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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wood-concrete blocks with his hands

Energy prices, alas, did not show a downward trend, so the construction of housing issues truly effective thermal insulation of houses is always one of the first plans.There are so many different technologies insulation of buildings using the front or placed inside the material using special hinged design and etc .However, many issues are already under construction, if used for walls construction materials with high thermal insulation qualities of their own.One of these materials is derevobeton, or how often it is called , arbolit.

Wood-concrete blocks with his hands

wood-concrete blocks with his hands

once widely used in construction, he eventually was undeservedly forgotten, and many potential developers sometimes even nothing about it do not know.However, arbolit began to recover their positions demand started to become commercially available.But if there is no possibility to buy it, do not despair - there is always an opportunity to make wood-concrete blocks with his hands.

What arbolit, and what are its main advantages

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  • 1 What arbolit, and what are its main advantages
    • 1.1 Video: positive qualities arbolita
  • 2 «ABC» production arbolita
  • 3 technology How to make a wood-concrete blocks independently
    • 3.1 Video: homemade machine for crushing wood
    • 3.2 Video: example of production arbolita home

Material, which is called arbolita, it consists of two main components.Its main mass - a filler of wood chips and sawdust, which are connected by the second faction - Portland cement.The total weight can include special chemical additives that improve the quality of wood or increase the plasticity of the mixture obtained, but the specific amount is very low .

The main component composition arbolita

main component composition arbolita

Do not assume that such derevobeton is some novelty in building materials family.On the contrary, the use of herbal ingredients with mineral binder has a long history - both here not to recall the ancient adobe construction technologies, which are the main ingredients of straw and clay.With the development of the production of silica, when the release cement started on a massive scale, have been conducted first experiments with derevobetonom.

50 - 60 years of the twentieth century became arbolit produced on an industrial scale.The material has passed extensive tests, got the appropriate GOST , is constantly updated - on this issue worked several research teams.A striking proof of the quality of manufactured construction materials is the fact that because of arbolita were erected several buildings in the Antarctic stations, including - the building of a dining room and kitchen. calculation justified itself - to deliver a lightweight material to a great distance did not provide great complexity and a wall thickness of only 30 cm was maintained under these extreme conditions, comfort mode.

Unfortunately, the future emphasis in the industrial production of building materials was placed on the concrete problems of energy saving and environment while few who cared, and was just arbolit unjustly forgotten.Enough wide network of enterprises in its issue has ceased to exist, developments in this direction was carried out.

Nowadays there is « resuscitation » of this direction of production of wall materials.Arbolit again began to be used in construction, has increased the demand for it.Release derevobetona engaged in many private businesses - engineering companies even set up the production of special mini-lines.Adhering certain technologies it is possible to produce wood-concrete blocks with his hands and at home.

Mini line for the production of wood-concrete blocks

Mini line for the production of wood-concrete blocks

What same remarkable qualities have this material, and any benefits gives from its application:

  • first thing that appeals are always attention - excellent thermal insulation characteristics.Wood « warm » itself, plus a greater role played by the "lightness" arbolita.Compare - only 300 - 400 mm derevobetonnoy masonry as effectively resist the cold as a brick wall about 2 meters thick !
The house , built of arbolita not afraid of any frost

House, built of arbolita not afraid of any frost

  • Arbolit - excellent sound insulator .The house, built by them it will not penetrate the street noise.
Easy material greatly simplifies the process of building and reduces the load on the foundation

Easy material greatly simplifies the process of building and reduces the load on the foundation

  • Material easy - its density from 400 to 850 kg / m³.And it is cheaper and transportation, construction (do not need a special lifting equipment), reduction of loads on the foundation of the building, and have the opportunity to apply a simple and inexpensive foundations.
  • Easy arbolita does not mean its fragility.On the contrary, it has an enviable quality of flexibility and amortization ( compression - 10 % volume) with good flexural strength.With loads it will not crack or crumble, and after removal of the force trying to restore the old form - affects reinforcing effect of wood chips.Strong accented beats that destroy other wall materials, on it promyatoy limited to the surface, but without disturbing the overall structure of the block.

This is particularly important in the construction of buildings on the problematic soils or in areas with high seismic activity - wall of the house will not crack.

  • Arbolit is an environmentally friendly material.When properly pretreated feedstock it becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms, fungus, insects or rodents.In it happens processes debate and rotting material with the release of substances harmful to human health.However , had excellent water vapor permeability, the walls are able to "breathe", the condensate does not accumulate therein.
  • Material is practically non-flammable , despite high component content of the wood.When critically high temperatures for much longer retains a predetermined shape than other insulation blocks on the basis of polymers.
  • wood-concrete walls easily by any type of exterior finish, showing excellent adhesion to most building used solutions and mixtures, even without the use of additional reinforcing mesh.
  • plasticity of the raw material allows to form the building blocks of almost any, even the most bizarre configuration that opens a wide scope for architectural design.
Wood-concrete blocks are easy to any treatment

wood-concrete blocks are easily handling any

  • One of the important advantages - ease of processing wood-concrete blocks.They are easy to cut even ordinary saw, they can accurately adjust to the desired size in the course of construction.In addition, the walls of this material is easy to drill a hole of any size, they perfectly screwed screws and nails are kept score.

Video: positive qualities arbolita

«ABC» technology arbolita

First of all, we must mention that all of the above and the fact of than will it infurther, it is to treat arbolita, ie derevobetonu.The fact that under obnym a term often presented and opilkobeton (made from sawdust fines with the addition of sand), but between these materials more likely, the differences rather than similarities.

  • To produce arbolita used wood chips obtained by crushing the wood.On leaving the crusher fragments obtained length 15 ÷ 20 mm and a thickness of about 10 2 ÷ 3 mm.In an industrial environment it perform special installation, fast processing monetized wood - twigs, slabs, tops of felled trees, waste wood processing enterprises.
Wood chips for the manufacture of arbolita

Wood chips for the manufacture of arbolita

By the way, not all kinds of wood suitable for production arbolita. Basically is, of course, conifers - pine, fir, spruce, larch, but not used for these purposes.Good material is obtained from the individual and hardwood - poplar, aspen, birch .Beech waste can not be used for derevobetona.

  • resulting pulp compulsorily subjected to a special chemical treatment.In the structure of the wood it contains a lot of water-soluble The substance tv gr uppy sugar, which not only reduce the performance of the material and significantly prolongs full of cement, but can also cause fermentation in the bulk of ready-made blocks.This can result in the formation of cavities, swelling of the surface and other negative consequences.

neutralize these tv etc. The substance Gadfly solutions of calcium chloride, aluminum sulphate or "liquid glass" in a certain proportion.In addition, to prevent the development of various biological life forms in the thickness of the material, wood chips are treated with antiseptic compositions.

  • next stage of production - from mixing particleboard weight binder - Portland cement. Its specific gravity is about 10 to 15 % .Plasticizers may be added, but no more than 1 weight % .
  • resulting plastic mass is fed to the forming station.The technology may be different - pressing or compaction on a vibrating table, depending on the desired purpose of the resulting articles.
Forming machine for wood-concrete blocks

molding machine for wood-concrete blocks

  • After complete filling of the forms they cables carry on the drying section, where supported certain temperature and humidity conditions.Then comes withdrawal forms (shuttering), and the resulting dried blocks still in streamed s 2 days at a temperature of about 60 ° C.
  • If necessary, finished products are mechanical completion and then enter the warehouse for packing and shipping to consumers.

The percentage of the components is not clearly indicated value - it can vary certain within depending on specific products and their intended purpose.

the production of large components can be used of additional reinforcement, including the installation of embedded technology sinkers and lifting loops.

Large wood-concrete products must be reinforced

Large wood-concrete products must be reinforced

Available in industrial environments arbolit (you can find the name « urmalit », « timfort », « vudstoun », « dyurizol » - they differ somewhatbetween a percentage of the additional polymer component) is subdivided into structural and thermal insulation:

  • density structural derevobetona reaches 850 kg / m³, the surface strength of the order of M-50, thermo-insulating properties are not too high - thermal conductivity of 0,14 - 0,17 W/ (m × ° With ).
  • have thermal insulation arbolita picture is different - density up to 500 kg / m³, the rate of strength within the M-5 ÷ M-15, but the thermal conductivity is very low - 0.08 ÷ 0.1 W / (m × ° With ).

How to make your own wood-concrete blocks

number of mini-enterprises for the production of wood-concrete blocks grow (for some Masters of Business is becoming a very profitable business), and the material is more often found in commercially available.But do not run home craftsmen who always try to do everything yourself.

What is needed for the production of wood-concrete building parts:

  • First of all, the most important needs material - wood chips.It is clear that it need lots - contrive process due to several blocks just does not make sense.Well, if there are woodworking shops nearby where you can arrange a low-cost acquisition of such waste.Self-cooking of chips on a large scale - it is very difficult, if, course, the farm there is a special grinder.Craftsmen find original solutions, designing such installations in the home.

Video: homemade machine for crushing wood

  • necessarily require concrete mixer - manually prepared a large number of high-quality wood-cement mixture will not work.
  • advance preparing the required number of forms.They can be made of wood (boards, thick plywood or OSB), and better if they are disassembled - much simpler stripping process.Usually they do long form with jumpers to make it just a couple of blocks. To solution did not stick to the wood surface, the inner walls can be clad old linoleum.
One embodiment of collapsible molds for the production of wood-concrete blocks

One option for the production of collapsible forms

wood-concrete blocks Another approach - also welded or collapsible design of sheet metal with a mesh fucking blocks specific configuration and size. Optionally , can be purchased or ordered factory form, often even , with means for forming and pressing - they will produce blocks of complex configuration, including - hollow.

Apparatus for molding hollow blocks

apparatus for forming

  • hollow blocks to seal wet weight in the forms necessary to prepare the rammer.You can apply the methodology and block-making.The easiest way - use for this purpose the punch with its vibration transmission to the stand with a spring-loaded surface.Another method - making a stand to set it on electric motor, the rotor is eccentric flywheel-mounted.
This shaker for molding and can be made by yourself

This shaker for molding can be made independently and

  • for woodworking may require certain chemicals - for them it later.
  • required to prepare the site for the shed to accommodate the completed forms and made for the passage of the drying cycle blocks.

In what order you are working on the production of wood-concrete blocks:

1. Prepare a pulp.It should be free of dirt, ground, rot.The total volume fraction of secondary components (bark, pine needles or leaves) should not exceed 5%.

Excellent tool for pretreatment of wood chips - calcium chloride

Excellent tool for pretreatment of wood chips - calcium chloride

wood chips must be free from dissolved sugars.The easiest way - stirring occasionally to sustain its outdoors.However, it will require a lot of time - about 3 months.To speed up the process it is better process 1,5% solution of calcium chloride of technical calculation 200 liters of solution per 1 m³ of wood.Withstand a lot of in this state up to 3 days to the regular daily stirring.However, it should be remembered that this method is only suitable for conifers.

Another way - processing "liquid glass", but it should be longer when mixing the solution, since the silicate component can lead to caking of chip mass.And there is a caveat - "liquid glass" can be used with any type of wood, but it will significantly reduce plasticity resulting blocks, increase their fragility.