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August 12, 2017 18:06

Filters coarse and fine purification of water

agree that when is a question of the well, the majority of the on with a once there is a strong association with a perfectly pure and tasty drinking water.Surely , significant contribution this firm opinion made literary works - very often they mentioned "crystal clear well water."In addition, many have their own experience, when, during the campaign for the summer znoyu great pleasure to get a few sips of cold water that fell from the source - it does seem to be amazingly clean and fresh.

Filters coarse and fine purification of water

filters coarse and fine water

But for those people who enjoy water from a well or borehole permanently, often on account of this and has a different opinion.Alas, but the quality of autonomous water supply sources are often far from ideal, not only, but also from established acceptable sanitary standards.And to use source was quite safe and comfortable as possible, use a special water treatment system, which include a variety of on execution and on the principles of operation of the filter

coarse and fine purification of water.

What are the filters for coarse and fine water?

Article Contents

  • 1 What are the filters for coarse and fine water?
  • 2 Filters Mechanical water purification
    • 2.1 Filters primary mechanical treatment - sumps
    • 2.2 strainers mechanical cleaning
      • 2.2.1 Video: Filter mesh "Noneywell»
    • 2.3 mechanical cleaning of filters cartridge
  • 3 filters and fine water purification device
    • 3.1 water purification from iron
    • 3.2 methods of water purification from hydrogen sulfide
    • 3.3 filters - water softeners
  • 4 Integrated water filtration and purification systems
    • 4.1 Video: another example of the private house water treatment system
    • 4.2 Overall performance water filtration and purification systems
      • 4.2.1 Calculator peak flow

Autonomous power supply rarely can "boast" the absolute purity of water.From those or other types of pollution are not insured by any superficial aquifers, from which feed wells, nor depth, to which drilled wells.All of this has an explanation - like symptoms caused by common and quite natural processes and man-made factors, which, incidentally, often have to refer the violation of building technology and equipment of water intake points or violation of the rules of their operation.

water mini How are sources of autonomous water supply?

For each type of abstraction has its own rules for its establishment and equipment.In a special publication of our portal, you can find a lot of useful information on how to independently dig and equip wells , drilled aquifer well , and how then from the point of water intake hold water in the house .

  • What features may differ from the water wells?

most closely spaced to the surface aquifers are naturally and to the maximum extent vulnerable to external negative influences.

- First , even on the most favorable in terms of ecology areas constantly is «biological cycle» - the soil is saturated with organic, continuously there is a natural process its decomposition, and this in itself - ideal conditionsfor the development of microbial life forms.Of course, all of this "rich diversity" of microorganisms, including - and expressed a pathogenic nature, has all chances seep into the water source used.

The wells often found this picture

in wells is often found such a picture

- The second component of the problem - it is contamination of surface soil layers industrial emissions, car exhaust, spilled petroleum products, chemicals, agro-technical or even home use.All this active transport along with the melted or storm water soaks into the soil and may well get into the upper aquifers.Often, this contributes to the well and the wrong equipment, in particular, the poor quality of its external waterproofing.

As a result, water from a well, even deep enough, about 20 meters, can "give" petroleum products, have pronounced putrid smell or characteristic "flavor" of hydrogen sulphide. happens that even organoleptically , the touch, the water has a mucous consistency or « blooms » - this is a clear sign of the abundant content of bacteria.But the smell - the smell, almost indefinable and without special laboratory studies, but this is not becoming less dangerous, are salts of heavy metals , nitrite or nitrate compounds, pesticides and other polluting components of the water.And plus to all - is deposited gradually in the bottom of the well silt and mud namyvali sand deposits.In short, the use of water from the well without treatment is associated with very high risk.

  • And what can be said about well?

Here, it would seem, all the situation should be more safely?Surface contamination is practically do not penetrate into the lower aquifer expressed biological activity - are not. However, not all so "rosy".

Вода из скважины тоже способна преподнести "сюрпризы"

Water from the well is also able to present "surprises»

First of all, it should be noted that some types of micro-organisms, not only to survive at considerable depths, but still and actively breed in such conditions. This is the so-called sulfur bacteria, the presence of which often leads to quite widespread phenomenon - water is "clean", it would seem, well over certain period of time begins to smell of hydrogen sulfide.

And the second is that the wells inherent in other extreme - is excessive salinity.Constant contact bearing layers with different geological layers of rock salt causes saturation oxen - sulfides, carbonates, chlorides, calcium and magnesium dissolved iron and other inorganic components, depending on the structure of the soil in a particular region.This water has a pronounced stiffness , and becomes the cause of a number of problems its domestic use.

Open picture as consumed water, especially when specific external manifestations not able to give only a laboratory analysis.On this basis it will be possible to plan water filtration and purification system for specific conditions.It should be remembered, that status of independent sources is strongly dependent on the time of year and settled weather, so that for reliability paintings, most likely, have test multiple samples, spaced time and accounted for the most "extreme"periods - mass spring snowmelt peak hot dry weather and lingering autumn rains.

water purification problem, in many aspects, directly applies to the owners of the property, even that is connected to a central water supply system.Even with high quality m m nogourovnevom water treatment process in the central intake and on on pine stations on the way to the consumers the quality can be significantly reduced - because of the poor state of the old worn-out plumbing communications.

Central water supply system does not always meet the sanitary standards

central water supply system does not always meet the sanitary standards

Variety Buddy headsets TV to I filtration and purification of water is very high. Nevertheless, we can distinguish two main groups.

  • first - it filters rough water purification, ie it mechanical filtration of suspended solid impurities.Without this "foreign" use any after-treatment systems have been or will be impossible, or extremely ineffective.
  • second group - fine cleaning device, which already will depend directly on the quality of a particular water source.This will be discussed below.

Filters Mechanical water purification

As already mentioned, without coarse filtration systems do, probably, in principle, impossible, no matter how clean the water or its famous source.No one and nothing can guarantee getting smaller grains of sand or silt, organic fibers, particles of slag, torn from the walls fragments of lime raid and etc .Such suspension and unpleasant in themselves, and lead to overgrowing pipes, especially on the fittings or bends, and quickly withdrawn damaged plumbing.The abrasive effect of solid inclusions "eats" rubber and plastic seals, damage the ceramic parts of cranes or cartridge faucets.Seriously can suffer from this, and large home appliances - washing machines or dishwashers, water heaters, speakers and other devices.

Suspended solids in the water quickly wear out plumbing and appliances

suspended solids in the water quickly wear out plumbing and appliances

If you are using an independent source of water supply, it is usually the first line of mechanical cleaning is already at a very submersible pump or at the end of the intake hose.When selecting pumping equipment is required to take into account this point - based on the characteristics of the well, open reservoir or well.

mini pumps How to choose the right pump for independent water supply?

Pumping equipment used to provide residential water at home, must meet a number of requirements.Recommendations pump selection for a well can be found in a special publication of the portal.

Of course, at this stage of the primary filter removes only large slurry and water of acceptable purity to say it is not necessary.That's it is now a job for coarse filters.

Filters primary mechanical purification of water - sumps

principle of their work - is plain.Water passes through the cellular structure of a particular type , which does not pass below the suspended solids inclusion.The diameter (size) determines the grid cell cleaning depth.As a rule, if are talking about coarse filters, it refers to the retention of the size of 100 microns and above particles.However, often there are products, which also referred to as coarse filter, but having ability to separate the inclusion of a diameter of about 50 microns.

Solid precipitates on the filter grid

solid precipitation on the grid filter

Many coarse filter is additionally used and a different principle - their design is such that the flow of water gets into the expanding space where rapidly loses in speed, and the largest particles settleat the bottom under the influence of gravitational forces.Typically, these filters are put on the "forefront", before cutting in the water system of private or multi-storey town house.

If possible, you can install two or the and more coarse filters, naturally, with a gradual decrease in the grid cell size - it will be achieved the best result with the least probability of rapid failure of the device and without the need for frequent washings.

Vertical sump -settler

Vertical sump settling

  • filters, first to meet the flow of water from the source, cleaning it from all the major inclusions, often referred to by the term understandably - sump.They can vary in size, method of tie-in pipe - be flanged or the coupling (threaded) design features.So, there are sumps in the form of a vertical cylinder - there is just the principle of gravitational settling of sediment.Very common so-called "oblique» sumps, with a typical configuration of the filter chamber, situated obliquely to the pipe.
Всем известный "косой" фильтр

All known "skew" filter

All these sumps require regular inspection and cleaning of accumulated sludge (sludge).For this purpose they are equipped with threaded or flanged plugs, which appears after removing access to the filter screen elements and the storage chamber.Often under the cork and magnetic inserts are located, attracting a solid iron particles, thereby increasing the quality of filtration.

mini dirt for dirt - an important element of water supply and heating

most used in the domestic environment, this class of device is well suited for water pipes and heating circuits.For more information about strainer can be found in a special publication of the portal.

strainers mechanical cleaning

much more convenient in use, and regular maintenance wash mesh filters.

The basic unit of vertical strainer

basic unit

vertical strainer They consist of a metal body (Pos. 1) threaded couplings or nozzles tapping the pipe (Pos. 2).Many filters are immediately equipped with cap nuts ( "American women"), which greatly simplifies the installation process and allow freely withdraw the product if necessary.

underneath the housing tightly screwed metal or clear plastic cup (Pos. 3).Inside is placed a grid, usually performed their food stainless steel (Pos. 4).Bottom glass terminates in a crane and the spout, allowing to perform the filter flushing water flow.

more quality, of course, is the backwash - water flow directed from the opposite side, much better cleans the grid cell.In some models, this function filters built into their design.If not, you can simply arrange for installation of pipe routing loopback, allowing temporarily redirect the flow of water when flushing.

Many filters are equipped with a pressure gauge (pos. 6), showing the pressure in the water.The pressure gauge can be two at the entrance and at the exit - reading difference gives to judge the degree clogging of the filter element.Often, such a filter combined with a pressure reducer - it gives the ability to adjust the level of water pressure, which is important for household appliances, connected to the water supply.

a recognized leader in the manufacture of such strainers is a company « Noneywell ».Her assortime nt par ezvychayno wide - from the simplest low-cost types to equipped mechanism backwash , or even exercising samoochisku - backwash automatically, as the clogging of the filter element.

Some models « Noneywell » strainers are presented in the table:

Model Illustration Short description filter mesh size dimensions (overall length × height), weight average cost
FF06 1/2 "AA (miniplus) hon 1 external thread connection ½", «American» complete.
Brass body, transparent glass of high-impact plastic.
for cold water - up to 40 ° C.
Maximum flow rate - 1.5 m³ / h.
system pressure - 1.6 MPa.
no additional equipment.
100 microns 140 × 158 mm,
0,7 kg
2740 rubles.
FF06 3/4 "AAM (miniplus) khon 2 Connection ¾".Brass body and glass.
can be used for both cold and hot water - the upper limit of 80 ° C.