pit first layer, which will play the role of izolt = iruyuschey pillows.
  • boards will be needed for the construction of the formwork, which is poured concrete solution.Formwork make permanent or temporary.If you selected a temporary option, at its installation in the remaining between the ground and the foundation of the gaps is filled gravel-sand mixture.
  • formwork also can serve as metal sheets, which are easily removed after solidification of the solution.
  • Finished steel mesh or steel rod with a diameter 8 ÷ 10 mm are used for the reinforcement of concrete poured into the foundation.If the armature is acquired, then it bonding wire may be needed by individual rods which are interconnected in a common grid structure.

for walls and fireplace chimney will need to prepare:

  • Solid brick two kinds - red burned and fireclay.The first of these will be needed for the main clutch and the second - for sites that are in direct contact with fire and high temperatures, that is, for the furnace and start flue pipe.
Red fired brick fireplace perfect for walls

Red fired brick fireplace perfect for walls

Brick calculated by the piece, and its amount depends on the chosen model of the fireplace. Usually corner fireplace, depending on the size, enough from 360- five to 600 pieces.It is recommended to get the amount of materials to add more 15%, on a case substandard copies, unintentional combat and other unforeseen circumstances .

The furnace is to be finished with a refractory fireclay bricks

firebox also must be finished by heat-resistant fireclay bricks

  • For manufacturing solution can be used cement, clay and sand in the proportions of 1: 1: 3, or a mixture of clay with the addition of sand.In addition, in specialized stores simple to buy special dry formulations that are designed specifically for heating masonry structures - stoves or fireplaces.
Finished dry mortar for masonry stoves and fireplaces

finished dry mortar for masonry stoves and fireplaces

is important to know that all of fireclay bricks should be put only on well-mixed and rubbed solution of clay with a little sand and cement ( tseme nt ect need bldg, in principle, to accelerate the curing mixture).

  • Metal corners, size 50 × 50 or 60 × 60 mm.Their length depends on the width size of the furnace with the addition thereto of 300 mm and multiplied by two.Corners need for shifting openings niches of the furnace and woodshed, of course, if any.To lower the number of niche corner is calculated in the same way.
  • If the furnace will be made in the form of an arch, the have to prepare a sheet of plywood template and wooden sticks for backups.
If you plan to brace the arch of the furnace , it is necessary to prepare the material for the template

If you plan to brace the arch of the furnace, it is necessary to prepare the material for

  • template In that case, the chimney will be installed in a metal pipe, the its need at least 5 meters and possible andmore, depending on the height of the ceiling and roof ridge location.
  • The store oven accessories purchased metal bolt with a long handle.If such a store is not, such a product should not be difficult to manufacture for a good locksmith - welder.
Latches can be purchased or ordered from the masters

gate valves can be purchased or ordered from the master

  • If it is installed ready-cast-iron fireplace, it is acquired and it is.In this case, the work is much easier, but cash costs - increase.
  • for wall insulation will need to purchase sheets of heat-resistant material, such as asbestos.
Asbestos sheets - excellent material for heat-resistant gaskets

Asbestos sheets - excellent material for heat-resistant gaskets

  • To finish the finished fireplace you can use different materials - it can be wall tiles imitating stone, ceramic tile, decorative plaster, or even a ready portal of natural or artificialstone.

Tools for

course, need certain tools that you need to prepare in advance, so as not to be distracted and do not look for them in the process.

Necessary tools for masonry fireplace

Necessary tools for masonry fireplace

  • Building level will help to comply with perfect horizontal masonry joints.They checked each of the stacked rows and, if necessary, immediately make the necessary adjustments.
  • Roulette need for marking and for control of the parameters of linear components and general construction. Maybe convenient and line - for example to measure the correct length of bricks, it is not always a series of laid only from solid blocks - is sometimes necessary to adjust the size of a brick using sawing or chopping.
  • Trowel necessary for the application of the solution when the masonry brick wall series and cleansing of excess who spoke out.
  • rubber hammer gently inciting bricks protruding above the others in the series, thus making the most of his flat.
  • sander cut a necessary part of the brick. To incision obtained flat and smooth, the apparatus sets up a special corundum or diamond ring, designed for cutting stone.
  • kirochka need for splitting bricks.Sometimes you have to do it nadpilu, produced sander .
  • Tanks for mortar and water.
  • Spatula average size for a fence and laying on the solution trowel.Some artists use a spatula instead of a trowel.