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August 12, 2017 18:06

Country house with their hands

Construction suburban area - it's not only the construction of the house and split the beds.

Doing gardening - great, but converted only in the "agricultural slave" for the whole weekend, probably not the best option.This means that suburban villa, above all, should be a place of rest, that is, have all the necessary conditions for this.

Country house with their hands

lodge with their hands

In short, this publication to those who request 'cottage with his own hands, "puts smy seq etc. evrascheniya suburban area into a cozy sitting area and relaxation.If we can intelligently create and practically implement its own project, it will become the pride of the whole family, as is likely, each of its members, everyone can come up with their own design area.Thus, the task will be not only and not so much a place to grow environmentally friendly crop, and the "magnet" that will attract all the thoughts and aspirations of the owners in eager anticipation of the next week.

About Construction of cottages on on shem portal talked a lot.I repeat will not, and focus attention on the regeneration of the area.There are many schemes for the organization of landscape design, which you can rely on when planning the territory.The choice depends on many criteria including - the shape and area of ​​the site.Drafting general preliminary plan called "visual theme."To be more precise deal that could offer already accumulated human experience, it is necessary to consider the most applicable scheme.

Let these schemes will become a point of support - planning to hold their own better.Input data can be site-specific parameters that necessarily indicated in its cadastral passport.

Options section layout

Article Contents

  • 1 Options section layout
  • 2 Preparation of the site plan
    • 2.1 Video: how to approach the planning of suburban area
  • 3 Equips plot - first on paper ...
    • 3.1 Plumbing
    • 3.2 Utility "convenience»
    • 3.3 garage or parking
    • 3.4 Artificial ponds
    • 3.5 BBQ
    • 3.6 Holiday arbor
    • 3.7 Coop or another aviary
    • 3.8 Playground
    • 3.9 Garden, garden
    • 3.10 garden decoration
    • 3.11 Video: in the design of the territory of the imagination of gardeners there are no boundaries!
    • 3.12 Video: interesting ideas on the design of suburban area

So there e least six principal types of planning - it is on the basis of their work and landscape designers.The following are examples of basic templates that you can use to easily plan the territory, dividing it zones.

rectangular layout

rectangular layout is used quite often, as it be the most simple variant of distribution zones in the area.This scheduling scheme is easy to perform on a sheet of paper into the cell, since it consists at most of the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines.

The concept of a rectangular plot plan


area rectangular plan In addition, there article in cells etku help correctly calculate the distance taken in certain scale.

Popularity rectangular threads in the drafting explained still and the fact that it can easily fit any architectural and landscape-design style.

marking territory, at right angles, give it the rigor and accuracy, it will look great beds of different shapes, alpine slide, ponds and other decorative elements, as well as the necessary structure for the country life.

diagonal layout

When choosing a diagonal distribution facilities in the area is becoming a reference track, built from one to the other of the opposite corner of the territory on the diagonal.Some designers choose a plan, try to completely move away from the horizontal and vertical lines.

Basic principles of planning the territory on the diagonal form

Basic principles of planning the territory on the diagonal type

diagonal planning makes the site special, unlike to other neighboring holdings, and, in addition, such an arrangement of tracks and objects visually expands the space, and therefore plot seems evenmore spacious than it actually is.

this layout is used usually in combination with the architectural style of Art Nouveau or other modern trends.

irregular layout

Irregular called the plan, including the various elements of figures arranged in different combinations and at a variety of angles.Such a distribution of objects can still called chaotic.This type of zoning is applicable during the construction of the house in any architectural style, and a portion having virtually any geometric shape.

This - not chaos , and the irregular layout of the site

This - not chaos, and the irregular layout of the site

can say that it is an irregular plan is used more often, since using it, do not need to adhere to any certain shapes and fine tuned proportionsand relations.

curved layout

curvilinear design is best suited for large suburban areas, since only there it will be effective, that is, it will be possible to appreciate visually.While in landscape art curvilinear plan called natural or natural - this is not quite true, as to create a song, you must act with the support, all the same, the rules of geometry.

Although it is called a curvilinear , such planning is based on a simple geometric calculation

Although called curvilinear, such planning is based on a simple geometric calculation

arrangement of the elements of landscape design in a curved projection, and has no sharp angles, so area looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

However, we must remember that, choosing zoning in this "theme" for the flower beds and shrubs have to follow very carefully, avoiding their sprawl that conceived forms could well be viewed.In the opposite case effect that would like to receive, will be "blurred".

Arc and tangent regulated

allocation methodology using arcs and tangents regulated plot makes the space quite dynamic.The reason is, that form "rapid" follow each other, turns have rounded corners - but it is more pleasant to look at while walking.On the territory, equipped for this scheme, you can use any of the styles for the construction of houses, gazebos and other garden structures and decorative elements.

Soft shaped plan building on the arc and the tangents to them

Soft shaped plan building on the arc and the tangents to them

radial layout

Circular or radial layout created from the center of the sectoral area.It may include a variety of forms, but they must be written in border certain territory.On a rectangular area to create a circle, the angular parts can be planted with bushes, as if framing basic, plan a special way the central area.

All sectorally , from the center - the main feature of the radial planning area

All sectorally, from the center - the main feature of the radial planning area

When creating the project, as the basis used not square mesh and the circle are inscribed in the form of rays, the shape of which and a structural and decorative elements.

regulated in such a house may be in the center of a circle or in one of the sectors.However, to the overall design dynamics was observed, the building also have enter in this form.

Preparation of the site plan

In that case, if the house is already built on the plot, plan have conduct of its location, and the determined with a choice of the type of zoning is better to have on site.

addition, since planning of land, it is necessary to immediately determine the criteria that it must meet, to answer the question:

  • What is meant cottage - it will be a place of rest, a full-fledged garden, park or site should includethemselves different areas of application?
  • Need Is in the territory of a children's playground, area for preparing meals on air,
  • envisaged any plans to content owners of poultry or animals?
  • Will the territory arranged pond - pool, fountain or pond?
  • What number of flower beds and any specifically planned to arrange?
  • Do I need a garage at the cottage or car (if any) will be enough covered parking?
  • sanitary buildings on the site Will built - toilet, outdoor shower, or they will get under the roof of a country house?

all the answers, you can proceed to the planning area.To do this, take site plan, which must be attached to cadastral certificate and transfer it to the graph paper.This is conveniently done in a scale of 1 : 100, that is 1 cm cards will account for 1 meter plot.If the house is already built, so you need to plan card apply it immediately.

Start planning - almost clean sheet

Start planning - almost a blank sheet

first card can look « bednenko », about that's so, and further her need a simple pencil, not much on him pressing, applyall the planned buildings.

The first sketches - zoning area

first sketches - zoning area

primarily those buildings are drawn, who occupy most of the territory, and to which must be supplied with electricity and running water lines.Then it is necessary to identify the location of the septic tank and sewer pipes, coming to him from the house.

Video: how to approach the planning of suburban site

Equips plot - first on paper ...


Plan the layout of all communications should be sothat they covered all those areas where they will need.

example, water laid in those areas, where the garden and the garden (for watering their "agricultural land"), sauna, pool, fountain or pond (to them without water - general impossible), barbecue ( washing dishes and ensure fire safety), as well as a garage ( washing car and for technical purposes).

is laid water from the house, from well or wells (pumping station), and if you plan to stay in the country year-round, the pipes need to deepen below the ground freezing in the area of ​​250 ÷ 500 mm.

Easy low-cost summer water can be made of plastic pipes

Easy inexpensive summer water can be made of plastic pipes

If the cottage is only used in the summer, it is possible to restrict the temporary seal summer water, which in the winter is removed and cleaned in a shed or the attic.

To make it easier to plan work on the aqueduct device on country, you can refer to the relevant article of our portal.

Utility "convenience»

next step is determined by the area of ​​installation of toilet and shower, if they will be installed on the street, and a septic tank, in when toilet already established or will be mounted inside the house.

Vacation shower and toilet

Vacation shower and toilet

Street toilet and shower, as a rule, set side by side, and it is fully justified by the fact that not have to prepare for their two separate drain holes and two sewer mains.In addition, it will be possible to save on building materials for the construction of the frame and cladding.Place these two booths distance from the residential house, but not in the far corner of the territory, as they have in this case would be awkward to use.

Later recommended obsadit those required for normal country life structure tall shrubs such as lilacs or snowball.A even better if it will evergreen plants, which in the winter will be completely hidden from view these buildings.

How pave sewers and install septic in the country - it is more possible to learn from the article, which you can go to the link provided.

garage or parking

far from residential buildings arranged a garage or a parking place under the roof.These objects can be made right in front of the house or close to it, the main thing - was convenient to enter and ambulance services d e la existing machines.

Very often the car is enough quality indoor parking

is very common for the car is enough quality indoor parking

If you think a full garage, then it is placed on the territory of as well as the parking lot, or placed under the house.The latter option is very useful, especially when space is not enough, but very expensive, and its implementation must think in the planning stage of the foundation under the main residential building.

Artificial ponds

If you plan to install or construction of the pool, then the following stage necessary to determine the place for him. How to build a basin n n and giving their own hands - a very detailed in a special article of our portal (click).

Expensive, but great - pool in the country

Expensive, but great - pool

cottage pool is usually satisfied in the immediate vicinity of the house.It is desirable that it was visible from the window - especially important if a family has young children.

Some owners sites prefer instead to arrange pool quiet corners for relaxing with small ponds «natural» type - ponds.I must say that it - quite accessible in the construction element of landscape design garden, which is not takes a lot of space, but it will be a real decoration of the territory.His features, as opposed to the pool, away from home, often - in nizinke . Everyone knows that in the evening in love standing water collected mosquitoes and midges that are sure to fly in the warmth and light to the living quarters.

Excellent landscape adorn small artificial ponds

Excellent decorate landscape small artificial ponds

Do not place waters under the tall trees as fallen leaves will certainly be his litter.And quickly spoil the quality of water The best place for a small pond will playground among bush height of about one meter and a half, maybe - evergreen .

How and what to arrange pond duly , can be found by clicking on this link to relevant portal publication.


Cottage - this is the most suitable location for the oven-barbecue or at least a good stationary grill for cooking over the fire or coals.This is usually a barbecue area not too far from home, but with the expectation that the smoke from the fire did not get into the living room.